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15 Bar Mitzvah Gifts That Any Young Man Would Love

Updated on August 19, 2021 Updated on Aug 19, 2021
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    The big day is here. He’s practiced reading his Torah and is all ready for his bar mitzvah ceremony. Now it’s time to find him a great gift for his 13th birthday. Although money is a perfectly appropriate gift for this jewish tradition, there is nothing better than something for them to open and enjoy. Our gift guide has great bat mitzvah gift ideas for thirteen-year-old boys to commemorate the big day. Mazel Tov!

  1. Prayer Bracelet


    This cord bracelet with a silver plaque has the Hebrew sentence “Shema Israel” which means “Hear Israel” and is a statement of faith. The bracelet can be customized for cord color and size.

  3. Personalized Bank
  4. bar-mitzah-gifts-bank

    This beautiful and timeless tzedakah box would make a unique Bar Mitzvah gift and is one that can be enjoyed for years to come. It’s made of earthenware clay and can have the child’s name printed on the front of it with a Star of David.

  5. Swiss Army Knife
  6. bar-mitzah-gifts-knife

    Swiss stainless steel and encased in polished ABS scales that provide ultimate durability in a cobalt blue finish with an engraved Star of David. Fits comfortably in your pocket or an easy-access addition to keys. No need to leave this knife behind due to lack of space – it’s the sidekick you can take anywhere.

  7. Tallit Prayer Shawl from Israel
  8. bar-mitzah-gifts-tallit

    Highly decorated with the prayer this shawl it is also adorned with traditional and ancient symbols such as the pomegranate, the 10 Commandments, and hands held high in prayer. On each of the 4 corners of the tallit are the traditional fringes and one letter that spell out the name of God.

    Plus you receive a beautiful prayer booklet of Shema Yisrael in English.

  9. A Fun Game


    It’s the classic game of stealth, speed, and strategy that people have enjoyed for over 90 years – now adapted for today’s generation using glow-in-the-dark lights! It includes battery-powered game pieces for jail markers, territory lights, light-up wristbands, and glowing crystals that serve as each team’s flag. With a fresh look and the added dynamic of low-light gameplay, this activity inspires people of all ages to put down their phones and do something active together.

  11. Lacoste Kids Watch
  12. Once upon a time There was a famous Polo shirt that then became available for kids. Now the Lacoste 12.12 watch has inspired Kids range that lives and breathes joy of life, authenticity and sportiness. Small is beautiful – it’s colorful and practical too. A great gift for a young man.

  13. Bananagrams
  14. bar-mitzah-gifts-game

    The popular award-winning game now available – in Hebrew! Hebrew Bananagrams is the perfect bah mitzvah present and is excellent for learning Hebrew. Hebrew Bananagrams is an amazing word game that can be played anywhere. Fast-moving, addictive, fun, and educational. No waiting turns and no paper or pencils needed. Great fun for the whole family. Makes a great Bat Mitzvah gift too!

  15. The Newish Jewish Encyclopedia
  16. bar-mitzah-gifts-book

    Deeply knowing, highly entertaining, and just a little bit irreverent, this unputdownable encyclopedia of all things Jewish and Jew-ish covers culture, religion, history, habits, language, and more. Includes hundreds of photos, charts, infographics, and illustrations.

  17. Gaming Headphones
  18. bar-mitzah-gifts-headphones

    The EKSA professional gaming headset, with high sensitive microphone and noise reduction tech, reduces distracting background noise, to collect your voice clearly. Easy-to-use volume adjustment and one key Mic mute switch, easy for your game operation.

  19. Gift Card
  20. bar-mitzah-gifts-card

    Feeling completely stuck & clueless on what to get him? Couldn’t find any good Bar Mitzvah gift ideas that fit your budget? Get him a gift card to his favorite store and leave the decision up to him.

  21. Funny T-Shirt
  22. bar-mitzah-gifts-t-shirt

    Dabbing Hanukah blessing outfit gift for a Bar Mitzvah Boy. Great Chanukah clothing to celebrate the festival of lights. Funny Hanukah Pijama with the dabbing Jewish boys with his Kippa on his head.

  23. Drone
  24. gifts-for-13-year-old-boys-drone

    Safe, easy, and fun to fly, this remote control drone makes it possible for every teenage boy to reach for the sky. The drone has a built-in HD camera. Firstly, download the app to connect to the drone’s camera, enter your smartphone’s settings, ensure Wi-Fi is turned on and connect to the Wi-Fi signal. Once connected, you can see exactly what your drone’s camera sees via a live video feed to your device through the app.

  25. Chai Necklace
  26. bar-mitzah-gifts-necklace

    This gorgeous and uniquely designed 14K yellow gold Chai pendant is both meaningful and stylish. The chai is a Hebrew word and symbol meaning life, living or alive. The gematria or numerological value of the letters to add up to 18. The chai is often worn on a necklace in the form of a medallion or amulet as a reminder of the preciousness and value of life. The Chai is decorated to look like the walls of Jerusalem or the Western Wall, Kotel

  27. Kiddush Cup
  28. bar-mitzah-gifts-cup

    Start and end the Shabbat with this stunning Ner Mitzvah Kiddush Cup, Stainless Steel Non Tarnish with that shining glow finish and Hebrew letters. At the start and end of Shabbat and holidays, Jewish families the world over gather and sanctify the day with a blessing over a cup of wine or grape juice. This beautiful, decorative sterling silver cup is perfect for this tradition.

  29. Hasma Hat
  30. bar-mitzah-gifts-hat

    The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet symbolizing the Hand of God. In all Judaism as well as other faiths, it is a protective sign. It brings its owner happiness, good luck, health, and good fortune. Great for beach trips, days at the lake, or lounging by the pool, the cotton dries out quickly when it gets wet and still maintains the comfort and fit you’ll love.