24 Communion Gifts For Boys To Commemorate The Day

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: May 12, 2022

    First Holy Communion is a special sacrament within the catholic church and an important day in boys’ life. Celebrate this momentous milestone with the perfect First Communion gifts for boys. A son, grandson, godson, or loved one deserves a special gift to remember the day and keep his spiritual path in mind. We compiled a list of great options we know he will love!

  1. Stainless Steel Dog Tag
  2. boy-communion-stainless-steel-dog-tag

    A dog tag cross necklace can be a beautiful gift for your godson or nephew. This beautiful necklace comes with a stainless steel chain and you can choose the lord’s prayer or other special bible verses.

  3. Tie Clip
  4. boy-communion-tie-clip

    A tie clip will have your handsome godson looking perfect on his special day. You can personalize it and choose from three different finishes so it goes perfectly with his outfit.

  5. Black Glass Rosary Beads
  6. boy-communion-black-glass-rosary-beads

    First communion rosary beads are the perfect thing to bring to the catholic church. Your favorite little guy will be sure to have these safety tucked into his pocket for his 1st holy communion.

  7. Engraved Compass
  8. boy-comunion-engraved-compass

    My first communion gifts can be more than crucifixes. A specially engraved compass is meaningful and will be treasured for sure. The Etsy shop allows for a personal message to be engraved, it can even be done in your handwriting. Also, a leather case is an optional add-on that will add extra charm.

  9. Basketball Pendant Necklace


    Basketball-loving boys will be so happy when you gift them this special necklace. The front has a baseball with a cross and the back has a prayer engraved. Also, this stainless steel has options for other volleyball, baseball, soccer, and racing and comes in a beautiful black velvet box for gifting.

  11. Picture Frame
  12. boy-communion-picture-frame

    A picture frame is always a best seller to celebrate a special day like holy communion. Personalizing this frame will make the 4″ x 6″ photo displayed even more meaningful. 

  13. Bookmark
  14. boy-communion-bookmark

    A first communion personalized bookmark can be gifted on its own or with a book or children’s bible. You can personalize this with the name of the boy receiving communion and the date. Also, they offer a few color options for the ribbon of the bookmark.

  15. Our Father Prayer Bracelet
  16. Catholic gifts are perfect communion gift ideas since they are a reminder of the special day. The Our Father prayer is displayed on this beautiful bracelet which is offered in four different finishes. 

  17. Personalized Cross Box
  18. boy-communion-personalzied-cross-box

    Communion is a special sacrament within the catholic church. This ceramic cross box will safely hold their rosary beads, missal, and other catholic gifts.

  19. Prayer Book Gift Set
  20. boy-communion-prayer-book-gift-set

    First communion gift ideas can be tough to think of but this set has it all. The set includes a prayer book, rosary which displays a beautiful chalice, and lapel pin. To make this even more special it comes in a beautiful embossed gift box.

  21. Tie and Chalice Pin
  22. boy-communion-tie-and-chalice-pin

    A keepsake gift such as this tie will be cherished forever. It comes with a chalice pin to add extra detail. You can choose from designs, including plain white, to fit their outfit.

  23. Cross Necklace
  24. boy-communion-cross-necklace

    A beautiful cable chain with a silver cross pendant is a great gift for a special young boy on his communion day. You can even personalize this and add a mahogany box for gifting.

  25. Personalized Wooden Cross
  26. boy-communion-precious-moments-cross

    A wooden wall cross will be a nice addition to the wall art in anyone’s room. This can be personalized to include the name, date, and a short message.

  27. My 1st Communion Blessing
  28. boy-communion-1st-communion-blessong

    A wonderful way to celebrate the sacrament of communion is with this keepsake engraved blessing. This clear acrylic block also has a carefully engraved cross next to the prayer.

  29. First Holy Communion Gift Set
  30. boy-communion-first-holy-communion-gift-set

    A mass book, rosary case, rosary, scapular, lapel pin on the prayer card, and bookmark are all included in this beautiful gift set. The mass book has space to note details of the special day including the parish and date of communion. It even comes in a box for safekeeping.

  31. Precious Moments Rosary Case
  32. boy-communion-precious-moments-rosary-case

    Precious Moments makes some great items for celebrations including this rosary case. A faux pearl rosary can be found safely placed inside the zinc alloy box. The detail on this set is something anyone will truly appreciate.

  33. Personalized Wooden Valet Box
  34. boy-communion-valet

    A valet keepsake box with a felt-lined interior and three compartments are perfect for religious keepsakes. An engraving on the front shows a beautiful cross with the personalization of a name and date.

  35. Amazon Gift Card
  36. boy-communion-amazon-gift-card

    Although a personalized gift is nice to get, a gift card is also a perfect gift option. He will be so thankful when he gets time to choose what he wants to remember his special day.

  37. Guardian Angel Figurine
  38. boy-communion-guardian-angel-figurine

    Everyone needs a guardian angel, this beautiful figurine will remind him that an angel is always by his side. A stunning gold accent is used to display the words “My First Communion” on the front. Also, this figurine is durable and long-lasting thanks to the careful construction of resin and stone. 

  39. First Communion Rosary
  40. boy-communion-first-communion-rosary

    There are so many different rosary sets to choose from but this one is so elegant you will love it. The dark blue and silver beads make a simple yet beautiful design with the option of an engraved disk to personalize it.

  41. Music Box


    A photo from communion day can be displayed in the double window frame of this music box. Not only are the details on this gorgeous but Amazing Grace will play when it is opened.

  43. Precious Moments Figurine


    Precious Moments figurines are so special, I still have my communion one! This little boy figurine is praying and displays a gold cross by his hands. They also offer a blonde version.

  45. Photo Album
  46. boy-communion-photo-album

    A photo album on display with beautiful memories is extra special in the days of technology. This photo album holds up to 72 4” x 6” photos to remember their special day.

  47. Stretch Cross Bracelet
  48. boy-communion-stretch-cross-bracelet

    A 1st communion gifts list wouldn’t be complete without a communion cross bracelet. The front of the rosary box displays a chalice and eucharist. Any boy will love this special occasion gift from a godparent or any loved one.