Honeymoon Fund Wording: Tastefully Ask for Money Instead of Gifts

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: September 19, 2023

    These days people are asking for experiences or money in lieu of gifts, so honeymoon funds are becoming increasingly popular. But, still, many couples are not sure how to word their request. If this is you, you’ve come to the right place!

    Navigating the world of honeymoon fund wording can be a breeze with the right approach! We will show you how to politely and tastefully ask for money instead of traditional gifts, ensuring your friends and family members feel appreciated. Get ready to discover the secrets of crafting the perfect honeymoon fund request that will delight your guests and help fund your dream getaway!





    What is a honeymoon fund?

    A honeymoon fund is a modern and exciting alternative to traditional wedding registries where couples request a monetary gift from their guests to help cover the costs of their dream honeymoon. It offers a practical solution for couples who already have the essentials or simply prefer to create unforgettable memories on their post-wedding trip.

    Setting up a honeymoon fund is a breeze, thanks to numerous online platforms designed specifically for this purpose (we will get into those later). Guests can contribute easily, and the happy couple can customize their fund to showcase their honeymoon plans, including the destination, activities, and special experiences they hope to enjoy.

    With a honeymoon fund, newlyweds can embark on the adventure of a lifetime, all while knowing their loved ones played a part in making it happen!

    Examples of honeymoon fund wording

    When tastefully wording a honeymoon fund request on invitations or a wedding website, couples should consider a few key elements. First, express gratitude for the guests’ presence, as their attendance is the most meaningful wedding gift. Next, gently introduce the idea of a honeymoon fund, emphasizing that contributions are optional and any amount is appreciated.

    When it comes to registry wording, keep the tone lighthearted and personalize the request by sharing details about the honeymoon destination or specific experiences you’re looking forward to. You can also use a catchy poem or a fun play on words to make the request memorable and engaging. By focusing on the love and support of your guests, you can make your honeymoon fund request feel like a warm and considerate extension of your big day.


    If you are looking for the right words to say, here are ten creative and fun ways to ask for honeymoon fund contributions:

    1.  Tropical Dreams: “As we embark on our journey to paradise, any contribution to our honeymoon fund would help make our dream getaway even more special.”

    2. Rhyme Time: “We’ve got our dishes, pots, and pans; now we’re off to explore new lands! If you’d like to give a gift, a contribution to our honeymoon fund would give us a lift.”

    3. Adventure Awaits: “Help us fuel our wanderlust and create lifelong memories by contributing to our honeymoon adventure fund.”

    4. Honeymoon Countdown: “The greatest gift is having you at our wedding, but if you’d like to give a little extra, consider helping us count down the days to our honeymoon getaway.”

    5. Love Takes Flight: “As we spread our wings and take flight, any gift towards our honeymoon fund would make our journey even more delightful.”

    6. Passport to Love: “If you’re thinking of a gift to give, a little something towards our honeymoon fund would make our hearts race as we embark on our first adventure as newlyweds.”

    7. Building Memories: “Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all, but if you’d like to contribute to our honeymoon fund, it’ll help us build memories that will last a lifetime.”

    8. Travel Fund Puns: “We’re excited to say ‘I do’ and then pack our bags for our first adventure as a married duo! If you’d like to help send us on our way, a gift towards our honeymoon fund would truly make our day.”

    9. Honeymoon Wishes: “As we begin our life together, we’re looking forward to making memories on our honeymoon. If you’d like to make a wish for our future, consider contributing to our honeymoon fund.”

    10. Newlywed Getaway: “We can’t wait to celebrate our love story with a romantic escape. If you’d like to be part of this journey, your gift to our honeymoon fund will be cherished forever.”

    These creative ways to ask for honeymoon fund contributions will make the request feel more personal and enjoyable for your guests.

    How do you set up a honeymoon fund?

    Setting up a honeymoon fund is a fun and easy process that helps turn your dream honeymoon into a reality! First, choose a reliable and user-friendly honeymoon registries website like Honeyfund, Zola, or Hitchd.

    Next, personalize your registry by adding details about your honeymoon destination, desired experiences, and a heartfelt message to your wedding guests, then share the registry link on your wedding invitations or website for guests to access easily.

    Break down your honeymoon fund into smaller categories like flights, accommodations, and activities, offering a variety of price points for your guests to choose from. Finally, share the link to your registry on your wedding website or invitations, and watch your honeymoon dreams come to life as your loved ones contribute!

    Where to create a honeymoon fund gift registry

    Creating a honeymoon fund registry is a simple three-step process. First, choose a reputable online platform to set up your registry, ensuring it offers customization options and secure transactions. Here are the most popular honeymoon fund registry websites.

  1. Honeyfund
  2. A well-known and widely-used honeymoon registry site, Honeyfund allows couples to create a fully customizable registry with a variety of experiences and items related to their honeymoon. Pros include easy customization, compatibility with other registries, and options to crowdfund various aspects of the honeymoon. The main con is the service fee for transactions, which can be passed on to the gift giver or absorbed by the couple.

  3. Zola
  4. Zola is an all-in-one wedding gift registry platform that offers honeymoon funds, cash gifts, and a wide selection of traditional registry items. Pros include an easy-to-use interface, the ability to sync registries from other sites, and a 20% discount on remaining items after the wedding. The downside is that Zola charges a 2.4% transaction fee for honeymoon fund contributions, although couples can choose to cover this fee themselves.


  5. Hitchd
  6. Hitchd is a modern and user-friendly honeymoon registry site designed to help couples fund their dream honeymoon. Pros include a sleek, responsive design, easy customization options, and a unique “storytelling” feature allowing couples to share their love stories and future plans with guests. The main con is the service fee, which ranges from 2.5% to 3.5% depending on the chosen plan, and an additional 2.9% + $0.30 fee per transaction for processing.

  7. The Knot Cash Registry
  8. The Knot is a popular wedding planning site that also offers cash fund registries, including honeymoon funds. Pros include seamless integration with The Knot wedding websites, a variety of cash fund categories, and no setup fees. The main con is the 2.5% transaction fee applied to all cash gift contributions.

  9. Traveler’s Joy
  10. This honeymoon registry site focuses specifically on travel-related experiences and allows couples to create a registry based on their chosen destination. Travelers Joy pros include the ability to request specific travel experiences, user-friendly customization options, and a large selection of destinations. The downside is the 2.95% + $0.99 transaction fee per gift, which can add up for larger contributions.

  11. Blueprint Registry
  12. Blueprint Registry is a visually appealing registry site that allows couples to create honeymoon funds, cash funds, and traditional registries using a blueprint-style layout. Pros include the visually engaging design, easy integration with other registries, and group gifting options. However, a 2.5% transaction fee applies to honeymoon fund contributions.

    How to create the best honeymoon registry fund

    1. Be transparent and specific

    Clearly outline the purpose of your honeymoon fund and provide details about your honeymoon destination, accommodations, and activities. This gives your guests a better understanding of how their contributions will be used and makes the experience more personal for them.

    2. Offer a variety of experiences and price points

    Break down your honeymoon fund into smaller categories: flights, accommodations, excursions, meals, and more. Providing a range of options and price points allows guests to choose a contribution that suits their budget and feels meaningful to them.

    3. Express gratitude and emphasize that gifts are optional

    Make sure to communicate that your guests’ presence at your wedding day is the most important gift, and that contributing to your honeymoon fund is entirely optional. This will help guests feel comfortable and appreciated, regardless of whether they choose to contribute.

    4. Personalize your registry

    Customize your honeymoon fund registry by adding photos, stories, and a heartfelt message to your guests. This personal touch will make your registry more engaging and memorable and help your guests feel more connected to your honeymoon plans.

    5. Share your registry tactfully

    Include the link to your honeymoon fund registry on your wedding website or in your invitation suite, but do so discreetly. You can use a separate insert card or a gentle mention on your wedding website to avoid putting too much emphasis on gifts. Remember, the most important thing is celebrating your love and commitment.

    6. Add a few items to a traditional registry

    For those who aren’t as technologically savvy might have trouble navigating the platforms. Others may not feel comfortable putting credit card or banking information into a website they’re not familiar with for payment. And others still might love the tradition of giving the newlyweds a physical gift.

    By following these tips, you can create a thoughtful and engaging honeymoon fund that your guests will feel excited to contribute to.