Party On Wheels: How Much Does A Party Bus Cost?

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: May 19, 2023

    Are you ready to take your celebration on the road? A party bus might be, well, the life of the party you never knew you needed! Let’s dive into the world of party buses and uncover the costs behind these mobile venues for unforgettable fun, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck when planning your next bash.

    What is a party bus, and do you need one?

    Ever wanted to take the party on the road? Enter the party bus – it’s your own personal nightclub on wheels! These rad vehicles come decked out with plush seating, crazy lighting, killer sound systems, and sometimes even dance floors whether you’re hitting the town for a bachelorette party, prom, or just because a party bus is your ticket to a rolling good time!


    How Much Does a Party Bus Typically Cost?

    Okay, let’s talk numbers. Hiring a party bus isn’t exactly pocket change, but it can be totally worth it for a special occasion. On average, you might spend anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour. Remember, the price can jump higher for really swanky buses or during peak times. But hey, can you really put a price on an unforgettable night out?

    The price tag on your party bus adventure isn’t just pulled out of a hat. A few things come into play here. Think the size of the bus, how long you want to party, and even where you live—booking during busy times like weekends or holidays? That could also cost you a bit more.

    Just like a limo, most party buses come with an hourly rate. The longer you live it up on the bus, the more you’ll pay. Some companies offer package deals for events like weddings or proms, potentially saving you some cash. But remember overtime is usually extra!

    The price also depends on how many friends you want to bring to the bash. A minibus for 20 might not break the bank, but if you plan to invite 50 of your closest buddies, expect to shell out a bit more for a larger bus.


    Does the Cost Vary by Location?

    You bet it does! Just like cocktails cost more in Manhattan than in Madison, party bus prices can vary from city to city. The cost of living, local competition, and demand can all play a part. So, whether you’re partying in Peoria or Pittsburgh, be sure to check out local rates.

    Timing is everything, folks! Weekends, especially Saturday nights, are prime time for party buses. And don’t get me started on prom season, New Year’s Eve, or Valentine’s Day. These high-demand times can drive prices up, so plan accordingly!

    What other amenities are included in the price of the party bus rental?

    You’re not just paying for transportation; you’re paying for a mobile party palace! Most party buses come with awesome lighting, sound systems, and seating included in the price. Some even have extras like dance poles or karaoke machines. But check with the rental company, as not all amenities might be included.

    What different types of party buses are there?

    Party buses come in a variety of sizes and styles, all designed to provide the perfect environment for celebrations on the go. Here are some of the most common types of party buses:

    Minibus Party Bus: These buses are the smallest and can typically accommodate 10-25 passengers. They’re great for smaller gatherings, such as bachelorette parties or family celebrations.

    Shuttle Bus: Slightly larger than minibusses, shuttle buses are perfect for medium-sized groups, usually fitting around 20-35 people. They offer ample space for partygoers to mix and mingle.

    Motorcoach Party Bus: With a capacity of 30-60 passengers, motorcoaches are a popular choice for larger events like proms, weddings, or big birthday celebrations. They often come with more amenities, such as restrooms.

    Limo Bus: Limo buses are the epitome of luxury on wheels. They typically accommodate 15-30 passengers and come equipped with plush seating, high-end sound systems, and sometimes even a dance floor.

    Double Decker Party Bus:  A double-decker bus is a fantastic option for really large groups, often accommodating up to 70 or more passengers. These buses offer two levels of party space and are a hit in cities with great views.

    Trolley Party Bus: If you’re looking for something with a vintage flair, a trolley party bus could be the way to go. While the amenities are often similar to other party buses, the exterior provides a charming, retro vibe.

    Remember, the type of bus you choose will depend on your specific needs, including the size of your group, the event you’re celebrating, your budget, and the amenities you’re looking for.