Sea, Sand and Cityscape – Turkey Itinerary

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: June 10, 2022

    Andrew and I visited Turkey for our honeymoon in July 2013; to date, it was one of my favorite trips. It is a transcontinental country separating Asia and Europe, leaving it rich in culture, history, and a beautiful landscape. There is plenty to do, see and eat. Here is our sea, sand, and cityscape Turkey itinerary.

    First, stop Çeşme (pronounced chesh-meh).

    Çeşme is a seaside town on the Aegean coast filled with resorts and spas on the western tip of Turkey. It’s just a short ferry ride away from the Greek island of Chios. In addition, it is a 60-minute drive from the Izmir airport.


  1. Day One
  2. We stayed at the Sheraton Hotel Resort & Spa and spent the first afternoon sitting by the pool and enjoying our lunch al fresco. In the evening, we headed to Alaçatı (pronounced aa-LAA-chaa-tuh), a small town about a 15-minute drive from Çeşme.

    The narrow streets and alleys are filled with so much color, small local shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. It is truly picturesque. We had dinner at Beso. The food and wine were excellent, and the service was great.

    After the sun goes down, the town is pumping with people and music. We stopped by a bar to try the Turkish national drink, Raki. This drink is made from twice-distilled grapes and aniseed.

    It was by far the most potent alcohol I have ever tried. They served it with melon and feta, which came free. A great way to end the night; needless to say, we slept like babies.

    **Helpful tip** The waiter will ask you if you want Raki with water; if it’s your first time trying it, the answer is YES.

  3. Day Two
  4. About a two-hour drive from Çeşme is the Ancient Greek City of Ephesus. It’s famous for its Temple of Artemis, recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

    We walked through the ruins independently, but plenty of tours were available. It took us about 2 hours to see the whole thing. The structures were epic, and it was a must-see in the area.

    **Helpful tip** It was sweltering hot with barely any shade. We applied sunscreen twice during our walk through the city. If you are sensitive to the sun, I highly recommend a hat or umbrella and a gallon of 50-proof sunscreen.

    That night, we headed to the Marina in Çeşme. It was filled with high-end stores and small seafood restaurants. We had a great dinner on the water at Köprü Bistro.

    Afterward, we strolled around for a bit and ended up in an outdoor bar called Hayal Kahvesi Çeşme Marina. We ate pistachios, drank martinis, and listened to a cover band singing American music. It was great!


  5. Day three
  6. We headed back to the marina for lunch and then to Çeşme Castle, a few blocks away. It was built in 1508 and represented typical Ottoman Sultan Bayezid architecture.

    It was about two bucks to get in, and it had the most amazing views of the Çeşme. Worth it. Plan to spend a little over an hour doing the walk-through. Afterward, we went back to the marina for shopping and ice cream.

    Next Stop Cappadoccia


    We stayed at Argos In Cappadoccia, and above is the view from our room. It is the absolute most fantastic hotel right smack in the middle of the most exciting landscape in the world.

    Cappadoccia is situated in central Turkey and is covered by eroded volcanic ash from approximately 3 million years ago.

    Erosion from the wind and water has left an unusual landscape of cones, pillars, and fairy-tale chimneys. Some of which are very phallic. In these formations, there are homes and places of worship.

    It’s a must to stay in a cave hotel. Of course, we splurged a bit because it was our honeymoon, but most hotels are budget prices for excellent quality.

  7. Day four
  8. We woke up at 3:45 am to catch our ride to the hot air balloon tour. What a fabulous experience! I was a bit nervous about being flying in a basket attached to a flaming balloon with eight strangers. It was so relaxing!

    We flew with Butterfly Balloons with Mike as our operator. He was experienced and fantastic. I highly recommend washing with them. The best part is it ends with a champagne toast!

    **Helpful Hint** We told them It was our honeymoon and got upgraded to a less crowed basket for free 🙂

    We arrived back at the hotel and had some breakfast. Then, after a nap, we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring our hotel’s underground tunnels and caves. Many guided tours throughout the area take you into cave systems that go as far as eight stories below the ground.

    For dinner, we took a short cab ride to Göreme (pronounced guh-reh-meh), a small town in the center of the region, and ate at Alaturka Restaurant. So good!


  9. Day Five
  10. We headed back down to the town of Göreme and visited the Göreme Open Air Museum. Although the museum was very crowded, we got to see some of the oldest frescoes and churches carved into stone. It was worth the $10 entrance fee.

    After fending off a rug salesman trying to take us to his factory, we had an afternoon beer at Goreme Panorama Cafe. It had a natural hippy feel and was super cheap. We had lunch afterward, enjoying a vast Pide – local eats made in clay pots.

    Last Stop Istanbul


    Istanbul is so full of history and culture. There is so much to see and do that it could take weeks. We wanted to take in all the main sights as well as do a little exploring on our own. Here’s how we planned our days.

  11. Day Six
  12. We arrived at the Swissôtel in the morning to get to the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and Hagia Sophia Museum all in one day.

    They are a walkable distance from each other, and you must see them all! So much incredible architecture and gorgeous mosaics. We stopped and tried some street-grilled cheese thing that was so delicious.

    That night, we went down to the water and hung out in a great area with many bars, restaurants, and shops. We ate at The House Hotel Bosphorus. The food was EXCELLENT, and so was the atmosphere.

    **Helpful Hint** When going to the Hagia Sophia, wear socks, and cover your knees and shoulders. I had to walk barefoot. Ladies, take a scarf with you because you need to cover your head. They provide some clothes to cover up, but a million people use them.

  13. Day Seven
  14. We started our day at the Dolmabahçe, the newer palace at the main center of the Ottoman Empire from 1856 to 1922. It was beautiful inside and out. It will take a few hours to do the whole tour of the rooms and grounds.

    We spent the rest of the day chilling at the hotel lounge and had some dinner there. The heat and walking got the best of us.

    Day Eight


    Off to the Grand Bazaar! It was such a great experience. It is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. Filled with 3,000 shops, it attracts between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily.

    It is pretty intense, and you NEED to practice your negotiation skills. Whatever the original price is, you can probably get it down to less than half the cost. We were terrible at this, but we still got some cool stuff.

    Some shop owners will offer you tea. Take it. A Turkish friend told us before we went that it is customary and sort of an insult if you don’t accept it. So we spent most of the day there and in the surrounding area.

    My favorite part of the whole trip was the food. For dinner, we went to an amazing meze (tapas) restaurant called Giritli. So fresh and full of flavor. The food was excellent It was a great way to end a fantastic trip

    I think we ate for 3 hours straight. We got 15 small plates (above) and a basket of bread just as an appetizer. It was cheap for the quality and amount of food—also, unlimited wine. Yes, I said total wine.

    If you plan on going to Turkey for your next trip and have any questions, please email me. I would love to help you prepare. It was a wonderful place, and I hope to revisit it one day!