How To Sell Your Clothes Online

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: June 6, 2022

    It’s that time again to do the seasonal closet swap. So pack up your sweaters and unload your flowery prints into the closet.

    Living in small apartments and sharing one closet with my husband, I have learned to be selective with my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I can not hoard clothes like I used to. So now I have a rule that if I didn’t wear it this season, it doesn’t get packed away for next. I donate a ton of clothes to the shelter every year, but sometimes those lovely pieces are in excellent condition that I don’t want to part with.

    Even if they don’t fit anymore, they somehow make it back into my closet year after year. So here are a few great websites for selling those clothes you don’t wear. One girl’s trash is another girl’s dress for Friday night!


    I buy most of my clothes second-hand, so I almost cried when I found this site. A dream come true. I can see thrift from my couch. Thredup is an online store where you can sell and buy lightly worn items. Everything is hand-picked, so the things are quality brands and in excellent condition.

    Users can not sell directly to each other, but the site acts as a consignment store. They will buy instantly from users and pay them for any items they can sell. There are guidelines on what they will and will not accept. If you have some things at home, you can use their clothing calculator to see how much they may pay out for that item before you send it.

    When you are ready, request a bag from them to send your clothes in. They pay for the shipping cost. Anything they can’t sell is donated. I am in the process of filling my first bag.

    Sell You Clothes Online


    On Poshmark, you start by building your closet with items you want to sell. It works like Pinterest, where people can follow your wardrobe, like your stuff, and comment on it. You can connect with people whose style you love, and if you’re the same size, score!

    You can shop their online closets anytime you’d like. Add items to your closet straight from the app and add filters to your photos to give them personality. As part of the community, you can attend virtual-themed Posh Parties, where you can buy and sell specific items. An example would be the Cocktail Dresses and Pearls Party or Fall Sweaters and Scarves Party. Sometimes, it will be by brand name. You keep 80% of the sale, but Poshmark also provides pre-paid shipping.


    As long as you have a piece of clothing that is clean and in good condition, you can sell it on this site. There are no brand or style restrictions like some of the other sites. Tradesy takes only 9% of the selling price, which is less than most, and they also pay for the shipping.

    You have to take a picture of the item, quote a price, and ship it after it sells. It also takes care of all the returns, so you don’t have to. Tradesy will clean up the image and add any additional data to the listing. They use the information from the image and fill it all in for you, making it quick and easy for you to post your stuff.


    If you have lots of designer clothes in your closet, Materialwrld is your site. They do not accept mass-market brands like Zara, Gap, and Anthropologie. Instead of selling your used items, they are appraised, and then you receive a voucher for Shopbop, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Bloomingdales in exchange.

    You’re probably going to spend the money on some new clothes anyway. So just clean out your closet and send your items. You can check the estimated value of your items on the site’s quote look-up widget before you send them.

    Materialwrld will pay for the shipping, and once the items are received, they will give you a quote for what they think it’s worth. Your gift card will be in the mail within two days if you accept the offer. If not, they will ship your items back for free.