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Tiaras, Games and Penis Pasta: All the Bachelorette Party Supplies You’ll Need

Updated on August 5, 2020 Updated on Aug 5, 2020
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    Bachelorette party favors, fun games, and girly gear have become an essential part of the festivities. If you’re on the hunt for decorations, penis pasta and flamingo floats you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the cutest bachelorette party supplies around.

  1. Macawennie and Cheese
  2. penis-pasta-bachelorette-supplies

    You truly can’t have a bachelorette party without penis pasta. Anybody can get penis candy or make a penis cake or penis jello shots. But it takes a true phallo-culinary genius to prepare penis pasta for her guests. If mac and cheese won’t be a crowd pleaser, create your own pasta dish this premium gourmet cazzetti Italian penis pasta made in Italy. Very classy.

  3. Drinking Buddies
  4. bachelorette-party-supplies-drinking-buddiesEveryone needs a drinking buddy, especially one who looks great in a pair of speedos! Hang a hunk on the side of your glass to mark your drink and avoid mix ups. Essential for hen parties, girls’ nights, picnics or anytime the drinks are flowing. This set of 6 banana hammock wearing drink markers are a must have at a bachelorette party.

  5. Hangover Recovery Kit Bag
  6. bachelorette-party-supplies-hangover-bag

    This cute anchor recovery kit favor bags are ideal for bachelorette party favors. These bags had a cute design and were sturdy enough material to put 4 or 5 small items in like gum, hand sanitizer, makeup remover, and aspirin or able to fill them up with hair ties, gum, emergen-C, advil, breath mints, etc and tied them to mini water bottles.

  7. Dick Match Game
  8. bachelorette-party-supplies-dick-game

    We all remember the memory game from our childhood when would have to find pairs of cute animals, cool cars and other innocent images. This adult version is not quite so innocent. Not at all, in fact. Dick Match is a memory game with 24 pairs of penises!

  9. Drunk in Love/Just Drunk Coolies
  10. bachelorette-party-supplies-coolies

    Add a little craziness to your celebrations with the Bachelorette neoprene cooler sleeves. They are completely waterproof, and therefore suitable even for beach, lake or poolside events. Guaranteed to light up your event, day or night. Send them in advance even, to build anticipation. These drink coolers make for an excellent little keepsake gift to add to your bridesmaid kits.

  11. Dare Card Game
  12. bachelorette-party-supplies-dare-game

    Looking for a fun, easy game for the bachelorette party? This fun and easy to play bride-to-be game is perfect. The host will hand out the cards the night of the event. Guests will scratch off the cards to reveal the dare and have to do it by the end of the night. Some dares that are included in each set are: Hit the dance floor with your crazy dance, Share a barstool with a guy, Get a piggyback ride from a stranger, Dance with a guy wearing a red shirt, Dance on a table, Propose to a stranger and more.

  13. Rose Gold Decor Set
  14. bachelorette-party-supplies-balloons

    Make your bachelorette party stand out with this amazing bundle that includes everything you need to party the night away! Give her the best gift ever with this complete bachelorette decorations kit. This will set the Perfect Decoration Backdrop for Any Bridal Shower. Hang it on a Wall, Mantle, Outside, & even in the Limo!

  15. Penis Tiaras
  16. bachelorette-party-supplies-penis-tiara

    These sassy and hilarious dick crowns are the perfect little addition to make your next soiree something special! Quantities are 5, 10, or 20 crowns, with one crown having the bridal veil attached. These are a must!

  17. Inflatable Ring Toss
  18. bachelorette-party-supplies-penis-ring-toss

    This game is great for warming up before you go out, or for playing at an at-home party. You can also take it to the bar with you. It’s sure it will draw lots of attention.

  19. Makeup Bags
  20. bachelorette-party-supplies-makeup-bags

    The bride and her party are assured of looking radiant and for bachelorette activities and the wedding ceremony. This 11-piece set includes 10 pastel pink bridesmaid cosmetic bags and 1 white bride’s cosmetic bag, all elegantly inscribed with gold-tone script lettering. These convenient, reusable bridesmaid gifts will be a lasting reminder of this special milestone.

  21. Drink Floats
  22. bachelorette-supplies-drink-floats

    Conveniently float your drinks in style with these inflatable coasters. The floating drink holders fit almost any size cup or beverage so you will always have your drink by your side. Perfect accessory for any pool or hot tub and will be the life of the party.

  23. Mug Shot Signs
  24. bachelorette-party-supplies-mug-shot-signs

    Bachelorette parties and girls nights out are the time to let loose and have some fun. Our hilarious mug shot signs assign both a name and a crime for each lady at the party. Make memories with your guests by taking hilarious mug shot pictures that you will treasure after the event. You will receive all 20, high quality printed signs for your party.

  25. Bride-to-Be Set 
  26. bachelorette-party-supplies-sash

    Make the bride stand out on her special day or night with the ultimate bachelorette decorations! It’s perfect for the classy sophisticated bride who appreciates a crazy night every now and then. Your best friend is getting married and we have all the bachelorette supplies for a fun girls night out.

  27. To Have and To Hold Hairties

    Looking for something to include in a bridal party kit? These cute hair ties are a most to include! Your bridal party will love these gold and embroidered hair ties. Each set of hair ties comes with a card that says “To Have and to Hold Your Hair Back”.  

  29. Prosseco Pong
  30. bachelorette-party-supplies-pong

    Add a dash of class to the classic pong game with Prosecco Pong! This set has everything you need to get started including 12 non-shatter plastic champagne glasses and 3 pretty-in-pink ping-pong balls. Just add bubbly to play!

  31. Diamond Ring Piñata
  32. bachelorette-party-supplies-pinata

    Bring a fun and adorable touch to any bachelorette, bridal shower or engagement party with this diamond ring piñata. What’s a piñata without a treat inside? The diamond ring piñata includes a flap to easily insert tiny treats inside. Get as sweet or naughty as you’d like!

  33. Stemless Personalized Champagne Glasses
  34. bachelorette-party-supplies-champagne-glasses

    Stemless Champagne Flutes make the perfect Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for your friends! These metallic gold Monogram Glasses are perfect to use at bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or the morning of the wedding! Glasses can double as seating cards & drinking glasses! Your girls will love these and use them well beyond the wedding day. 

  35. Kiss My… Game
  36. bachelorette-party-supplies-game

    Whether you are organizing a classy hotel room bachelorette with your closest friends, a wild night out with your girlfriends or an exotic cocktail evening at the beach bar, this Kiss My … bachelorette poster is the way to go. Whatever bachelorette party you are planning, this game poster will have everyone laughing and giggling in no time at all.

  37. Kiss The Miss Goodbye
  38. bachelorette-party-supplies-print

    Make sure the bride never forgets her hen party, bachelorette or bridal shower with this cute keepsake! Featuring cute illustrated lips filled with a watercolor texture, simply have guests kiss it to leave their lipstick prints as a record of the guests who attended. There’s plenty of space to sign names and add heartfelt/drunken messages too! A unique and thoughtful gift to treasure forever.

  39. Scavenger Hunt
  40. bachelorette-party-supplies-scavenger-hunt

    This game is a sure fire way to get the party going with laughter. Not up to a dare? These party supplies allow you to opt out by buying the bride a drink. These ‘fill-in-the-blank’ dares let the girls create a dare specifically for the bride, or have the bride create a dare for the whole group!

  41. High Five Confetti
  42. bachelorette-party-supplies-confetti

    Completely unnecessary but so fun! At the peak of your celebration when two hands come together for an epic moment of high five bliss, you can’t afford not to have confetti blast high into the air and rain down around your triumphant gesture!

  43. Tribe Tattoos
  44. bachelorette-party-supplies-tattoos

    Make the Bride To Be happy on her special day or night with the ultimate bachelorette party flash tattoos!
    Your best friend is getting married and we have the perfect accessory for an amazing party.

  45. She Said Yass Cups
  46. bachelorette-party-supplies-yass-glasses

    Your best friend is getting married and we have the perfect accessory for an amazing party. A few notes about our cups: 16 cups means there’s one for everyone – nobody gets left behind 🙂 Party tested + approved… our cups will last day into night! Unique design for the bride + her entire bride tribe. 

  47. Kiss The Single Life Goodbye Lip Balm
  48. bachelorette-party-supplies-yass-lip-balm

    Lip balms make great favors for any event. They are a practical gift that everyone can use! These lip balms have a gold glitter look at the top and gold glitter text. The background is a blush pink color. It says “Kissing the Single Life Goodbye”.  Made from soybean oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, hemp oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin e, and aloe vera, these lip balms nourish and soften lips. They also have an SPF of 15!