22 Fun Ring Bearer Gifts That Will Make Him Smile

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: September 22, 2023

    You can’t forget your ring bearer when looking for groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts. He’s the most important guy in the wedding party – he’s the one with the rings! Depending on his age, he might need some help learning precisely what his job for the day is, so there are books and props to help him along. We also have some fun ideas to keep him occupied when his duties are done. Make him feel extra special with one of these gifts for ring bearers.

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    What is the role of the ring bearer in a wedding ceremony?

    The ring bearer is basically the cutest and most important little guy at the wedding! He’s the one who gets to walk down the aisle before the bride, carrying the precious rings that symbolize the couple’s love and commitment.

    Whether he’s sporting a dapper suit or a charming bowtie, the ring bearer’s job is to deliver the goods (the rings!) to the best man or officiant during the ceremony. It’s a big responsibility for such a little guy, but he always manages to pull it off with style and grace. All in all, the ring bearer is an essential part of any wedding and a total crowd-pleaser.

    Do you give the ring bearer a gift?

    You have to show the ring bearer some love for all his hard work and adorableness. While it’s not required, giving your little ring bearer a gift is a sweet way to say “thanks for being a part of our big day!” Whether it’s a classic token of appreciation or a personalized present that reflects his unique interests, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. So, go ahead and spoil that cutie with a special gift that he can cherish for years to come! After all, he deserves it.

    How much should you spend on a ring bearer gift?

    It really depends on your budget and what you feel comfortable with. That being said, a typical range is anywhere from $20 to $50, but you can certainly go higher or lower than that. The important thing is to choose a gift that shows your appreciation and gratitude for the ring bearer’s participation in your big day. So, whether it’s a thoughtful keepsake or a fun toy, the value is in the sentiment behind the gift, not the price tag.

    What are some fun and playful ring bearer gift ideas?

    There are so many fun and playful ring bearer gift ideas out there! How about a personalized superhero cape or a cute t-shirt with “Ring Security”? Or maybe a toy car or a fun game that he can play with during the reception? You could also consider a book about weddings or a DIY kit to make his special keepsake. The key is to think outside the box and choose a gift that reflects his personality and interests. After all, the ring bearer deserves a just as fun and playful gift as he is!

  1. Ring Briefcase
  2. ring-bearer-gifts-briefcase

    The case makes the perfect accessory and keepsake for Ring Bearer or Ring Security Agent and is personalized with the agent’s name & your wedding date. The case is made from a durable polypropylene material in an ideal size for little hands 🙂 Easy to use secure catches which snap shut to keep your rings secure.

  3. Aviator Sunglasses
  4. ring bearer gifts sunglasses

    Ring secret service is here. These sunglasses will block UVB and UVA rays, offer the real visual effects, protect against your kid’s eyes from the dizzy sunlight. The most popular reflective mirror lens. THE fashionable REVO technology lens offers contrast and the highest available light reduction. This frame is constructed from high-quality metal, which is flexible, bendable, and wear-resistant. Great ring bearer gift that he can use the day of and afterward!

  5. Security Pin


    Pair the sunglasses with this adorable pin, and you get yourself a proper ring security guard! This wooden badge is an adorable way to show your guests and wedding party who is in charge of the rings on your wedding day. Your ring bearer will be proud to show off his new accessory, showing off his new badge to all of your wedding guests and bridal party! Get his ring security mini briefcase to tie it all together. 

  7. Ring Bearer’s Gift Box
  8. Ring-Bearer-Gifts-boxed-limo

    Will you be my ring bearer? Looking for that perfect gift to ask your ring bearer to be part of your wedding day? Look no further! No matter the age, any boy will love this unique pull-back limousine car with a hood, sun-roof window, and four doors that open and close. Made to scale with great attention to detail, this high-quality collectible stretch limo is a gift he will treasure for years to come. 

  9. Sugarfina Bento Box
  10. ring bearer gifts candy

    It’s going to be a long day, so he will need some sugar to keep him up! Fill this customizable bento box from Sugarfina with over 100 different candy selections. You can’t go wrong! They have all different sorts of assorted boxed. It could be a great wedding party gift or even wedding favors!

  11. Ring Security Shirt
  12. ring-bearer-gifts-shirt

    Once they say yes, get them excited with this “Ring Security” t-shirt. Short sleeve crew neck featuring this faux bowtie is perfect for the rehearsal dinner!

  13. Lunchbox 
  14. ring-bearer-gifts-tote


    The durable lunch tote features a soft and insulated main snack compartment that easily wipes clean, making it the perfect cafeteria companion. Get your flower girl a fun print she’ll love, and make it a matching gift.

  15. The Best Ever Ring Bearer Book
  16. Ring-Bearer-Gifts-Books

    Help them prep for the big day with The Best Ever Ring Bearer. The book takes them on an adventure to discover all the best things about being in a wedding. Wear a special suit, help the bride and groom, smile big for pictures, walk down the aisle, and have lots and lots of fun!

  17. Cool Sock Collection
  18. ring bearer gifts cool socks

    Show your powers with these DC Comics Justice League 6-Pack Toddler Crew Socks! SIX pairs provide variety and excitement, featuring different colors, patterns, and graphics of your favorite Justice League characters: Batman, the dark knight, Superman man of steel, The Flash, and Green Lantern. These DC Comics Justice League 6-Pack Toddler Crew Socks are the perfect accessory to any outfit!

  19. Will You be MyvRing Bearer Puzzle
  20. ring bearer gifts puzzle

    A cute and creative way to ask your little guests to be a part of your special day!  The personalized kids’ puzzle can be used for Ring Bearer, Page Boy, or Junior Groomsman. The puzzle is printed on a high-quality white shimmer paper and attached to thick cardboard.

  21. Personalized Baseball
  22. ring bearer gifts baseball

    A classic Rawlings personalized leather baseball and acrylic case. Perfect for the MLB enthusiast in your wedding party or to reward the worthy ring bearer. It makes an excellent gift for all sports lovers alike. Match with a mini baseball bat for a great ring bearer gift.

  23. Dinosaur Duvet and Pillowcase Set
  24. Ring-Bearer-Gifts-Bed-Set

    In his prime, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a vicious jungle predator, but nowadays, he’s mostly into napping alongside your little one. Send them into a prehistoric dreamland with this whimsical bedding set as a thank you present he will love. Featuring a dinosaur with jaws stretched wide in a permanent roar (or yawn), you’ll turn bedtime into a Jurassic adventure they’ll look forward to night after night. 

  25. Jetpack Backpack
  26. Ring-Bearer-Gifts-Backpack

    Mornings on earth can be mundane, especially after the great performance he put on at your wedding. Take them from zero gravity to fire-fueled with their very own jetpack-inspired backpack. Featuring two nozzles with strips of fabric fire that flap and flicker in the wind, a spacious interior, and rear rocket pockets, mini astronauts will carry everything they need for a successful daily orbit. 

  27. Personalized Harmonica
  28. ring-bearer-gifts-harmonica

    Personalize this genuine Hohner harmonica for that favorite music player in your life. This standard 10-hole (diatonic) harmonica is a must-have for your fun and musical groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl, or birthday friend. This personalized gift is packaged in an elegant black box. Size: 4″ x 3/4″. Personalized with three lines of up to 20 characters

  29. Ship Kite
  30. ring bearer gifts kite

    Set sail and soar on the wind with our Sailing Ship kite. Each handmade kite flies and is made in collaboration with Balinese artisans exclusively for Haptic Lab. Though functional, the ship kite also makes beautiful decorative objects displayed at home. 

  31. Ring Security Gift
  32. ring-bearer-gifts-set


    The ring bearer will love this three-piece gift set that includes a plush penguin in a penguin suit, a hat, and a gift card. This gift will make him feel extra special on the special day. 

  33. Ring Security Rehearsal Shirt
  34. Ring Bearer Gifts Shirt

    Being a ring bearer is a big deal, dress them up for the rehearsal with this short sleeve screen print ring bearer t-shirt featuring a faux tux and “ring security” badge.

  35. Lillian Rose Ring Bearer Activity Book
  36. Ring-Bearer-Gifts-activity-book

    This fun ring bearer activity and coloring book will entertain him during the rehearsal with games, puzzles, and coloring activities. It contains 12 pages of fun, a box of 8 crayons, a certificate of excellence, and a paper ring pillow for practice. The ring bearer will also find cute tips on how to be the best ring bearer ever! The durable board book construction will survive the rehearsal and years to come.

  37. Custom Lego Minifigure Ring Bearer
  38. Ring Bearer Gifts Custom Lego

    This is a custom Lego ring bearer made with all official Lego pieces perfect for the Lego Couple having the Lego Wedding. Each one comes with a ring and is customizable down to the hair color.


  39. Play and Go Storage Bag

    gifts-for-ring-bearers-bagKeep him entertained at the reception with this clever storage sack that opens up to become a flat play surface. When playtime’s over, pull the bag shut, and the toys he was playing with are cleaned up in a flash. The sack is ideal for the beach, the park, holidays, or trips to visit grandparents.

  41. Personalized Basketball Hoop
  42. Ring-Bearer-Gifts-Basketball-Hoop

    He got points for getting down the aisle without incident. Now it’s your chance to score big: This personalized basketball hoop fits over nearly any doorframe, comes with a foam ball, and has two small chalkboards for easy scorekeeping.

  43. Wilson Football
  44. Ring-Bearer-Gifts-Football

    Nothing says thank you like a personalized football, customizable with your wedding date and other information. If football isn’t their sport, check out the next item on the list…