27 Unforgettable Bridal Shower Gifts For The Bride-to-Be

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: April 1, 2024

    These days, anything goes with bridal showers. The wedding registry is also the shower registry, and you buy for the bride or gift the couple. Do spend less than the wedding gift, but don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered with these excellent bridal shower gift ideas.

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Gift Box
  2. bridal-shower-gifts-mr-mrs-box

    This gift box brings a little bit of fun to kick-start the festivities. It comes equipped with a personalized city candle, a gold foil “love” matchbox, a Mr. & Mrs. lumbar pillowcase, Mr. & Mrs. luggage tags, matching gold foil mugs, and a sweet gift card. A really cute gift from the maid of honor.

  3. Wedding Day Emergency Kit  
  4. bridal-shower-gifts-emergency-kit

    Bridal shower gifts can help the bride prepare for her big day. For example, nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, a nail file, hair ties, bobby pins, paper clothing tape, oil-absorbing wipes, and a mini sewing kit can help her face any beauty emergency.

  5. Keepsake Box 
  6. bridal-shower-gifts-keepsake-box

    This Kate Spade original is classy and timeless, a sweet porcelain keepsake box. It measures 4.5 inches square, so it’s the perfect size for storing little treasures from the big day without cluttering their space.

  8. Bride Hair Barrettes 


    Bridal hair pins make a super cute gift for the bride-to-be to wear during her bridal shower, for her bachelorette party, or even on her honeymoon. All three hairpins are included, each decorated with clear rhinestones.

  10. Personalized “Connect-4” Game
  11. bridal-shower-gifts-customized-game

    The couple who plays together stays together (well, unless you’ve got a lousy loser…) This gorgeous heirloom-quality “connect-4” -style game is made from maple wood and can be personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date. It’s a truly unique gift that’s sure to be a standout hit.

  12. Sushi Set


    This 6-piece set makes an elegant and original gift for the couple who loves sushi date nights at home. It includes two rectangular plates, two sauce dishes, and two sets of bamboo chopsticks, all packaged in a matching gift box. 

  14. Honeymoon Beach Tote
  15. bridal-shower-gifts-beach-tote

    A classy and casual way to declare “I’m a bride!” this straw bridal bag makes a great honeymoon tote or would serve well as a catch-all bag on her wedding day. Each tote comes with an internal drawstring closure to keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

  16. Coupe Champagne Glasses


    Champagne flutes are a common registry item, but these old-school coupe glasses are far more unique. Legend has it; the glass was modeled on Marie Antoinette’s left breast, which, while not true, captures the timeless sexiness of this vintage champagne vessel.

  18. Ceramic Dipping Bowls
  19. bridal-shower-gifts-bowls

    No one buys sauce bowls, but we all get caught needing them. This set of six ceramic dipping bowls will help the newlyweds dunk like Steph Curry. They’re perfect for sauces, salad dressings, spreads, seasonings, and herbs. 

  20. Personalized Bridal Lingerie 
  21. bridal-shower-gifts-bridal-underwear

    These personalized panties are perfect for her wedding day or any day that follows. Choose a font color and size (it’s recommended to size up), and you’ve got yourself a genuinely distinctive bridal shower gift. They make a great present from the bridesmaid.

  22. Custom Cheese Board
  23. bridal-shower-gifts-cheese-board

    A gift that’s both individual and aesthetically beautiful is always a winner. These personalized cheese boards are made from Italian marble and acacia wood and are a functional keepsake. The happy couple can use it as a cheese board, cutting board, serving tray, or on display as kitchen decor.

  24. Cabernet Decanter
  25. bridal-shower-gifts-decanter

    For those who love their full-bodied reds, this gracefully curved decanter from Austria’s world-famous Riedel will perfectly aerate their favorite Cabernet. Pair it with a nice bottle of wine, or even some matching wine glasses, for a DIY gift set.

  26. Bridal Slippers
  27. bridal-shower-gifts-slippers

    Another perfect gift to set the bride up for success is these ultra-fluffy slippers. They’re perfect for pre-prep on the big day, as well as lounging about on her honeymoon. Plus, the rubber sole means she can wear them around the pool or even her wedding rehearsal.

  28. Engraved Hammer 
  29. bridal-shower-gifts-engraved-hammer

    Everyone needs a hammer. Not many consider gifting one at a bridal shower. But this is no ordinary hammer. Engraved with “Building our life together,” it’s both a sentimental and handy gift that’ll come in ridiculously handy for any couple–– from hanging wedding photos to erecting furniture.

  30. Dessert Forks
  31. bridal-shower-gifts-dessert-forks

    These beautiful gold leaf dessert forks are totally Insta-worthy and will impress as a gift. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, they are guaranteed not to bend, rust, or shed gold, so they’ll be elevating dinner parties for years to come.

  32. Custom Wall Art
  33. bridal-shower-gifts-wall-art

    These fun portraits are individually designed and make a cool wedding shower gift. Supply the artist with a good photo of each person and any text you’d like. Note: it’s a “print yourself” design, so you’ll need to get it printed before gifting. But do gift the digi-file too.

  34. Ring Pyramid
  35. bridal-shower-gifts-ring-holder

    These walnut pyramid ring holders are a modern, minimalist spin on the classic ring dish. You’ll get a 4-piece set of varying heights which makes them useful for multiple rings and a standout piece of decor in their own right. These make for a cute engagement gift too!

  36. Premium Turkish Cotton Towels  
  37. bridal-shower-gifts-towels

    You can’t go wrong with hotel-quality, white bath towels–– for any occasion. And, eight thousand Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong about how luxurious these towels are. You’ll get two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths, and the price is so reasonable you might as well monogram them.

  38. Custom Coasters
  39. bridal-shower-gifts-coasters

    Design a set of coasters with the couple’s names and wedding date for a one-of-a-kind table-saving gift. The set of four arrives in a bamboo display holder, and there are 14 designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that’ll suit their tastes.

  40. Dessert Maker
  41. bridal-shower-gifts-ice-cream-maker

    Appliances are often touted as the perfect bridal shower gift, but it’s hard to know what they need if there’s no registry. Except that everyone needs an ice cream maker. One that also makes frozen yogurt. And sorbet.

  42. Wedding Dress Hanger
  43. bridal-shower-gifts-hanger

    One of the best bridal shower gifts that you might not think of is a personalized wedding dress hanger. Every wedding photographer wants that quintessential shot of the hanging gown, so this gives them something special to work with. Choose a color for both the wire and wood, plus a flower or bow.

  44. Fine Mesh Strainer Set
  45. bridal-shower-gifts-strainer-set

    No one knows they need a set of fine sieves until it’s too late. So this will ensure that the happy couple is all set. These not only look fancy, but they’re also extremely durable, which will come in handy for straining grains, rinsing fruits and vegetables, and dusting cakes with powdered sugar.

  46. A Cookbook
  47. bridal-shower-gifts-cookbook

    Help them spice up their new life by learning to cook together–– with 100 classic and modern recipes like Leek and Goat Cheese Tart, Whole Side of Salmon, and One-Bowl Brownies. The recipe book also shares wisdom on setting up a pantry and planning a winning dinner party.

  48. Classic Silver Frame


    A classic, silver photo frame never goes out of style for newlyweds, especially when it has the wedding queen herself – Vera Wang – attached to it. Larger frames are best suited to those who understand a couple’s style, but a luxe 5 x 7 desk frame will suit all tastes.

  50. Cake Stand With Dome
  51. bridal-shower-gifts-cake-stand

    The perfect showcase piece to serve up everything from cakes and muffins to cheese plates, this gorgeous acacia wood serving board is paired with a show-stopping glass dome. It’s a modern take on the classic cake stand and will add a classy (and delicious) touch to any kitchen bench.

  52. Linen Placemats
  53. bridal-shower-gifts-placemats

    Crisp, soft, linen placemats go with everything. The design is simple but eyecatching and makes for a beautiful shower gift. The mats would also go beautifully with those dreamy gold leaf forks back up our list.

  54. Gilded Vase
  55. bridal-shower-gifts-gilded-vase

    Almost everyone requires a darn good flower-holder, so you can’t go wrong with a vase. These gorgeous gilded vases have enough bling to say “special occasion” but a vintage-feel that will look classy in any room. Buy one, or buy a few.

    How much should I spend on a bridal shower gift?

    When it comes to spending on a bridal shower gift, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as it largely depends on your relationship with the bride-to-be and your personal budget. As a general guideline, consider spending between $25 to $75 for a friend or coworker and between $50 to $150 for a close friend or family member. Ultimately, choose a thoughtful and meaningful gift, as it’s the sentiment behind the gift that truly counts!

    What are the best bridal shower gift ideas?

    Finding the perfect bridal shower gift can feel like a daunting task, but worry not, and we’re here to help! In this guide, we’ve rounded up an array of exceptional gift ideas to suit every bride-to-be, from practical and functional items to sentimental and luxurious options.

    By exploring these thoughtfully curated suggestions, you’ll be sure to find a gift that matches her taste and style and leaves a lasting impression as she embarks on her exciting journey to married life. So, let’s dive in and discover the best bridal shower gifts that’ll make her special day even more memorable!