26 Mother Of The Groom Gifts For His First Love

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    There is so much to do when you’re wedding planning before the big day. Bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts, flower girl gifts, ring bearer gifts! But at the top of your list should be the mother of the groom gifts for his first love. After all, this is the woman who created and raised the man of your dreams, your future mother, so you want to get off on the best foot!

  1. Spa Gift Set
  2. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-spa-set

    This spa kit is perfect for the lead-up to the wedding day or the day after when she wants a little time to unwind with some self-care! The set includes lavender soap, lip balm, a candle, and bath bombs. The lid of the box includes a nice message from the soon-to-be newest family member. 

  3. Keepsake Ornament
  4. Your future mother-in-law has handed over a piece of her heart to you. Let her know you appreciate it and will protect it forever. This sweet ornament is made of porcelain and printed on both sides. The piece measures three inches across and can be hung from the included gold cord. A wonderful gift for your future mother-in-law

  5. Picture Frame
  6. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-frame

    This beautiful frame can hold her favorite photo of her and her son from that special day. The frame is made of wood and is available in two sizes and either vertical or horizontal versions. The text on the frame is engraved, not printed.

  7. Coffee Mug
  8. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-mug

    She’ll need a cup of strong black coffee the morning after the night before! Remind her how much you appreciate that she raised one terrific man. The coffee mug is made of ceramic and is available in an 11 or 15-ounce size. 

  9. Compact and Bracelet Set
  10. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-compact

    This gift set will come in handy on the wedding day and beyond. She can use the compact mirror to check for runny mascara and the bracelet will be a lovely accessory to her outfit. The mirror is double-sided, one side is a regular mirror and the other offers two times magnification. Both pieces are made of stainless steel. 

  11. Happy Tears Hankie
  12. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-hankie

    You’ll need hankies all around so this is the perfect mother of the groom gift for a mom who will surely shed a few happy tears. The hanky is made of cotton and measures 12 inches square. You might want to order one for the father of the bride too! 

  13. Tote Bag
  14. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-tote

    She can use this tote bag for all sorts of things; carrying her essentials on the big day, helping tote the wedding gifts, going to the beach, food shopping. The bag is made of heavy-duty cotton canvas and measures 15 x 16 inches. The best gifts are multi-functional! 

  15. Foldable Ballet Flats
  16. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-shoes

    By the time the music starts at the reception, she’s been on her feet for hours. Give her the gift of comfort with these portable ballet flats! Each pair folds up into the included tote bag, so they’re perfect for stashing in her purse or car. The flats are available in several colors, so you can choose a color to match her mother of the groom’s dress. These shoes are the perfect gift for the women in your bridal party too. 

  17. Pashmina Wrap
  18. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-wrap

    Even on a summer wedding day, the venue can get chilly. Keep her toasty with this pashmina. The wrap is a blend of cashmere and acrylic, measures 76 x 27 inches, and comes in several colors. The pashmina makes a beautiful mother of the bride gift too. 

  19. Pearl Necklace
  20. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-necklace

    Classic and elegant, just like your future mother-in-law! This cultured freshwater pearl is suspended from a 17-inch sterling silver chain and will be a thoughtful gift from the happy couple. The necklace makes a lovely Mother’s Day gift too. 

  21. Soundwave Print
  22. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-print

    This print is my favorite item on the gift list. The image is a soundwave; it can be anything. For a mother of the groom gift idea, the lyrics from the mother-son reception dance is a perfect choice. The print comes with a digital sound code that can be printed and scanned on a smartphone so the soundwave can be heard. The print is customizable in several other ways, including size, framed or unframed, and canvas or paper. 

  23. Personalized Keepsake Box
  24. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-box

    This beautiful keepsake box is the perfect mother of the groom gift idea for the sentimental mom. The rose gold box can be customized with three lines of text and font. Personalized gifts always convey that you’ve put a lot of thought and love into choosing a unique gift just for her and acknowledges that it’s her special day too! 

  25. Two States Art Print
  26. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-print

    This sweet print is an excellent way to assure mom (and dad) that no matter where the newlyweds live, they will always hold you close to their hearts. The print can be customized in several ways, including the size, the locations, of course, the orientation, and more. 

  27. Mother and Son Figurine
  28. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-figurine

    He’s a grown man now, but sometimes, she still sees her little boy when mom looks at him. This figurine captures that feeling. The resin figurine is carved and pained by hand and arrives in a gift box with a card. 

  29. Digital Frame
  30. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-frame

    Physical photos are great but most of us take digital photos. This frame will display those candid wedding photos friends and family took, pictures from the honeymoon, and your new lives together. And you can send them right to mom via this frame via an app. 

  31. Monogram Ring Dish
  32. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-dish

    This pretty ring dish can be a daily reminder of the happy day and ideal when you’re looking for mother of the groom gift ideas that are pretty and practical. The dish is made from white ceramic with a high-gloss finish and the letter and trim is metallic gold foil. 

  33. Travel Jewelry Case
  34. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-case

    This jewelry case is an especially thoughtful gift if the event is a destination wedding. Mom can bring all of the jewelry she wants to wear while keeping it safe and free of tangles. The case is made of leather and has sections for necklaces, earrings, and rings as well as a detachable pouch for watches and bracelets. 

  35. Formal Clutch
  36. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-bag

    A formal occasion calls for a formal bag! This clutch can be used as a hand-held bag or a shoulder bag by attaching the removable strap. The clutch measures 9 x 5 x 2.5 inches and comes in a variety of colors. 

  37. Makeup Bag
  38. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-makeup-bag

    This makeup bag can carry all of her essentials for the wedding day and it makes a great travel cosmetics bag too! The bag is made of linen with a copper zipper and measures 10 x 7 inches. It’s a great companion gift to the tote bag above. 

  39. Wind Chimes
  40. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-chimes

    These wind chimes make a relaxing sound and will take her back to your wedding day when she hears them. The best gifts are those that invoke happy memories! The chimes are made of bamboo and aluminum and measure 29 inches long. The hanging materials are included.

  41. Robe
  42. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-robe

    This robe is a really fun gift for the mother-in-law-to-be who will be part of the bride’s girl’s weekend bachelorette party attending a destination wedding. The robe has a tie closure and is one size fits most. The item is available in several colors. 

  43. Candle
  44. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-candle

    Each time she lights this candle she’ll be reminded of the happy day when she gained a daughter or son. This candle is hand-poured 100% soy wax and the scent is a blend of lemon, jasmine, and rosewood. The candle arrives in a gift box ready for gifting. 

  45. Photo Album/Scrap Book
  46. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-album

    Mom can save her favorite photos and mementos from all of the wedding festivities in this album. There are 60 pages in the album and it can accommodate photos measuring 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, and other mementos. The front cover has a window to showcase her favorite photo. 

  47. Cutting Board 
  48. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-board

    Every time mom reaches for this cutting board she’ll be reminded how much you love and appreciate her and all she’s done for you. The cutting board is made of bamboo and measures 9 x 6 inches. Only one side is printed. The board can be displayed with the print side showing and used as a cutting or serving board on the other side. 

  49. Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set
  50. mother-of-the-groom-gifts-glasses

    This Mother of the Groom and Father of the Groom gift set of tumblers is a great gift for your parents or future in-laws! The glasses are sand-carved and each holds 21 ounces, plenty of bubbly to toast to the new couple’s happiness.

  51. Wine Bottle Bag


    Weddings are fun and happy occasions but there is no question they can be stressful! This bag holds just what she needs in case of a stress emergency, a bottle of wine! The drawstring bag is made of cotton linen and can hold a standard-sized bottle of wine or champagne.