36 Gifts for Mom from Daughter That’ll Make Her Day

By Meghan Thomson | Updated: August 31, 2023

    Mom’s are really special; most of us can’t even begin to figure out how they do all the things they do. Finding a good gift for your mom can be tricky because there isn’t any gift in the world that will show her how much you appreciate all she’s done for you.

    Finding the right gift to show Mom how much you appreciate and care for her can be hard. We created a gift guide with amazing items for all mothers and occasions.

  1. Willow Tree Memory Box
  2. gift-for-mom-from-daughter-willow-tree-memory-box

    Willow tree makes some great items and this one is no exception! Mom will be sure to love this keepsake gift. You can add it to ideas for Mothers Day gifts or really any special occasion. Show her she is you best friend.

  3. Coffee Mug


    If you’re looking for gift ideas for a coffee-loving Mom, this best-seller mug is just the item! The design is printed on both sides of the mug. Also, it comes with a matching coaster and is beautifully packed in a gift box, ready to present to your mom. A simple but thoughtful gift for mom from daughter.

  5. Shiatsu Back Shoulder Neck Massager
  6. 30th-birthday-gifts-for-men-shiatsu-neck-massager

    Turning thirty is excellent, and all but those bones are starting to speak up. In your early 20s, you could sleep on the floor with a suitcase under you and feel fine the next day. Now that you’re in your 30s, you’re on the injury list for at least a week if you sneeze wrong. So help him celebrate this milestone birthday with this perfect 30th birthday gift, the Shiatsu back, shoulder, and neck massager. Give the gift of total relaxation that he’ll use every day for years to come! 

  7. Bamboo Cutting Board
  8. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-bamboo-cutting-board

    Cutting boards are a great gift idea for any mom that loves spending time in the kitchen. Also, this bamboo one has storage containers which make meal prepping super easy and convenient. The perfect gift for a home chef.

  9. Sentimental Book
  10. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-best-mom-book

    Show Mom your appreciation with this classic mom book from New York Times bestselling author Greg Lang. Why a Daughter Needs a Mom has been bringing together mothers and daughters for years, and makes the perfect gift for moms everywhere. As a girl’s most trusted friend, her mom is the one who understands best. She’s been there through it all: the triumph and heartache, the skinned knees and the broken hearts.

  11. Mother Daugther Figurine
  12. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-figurine

    Willow Tree statues are great Christmas gifts for mom. My mom loves to have meaningful items on her shelves and this one would fit right in!

  13. Funny Candle
  14. gifts-from-daughter-mom-candle

    If you’re going through or just got through some tough years with your mom and she has a sense of humor you need to get this candle. The label displays a funny saying and you can choose what scent you’d like the candle to be!

  15. Mother Daughter Keychain
  16. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-mother-daughter-keychain

    Mother-daughter gifts come in all forms and this keychain is the perfect gift for a mom with 2 daughters. Long-distance family members will especially love this as the keychain pieces will make them feel close always. It is made of durable stainless steel which means there is no need to worry about it getting discolored.

  17. Mother Daughter Necklace 
  18. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-mother-and-child-necklace

    This heart-shaped necklace features a Mom holding a child’s hand. Also, you can choose a birthstone to customize it. The perfect gift as it is a delicate necklace mom will love and it comes packed in an exquisite box.

  19. Photo Sign
  20. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-photo-holder

    A beautiful sign to add to the home decor featuring picture holders for mom to fill. This sign displays the beautiful saying “Home is where Mom is” and has a pretty heart design. Also, it comes with clips to hold up to six pictures!

  21. Shower Steamers
  22. gifts-for-mom-steamers

    Shower steamers help mom to relax while she is winding down from a crazy day. These can be added to a relaxation gift basket with some fuzzy socks and gift cards to her favorite massage place.

  23. Heart Pendant Necklace
  24. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-heart-pendant-necklace

    This gorgeous heart necklace is fitting for absolutely any occasion. You can choose from different stone colors and rose gold or white gold. Also, it matches with so many outfits Mom won’t want to take it off.

  25. Throw Blanket


    Give your mother this super soft and cozy throw blanket covered with words of love and joy. Your mom will be able to wrap herself in luxury and will feel the warmth and love you are sending to her every day. The neutral color will look great in any home. 

  27. Family Celebration Calendar 
  28. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-family-celebration-calendar

    A family birthday and anniversary calendar is a great addition especially for a family that keeps on growing. You can fill in the dates of each special occasion so they are displayed year-round.

  29. Bangle and Watch Set
  30. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter

    Anne Klein offers this beautiful set in rose gold and ivory or gold and black. It will be so difficult to choose since both are gorgeous items. Since each item is separate you can wear just one or all of them together. Mom is sure to appreciate how stunning these are.

  31. Generations Infinity Necklace
  32. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-generations-infinity-necklace

    One of the best gifts for a Mom that’s also a Grandma is a piece of jewelry to celebrate all three generations. This beautiful necklace is made of sterling silver and comes packed in a pretty gift box.

  33. Lavender Bath and Body Gift Set
  34. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-lavender-bath-and-body-gift-set

    Mom’s deserve time to relax and pamper themselves. This lavender-scented gift basket includes everything she will need for her self-care night. Also, you can grab the water bottle and robe that we suggest below to make this the total spa set.

  35. Compact Mirror
  36. gifts-for-mom-mirror


    If you’re looking for a mom to have a message of your love whenever she needs this compact is the perfect item. The rose gold finish adds an elegant touch to this lovely gift. 

  37. Star Map Wall Art
  38. This unique print will showcase the stars on the night each family member was born. It’ll be a special gift that she absolutely adores and has hung up right away.

  39. Personalized Recipe Book


    Any mom that loves cooking or baking will just adore this unique gift. You can have this recipe book customized with different fonts and text.  She will love how much thought is put into this personalized gift.

  41. Fruit Infusion Water Bottle
  42. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-fruit-infusion-water-bottle

    Hydration is important and with summer coming this water bottle adds the flavor of fruit while keeping it contained. Grab a couple of moms favorites like strawberries, cucumber, mint, and lemon for her to test out in her new bottle.

  43. Ring Dish
  44. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-ring-dish

    This ring dish which displays the message “Remember I love you Mom” is perfect for any occasion. High-quality glazed ceramic is used to make this a special piece.

  45. Picture Frame
  46. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-picture-frame

    If your mom is your world this is the best gift to get her. If you print a 4” x 6” photo on shutterfly or your favorite place you can add that in before wrapping this!

  47. Mama Bear Slippers
  48. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-mama-bear-slippers

    Dearfoams make these adorable Mama Bear slippers which are super cozy. Since they have rubber soles she will be comfortable wearing them all day long. You can check out the four different designs that are available to choose from with some beautiful buffalo plaid options.

  49. Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace
  50. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-best-mom-necklace

    Mary Steratore’s meaningful piece comes with a quote from the 13th-century Persian poet and Sufi master, Rumi: “The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you, thank you for your part in my journey.” The necklace serves as an embodiment of that sentiment and makes a truly meaningful gift. Lapis stone—here, wrapped in wire and attached to a sterling silver chain—represents truth in all aspects of life, while the sterling silver moon phase and gold vermeil charms both indicate the undertaking of a journey. The symbolism combines to make this the perfect present to express gratitude to anyone who has helped you along your way.

  51. Pressed Flower Earrings
  52. gifts-for-mom-earrings

    Unique earrings like these are sure to stun mom when she opens the gift. They have beautiful pressed flowers and are highlighted by silver accents. If your mom is into artistic jewelry look no further for the perfect gift.

  54. Best Mom Tumbler
  55. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-best-mom-tumbler

    A beautiful tumbler would make the list of last-minute mother’s day gifts which she will absolutely love and use all the time. It holds 22 ounces and keeps the drink cold or hot for hours. This cup is perfect for travel to work or running around to different sporting events.

  56. New Mom Gift Basket


    Sometimes dad needs to help his daughter find the perfect gift. New dads – this is the perfect gift from your new little girl to your wife! It will give her all the items she needs to spend some much-needed time pampering herself. You can take the baby for a walk and allow her some “me time”.

  58. Parent Decision Coin
  59. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-parent-decision-coin

    One way to make sure its not always Mom changing diapers is to gift them these funny coins which allows them to flip for the turn. No more fighting since they will have this quick solution to give a verdict!

  60. Book of Letters
  61. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-book-of-letters

    A unique gift for any new mom who loves to write notes and memories. She can fill-in the information based on various prompts to create 12 letters for her daughter to enjoy in the future. This is a really special gift that will be enjoyed by all.

  62. I Love You Card
  63. gifts-for-mom-card


    The perfect card always adds an extra special touch to a gift. This bamboo card is absolutely beautiful, and mom will be so thankful and want to keep it out for everyone to see. Inside the card is blank, which leaves you plenty of room to write a heartfelt note with love! 

  64. Mother-in-Law Necklace
  65. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-mother-in-law-necklace

    Mothers-in-law can’t be missed on this list as they hold a special place as well. This beautiful necklace is just the item to gift your fav MIL. Also, the included card thanks to her for raising the amazing man that you married which makes this a great gift for the wedding day.

  66. Mom Life Tote Bag
  67. gift-for-mom-from-daughter-mom-life-tote

    Mom’s might have a bag but we know the truth, it’s all things for the kids. This tote has a cute saying “Nothing in this bag belongs to me #Momlife” and is roomy enough to fit towels, toys, or snacks.

  68. Funny Mom T-Shirt
  69. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-funny-mom-t-shirt

    Is mom always saying you are a mini version of her? This super-soft shirt displays the cute saying “Karma when your daughter turns out just like you”. You can choose from multiple colors and they have a sizing chart so you are sure to get the best fit.

  70. Wine Glass and Beer Mug Set
  71. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-wine-glass-and-beer-mug-set

    Even though this list is for Moms this set has something for Dad too. A cute wine glass for Mom and pint glass for Dad will be good for a new set of parents that are having their first free night. They can enjoy a nice night with a couple of drinks and dinner.

  72. Lightweight Robe
  73. gifts-for-mom-from-daughter-lightweight-robe

    Although this is a great gift for mom I bet she wouldn’t mind if you got yourself a matching one since these are so comfortable! This robe is so lightweight, absorbent, comfortable, and machine washable. Since there are six colors available you might find yourself getting more than one just because they’re amazing!