43 Housewarming Gift Baskets To Celebrate Home Sweet Home

By Candice Elliott | Updated: December 4, 2023

    Home is where the heart is. But new homes can be a bit bare after paying that downpayment! Real estate isn’t cheap these days. Fix that with these housewarming gift baskets to celebrate a new home sweet home. Let’s spoil the new homeowners with all the goodies that make a house a home.

  1. Olive Oil Gift Set
  2. housewarming-gift-baskets-oil

    Good olive oil can improve a dish. These oils are organic, Greek, and extra virgin olive oils, each infused with herbs. The flavors are basil, garlic, red pepper, and rosemary. The bottles are in a rustic wooden box, and each bottle contains 1.7 ounces. 

  3. Gourmet Gift Basket
  4. housewarming-gift-baskets-gourmet

    Many food gift baskets are filled with inferior items, weirdly processed things, and those gross little strawberry-flavored candies. Not this one; this is a gourmet gift basket! The basket includes caramels, crackers, cheese spread, olives, cookies, and more, a nice mix of sweet and savory treats. The basket consists of a personalized message. This makes a nice closing gift from realtors to their clients.

  5. Taste of Italy Gift Basket
  6. housewarming-gift-baskets-italian-food

    This gift basket has everything they need on the menu for Italian night. The basket contains pasta, seasoning, cookies, savory crackers, mixed olives, and a chocolate bar. Everything comes in a pretty tin basket which can be repurposed. 

  7. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Set
  8. housewarming-gift-baskets-cleaning-products

    New home gifts can be practical and luxurious simultaneously, and this set is both! These products are eco-friendly and incredibly excellent if the homeowner has pets or children. The collection includes produce wash, laundry detergent, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, and hand soap. 

  9. Kitchen Linens Set
  10. housewarming-gift-baskets-linens

    Even if the new house isn’t the first home, kitchen linens are a perfect gift because they can get yucky fast, with stains and burns. This set includes brand-spanking new tea towels, an oven mitt, and two potholders. There are several patterns to choose from, but who doesn’t love pink flamingos? 

  11. Coffee Mugs
  12. housewarming-gift-baskets-mugs

    A new home feels like the start of a new chapter in life: a new house, new adventures, and new memories. They’ll never forget that special day when they used these coffee mugs. The mugs hold just under 11 ounces and are made of ceramic. They are sold in a set or individually. 

  13. Blueberry Gift Basket
  14. housewarming-gift-baskets-blueberry

    What could be better than blueberry pancakes for breakfast? Blueberry syrup on top! This gift basket contains Stonewall Kitchen pancake, waffle mix, wild Maine blueberry syrup, and a blue spatula. The gifts come packaged in a cute, reusable tote bag. 

  15. Sending You Sunshine Gift Box


    This happy box makes a lovely congratulations gift for a new homeowner or an excellent care package for a family member having a rough time because it’s filled with sunshine! The box contains a live succulent plant in a ceramic pot, a soy candle in a glass container, a box of matches, and a greeting card with your message printed inside. 

  17. Sweet and Savory Gift Basket
  18. housewarming-gift-baskets-snacks

    This basket has a little something sweet and a little something savory. The base includes thin sugar and spice cookies and cheese straws. These are southern treats; those from North Carolina especially will recognize them, but anyone from anywhere will love them. 

  19. Bakery Gift Basket
  20. housewarming-gift-baskets-cookies

    This gift basket is for those with a sweet tooth. The basket includes six chocolate chips, six peanut butter cookies, and one pound of rugelach in sugar, chocolate chip, apricot, or raspberry. Each pastry is shipped within a day or two or baking and wrapped individually for freshness. 

  21. Devine Radiance Gift Box


    This gift box from a small business has an admittedly odd assortment of housewarming gifts, but each of them is so nice and unique that I couldn’t pass it up. It’s a great gift, and you can be sure no one else at the housewarming party will have brought the same thing! 

  23. New Home Gift Basket
  24. housewarming-gift-baskets-soaps

    This cute gift box contains two vintage tin soap dishes that resemble old-fashioned bathtubs, two soy candles, two tealight holders, two flameless tea lights, a metal print, an easel frame, and a decorative matchbox. There are several ways to customize the box, including choosing the colors for the soap dishes.

  25. Herb Garden Starter Gift Box
  26. housewarming-gift-basket-herbs

    This set includes everything they need to start an indoor herb garden! The herbs are basil, thyme, parsley, and cilantro. There is also potting soil, pots, scissors, and plant markers. This gift is perfect for those who bought a condo and don’t have a yard. The plants are happy on a window sill or balcony. 

  27. Death Star Cheese Board


    Okay, this is a niche, but there are plenty of Star Wars fans out there, and indeed, some are buying houses too! And it’s just so fun I included it. This gift set contains a cheeseboard and serving utensils.


  29. Kitchen Gift Box
  30. housewarming-gift-baskets-kitchen-items

    This gift box contains kitchen linens and some other valuable items, too. There is a bamboo cutting board, two dish towels, a spatula, a candle, and a set of measuring spoons. This gift is nice for new neighbors and makes a lovely wedding gift. 

  31. Cheese Board
  32. housewarming-gift-baskets-board

    Now, this is a cheese board! Imagine all the gourmet food this board can hold: cheese, charcuterie, dried fruit, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, crackers, bread, jam! It comes with all the bells and whistles, including cheese knives and servers, cheese markers, chalk, a corkscrew, bowls, and a guidebook. The board is bamboo, and the serving utensils are stainless steel. This is great if you’re also looking for gift ideas for hostess gifts, 

  33. Coffee Gift Basket


    Coffee is always a welcome gift; this gift basket is charming. There are nine bags of USDA Organic small-batch, hand-roasted whole-bean coffee worldwide. 

  35. Essential Oils Gift Basket
  36. housewarming-gift-baskets-oils

    A home is a haven; part of the cozy feeling is the right scent. Sometimes, you need to relax, and sometimes, you need to pick me up. This essential oils gift basket has scents that will do both. And they can take those scents with them! This basket contains 18 pieces: seven 10mL pure essential oil blends, seven 10mL diluted roll-ons (great for travel), a roll-on travel bag, a Chakra bracelet, and a Chakra guide, and it’s all packaged in a Kraft gift basket. 

  37. Candle Gift Set
  38. Nothing says, “Welcome home,” like a pleasant-smelling environment. These candles will ensure the new home is filled with lovely scents. There are nine soy wax candles, each blending botanical, floral, and herbal ingredients. 



    Nothing says home like homebaked cookies! These are the next best thing, or even better, depending on how good a baker you are. The basket has 30 cookies, including jelly thumbprints, shortbreads, oatmeal, chocolate chip, poppy seed, and vanilla sprinkles. The only thing missing is the glass of milk! 

  39. Grilling Set 
  40. housewarming-gift-baskets-bbq

    One of the most exciting things about leaving apartment life for a new house is the ability to use a grill! Get them started with this grilling set. The set has 16 pieces, including a spatula, tongs, skewers, and a case to store it all. The grilling set makes a lovely Father’s Day gift, too. 

  41. Man Box Beef Snacks
  42. housewarming-gift-boxes


    They’ll love this Man Snacks gift box, Beef Snacks edition. The package contains an assortment of meats, cheese, mustard, and more. Hopefully, they’ll break it out at the housewarming party! 

  43. Hot Sauce Gift Set
  44. housewarming-gift-basket-sauce

    Stocking a new kitchen is expensive, so help them start with this hot sauce and spices variety pack! The set contains six 1.6-ounce bottles of hot sauce and six gourmet salt flavors from all across the globe. This is a housewarming gift any foodie will love! 

  45. Essential Spices Gift Box
  46. housewarming-gift-baskets-spices

    Buying spices is expensive! I recently paid $18 for a bottle of cardamom! I had to because I needed it for a recipe. Save them money and spice up their cooking with this 18-jar spice gift box! Some spices include garlic powder, chili powder, crushed red pepper, smoked paprika, and more. Each spice comes in a tin to help them stay fresh longer. 

  47. Comfort Foods Gift Basket
  48. housewarming-gift-baskets-comfort-food

    Moving into a new home is exciting but can also be stressful. Stressful times call for comfort food! This gift basket contains mixes to make chili, chicken noodle soup, and chicken and dumplings. A nice big soup mug is also packaged in a wooden serving tray. 

  49. New Home Care Package 
  50. housewarming-gift-baskets-laundry

    Those first few days before everything is unpacked are frustrating. Which box did we put the shampoo in? Where is my toothbrush? This basket contains all those little things they’ll need immediately. There are 17 pieces, all packaged in a laundry basket, which is also helpful! 

  51. Citronella Candles Gift Box


    When they envisioned relaxing evenings spent on the deck or patio, they forgot about the downside: mosquitos. These candles will help keep the horrible things at bay! The wax is soy wax, and each bucket burns for 10-15 hours. Once empty, the buckets can be turned into flower pots! 

  53. Tool Set 
  54. housewarming-gift-basket-tools

    One of the best housewarming gift ideas is one they don’t know they need until they need it! And when you’re a homeowner, maintenance is not calling to fix things. This toolset includes all the essential tools a new homeowner needs for basic DIY projects, including a hammer, pliers, tape measure, screwdrivers, and 39 pieces. The kit is available in several colors.

  55. Tumbler Set
  56. housewarming-gift-baskets-cups

    Cheers to a new home! This set comes with two 12-ounce wine tumblers, two coasters, a wine stopper, a wine drainer, a bottle opener, two reusable straws, a cleaning brush, and a greeting card. The tumblers are insulated and can be used for hot or cold drinks. 

  57. Biscotti
  58. housewarming-gift-baskets-biscotti

    Biscotti is an excellent accompaniment to a cup of coffee, tea, or something sweet after dinner. This box contains 24 biscotti and four flavors: chocolate craisin, chocolate chip, caramel chip, nut crunch, almond crunch, and cookie crunch. 

  59. Wine Accessories 
  60. housewarming-gift-baskets-wine-opener

    Help them start their home bar with this gift box of wine accessories. The box includes an electric, rechargeable corkscrew, four batteries, a foil cutter, a wine pourer, a vacuum wine stopper, and a charger. A single charge will last through 30 bottles of wine. 

  61. Bar Kit
  62. housewarming-gift-baskets-bar-set

    We took care of the wine portion of the bar; now, let’s cover the cocktails! This stainless steel set includes a wooden stand to hold all the accessories needed to mix up a refreshing cocktail, including recipe cards, and it comes packaged in a gift box ready for gifting. 

  63. Olives Gift Box
  64. housewarming-gift-baskets-olives

    You can’t make a martini without olives, so these are an excellent gift for the aspiring home bartender or someone who likes something healthy to nibble on. The box contains four jars of olives, pitted green olives stuffed with pimento, pitted Kalamata olives, and a mix of green and Kalamata. Each jar includes 6.25 ounces of olives. 

  65. Tea Gift Basket


    If the new person prefers tea to coffee, we’ve got that covered, too! This gift basket contains all types of goodies. It’s a nice treat for them and a nice thing to have on hand when they have guests. 

  67. Spa Gift Basket
  68. housewarming-gift-baskets-spa

    Not all housewarming gift baskets have to be practical. However, moving is stressful, so the tools for self-care are helpful! This spa gift basket has everything needed to relax and rest, including vanilla shower gel, hand lotion, body lotion, bath salts, bath puff, and sponge. 

  69. Vegan Soap Gift Box
  70. housewarming-gift-basket-soap

    These soaps are vegan and cruelty-free. They’re rich and moisturizing and made of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and unrefined avocado oil. There are six soaps: avocado, grapefruit, coconut, lemongrass, lavender, eucamint, and seaweed salt. 

  71. Dried Fruit and Nut Gift Tower
  72. housewarming-gift-baskets-tower

    What is it about getting a tower of boxes as a gift? Maybe it’s the thrill of opening all of those individual boxes. This gift tower is filled with treasures! There are 12 boxes filled with almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, glazed pecans and peanuts, Brazil nuts, dried cranberries, kiwis, papaya, pears, and peaches. Your message can be included. 

  73. Fresh Fruit Gift Basket
  74. housewarming-gift-basket-fruit

    Dried fruit is excellent, but some people prefer fresh. This fruit gift basket is loaded with newly picked fruit. The produce is harvested the day the order is placed. The basket contains three types of pears, two types of apples, navel oranges, and mandarins. Your message can be included. 

  75. Chocolate Gift Box
  76. housewarming-gift-basket-candy

    Okay, we did the healthy option above; now we can get some chocolate! This box is more than a pound of truffles, including white, dark, and milk chocolates, caramels, nut clusters, toffee, peppermint patties, and more. Each piece of chocolate is individually wrapped for freshness. 

  77. Gardening Gift Set
  78. housewarming-gift-baskets-garden-set

    They can’t wait to grow plants, flowers, and herbs! This gardening gift set will help them get started. The set includes eight gardening tools, heavy-duty gardening gloves, and a tote bag to store and tote it all in! The tools are made of stainless steel and wood. 

  79. Shower Curtain, Bath Rugs Set
  80. housewarming-gift-basket-curtain

    This three-piece set includes a shower curtain with hooks, a bath mat, and a U-shaped rug. All three pieces are machine washable and available in five designs and colors. 

  81. Puppy Gift Basket
  82. housewarming-gift-basket-dog-treats

    The family doggy is in a new home too! That can be disconcerting, all those news sites and smells! This gift basket will make the puppy feel right at home. The basket contains three dog treats, two tennis balls, and two doggy toys. 

  83. Kitty Gift Basket 
  84. housewarming-gift-baskets-cat-toys

    We didn’t forget the kitties! This gift box will tempt him out from under the bed! The box contains a catnip and 12 different toys, including catnip toys.