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31 Star Wars Gifts For Men That’ll Impress The Ship Outta Them

Updated on October 18, 2021 Updated on Oct 18, 2021
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    There’s never been a better time to find unique Star Wars gifts for men. Even George Lucas would be impressed by this bounty of galaxy-themed garments and gadgets. If the force runs strong, this list is your only hope.

  1. Custom Leather Money Clip
  2. star-wars-gifts-for-men-money-clip

    These eye-catching, original money clips are handmade from soft, full-grain leather and come with six card pockets and a magnetic clasp for cash. Choose from a host of Star Wars characters and personalize with a name, initials, or a message.

  3. Talking Darth Vader Clapper 
  4. star-wars-gifts-for-men-clapper

    What’s a clapper, you ask? It’s a fun way to “use the force” to turn on the light, TV, or other appliances. Clap your hands, Vader throws out a spoken command, and it’s done. Sure to be a beloved asset to his empire. Sure to drive his Princess Leia crazy.

  5. Coffee Maker with Mug 
  6. star-wars-gifts-for-men-coffee-maker

    This is the perfect gift for the Rebel bachelor (or “solo” coffee lover) to begin his mornings and get into operations fast. This single-cup coffee maker serves up a 12 oz mug of joe and uses any ground coffee. Chewie mug included.

  7. Endor Wall Canvas
  8. star-wars-gifts-for-men-endor-print

    This print is a stunning and unique gift, and the magic lies in its clever subtlety. The average person will see a gorgeous foggy forest; a Star Wars nerd will see Endor and an obscured AT-ST. A winning compromise if he lives with a non-fan.

  9. Rebel Alliance Tie
  10. star-wars-gifts-for-men-tie

    With a deep navy background and carefully-stitched crimson Rebel Alliance emblems, this tie is a standout without being gaudy. The almost heart-shaped symbols make this tie feel fitting as a Valentine’s Day gift. 

  11. Door Mat
  12. star-wars-gifts-for-men-door-mat

    This mat gives a subtle nod to who might live here and where their tastes reside. The design is burned into the coconut fibers with a laser engraver so, it’ll live longer than the Death Star itself. 

  13. Star Wars x Adidas 
  14. star-wars-gifts-for-men-adidas-shoes

    Inspired by the 1980 Nite Jogger shoe, this modern-day rendition pays homage to Adidas retro and Star Wars retro. The stretchy upper is made with reflective material designed for running in low light, while a Stormtrooper takes pole position on the tongue.

  15. Aunt Beru Coffee Mug 
  16. star-wars-gifts-for-men-coffee-mug

    Nothing says “I’m a REAL Star Wars fanboy” like this retro-themed Aunt Beru coffee mug. Call it an in-joke, a rare find, or a “new hope” for coffee mugs, but he’ll think this mug is the bomb.

  17. Rebellion Rug
  18. star-wars-gifts-for-men-rug

    Make a big statement in his man cave with these rugs by Ruggable, renowned for their washability (you literally throw it in the washer and dryer.) If you want to go more subtle, there’s also a Dark Side Damask that can only be seen with a keen “Mandalorian” eye. 

  19. Luggage Tag


    I am your luggage. The simplest Star Wars gifts for men are often the coolest. Take care of his luggage with a vinyl luggage tag that’ll make even the most common suitcase stand out from the rest. 

  21. Decanter Set
  22. star-wars-gifts-for-men-decanter

    A stylish decanter set all packaged up in an iconic display box? –– we’ll toast the cantina to that! The set is made from fine European glass and includes a decanter, glasses, and coasters, all laser-engraved. Choose your Star Wars characters as well as how many glasses, depending on your budget.

  23. Rebel X-Wing T-Shirt
  24. star-wars-gifts-for-men-tshirt

    Is the man in your life always lookin’ for fashion in Alderaan places? Add a little out-of-this-world style to his wardrobe with this subtle but epic, vintage Star Wars tee. 

  25. Apple Watch Band


    Add character to his apple watch with a licensed Rebel Classic watch band. The crisp, white silicone with black accents offers a smart look and features the classic Starbird crest. If he’s more of a Boba Fett man, the bounty’s over here.

  27. Han(d) Towel
  28. star-wars-gifts-for-men-hand-towel

    Every suave guy needs a good Han towel in the bathroom (or the kitchen or the bar) because there’s nothing Han-dier than a good absorbent Han towel with high-quality Han embroidery.

  29. Golf Ball And Tee Set 
  30. star-wars-gifts-for-men-golf-balls

    The “force” of these balls may lift his game or, at the very least, his attitude towards the game…? Imprinted with BB8, R2D2, and Death Star designs, they can be catapulted through the air from an inspiring “May the course be with you” tee.

  31. Vader Cutting Board
  32. star-wars-gifts-for-men-cutting-board

    The force awakens in the kitchen with this engraved bamboo cutting board that doubles as a piece of kitchen decor. Yes, his cooking skills may be in a galaxy far, far away, but at least he has somewhere to slice his bacon.

  33. Han Solo Shower Curtain 
  34. star-wars-gifts-for-men-shower-curtain

    The best star wars gift ideas are often the most peculiar, and it doesn’t get more interesting than this. Let him relive Jabba the Hutt’s trophy wall with his very own Han Solo In Carbonite shower curtain. Sure to scare the bejesus out of bathroom guests.

    Star Wars x Igloo Can Tumbler


    This Igloo can tumbler is straight out of the 70s and will keep 16 oz of his favorite drink as cool as the planet Hoth. With a stainless steel body, double-wall insulation, and an easy-open rocker button.

  35. Millennium Falcon Cufflinks
  36. star-wars-gifts-for-men-cufflinks

    Grownup Jedi’s need to don a fancy shirt from time to time, but that doesn’t mean they have to hide their geek-side. This classy set of Millennium Falcon “blueprint” cufflinks have fine detailing (and official licensing) and are much nicer than some budget options.

  37. The Child Underwear
  38. star-wars-gifts-for-men-underwear

    A great gift for the guy who’s still a child underneath that big grownup Sith Lord exterior, these adorable undies feature The Mandalorian’s “Grogu,” a.k.a Baby Yoda, a.k.a The Child.

  39. Rebel Crew Socks 
  40. star-wars-gifts-for-men-socks


    No matter how fancy the occasion, there’s always room for a little rebellion. The simple brown and orange tones and “seemingly” neutral patterns of these socks will fool almost anyone. 

  41. Darth Vader Pen Holder 
  42. star-wars-gifts-for-men-pen-holder

    There’s no need to leave his pens lying around the desk when Darth Vader can take a knee and protect it for him. This pen holder makes a great stocking stuffer or a cool Star Wars gadget they didn’t know they needed.

  43. Chewbacca Robe 
  44. star-wars-gifts-for-men-robe

    A great gift for any Wookie fan, this bathrobe is designed to look like Chewie’s fur, complete with signature utility belt. There are also two pockets for storing remote controls, snacks, bottle openers, hidden lightsabers… whatever he needs.

  45. Bluetooth Speaker
  46. star-wars-gifts-for-men-bluetooth-speaker

    It’s a model. It’s a speaker! This Millennium Falcon serves double duty for the Star Wars geek–– he can display it on his desk and, when the mood takes him, stream high-quality audio outta the back of the ship.

  47. Lounge Pants
  48. star-wars-gifts-for-men-pjs

    Call them lounge pants, or call them PJs. Either way, he’ll learn the ins and outs of every fighter plane in the galaxy with the starship schematic drawings. Includes a side pocket for hiding his action figures, oops, remote control.

  49. Carved Wooden Wall Art
  50. star-wars-gifts-for-men-wall-art

    Both sustainable and one-of-a-kind, this handmade artwork is carved on a solid piece of wood. It measures 11.5 x 7.5 inches, so it’s not overwhelming and would fit anywhere. You can also have a custom message engraved on the back.

  51. Wampa Snack Bowl 
  52. star-wars-gifts-for-men-snack-bowl

    Perfect for entertaining friends or watching a Star Wars marathon, he won’t need a lightsaber to tame this wampa. The snack bowl is painted ceramic and is fully dishwasher and microwave safe.

  53. Mandalorian Skull Baseball Cap


    Another subtle gift that leaves only the real fans to nod at each other in respect, this baseball cap features a red and black Mandalorian skull. It’s simple, classy, and mysterious.

  55. Slow Cooker
  56. star-wars-gifts-for-men-slow-cooker

    Once a guy finds slow cooking, there’s no turning back. Just as Rey, and Luke Skywalker, channeled the force to save their loved ones, he too can save his peeps (from hunger) – without doing quite as much.

  57. X-Wing Pillow 


    What if he could decorate with his own “special” print: say, X-Wing Fighters disguised as an elegant floral design? The18 x 18-inch cushion is water-resistant and fade-resistant and perfect for a man cave or shared living area.

  59. Coffee Tumbler
  60. star-wars-gifts-for-men-coffee-tumbler

    Simple, elegant, efficient. Keep his black gold as hot as Kylo Ren’s temper with a stainless steel tumbler (with lid) that’s laser-engraved for a long-life. You really can’t go wrong with this Star Wars gift for men. Unless they hate coffee… and tea… and cocoa…

  61. Stone Coasters 
  62. star-wars-gifts-for-men-coasters

    These “Force Awakens” bar coasters are sure to add a touch of vintage class to any room. Made with high-quality natural marble with a cork base to protect furniture, they feature classic original Star Wars drawings.