27 Sizzling Hot Gifts For Bacon Lovers

Updated on November 29, 2021 Updated on Nov 29, 2021
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    Crispy, fatty, salty, delicious bacon. Maple bacon, hickory bacon, applewood bacon, brown sugar bacon, the wonders of bacon are endless! If you have a bacon lover in your life, we have 27 perfect bacon-themed gifts for them.

  1. Kentucky Bacon
  2. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-bacon

    What could be a better bacon gift than straight-up bacon? You probably think of bourbon when you think of Kentucky, but the state produces some of the best bacon you will ever eat. This is 14 ounces of hickory-smoked bacon, and it will change your life! 

  3. Brown Sugar Candied Bacon Jerky
  4. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-jerky

    Pig candy! Candied bacon jerky will be one of the best gifts a bacon lover has ever received, but it will become an addiction. It’s hard to stop eating this stuff. Made of natural, thick-cut hickory bacon, it’s delicious crumbled over vanilla ice cream or in a salad. 

  5. Stonewall Kitchen Bacon Gift Box
  6. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-gift-box

    If they love bacon, they will love this gift box from Stonewall Kitchen. The box includes three bacon-themed condiments; maple bacon aioli, maple bacon onion jam, and bacon bbq sauce. Bacon flavor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! 

  7. Bacon Peanut Brittle


    If you have ever had the very great pleasure of eating a bacon, peanut butter burger, then you have a pretty good idea what this peanut brittle tastes like. Smokey, sweet, salty, creamy. It’s delicious! The bag contains 5 ounces. 

  9. Fifty Shades of Bacon Cookbook
  10. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-cook-book

    No, this isn’t a book about bacon-themed porn, but it could be considered food porn for foodies who love bacon! This cookbook features 50 delicious bacon recipes guaranteed to please. You’ve never had bacon ice cream? This book has a recipe for it. As well as being an excellent cookbook, it would make a funny gag gift for Valentine’s Day. 

  11. Bacon Chocolate Bars
  12. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-chocolate

    It’s the salty and sweet combination that many bacon lovers crave, so these chocolate bars are a perfect gift idea. The bars contain crispy, smokey bacon-flavored bits and salty potato chips in milk chocolate. There are three bars per order. 

  13. White Cheddar Maple Bacon Popcorn


    White cheddar, maple, bacon, and popcorn combined into one delicious treat. I teared up a little writing that. Each batch of popcorn is handmade using real ingredients. An order contains six bags, each seven ounces. 

  15. Bacon Salt
  16. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-salt

    This jar of smoked bacon salt is magical. It’s like sprinkling fairy dust over anything you eat, making it ten times more delicious. This is a blend of natural sea salt and bacon that has been naturally smoked over Alderwood. There are many ways to use this mouth-watering bacon salt, but my favorites are to sprinkle it over really ripe slices of canteloupe or tomatoes. 

  17. Maple Bacon Coffee


    What could be better to have with your bacon and eggs in the morning than maple bacon-flavored coffee? The forward flavor is the maple, the bacon is more subtle, giving the coffee a slightly smokey taste. 

  19. Cast Iron Skillet
  20. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-skillet

    There are several ways to cook bacon, but purists agree that a cast-iron skillet is the best method. This Lodge skillet is pre-seasoned, measures 10.25 inches, and includes a silicone handle.

  21. Bacon Sampler
  22. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-sampler

    Have a bacon tasting with this sampler pack. The gift includes three varieties of gourmet, dry-cured bacon; hickory-smoked, Applewood, and hickory-smoked pepper. Each package contains 14 ounces of bacon. 

  23. Grease Splatter Guard
  24. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-splatter-guard

    The only downside of bacon is the mess that it sometimes creates when you’re frying it up. And if those splatters hit your skin, it hurts! That’s why you never fry bacon while naked. This splatter guard lets you fry bacon in whatever state of dress or undress you choose! It measures 13 inches, so it will easily fit the pan above, and it can also be used as a strainer, steamer, and cooling rack. 

  25. Bacon Press
  26. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-press

    This cast iron bacon press will hold your precious bacon strips flat against the frying pan, so it doesn’t curl up and shrink so much, and it gives you crispier bacon! The press is especially nice for making BLTs. The flat bacon makes the sandwich easier to eat. The wooden handle doesn’t get hot, and the press measures 7.75 inches, so it will fit most frying pans. 

  27. Microwave Bacon Cooker
  28. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-mug

    Yes, bacon cooked in a cast-iron skillet is superior to bacon cooked using other methods, but sometimes you only need a slice or two, you’re in a hurry, or you don’t want the mess that cooking bacon on the stove can create. This mug is the solution. You drape the raw slices of bacon over the rim of the cup, microwave, and the fat drips into the little moat around the cup. Perfect! 

  29. Tumbler
  30. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-tumbler

    Whatever they like to drink with their bacon, they will be happy to drink it from this tumbler! Made from stainless steel, the tumbler holds eight ounces of liquid and will keep the drink at temperature for hours. It comes in a gift box ready for gifting. 

  31. Bacon Drippings Tin
  32. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-tin

    Even the most dedicated vegetable avoiders will love vegetables cooked in bacon drippings. The drippings give foods a complex, smokey flavor. The container is made of heavy-gauge steel with an enamel finish and holds about two cups of drippings. 

  33. Vintage Bacon Sign
  34. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-sign

    This vintage-look sign is made of heavy gauge metal and printed with non-glare ink that won’t fade in extreme weather, so it’s suitable for indoors or outdoors. The sign measures 8 x 12 inches and has four holes for hanging. 

  35. Dish Towel
  36. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-towel

    Exactly correct snarky dish towel! If you don’t love bacon, are you really living? Doubtful. This cute dish towel is made of 100% cotton and measures 20 x 28 inches. 

  37. Bacon Lunch Bag
  38. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-bag

    This is the cutest gift on the list! It’s an insulated lunch bag. The bag measures 11 x 6.5 x 7 inches but weighs less than half a pound. Made of waterproof Oxford cloth, it’s lined with aluminum and padded with foam to help insulate the contents inside. The bag can keep food at a safe temperature for up to five hours. 

  39. Food Shopping Tote Bags
  40. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-tote

    Not everyone who eats bacon follows the Keto diet, but everyone who follows the Keto diet eats bacon! It’s like the main selling point. These two reusable food shopping bags can each hold up to 44 pounds and has a keto shopping list and a graphic of the kinds of foods you get to enjoy on a Keto diet. 

  41. Bacon T-shirt
  42. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-shirt

    Is your bacon lover also a science or chemistry nerd? This shirt is a great gift! Made of a cotton/polyester blend; the shirt is available in several sizes and colors. 

  43. Bacon Lip Balm
  44. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-lip-balm

    Take the delicious taste of bacon everywhere you go and keep your lips moist and kissable at the same time. How is this wizardry possible? Bacon flavored lip balm! The lip balm really does taste like bacon, but it’s not greasy. This lip balm is a sizzling stocking stuffer. 

  45. Bacon Dental Floss
  46. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-floss

    Flossing your teeth isn’t exactly the most fun task of your day, but it is vital to good dental health! Not persuaded? Okay, how about some bacon-flavored dental floss to make the chore a little more enjoyable? This floss is waxed for easy gliding, and the dispenser contains 27.3 yards of floss. 

  47. Bacon Soap
  48. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-soap

    Maybe you’ve tried eating bacon while taking a shower and found that your bacon ended up soggy. Well, this bacon-scented soap is the next best thing! It comes in a cute tin, and if that’s not enough to convince you, this is one of the reviews, “I got sniffed by a hot Army guy. I win.” I’m not making that up; look for yourself! 

  49. Bacon Jelly Beans
  50. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-beans

    Bacon-flavored jelly beans! And the tin they come in looks like a tasty strip of bacon. There are bout 60 delicious, chewy jelly beans in each tin. 

  51. Bacon Ornament
  52. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-ornament

    A lot of times, ornaments that look like food or animals or what have you are kind of ugly. They’re fun, but just not very pretty. This bacon ornament is actually really pretty! Even non-bacon lovers would like it. The ornament is made of hand-blown glass, and each one is hand-painted and glittered. We feature a lot of ornaments from this company on our lists because they make really high-quality, beautiful stuff. 

  53. Bacon Candle
  54. gifts-for-bacon-lovers-candle

    Have that bacon smell without the bacon smoke with this bacon-scented candle! The candle mixes the scent of maple bacon and the vanilla scent you find in a good Bourbon. The candle is made of soy wax with a cotton wick and measures 8 ounces. It has a burn time of 40 to 50 hours and is a fun gift for a man cave or Bourbon lover too!