Candice Elliott

Hi, I'm Candice. I've spent years teaching people how to save money, and now I'm showing them ways to spend money! There is nothing better than spending money on someone you love to help them celebrate a special occasion.

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday, or just a special someone, I want to help you find the perfect gift.

31 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Little Love

Get your little ones a Valentine’s Day gift to show how much that you care. We have 31 Valentine’s Day gifts for kids to make them feel loved.


The Ultimate List of 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

The big four-oh! This milestone birthday can evoke mixed emotions but we have 40th birthday gift ideas to celebrate the special day.


47 Lit Hanukkah Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Our gift guide has traditional and non-traditional Hanukkah gifts to help fill all eight nights with happy faces.


34 Gifts For Graphic Designers To Spark Their Creativity

Creative people can be tough to buy for. But never fear! We found gifts for graphic designers to spark creativity.


27 Tea Gift Sets That Will Make Any Tea Party Complete

Black tea, green tea, Earl Grey, Chai tea. The variety of teas is endless! We have 27 tea gift sets to make any time tea time!


30 Dachshund Gifts That Are Real Weiners

Doxies, wiener dogs, sausage dogs. Dachshunds have a loyal following among dog owners. We have 30 dachshund gifts that are real wieners.


31 Spectacular Christmas Gift Ideas For Brothers They’ll Love

Whether he’s your big brother, little brother, or brother-in-law, he deserves the best! We have 31 Christmas gifts for brothers they’ll love.


31 Gag Gifts For Women Who Are In Need Of A Good Laugh

Laughter is the best gift. Make them laugh with these gag gifts for women for the guffawing gal in your life!

32 French Bulldog Gifts For The Frenchie Lover In Your Life

From their squishy faces to their wiggly butts, Frenchies are adorable. We have 25 French Bulldog gifts for your favorite Frenchie lover.


54 Cooking Gifts That Will Really Light Their Fire

How many kitchen gadgets does a home cook need? More! We have great cooking gifts that will light their fire in the kitchen.


28 Gifts For 14 Year Old Girls That’ll Make Them Feel Grown Up

She’s not a kid but not yet an adult. Her tastes are turning to grown-up things. We have gifts for a 14-year-old girl to make her feel grown.


43 Housewarming Gift Baskets To Celebrate Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is. But new homes are a bit bare! Fix that with these housewarming gift baskets to celebrate a new home.

26 Mother Of The Groom Gifts For His First Love

There is so much to do when you’re wedding planning. But at the top of your list should be the mother of the groom gifts for his first love.


28 Of The Cutest Corgi Gifts For The Corgi Lover In Your Life

All puppies are adorable but corgi puppies may be the cutest dog breed of all. We have 25 corgi gifts for the corgi lover in your life.


50 Christmas Gifts For Grandma To Make Her Holiday Bright

Nanny, Mimi, Mamaw, whatever you call her, nothing is better than a grandma. We have 50 Christmas gifts for grandma to make her holiday.


32 Gifts For Introverts Who Would Rather Be Left Alone

We have a few introverts on our team, and they found 28 gifts for introverts who were socially distancing before it was cool.


30 Gifts For Walkers To Help Them Get Their Stroll On

Whether an urban flaneur, an intrepid hiker, a camping backpacker, or a country rambler, we have 30 gifts for walkers to help them stroll on.


35 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Neighbors

Good neighbors are something to cherish. Show your appreciation for all they do for you with these thoughtful christmas gifts for neighbors.


37 Delightful Christmas Gift Ideas For Any Kind Of Couple

Got some happy couples on your gift list this year? We have 34 delightful Christmas gift ideas for couples that both will love!


24 Crochet Gifts That Will Keep Them In Stitches

Dishcloths, beanies, headbands, mittens, afghans! There’s no end to what crocheters can do. We have 24 crochet gifts just for them.


28 Gifts For 11 Year Old Girls That’ll Make Them Feel Special

Not a little girl but not a teenager either. Tweens are hard to buy for. We have 28 gifts for 11 year old girls to make them feel special.


30 Gifts For Kayakers That Will Really Float Their Boat

Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. We have 30 great gifts for kayakers that will really float their boat!


The Total Package: 28 Gift Sets For Any Man In Your LIfe

Sometimes one gift just isn’t enough to tell him how awesome he is. Whatever the occasion, we have 28 gift sets for men.


28 Killer Gifts For The True Crime Junkies In Your Life

True crime podcasts, true crime books, true crime documentaries! True crime is hot! We have true crime gifts for the Murderino in your life.


40 Gifts For Stepmom To Tell Her How Special She Is

Whether you have known each other for years or only recently, give your stepmom a thoughtful gift to make her feel special.


Eight Years And Going Strong: 29 Bronze Anniversary Gifts

Eight years ago today, you began your lives together. This means you made it past the dreaded seven-year itch!  Let’s celebrate with bronze anniversary gifts […]

34 Heart Fluttering Butterfly Gifts For The Nature Lover

Do you have a butterfly lover in your life? We have perfect butterfly gift ideas that are as special and beautiful as butterflies themselves!


27 Meaningful Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

Don’t want to buy them more plastic junk that will end up in a landfill? We have meaningful gifts for kids who have everything.


27 BIG Texas Gifts For Those Who Love the Lone Star State

There’s just something unique about the Lone Star State. From longhorns to cowboys, we have 27 Texas gifts for everyone.


27 Awesome High School Graduation Gifts For Him

Graduation is a big rite of passage. We have 28 high school graduation gifts for him to celebrate his milestone.


40 Wine Accessories To Gift Your Favorite Wino

Believe it or not, there is more to wine accessories than just wine glasses! We have 40 wine accessories for the wine snob in your life.


32 Simply Perfect Gifts For Minimalists

Of all the people on your gift list, minimalists may be the hardest to buy for. But never fear! We have 29 practical gifts for minimalists.


51 Cute Gifts Ideas For Your Girlfriend Will Just Adore

Whether you need birthday gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Mother’s Day gifts or just because gifts, we have 51 cute gifts for girlfriends.


31 Incredibly Romantic Gifts For Her To Keep The Fire Burning

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, her birthday or just to say I love you, we have 29 romantic gifts for her.


43 Gifts For Travelers For All Their Globetrotting Adventures

The lure of travel is calling! Road trips, Europe, backpacking. Whatever trip they have in mind, when that wanderlust strikes, we have the best gifts […]


10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas To Celebrate A Decade of Love

Being married for a decade is a huge milestone! We have 10 year anniversary gift ideas to celebrate a decade of wedded bliss.


30 Gifts For Nursing Students That Will Treat Them Right

Nursing students are the future of healthcare. We have X gifts for nursing students that will treat them right after nursing school.


33 Spectacular Gifts For Women In Their 30s

The 30s are a special decade that deserves special gifts! We have 33 gifts for women in their 30s to make their day.


24 Gifts For Mountain Bikers To Help Them Reach New Heights

Mountain bikers are another breed, daring and heedless of danger! We have gifts for mountain bikers to help them reach new heights!


31 Gifts For Chocolate Lovers To Delight Any Sweet Tooth

Chocolate truffles, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, hot chocolate! Whatever they love, we have 31 gifts for the chocolate lovers in your life.


27 Sizzling Hot Gifts For Bacon Lovers

Crispy, fatty, salty delicious bacon. If you have a bacon lover in your life, we have 27 perfect bacon-themed gifts for them.

27 Really Cool Gifts Any 12 Year Old Girl Will Love

It’s tough to choose gifts for tween-aged girls. No longer a kid but not yet a teen. We’ve made it easy with 27 gifts for 12 year old girls.


31 Of The Best Gifts For RV Owners That Will Make Them Happy Campers

Rving is a way of life, the open road, touring national parks! We have 31 of the best gifts for RV owners hat will make them happy campers.


28 Non-Cheesy Gifts For Cheese Lovers

Brie, Gouda, Mozzarella, Ricotta, Swiss, Burrata! We love them all. No matter what their favorite cheese, we have 28 gifts for cheese lovers.


30 Birthday Gift Ideas For Men To Celebrate The Big 4-0

The big four oh is a milestone event! To help him celebrate, we found the best 40th birthday gift ideas for men.


The Best Mother’s Day Gifts From A Son To His Mom

Moms and sons have a unique bond. To celebrate it, we found the best Mother’s Day gifts from a son to his mother.


24 Practical Housewarming Gifts For Their New Home

Becoming a new homeowner is exciting but a house needs a lot of stuff! We have 24 practical housewarming gifts for their new digs.


37 Foodie Gifts For Men That Will Have Their Mouth Watering

Men can be hard to buy for but everyone likes to eat! These 36 food gifts for men make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays and just because.


25 Gifts To Wish A Say Happy Mothers Day To Your Sister

Whether she’s a big sister, little sister, or sister-in-law, we have Mother’s Day gifts for all the sisters in your life.


22 Unique Gifts For The Impossible Man In Your Life

Is there a man on your gift list who is impossible to buy for? We have 32 unique gifts for the impossible man.


15th Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate Your Sparking Love

Congratulations on 15 years of marriage! We have the perfect 15th wedding anniversary gift to celebrate your sparkling love.


29 Weird Gifts For The Weirdest Weirdo In Your Life

Looking for the perfect gift that’s a bit weird for your favorite weirdo? We have X weird gifts for your special weirdo.


30 Special Gift Ideas For Grandparents That They’ll Love

Grandparents are a special thing, always there for you. Whether your grandparents are down the block or on the other side of an ocean, show […]


30 Gifts For People Who Have Everything And Want Nothing

We all have loved ones who are hard to buy for when it comes to gifting. Never fear! We have ideas for gifts for people who have everything.


3rd Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate Your Love

How has it already been three years? Every anniversary is a milestone worth celebrating. These 3rd-anniversary gift ideas will help you celebrate! We put together […]


33 Friendship Gifts For Your Favorite Gal Pal She’ll Adore

Your bestie has been there through thick and thin. These 30 friendship gifts will show them how much they mean to you.


27 Awesome 80th Birthday Gifts For Their Milestone Day

You don’t become an octogenarian every day! We have 27 80th birthday gift ideas to help celebrate the special occasion.


27 Keto Gifts For The Low-Carber In Your Life

The low carb keto diet is all the rage. If you have a keto dieter in your life, we have 27 keto-friendly gifts they will love.


27 Unique Gifts Ideas That Tween Girls Actually Want

Marketers love tweens so there are tons of gift choices aimed at them.We sorted through hundreds of them to find the best tween girl gifts.


27 Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Every Woman In Your Life

Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers? Let us help! We have the 27 best stocking stuffers for women in your life. 


27 Kitchen Gifts Any Home Chef Will Love

Do you have a foodie in your life? If you’re looking for the perfect gift for them, look no further than our list of the best kitchen gifts!


25 Incredibly Fun Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 9 year old boys can be tricky. They’re not little kids but not tweens either. We found the best gifts for this special age.


23 Gifts For Your Boss That Might Actually Get You a Raise

Whether you like your boss or you don’t, occasionally you have to buy a gift for them. We found the best gifts for your boss.


28 Unique Gifts That Any History Buff Will Treasure

There are tons of history-themed gifts out there but we found the most unique gifts that any history buff will treasure.


21 Gifts For Cyclists That’ll Get Their Wheels Spinning

Cyclists need lots of kit so it’s easy and hard to choose gifts. Lots of choice but which are best? Find out with the 21 gifts for cyclists.