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29 Weird Gifts For The Weirdest Weirdo In Your Life

Updated on October 18, 2021 Updated on Oct 18, 2021
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    Looking for the perfect gift that’s a bit weird for your favorite weirdo? Whether he or she is a Star Wars Weirdo, a Harry Potter weirdo, or any other kind of weirdo, we have 29 weird gifts for your special weirdo. Let’s get weird!

  1. Dog Butt Magnets
  2. weird-gifts-do-magnets

    Need gift ideas for someone who is a dog lover? Pick up these magnets depicting the behinds of pooches! There are six magnets in a set, five dog butts, and one fire hydrant. Butts are always funny gifts! 

  3. Cat Licking Brush
  4. weird-gifts-cat-brush

    Cat lovers are sometimes quirky weirdos, and the weirdest cat parents of all will appreciate this gift. Made of 100% silicone, the brush can be used to groom, massage, and bathe your cat or other small pet. You can hold it in your hand, but for the maximum cat to parent bonding, you can hold it in your mouth. You weirdo. 

  5. mberry Miracle Fruit Tablets
  6. weird-gifts-fruit-tablets

    These fruit tablets alter your perception of taste! They make sour foods taste sweet by inhibiting your taste receptors. Imagine the possibilities! Get your kids to eat more vegetables, bet your friends money; you can chug a glass of lemon juice, stomach your mother-in-law’s terrible cooking! These are so much fun; they make great stocking stuffers, novelty gifts, or gag gifts. 

  7. Edible Gold Leaf
  8. weird-gifts-gold-leaf

    Do you need an unusual gift for a chef, a home-cook hobbyist, or a person who has everything? These edible gold leaf sheets are a great gift for anyone in those categories. Ten sheets measure 1.7 x 1.7 inches, and they are 24k gold. These leaves can be used for skincare, but they are really fun to decorate foods like cakes and cupcakes. 

  9. The Angry Toaster
  10. weird-gifts-toaster

    Do you need a gift for an angry weirdo or someone who would like to move on from passive-aggressive to straight-up aggressive with their family remembers or just someone who really likes swearing? They will love this toaster! The plates magnetically clip into the toaster and imprint their cheeky messages onto your slices of toast. This is one of the funniest gifts on all of the gift guides we’ve done! 

  11. Wine Infused Coffee 
  12. weird-gifts-coffee

    What’s better than a rich cup of coffee? A cup of coffee made from beans that have been infused with California Cabernet! The richness of coffee and the fruitiness of the wine come together to make a delicious, unusual cup of coffee. The coffee is available in 12 or 32 ounces, decaf or regular, ground or whole beans. These beans make a nice Christmas gift. 

  13. Pickle Lip Balm
  14. weird-gifts-lip-balm

    Not everyone likes the taste of mint or bubble gum, or strawberry. Some people like the taste of sour things, and they get chapped lips too! This pickle-flavored lip balm is the perfect gift for them. It’s moisturizing like any lip balm and comes in a 4.5-gram tube.

  15. Cereal Marshmallows


    The eight-year-old in you is about to have their wildest dream come true! He or she remembers spooning through a bowl of cereal in front of cartoons on Saturday morning and wishing there were more marshmallows. Well, now you can eat an ENTIRE BOWL of cereal marshmallows! This one-pound bag is great added to cereal or hot chocolate. 

  17. Emergency Underpants
  18. weird-gifts-underpants

    If you read certain forums on Reddit or used to read the best of Craig’s List back in the day, you’ll know people run into situations that require emergency underpants more than you might think! Well, here they are! The underpants come in a metal tin and will fit most adults. 

  19. Socks and Sandals Socks
  20. weird-gifts-socks

    Do you have a friend or loved one with absolutely no fashion sense? Then he or she probably won’t think these socks and sandals socks are a weird gift at all! Made of 80% cotton, they are one size fits most, and the design won’t stretch during wear. 

  21. Don’t Do Meth Candle
  22. weird-gifts-candle

    I mean, do you really have to say it? Depending on how wild your friends and family are, you might! But telling people not to use in your bathroom is just such an uncomfortable conversation that no one wants to have. So let this candle say it for you! The candle is 100% soy wax, 9 ounces, and burns for about 50 hours. 

  23. Shark Bath Bomb
  24. weird-gifts-bath-bomb

    This is a different kind of self-care! This bath bomb is for those who like a good slasher film! When dropped into the water, the shark’s head pops up to the surface, and as the bomb fizzes down, what looks like fresh blood starts flowing from his mouth. The bomb is paraben-free and safe for all skin types. 

  25. The Gift of Scottish Nobility
  26. weird-gifts-Scottish-title

    Do you think people should bow when you pass? Do you often wear a crown around your house or even out in public? Well, be a pretender to the throne no longer with this gift! In the Scottish Highlands, landowners are legally allowed to use the title Laird or Lady. When you register this gift, you will own a real piece of land on Dunas Castle’s grounds in Scotland. The registration papers come in a metal gift box. Some actual perks come with this fun gift, including a free tour of the castle, lifetime access to Dunans Bridge, use of Dunan’s insignia, your own Laird or Lady email address, and more! 

  27. Rubber Chicken Purse
  28. weird-gifts-purse

    Do you know a prop comic? If you do, this is not really a unique gift. But for anyone else? Yeah, a rubber chicken purse is pretty weird! Constructed from rubber and nylon, the bag has a zippered closure and measures 10 x 7.5 inches. 

  29. Nicolas Cage Coffee Mug
  30. weird-gifts-coffee-mug

    I don’t know why Nicolas Cage is sort of the patron saint of weirdos, but he is, and here he is being weird on a coffee mug. I mean, if you need a Valentine’s day gift for a weirdo you have a little crush on, it doesn’t get more perfect than this! 

  31. Drinking Animals Coloring Book
  32. weird-gifts-coloring-book

    A very sophisticated llama quaffing a cocktail, what could be better? This adult coloring book features animals sipping cocktails. Not only is coloring a nice, relaxing, wholesome Covid activity, but the coloring book also has cocktail recipes!

  33. Harry Potter Remote Control Wand
  34. weird-gifts-wand

    Accio football game! Just because you want a unique gift doesn’t mean it can’t be a practical gift. Is this a Harry Potter wand? Yes, it is. But it is also a universal remote control that works with any IR device, including TVs, Blu-ray players, and speakers. The wand requires two AAA batteries that are not included.

  35. Funko Pop Bob Ross
  36. weird-gifts-bob-ross-doll

    All Gen X kids will remember being warm and comfy on the couch on snow days or sick days and watching Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting. This little Bob doll is a fun gift for them or for an artist, many of whom are on the weird side of normal. The doll is made of vinyl and stands about 4 inches tall. 

  37. Golf Cart Seniors Decal
  38. weird-gifts-decal

    This is the weirdest gift on the list, in my opinion, and you have to wonder what on earth its origin story is. The sticker is 18 x 12 inches and is safe on painted walls. The decal will adhere to most flat surfaces, including walls, mirrors, and slightly textured surfaces like textured walls. 

  39. Bird Mask
  40. weird-gifts-mask

    If you were looking for a weird Halloween costume, the horse head mask used to be the go-to, but it’s played out now. Instead, startle your friends and loved ones with this bird head mask! Made from 100% non-toxic latex, the mask will fit most adults or children. 

  41. Star Wars T-Shirt


    Even if they have a closet full of Star Wars t-shirts, they probably don’t have this one! Several sizes are available, and the shirts are made of a blend of polyester, cotton, and rayon and are machine washable. 

  43. Chicken Leg Pillow
  44. weird-gifts-chicken-pillow

    Some people love food above all else, and chicken legs are delicious comfort food. This pillow is perfect for food and chicken lovers. Measuring 55 x 25 centimeters, they will proudly display this pillow on the couch or snuggle up with it in bed at night. 

  45. Mullet Headband
  46. weird-gifts-wig

    Business in the front, party in the back! This 7-inch curly mullet wig is attached to the also iconic red, white, and blue striped sweatband and comes in brown, black, and blonde. 

  47. Beard Baubles
  48. weird-gifts-beard-baubles

    Be the life of every Christmas party and win every Best Beard Contest with these beard baubles! You get four jingle bells and 12 Christmas ornaments, each with a mini-clip so they can easily be attached to your luxuriant beard. 

  49. Sloth Shower Curtain


    We bet you didn’t know that Skeezy here was the first sloth to reach outer space. Well, he was, and this American hero finally gets his due via this shower curtain. The curtain is made of a polyester blend and is available in two sizes. Skeezy, we salute you! 

  51. Temporary Emoji Tattoos 
  52. weird-gifts-tattoos

    Emojis are like the hieroglyphics of our age. Does that mean we’re going backwards as a species? Maybe, probably. Whateva! These temporary tattoos are awesome! This pack comes with 144 total tattoos of 16 different emojis. Easy to reply and remove, you may never have to use your words again! 

  53. Bone Pens
  54. weird-gifts-pens

    This set of five black ink syringe pens are shaped like various human bones! They actually wouldn’t be that weird to give as a gag gift to a nurse or doctor. 

  55. Outrageous Sodas
  56. weird-gifts-soda

    Cola, lemon-lime, orange? Boring! Acquaint your tastebuds with some more unusual soda flavors like ranch dressing, bacon, peanut butter and jelly, sweet corn, pumpkin pie, and Buffalo wing sauce! The sodas are 170 calories each and made with cane sugar, not corn syrup. 

  57. Stupid Deaths Board Game
  58. weird-gifts-board-game

    There is no end to the number of stupid ways humans have managed to do themselves in over the years. This game memorializes them. Each card describes a stupid death, and you have to decide if it really happened or was made up. If you want to cheat, read up on the Darwin Awards before playing!