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36 Funny Coffee Mugs That Will Make All Your Co-Workers Jealous

Updated on July 2, 2021 Updated on Jul 2, 2021
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    If you’re like most people, you need to start your day with a large cup of caffeine in your bloodstream. Don’t sip your favorite drink out of any old coffee mug. Make you’re moring a little more fun with a mug that defines you as a person. If you’re an avid coffee drinker or looking for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or gag gift we created a list of funny coffee mugs to make your morning a little brighter.

  1. Dali Llama Mug
  2. funny-coffee-mugs-llama

    On the surface, this Dali Llama mug appears to be just a funny play on words. But when you stop to think about it, the shirt is much more than that. It comments on the innocence and vulnerability of nature’s creatures while pulling back the curtain of the human psyche. Celebrate eccentric artist Salvador Dali. 50% enlightened – 50% surreal mug. Holds 10 ounces of your favorite beverage.

  3. Photographer Mug
  4. If you are an avid photographer and love taking portrait shots, then this is the ultimate mug for you! Flaunt your camera-loving self and tell people who you are with this deadly high-quality print on a sturdy ceramic mug which is really perfect for showing off your true attitude!

  5. Cactus Coffee Mug
  6. funny-coffee-mugs-cactus

    Time to remind everyone to be a better person! The best gifts are both personal and functional, and that’s why this awesome, original mug is a fantastic choice for nearly any occasion. If you like, you can dress this awesome mug up even more for gifting by placing additional gifts inside, such as stickers, magnets, candies, and chocolates, or coffee grounds and tea bags.

  7. David Meowie Coffee Mug
  8. funny-coffee-mugs-david-meowie

    This is a ridiculously cute & equally funny “David Meowie” cat mug. Who wouldn’t want to drink their coffee from this lovely mug featuring a very cute little kitty with some fantastic David Bowie styling! This awesome mug has attitude and would make the perfect gift for cat lovers, David Bowie fans or anyone with a good sense of humor who appreciates a good mug of tea or coffee!

  9. Jesus Shaves Mug


    In all the pages, chapters, and verses of the New Testament, there’s not a single mention of Jesus getting a shave. (We do know that John The Baptist got at least one — and that it didn’t go very well.) Assuming Jesus received a shave or two during His lifetime, this remarkably silly mug suggests how it might have looked. The Jesus Shaves Mug begins with the traditional bearded Jesus. But when you pour in hot liquid, a miracle transpires — His beard gradually vanishes before your very eyes! Before too long, you are looking at a clean-shaven Messiah. Hallelujah!

  11. Morning Wood Travel Mug
  12. funny-coffee-mugs-wood

    The Morning Wood bamboo mug is handcrafted from 100% all-natural bamboo wrapped around stainless steel. Our very trendy logo is laser engraved into each mug. Great for hot or cold beverages. Holds 16 ounces of your favorite beverage and fits most standard car cup holders, which makes it a great choice for the daily commute. Funny tumbler cup for that perfect Outdoor Camping Travel gift idea for women and men!

  13. Toilet Mug
  14. funny-coffee-mugs-toilet

    Why should dogs be the only ones allowed to drink out of the toilet? This silly toilet-shaped mug holds up to 12 -ounces of your favorite hot beverage and will make your co-workers do a double take. The hand-painted Toilet Mug makes a great gag gift for any coffee or tea lover and will gross out anyone who has a weak stomach.

  15. Chaos Coordinator Mug


    Coordinating chaos isn’t a job just anyone can handle! This mug is made of ceramic, holds 15 ounces making it a bit bigger than a lot of coffee mugs, and is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

  17. May Contain Alcohol


    This campfire-style enamel mug is sure to make someone smile wherever they’re used. This mug makes a funny gift for any beer lover, homebrewer, drinker, camper, outdoorsman, coffee lover, man, woman, pet, and just about anyone that appreciates unique things. Yes it’s fun, but it’s not just a joke mug – you will love it!

  19. Keep That Shit Up
  20. funny-coffee-mugs-mom-keep-it-up

    Whether you’re looking for a daily coffee cup for yourself or your bff, you can’t go wrong with a mug that tells everyone “You’re Awesome, Keep That Up.” Wake up with your morning coffee and a compliment. At 15 ounces, this big sassy mug is great for an extra-large dose of caffeine in the AM. Start your day off right with dark coffee and some motivational encouragement printed on either side of the mug, so you can see it and the rest of the world can too.

  21. Donut Coffee Mug


    Mornings got you down? The cute & fun donut coffee mug has a cure for trouble waking up. It’s embossed sprinkled donut design makes getting your day started easier and much more fun! You don’t have to be a Simpsons fan to know that coffee and donuts are the two great tastes that taste great together! The comfortable handle is designed to stay cool while your beverage stays hot. 

  23. Eat A Bag Of…


    This mug might not be safe for the work break room.  Eat A Bag Of D*cks Mug holds 11 ounces. The premium ceramic coffee mugs feature wrap-around art and large handles for easy gripping. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this funny cup will be your new favorite way to consume hot or cold beverages.

  25. Prescription Mug


    Treat your symptoms with the world’s best medicine—coffee! The hilarious Rx label (go ahead, read it) and pill bottle shape make it a great gift. It’s the prescription that cures anything that ails. Don’t forget your evening dose as well.

  27. Coffee Pot Mug
  28. funny-coffee-mugs-coffee-pot

    This miniature version of the classic coffee pot used in diners across America is the perfect mug for piping-hot coffee or enjoying a refreshing ice coffee holding just enough for you. The perfect home or office gift for coffee lovers that will surely get a good laugh.

  29. Periodic Table Mug


    Funny science nerd gifts make great teacher appreciation week gifts. Funny science mugs are great science teacher gifts. Science gag gifts like this are great science gifts for kids or science gifts for adults.

  31. Big Mouth Mug
  32. Sitting down with a nice cup of tea and a few dunkable biscuits is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The problem is you need somewhere to shove your cookies prior to dunking. Enter the forehead-slappingly ingenious Dunk Mug. Loaded with why-didn’t-I-think-of-that factor, this smart ceramic mug features a special compartment in which to store your beloved biccies. Clever, eh!

  33. Poop Mug
  34. This mug will show what are you made. Share your happiness with everybody around you. Start your beautiful mornings with your favorite drink and with the perfect gag. Ideal for the afternoon wine, beer, tequila or any other drink you love. This mug is a great conversation starter; bring laughter to your home or workplace with this funny original mug, either if you use it, or as a gift for a friend, coworker, boss or a family member.

  35. Gamer Mug


    Avid gamers know that caffeine and gaming go hand-in-hand, so why not combine both in your skillful hands? Refill when you see “GAME OVER” at the bottom. Makes a funny gift for any gamer in your life.

  37. Cat Mug


    Anyone who has a cat knows how true this statement is. And we probably all have a co-worker who has this cat-like attitude. This mug is for them! 

  39. Pick Up Chicks Mug
  40. funny-coffee-mugs-chicks

    Picking up chicks is not so hard! Cool cups also happen to be one of our most popular gifting items – because they’re both useful and thoughtful with a bit of a dig.

  41. For Fox Sake Mug
  42. funny-coffee-mugs-fox

    Oh For Fox Sake mug will express your attitude in the cutest and classiest manner! Perfect gift for yourself or anyone. White ceramic mug with red interior and handle with the adorable image printed on both sides. Officially the cutest way to say for f*ck sake.

  43. Sisterly Love Mug
  44. funny-coffee-mugs-sisters

    This makes a great funny sister gift idea. This mug is sure to put a smile on her face.  Whether she’s drinking her morning coffee at work, or sipping on a hot cup of tea at home, this mug is up to the task. Microwave and dishwasher safe for your convenience. All designs are lead free.

  45. Freudian Slip Mug


    What’s a Freudian Sip? When you say one thing but mean your mother! Have no fear about saying what’s really on your mind when drinking out of one of these. They’re chock full o’ nuts! A funny gift for a professor.

  47. Tardis Coffee Mug
  48. funny-coffee-mugs-tardis

    For all of you sci-fi fanatics out there, we present Doctor Who’s Disappearing TARDIS Mug! The iconic time machine / spacecraft sits in disguise on an English street. Add hot liquid, and it disappears, only to reappear in a far far away galaxy on the other side of the mug!

  49. I Will Always Love You Mug
  50. funny-coffee-mugs-love


    This funny mug about your love will have them singing from the rooftops! Looking for that perfect gift to tell them that you love them in a fun and unique way? This mug is a great way to say I love you while making them laugh at the same time. Flowers fade and chocolate disappears before you know it, but a coffee mug gets used each and every day. The awesome thing is that they’ll think of you every time they reach for their special mug for their daily cup of joe or afternoon spot of tea.

  51. Salty Bitch Mug
  52. funny-coffee-mugs-salty-bitch

    A funny and original gift to make the point of being unique. Definitely for a friend who can take a joke or for yourself. It will warned people about the personality of the human they were about to interact with. But pro tip: don’t wear it to work.

  53. Caffeine Molecule Mug
  54. funny-coffee-mugs-molecule

    Enjoy your morning dose of caffeine with a clever design! This coffee mug is the perfect conversation starter, and sure to bring the inner nerd out in anyone.This extra-large mug holds a generous 13 oz of your favorite hot coffee or tea, great for those days you really need a fix.

  55. You’ve Been Poisoned
  56. best-coffee-mugs

    A hilarious hidden message ‘You’ve been poisoned’ coffee mug for the funny people in your life. Make your friends and family laugh every time they reach the bottom of their coffee or tea mug. Unique funny mugs for those with a wicked sense of humor. It is also a great prank to have in the kitchen for any unsuspecting guest.

  57. Can’t Touch This
  58. funny-coffee-mugs-cant-touch

    Give someone a chuckle with the motivational and inspirational quote mug! The”Can’t Touch This” coffee mug is a great gift for your bff, daughter, son, grandpa, grandma, and anyone you know who will appreciate your humor. This large mug holds 16 ounces of liquid which is big enough for soda, juice, milk, or even chicken noodle soup! The encouragement wise words printed on the side of the mug is a cool reminder for having a fantastic day!

  59. You’re Magic Mug
  60. funny-coffee-mugs-magic

    Women are magical creatures! This fun mug has the quote “You Are Magic. Own That Shit ” in a white color in front of a space starry background that is designed to stand out. This is a great gift or collector’s item for the frequent beverage drinker.

  61. I’m A Professional 
  62. funny-coffee-mugs-professional

    An emphatic way to tell the world you know your hustle is real! Absofuckinglutely you can be cocky & fierce. Somebody has to be a professional, might as well be you! The mug is a humorous, forceful expression to make a point. Great for a family member, friend or co-worker.

  63. Unicorn Farts


    Start the day with a big, bold jolt of unicorn farts! Our BigMouth Inc 20 oz coffee mug will get big laughs out of everyone. It’s a great gift or everyday item for coffee lovers.

  65. Avocado Couple Mug
  66. Start your morning off right with this hilarious 11oz coffee mug! This mug makes the perfect gift for any occasion! Whether given to a friend, family member, or even yourself, this mug is sure to cause a few laughs! Lettering is printed on the mug using dye-sublimation, where the dye is baked into the surface of the mugs at a high temperature. Only the highest quality ink is used, to ensure that the ink will not fade over time. Mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe!

  67. Couples Mug Set
  68. These groom and bride mugs make the perfect wedding gift! e perfect gift for new couples or a funny gift for anniversaries, our I Like His Beard I Like Her Butt mugs are a cute way to start your morning. Not too big, not too small, 11 ounces is just right for a great coffee or teacup.

  69. Donald Trump Dad Mug


    If he hates him or loves him, this mug would make a really funny fathers day gift for your dad! This funny cup is a great conversation starter, holds 11 ounces, and is made of ceramic.

  71. Mom Mug Set
  72. funny-coffee-mugs-mom-set

    This mug set is the perfect gift for anyone (including yourself) that knows firsthand that motherhood is a delicate balance between coffee and wine, not necessarily in that order. The coffee mug boasts a large, comfortable handle so that you can get more coffee to your face, faster. Our stemless wine glass has ergonomic features designed for the same flawless delivery of wine to the face. We know what moms want- coffee and wine. And we want to help make that happen.