34 Awesome Novelty Gifts That Are Actually Useful

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 13, 2023

    Novelty gifts don’t need to be just for laughs. There are tons of fun novelty gift ideas that can be useful. It’s not just about fart jokes and pranks. If you are looking for a white elephant gift to exchange or just for a fun gift, novelty gifts are always fun to give. Whether for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just for fun, we’ve got a list of fantastic novelty and gag gifts people want!

  1. Peeing Boy Whiskey Dispenser 
  2. novelty-gifts-whiskey-dispenser

    Few things blur the lines between classy and hilarious, like this whiskey dispenser depicting a boy peeing whiskey into your favorite glass. This humorous drink dispenser is the perfect home bar accessory modeled after Belgium’s Manneken Pis sculpture fountain. It measures 13″ tall and holds 16 oz of any liquid.

  3. Wine Condoms
  4. novelty-gifts-wine-condom

    Have you ever hesitated to open that second bottle of wine? No more. Wine Condoms are a great solution to preserving wine. The super seal prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and spoiling the wine—the perfect gift for wine lovers.

  5. Shakespearean Insult Bandages
  6. novelty-gifts-insult-bandages

    Knaves, rascals, and scoundrels get scrapes and cuts that require bandages. Add Elizabethan insult to injury with these hilarious bandages. Scathing insults such as, “Thy wit’s as thick as Tewksbury mustard,” and “Do thou amend my face, and I’ll amend my life.” You’ll never stop laughing.

  7. Clip-on Cup Holder
  8. novelty-gifts-cup-holder

    Have you ever split a drink on your paper or computer keyboard? This clip-on desk holder is a smart way to contain cold beverages, mobile phones, and small things scattered on your desk. It features a small hole on the bottom, which is convenient when using the USB cable to charge your phone. 

  9. Flask Bracelet
  10. flask-bracelet

    Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not as fun as wearing your drink on your wrist. This bangle flask might be your most practical and stylish accessory in perfect situations requiring subtle sipping. It’s ideal for Mother’s Day, a stocking stuffer Christmas present, birthdays, and more!

  11. Star Wars Death Star Ice Mold


    This Star Wars Death Star ice mold will add an explosion to your and your guest’s drinks! Big ice cubes keep your drink colder, so these bad boys will keep it cool without diluting its flavor. Perfect for adding to any drink – Whiskey, Cocktail, Mixed Drinks, Juice, and more. It’s ideal for most glass sizes and can find room in any freezer.

  13. Pull and Stretch Stress Balls
  14. novelty-gifts-stress-balls

    We are looking for a fun and inexpensive way to relieve some stress. These colorful stress balls can be squeezed, bounced, stressed, and thrown. They’re perfect for kids with sensory needs and people who want to have a little fun!

  15. Famous Painting Socks Gift Set
  16. novelty-gifts-socks

    Famous oil painting pattern design meets the double effect of fashion and comfort. Brighten up those cool weather mornings with these snuggly socks to keep your toes completely dry and quite good. These art-printed patterned casual socks are comfortable, lightweight, wearable, and sweat-wicking.

  17. Loch Ness Nessie Ladle
  18. novelty-gifts-cup-ladle

    Believe it or not, out of the deep pot comes Nessie. You are diving into your favorite soup or standing by, ready to use a legendary time in the kitchen. You can now serve all your favorite soups, stews, chilies, and sauces with an excellent smooth grip. Adorable kitchen accessories are great novelty gifts!

  19. Grow Cocktails
  20. novelty-gifts-grow-cocktails

    Grow happiness in small spaces. This patio gardening kit has everything you need to start your Cocktail Garden! Includes fun cocktail recipes, six packages of Heirloom Seeds, Starter Soil, Cocktail Recipes, Wooden Plant ID Stakes, Growing Instructions, Pencil & 100% Recycled Fiber Egg Carton Planter! 

  21. Cactus Coasters
  22. novelty-gifts-coasters

    It is easy to store all coasters in a sturdy pot or dry them in the cactus model after use. You can also organize small staff to make your table in order or even grow a plant. An anti-skid design helps to keep coasters in place; a sturdy and lightweight base protects your dining table from scratches. 

  23. It’s Raining Men Umbrella
  24. novelty-gifts-its-raining-men

    Why has it rained cats and dogs when it can be raining men? This umbrella makes the perfect gift for the special someone you have in mind! Watch their face light up as they open their new favorite necessity. Bring some sunshine to your rainy Day! How often has your automatic umbrella failed you during that downpour and left you in the rain? Our manual design lets you release the bottom spring for easy gliding when opening and closing. 

  25. Silicone Picnic Wine Glasses
  26. novelty-gifts-picnic-wine-glasses

    This unbreakable silicone wine glass drinking set is the perfect gift for men, women, her, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even yourself. In addition, these fun wine glasses are an incredible gift for wine enthusiasts on the go

  27. Funny Coasters
  28. novelty-gifts-coasters

    These coasters are an excellent gift for someone with a sense of humor. With these coasters, you’ll get the best gift ever. Everyone appreciates humor. So the recipient will never forget this practical, funny gift!

  29. Maple Syrup Candle
  30. novelty-gifts-candle

    This fun-scented candle is the perfect gift for maple lovers everywhere. Fill your home with the delicious and warm aroma of maple syrup with this delightful candle-in-a-tin. The wood wick crackles like a fireplace! Made from certified organic soy wax, the candle burns for up to 75 hours. They are made by hand in Canada.

  31. Parrot Bottle Opener
  32. novelty-gifts-bottle-opener

    Don’t check out before you check out this cute little gadget! This cute parrot-shaped bottle opener and corkscrew combo make opening your favorite bottle of wine or beer more fun. The device is made of brushed aluminum and has a serrated foil cutter. 

  33. Bacon Air Freshener
  34. novelty-gifts-air-freshener

    If you’re looking for a unique and hilarious gag gift that’s inexpensive and memorable, this bacon-scented air freshener is a winner! Liven up any birthday party, holiday season gathering, or Father’s Day celebration with this clever and funny novelty gift!

  35. Whale Butter Dish
  36. novelty-gifts-butter-dish

    Thar she blows! This adorable butter dish will find a happy home in any kitchen. The container holds an entire stick of butter, marks for measuring, and is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

  37. Pac Man Coffee Mug
  38. novelty-gifts-pacman-mug

    Whether you have a hot or cold beverage, this PacMan Heat Changing Mug will come to life according to your drink that Day. Featuring a heat-activated decal, PacMan characters appear before your eyes as you pour your hot beverage into the cup. Perfect for starting a conversation at your favorite coffee shop, request that they use your mug and watch the baristas scream with excitement and wonder as they see Pac-dots appear and your high score change. 

  39. Goat Story Coffee Mug


    Goat horn mugs is a one-of-a-kind coffee mug inspired by the first coffee discovery. Its horn shape is a dedication to goats that discovered this elixir of life, and it also lets you drink the last sip. It comes with two straps that allow you to carry your coffee while simultaneously replying to a couple of emails and carrying around your newspaper. It’s an excellent idea for a Father’s Day gift for a dad on the go.

  41. Cat Butt Magnets
  42. From the hand and mind of Steph Mantis comes these hilarious cat butt magnets. Plastic animal butts are perfect for displaying everything. Perfect for the farm animal lover, this set is the ideal way to share a laugh with a friend. These hilarious magnets will make your fridge stand out while holding onto pictures, memos, and more. It makes a unique gift for pet lovers!

  43. Sloth Tea Infuser
  44. sloth-gifts-tea-infuser

    The dunk-brew-toss routine of standard tea bags contributes tons of waste to landfills and is not sustainable for our planet. Save waste, take a break from your frantic pace, and let SLOW BREW make you the ideal cup of tea. This charming baby sloth design is sure to make them smile. Pair it with a funny sloth mug for an excellent gift for a tea lover.

  45. Funny Oven Mitt
  46. dirty-santa-gifts-mitt

    Anyone who spends much time in the kitchen will love this snarky oven mitt. A little cinnamon, a lot of butter, and a heaping cup of brilliance. But no raisins. Never raisins. Super-insulated. 100% cotton.  

  47. Colon Cleanse Hot Sauce
  48. novelty-gifts-hot-sauce

    Professor Phardtpounder’s colon cleaner hot sauce – an elixir of capsaicin extremes is a fantastic creation of a Caribbean mustard hot sauce. It delivers heat and an unforgettable island flavor to your meals, to say nothing of the laughs and chuckles it will bring when you put a bottle on your table. This best-seller is perfect for the BBQ enthusiast, making a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for a hot sauce lover.

  49. Dino Taco Holders
  50. Dinosaurs + Tacos = Prehistoric Awesomeness! So turn your next Taco Tuesday Jurassic, and devour tacos with style! It is an excellent gift for kids and adults who are looking to add a bit of fun to the dinner table. Not just for tacos, the Tricerataco can hold toast, waffles, sandwiches, and so much more—the perfect gift idea for any taco lover.

  51. Guzzle Buddy
  52. novelty-gifts-cup

    The Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass is a hilarious gift for wine lovers or anyone who wants to be the “hit” of the party! Pouring wine is such a chore! Screw the glass into your favorite bottle. Aerate, stream, and drink in one easy step.

  53. Library Collection Mark Twain Scented Candle
  54. book-lovers-gifts-candle

    For all the bibliophiles in your lives, we present the Library Collection. Pairing favorite quotes with exquisite fragrances, we pay tribute to well-loved authors. Impeccably packaged in a gift box adorned with an author photo, bio, and stamped labels, this is ideal for lovers of fine literature. Every candle fragrance is a blend of custom notes designed to evoke the spirit of the author for which it is named.

  55. Unicorn Float
  56. novelty-gifts-float

    The GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube can make a splash wherever you go. Everyone at the pool will want to take their turn on the magical unicorn float! The unicorn’s rainbow mane and tail make for a fantastic photo in the summer sun. Plus, unicorn gifts are the best gifts.

  57. Sugar Skull Salt and Pepper Shakers 
  58. novelty-gifts-salt-and-pepper-shakers

    These unique salt and pepper shakers are in the shape and style of Day of the Dead sugar skulls and encrusted with rhinestones. Made of ceramic, they measure 3 x 2.5 x 2.25. Everyone will enjoy these salt and pepper shakers at your next house party!

  59. Harry Potter Mischief T-Shirt
  60. novelty-gifts-harry-potter-t-shirt

    No adventure in the wizarding world is complete without a bit of mischief. So pay homage to Hogwarts, Wormtail, Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs in this Mischief Managed shirt with stars around the famous phrase. In addition, you’ll receive two exclusive die-cut stickers. 

  61. Secret Hitler Card Game
  62. white-elephant-gift-ideas-game

    Secret Hitler is a dramatic game of political intrigue and betrayal set in 1930s Germany. Players are secretly divided into two teams – liberals and fascists. Known only to each other, the fascists coordinate to sow distrust and install their cold-blooded leader. The liberals must find and stop the Secret Hitler before it’s too late.

  63. Golden Girls Mug
  64. golden-girls-gifts-mug


    Who doesn’t love Golden Girls? If you are looking for a gift for your best friend, she will love this. Thank her for being a friend with this fun coffee mug!

  65. Kitty Phone Case


    Cat lovers rejoice! These paws will be on everyone’s wish list, and they’ll keep your phone safe! This is not a flimsy case. Instead, it is very cushiony and will protect your device from impact. In addition, the easy grip makes it comfortable to hold. 

  67. The Impossible Puzzle
  68. puzzle-gifts-impossible-puzzle

    If you’re looking for a jigsaw puzzle as frustrating as fun, then the Impossible Puzzle is for you! Choose from 100-piece, 200-piece, or, if you’re a real glutton for punishment, the 500-piece puzzle! These clear pieces have no picture backing, so it’s entirely up to you and your brain to figure out what piece goes where. Still too easy? Try the Broken Glass Impossible Puzzle! 

    What makes a good novelty gift?

    A good novelty gift stands out primarily for its uniqueness and ability to spark joy or laughter in the recipient. It’s often characterized by its whimsical or quirky nature, often playing on inside jokes, interests, or trends relevant to the person receiving it.

    The key to a great novelty gift lies in its balance of being playful and thoughtful, showing that you understand the recipient’s personality and what might bring a smile. Practicality isn’t always a priority with these gifts; instead, the focus is on the fun and unexpected delight they bring.

    Additionally, a good novelty gift often has a memorable or surprise element, making it stand out from more traditional gifts. Lastly, even within its humorous or unusual nature, a good novelty gift should be of decent quality, ensuring that it’s not just a one-time laugh but can be enjoyed or appreciated for some time.