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40 Wine Accessories To Gift Your Favorite Wino

Updated on October 18, 2021 Updated on Oct 18, 2021
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    Believe it or not, there is more to wine accessories than just wine glasses! Did you know that there are different types of glasses for different types of wine? It’s true! We’ll learn about that and more, so don’t worry if you aren’t a wine expert but need a gift for one. We have 40 wine accessories for the wine snob in your life.

  1. Personal Wine Chiller


    Never drink a warm glass of wine again! This personal wine chiller will keep your wine chilled for over an hour indoors and up to 45 minutes outside in warm weather when sat in a shady spot. The chiller is especially nice when you’re having a glass of wine while prepping and cooking dinner. The chiller holds a variety of standardly sized stemmed wine glasses. 

  3. Wine Dispenser
  4. wine-accessories-dispenser

    Boxed wine has something of a down-market reputation, but it’s not entirely deserved. Part of it is presentation. Plopping a box of wine out at a party looks a bit tacky. This dispenser will solve the image problem of boxed wine! Put the wine bag into the dispenser, press the red button, and voila! A classy glass of wine! 

  5. Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide
  6. wine-accessories-book

    What goes better together than wine and cheese? But which wine goes with which cheese? I don’t know either, but this swatch book will guide us to finding the perfect match! The guide details the history, production, and flavors in 50 kinds of cheese and information on the best wines and which vintages best pair with them. 

  7. Charcuterie Board
  8. wine-accessories-board

    A charcuterie board and wine for two is the perfect date night and no-cooking dinner, and this board holds just that. The board holds nibbles for two, two glasses of wine and your wine bottle. It’s great for an evening on the deck or patio. The board is made of bamboo.

  9. Bottle Protector Bags
  10. wine-accessories-bags

    A bottle of wine is a great souvenir, especially if you’re visiting a well-known wine-producing region, but wine doesn’t exactly travel well by plane. These bags offer three layers of protection for wine bottles, including two zip-lock seals to prevent leaks. There are six bags, and they also work well for olive oil or vinegar for you foodie travelers. 

  11. Wine Bottle Insulator
  12. wine-accessories-holder

    The marble wine chiller is beautiful, but it’s a bit heavy. This chiller is ideal for taking along to a party, a picnic, or the beach. The chiller is made of stainless steel, is double-walled, and vacuum-insulated, which all work together to keep your bottles cold and free of condensation. 

  13. Red Wine Glasses 
  14. wine-accessories-glasses

    You could go down a veritable rabbit hole all about the differences between red wine glasses and white wine glasses, and it’s an interesting rabbit hole if you’re so inclined. But the key difference is the bowl size. Red wine benefits from air interacting with air because it’s more full-bodied, and a larger bowl allows for that. It goes way beyond that, there are certain types of glasses for different varieties of wine, but most people don’t have the cabinet space! This set of four glasses have large bowls making them perfect for red wines. Each glass holds a generous 18 ounces and is made of shatter-resistant glass. They’re dishwasher safe. 

  15. Wine Bottle Chiller Stick
  16. wine-accessories-stick

    This little gadget does three jobs; it chills a bottle of wine, aerates the wine, and acts as a pour spout. Just pop it in the freezer for 90 minutes, insert it into your bottle of wine, and in minutes, perfectly chilled wine! 

    Stemless Wine Glasses


    You don’t always have a nice level tabletop to sit your delicate wine glass on, so these stainless steel tumblers are just what you need! They’re unbreakable! These tumblers are also great if you’re drinking a cold white or rose in the heat; they help keep your wine at temperature. Each tumbler holds 18 ounces and is dishwasher safe. 

  17. Wine Set 


    This set includes two 12 ounce wine tumblers and a 25-ounce wine bottle. The set is made of stainless steel coated in a durable coating, and the insides are lined with copper-coated insulation to help keep your wine at temperature in the bottle and once you’ve poured it. The set is available in several colors. 

  19. Swarovski Crystal Magnetic Wine Glass Charms
  20. wine-accessories-charms

    These wine charms are one of the best gifts I’ve ever found! They’re so much fun. I like to give them as stocking stuffers at Christmas. The charms are Swarovski crystals, and each of the 12 has a magnet. The crystals will stick to any glass that is 5mm thick or less, even ceramic coffee mugs! These are a really great gift for people who have everything! 

  21. Wine Preservation System
  22. wine-accessories-system

    How do you drink a bottle of wine without opening it? The Coravin wine preservation system! The system allows you to pour wine without removing the wine cork. The system includes capsules that prevent argon from escaping the bottle so the wine will stay fresh. 

  23. Wine Markers
  24. wine-accessories-markers

    This is a fun gift for someone who has everything! There are seven metallic markers, two stencils, and eight labels that people can use to mark their glass and decorate them or the wine bottles. The markers are non-toxic, and they can be used on glass, ceramic, and mirrors too. 

  25. Wine Decanter
  26. wine-accessories-decanter

    This wine carafe is part decanter and part wine aerator. Decanting wine from the bottle into a decanter oxygenates it, which allows the aromas and flavors to develop fully. The carafe is made from hand-blown lead-free crystal and holds a standard 750ml wine bottle.

  27. Wine Chiller
  28. wine-accessories-chiller

    This marble wine chiller is effective and elegant. Put the chiller in the refrigerator 15 to 20 minutes before you need it, pop in a bottle of wine or champagne for the perfect chill. The wine chiller has a no-slip bottom and can also chill beer, soda, or any other beverage and can be used as a vase, to hold kitchen gadgets or office supplies. 

  29. Champagne Flutes
  30. wine-accessories-flutes

    Champagne needs a special glass well because it’s champagne! No, there’s a better reason. Champagne likes a long, narrow bowl to help preserve its flavor and bubbles. This set of four champagne flutes are hand-blown made of lead-free glass, and each holds just over seven ounces. The flutes are dishwasher safe. 

  31. Secret Wine Tote
  32. wine-accessories-tote

    Are you going somewhere wine is not welcome? Maybe your teetotaling in-laws or a concert in the park. I can’t relate. I live in New Orleans, where wine or any other adult beverage is not only welcome but an honored and esteemed guest literally anywhere (Even the ballet, no joke!), but if you live somewhere less awesome, you need this tote! This looks like an innocent bag but au contraire! This bag contains a removable pouch that holds two full bottles of wine or an equivalent 1.5L of your drink of choice. The pouch is in an insulated pocket that keeps the drink at temperature for hours. You can dispense your drink from a spigot that is covered when not in use. The bag also holds the other stuff you would carry in a purse. 

  33. Champagne Bucket
  34. wine-accessories-bucket

    A wine chiller is nice, but there is something old-school glamorous about a champagne bucket. This ice bucket is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, and the handles are made of zinc alloy. The bucket is four quarts and holds a 750ml bottle of champagne, rose, or white wine. 

  35. Ice Tub
  36. wine-accessories-tub

    A wine chiller or champagne bucket is perfect for drinks for one or two, but if you’re hosting a party, you need an ice tub! This tub is made of BPA-free clear acrylic, which is shatterproof, so it’s safe for indoor and outdoor use and holds up to eight bottles of wine or champagne. 

  37. Wine Aerator and Pour Spout


    This gadget works as both an aerator and a pour spout. It’s effortless to use; tilt the bottle as you pour the wine into a glass to aerate it instantly. It can be used for red and white wine. The pour spout will help prevent drips from staining your table. 

  39. Wine Log
  40. wine-accessories-log

    Wine lovers love drinking wine; wine enthusiasts are totally immersed in all things wine! This wine log allows them to make tasting notes on wines they liked or did not like and affix labels from wine bottles. The log is hand-made from premium cowhide leather and contains 96 templated pages. 

  41. Wine Tote


    This wine bag is the perfect gift for wine lovers on the go! The tote is insulated to help keep your wine at temperature, and the lining is leak-resistant and holds two bottles of wine or champagne. This cute tote is ideal for the beach, a picnic, or transporting wine to a party. 

  43. Wine Cooler
  44. wine-accessories-fridge

    If you don’t have room for a wine cellar, check out this wine cooler! The cooler holds up to 12 bottles and is for wines that should be stored at temperatures ranging from 41 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The door is made of UV-resistant double-paned thermopane glass to insulate the interior and protect the wines inside from UV light that can damage the tannins in wine. 

  45. Wine Rack
  46. wine-accessories-rack

    This wine rack is designed to hold both regular and oversized bottles of wine. Made of metal, it can hold up to nine bottles. The geometric design makes it an attractive addition to any wine drinker’s countertop.

  47. Wine Bottle Coaster
  48. wine-accessories-coaster

    This beautiful marble coaster isn’t for your wine glass; it’s for your wine bottle! Or champagne bottle. The coaster is lined with cork to absorb moisture and prevent stains or condensation rings on your table. It holds a standard wine or champagne bottle. 

  49. White Wine Glasses 
  50. wine-accessories-wine-glasses

    As you can see, this set of glassware has a narrower bowl size than the glasses above, making these white wine glasses! This set of four wine glasses each hold 14 ounces of their favorite tipple and are dishwasher safe. 

  51. Cork Coasters
  52. wine-accessories-coasters

    Ceramic or stone coasters are nice for a drinking or a rocks glass, but I prefer cork coasters for wine glasses. They’re not slippery, and this set has a lip that you can feel when putting the glass down without having to look at what you’re doing. There are 12 coasters and a metal rack to store them. 

  53. Wine Wand Purifier
  54. wine-accessories-wand

    This purifier helps to remove histamines and sulfites in wine, the things that trigger hangover symptoms. The wand can also save wine that has oxidized and bring it back to its drinkable state; no more wine waste which is a crime in many states! The wands are single-use and work on red, white, rose, and sparkling wines. 

  55. Red Wine Stain Remover
  56. wine-accessories-stain-remover

    The only thing worse than a red wine hangover is a red wine stain. A hangover goes away (eventually), but a red wine stain is forever unless you have this stain remover! The remover uses natural enzymes to break down red wine stains and can also be used for other stains, including pet stains, blood, grass, and grease. The remover works on upholstery, carpet, wood, and fabrics. 

  57. Wine Wipes
  58. wine-accessories-wipes

    Red wine is the most delicious type of wine (Fight me!), but it does stain the teeth. When your teeth look like you’ve just eaten a purple popsicle, it detracts from the sophisticated wine-quaffing bon vivant vibe you’re going for. These wipes will save your teeth and your vibe! A quick swipe removes those superficial stains and won’t interfere with the taste of the wine. There are 12 wipes in a box. 

  59. Wine Cork Keepsake Box
  60. wine-accessories-box

    Saving every wine cork is kind of frat house chic and not the look most of us are going for but saving a few special corks from bottles shared during special occasions is sweet! That’s what this shadow box is for. The corks can be dropped in from a hole in the top, and the box comes with a sawtooth hanger for mounting. Here’s a life hack that actually works, toss a few corks (real cork only) into your fruit bowl. The corks will prevent fruit flies. 

  61. Merlot Candle
  62. wine-accessories-candle

    What could be better than enjoying the taste of a nice Merlot with the scent of Merlot in the air? This candle has the delicate scent of Merlot that wine drinkers enjoy. The candle is eight ounces, made from a soy wax blend, a lead-free wick, and has a burn time of at least 40 hours. 

  63. Wine Tools Gift Set
  64. wine-accessories-set

    New wine drinkers are made every day, and they don’t have all of the wine tools that we old pros have collected over the years. This gift set will set them up with everything they need but glasses and wine! The set includes an electric corkscrew, a vacuum preserver, a stopper, an aerator, a foil cutter, and a charging base. This gift set makes a great housewarming gift. 

  65. Waiter’s Corkscrew
  66. wine-accessories-corkscrew

    When it comes to a wine bottle opener, I’m a Luddite. I don’t like electric corkscrews; I prefer old-school wine openers. This corkscrew is favored by bartenders, waiters, and sommeliers, so you will like it too! The corkscrew is small; it can fit in your pocket, picnic basket, or luggage and is designed for even dry wine corks, so there is no crumbling. 

  67. Champagne Stoppers
  68. wine-accessories-stopper

    Regular wine savers aren’t enough to preserve the bubbles in your champagne; you need a bottle stopper designed for sparkling wine or champagne. These stoppers are made of stainless steel and silicone, and they work. I used one on a half-drunk bottle of Prosecco, and a week later, it was just as good as the day I opened it. When I took it out, the pop it made was almost as good as the pop from pulling the cork. 

  69. Wine Stopper
  70. wine-accessories-stoppers

    There is no reason wine tools can’t be functional and beautiful, and these wine stoppers are a good example. The stoppers are made of zinc alloy and food-grade silicone, and each one features a painting by Vincent van Gogh. These stoppers are a nice addition to a home bar and make a nice hostess gift. 

  71. Bottle Condoms
  72. wine-accessories-condom

    Wine condoms are a funny concept, but they are actually a pretty ingenious invention. They shrink to fit over any wine bottle opening and create a seal that is both water and air-tight, protecting the contents within! There are six condoms, and they’re reusable, unlike the other kind! These make a great gift for wine lovers and a perfect gag gift! 

  73. Foil Cutter
  74. wine-accessories-cutter

    I have been a wine drinker for a minute, but I did not know what a foil cutter was until I saw a friend use one. Until that point (she gave me an extra when I confessed to not having one), I just gouged the foil with the point of a corkscrew and peeled it off. A foil cutter is so much easier! The Vintorio foil cutter has two sharp blades for a clean cut but a blade guard so that you won’t cut yourself. 

  75. Wine Pourers
  76. wine-accessories-pourers

    Are you tired of red wine drips staining your table cloth? Then you need a wine pourer. Just fit the pourer into the neck of a bottle of red wine, and the spout allows you to pour drip-free. A stained table cloth is bad, but wasting even a drop of wine is worse! 

  77. Crackers
  78. wine-accessories-crackers

    Hosting a wine tasting for a few friends or doing one with your partner is an enjoyable activity. But to properly taste each wine, you need to cleanse your palate between drinks. That’s what these crackers are for. They have a mildly sweet taste and will prepare you for the next glass.