21 Tea Gifts That Will Infuse Joy into Every Cup

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: October 24, 2023

    For many, the ritual of sipping a hot cup of tea bookends their day perfectly, and searching for a gift for that person who cherishes their tea moments above all. We’ve brewed up a gift guide just for you. From seasoned tea connoisseurs to those who relish their daily cup, our selections cater to every tea lover.

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    What are the best gifts for tea lovers?

    The best gifts for tea lovers are those that enhance their tea-drinking experience and celebrate their passion for tea. A high-quality loose-leaf tea set is a fantastic choice, offering a variety of flavors for them to explore and enjoy. Teaware, like a beautifully crafted teapot or a set of elegant teacups, also makes for a thoughtful and appreciated gift, adding a touch of sophistication to their tea time.

    Unique tea accessories, such as infusers, strainers, and honey spoons, can be delightful gifts, combining functionality with charm. Finally, a subscription to a tea-of-the-month club can be an exciting and enduring gift, allowing tea enthusiasts to experience new and exotic blends regularly.

  1. Cat Tea Tray
  2. gifts-for-tea-lovers-bag-holder


    Are dripping tea bags getting you down? Then, this handy little tray is the purrrfect solution. Use it to hold loose jewelry and serve little tea-time snacks too! Made of ceramic and can be used as a trinket tray.

  3. Tea Bag Holder
  4. gifts-for-tea-lovers

    This 2-piece set ceramic tea bag caddy features a resist “it’s a brew-tea-full day” sentiment, a removable lid with a glass doorknob handle, and an opening at the base to dispense your favorite green, black, or herbal tea bags. Get ready for compliments from your guests. The Circa Collection is the perfect addition to your brunch table. Simple white ceramic with witty sayings makes any gathering more fun!

  5. Funny Tea Mug
  6. gifts-for-tea-lovers-tea-mug

    Some people call these a gag gift. Sure, they’re for people with a sense of humor, but they’re also a high-quality, fun mugs that will be loved but used for a long time. It holds 16oz of your favorite liquid – that’s a lot of wine, beer, tequila, vodka, gin, or whiskey!

  7. Sipsby
  8. gifts-for-tea-lovers-gift-box

    Gift your lucky friend or loved one our personalized tea subscription service that matches them with premium teas they’ll enjoy from different brands worldwide. Each month, four premium different teas are matched to them based on their Sips by™ tea profile. Their teas will make 15+ cups or 45+ re-steeped cups. Disposable tea bags are included in their box for loose tea leaves. 

  9. Tea Plates
  10. gifts-for-tea-lovers-plates


    These tea plates bring a Shabby Chic vibe to your home. This set is perfect for tea snacks, serving a small meal, or appetizer in a chic and stylish kitchen. A great hostess gift! The plates are made of porcelain and are dishwasher safe.

  11. Tea Cup Necklace
  12. gifts-for-tea-lovers-necklace

    Brighten up a friend’s day with our Teacup Teapot Necklace, Tea Quotes, Jewelry Gifts for Tea Lovers. These necklaces for women with teapot and teacup charms make a perfect gift for your loved ones who may need a little pep talk. This teacup necklace comes with a greeting card with an inspirational quote.

  13. Bone China Tea Set
  14. romantic-gifts-for-her-tea-set

    Give her something to drink her Tea Drops from with this beautiful tea set. Made of bone china, the set includes a metal rack, a teapot, four delicate teacups, and four saucers. The pattern is delicate pink camellias. The set can be used for coffee or hot cocoa too. 

  15. Tea Bagger
  16. gifts-for-tea-lovers-tea-bagger

    This one for your friend that can take a joke. The TeaBagger is guaranteed to please college students, dirty-minded folks, or just to embarrass your favorite coworker. With this tea infuser, you will have your friends rolling and laughing out loud. Great for a fun party gift or a hilarious gift for a prank. This is the best gag gift for that hard buy-for person on your list. It makes a great white elephant gift too!

  17. Honey Spoons
  18. tea-gifts-honey


    Do you enjoy a touch of honey in your tea? Use these honey spoons to sweeten tea or add delicious flavor to desserts. Place one in your drink, stir and enjoy. They are hand-poured in the USA and are all-natural and gluten-free. 

  19. Speed Boiler Tea Kettle
  20. gifts-for-tea-lovers-kettle

    At a temperature of 160 or more, water kills almost all bacteria and pathogens living within it. Boiling water can make it safer to drink, especially important if you’re traveling away from the advanced, industrial-level purification systems of developed countries. Water does not lose its vibrancy since the longer it boils, the more it loses its flavor. You know when the water is boiled since it will automatically shut off, and you can use it immediately.

  21. Bubble Tea Set
  22. gifts-for-tea-lovers-bubble-tea-kit

    Another bubbly! Boba; bubbles; tapioca pearls—all terms for the chewy treats that slide up the rotund straws traditionally used to sip Taiwanese bubble tea. Intrigued? Now, thanks to Katie and Dustin Watts’s make-it-yourself gift set, you can whip up a hot or cold batch of your own. With two tea flavors—classic black and rooibos chai—tapioca pearls, and two reusable stainless steel straws, this addictive delight is now home-brewable. Just add your choice of milk (or not!) and enjoy. 

  23. Tea Box


    Twelve equally divided large compartments help keep teabags organized, and the clear lid helps you see which of your favorite teas you need to stock up on! This decorated container with a lid is wonderfully versatile too! Use the tea storage box to help organize your personal items, jewelry, beauty products, hair accessories, or office supplies. Great to hold any small accessories or store any collection. And of course, it makes a great gift idea for your tea lover friends.

  25. It’s a Tea Shirt
  26. gifts-for-tea-lovers-tee-shirt

    This novelty tee would be a hit with any tea lover! Comes in three versions – unisex tee, women’s tank, or crop top. This semi-combed cotton punny tee is great for guys and gals.

  27. Diffuser Travel Mug


    This double-wall ceramic tumbler and newly improved integrated stainless steel infuser make steeping loose tea by the cup simple. The innovative double-wall construction and matching lid keeps tea hot and the tumbler cozy to hold. Steeps a generous 12 ounces. The cup and lid are dishwasher and microwave safe. The KATI Steeping Cups are available in twelve unique designs.

  29. Royal Tea Collection
  30. gifts-for-tea-lovers-fancy-tea

    This is a great 3-pack that gives you a wide range of flavors and variety. The Royal Breakfast is essentially your standard black tea, similar to an English Breakfast. Nothing fancy, just a nice smooth taste. The Imperial Earl Grey has the flavors and body you’d expect from an Earl Grey blend, but with a bit more bergamot taste. Without being overwhelming, the Tower of London is like a sweet dessert treat. To me, it reminds me of a lemon poppy seed muffin for some reason.

  31. Rose Gold Flower Tea Spoons


    These rose gold teaspoons are made of high-quality stainless steel are perfect for tea lovers and coffee lovers alike. Each spoon is in the shape of a flower, a beautiful addition to their tea accessories. 

  33. Tea Drops
  34. gifts-for-tea-lovers-tea-drops

    With nothing more elaborate than a cup and hot water, these organic morsels of finely-sourced loose leaf organic tea, raw sugar, and aromatic spices meld in perfect harmony to create a blissful organic herbal tea blend that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. This Tea Drops sampler is a great gift for any tea lover in your life.

  35. Dino Diffusers
  36. gifts-for-tea-lovers-dino-diffusers

    Fill the Dinosaur bottom half with your choice’s tea and plop it into your favorite tea mug. Not suitable for powdered tea or the fine ground tea leaf. Give the top a quick push to the bottom and let it steep. Dinosaur tea infusers tea accessories made with food-grade, Non-Toxic silicone, which is BPA Free. The neck will form to your style of cup and will stand in the bottom of a cup or hang on the edge of tall cups.

  37. Healing Herbal Teas
  38. gifts-for-tea-lovers-healing-teas-book

    Freshly blended herbal teas offer more healing power than do pre-packaged tea bags. In Healing Herbal Teas, master herbalist and author Sarah Farr serve up 101 original recipes that offer health advantages and taste great. Formulations to benefit each body system and promote well-being include. This book is an enchanting and delectable guide to blending and brewing power-packed herbal teas at home.

  39. Tea Bag Holders
  40. gifts-for-tea-lovers-fisherman

    These tea holders are based on the old Chinese story of Jiang Taigong. He uses a straight fish book because he believed that the fish would come to him when they were fished. Now he can patiently hold your tea bag while it steeps. Set of 4.

  41. Teabag Squeezer
  42. gifts-for-tea-lovers-squeezer

    These tongs make hot drinks simple & safe – no burned fingers! One of the tongs plates is a strainer & the other is solid, allowing for easy & effective extraction. The simple yet effective tool gets every drop of tea with no mess. Better than using spoons! Ergonomic handle for a comfortable and secure grip. Made with stainless steel, so it’s durable & dishwasher safe! Won’t bend or break!

  43. Cast Iron Teapot
  44. gifts-for-tea-lovers-cast-iron-pot

    Cast iron teapots have been used in Japan’s fabled tea ceremonies, dating back to the 17th century. Primula’s exquisite cast iron teapot designs are inspired by traditional Japanese culture. This Primula teapot with infuser for loose leaf tea has a cast iron body for preserving heat and a loose tea infuser to maximize each tea’s delicate flavors and aromas.