25 Gardening Gifts That Are Kind Of A Big Dill

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: March 27, 2024

    If you know someone with a green thumb, you want to get them something more than just a new shovel or seeds this holiday season. We’ve created a guide with fun gardening gifts for plant lovers. From home decor to garden decor to tools of the trade, these are the best gardening gifts to bring a smile to your plant-loving friend and avid gardeners alike.

  1. Funky Veg Kit
  2. funky-veggie-grow-kit

    Are you seeking a unique gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for friend or family member? You will be proud to receive this beautifully packaged seed starter kit. We’ve thought of everything yoWe’ved to give the perfect gardening gift, from our elegant wood box design to our unique burlap pots.

  3. Bulb Vase
  4. gifts-for-gardeners-bulb

    High-quality transparent glass terrarium with vintage design wooden stand to make your plants look more beautiful. It is so light that it can be a moving mini garden where you wish to appreciate and refresh the environment that always gives you energy. Terrarium plants require minimum watering and care to be suitable for lazy gardeners.

  5. Potting Bench
  6. gifts-for-gardeners-potting-bench


    The potting bench is wooden, making it more sturdy and durable. The potting bench has a fantastic design. Thanks to the three tiers, you can quickly put and display your potting. This potting bench also has three hooks for your garden tool and trowel. It is convenient for you to hang some small tools. They can help you save more space. If you own this potting bench, it will surely be a great display in your garden. Whenever you walk into the garden, the planting bench can bring you a wonderful sight experience.

  7. Tabletop Terrarium 
  8. gifts-for-gardeners-terrarium

    Modern style and classic elegance can be yours when you make this lovely artistic glass cube a part of your home or patio. Perfect for adding a touch of eye-catching style to your small potted plants or showing off a favorite keepsake in a new and stylish way. It is easy to maintain and is ideal for ferns, moss, succulents, air plants, cacti, or other plants.

  9. Compost Bin
  10. gifts-for-plant-lovers-compost

    Do you love composting and want your kitchen to look good while doing it? Then look no further! This stylish, rustic, vintage cream-colored composter will look awesome in your home, countertop, office, or anywhere! Any guests, friends, or family will compliment you on this luxurious-looking indoor compost can: Who knew a compost bin could look good in your kitchen!? This compost container looks even better in real life! You will love it!

  11. Owl Planters
  12. gifts-for-gardeners-planters


    These adorable owl planters are ideal for adding a refreshingly modern design to your home. Great Gift – this ceramic pot can serve a variety of purposes. The perfect gift for family and friends who love succulent plants. Please keep it in your home for a clean, modern style in your living space.

  13. Tree Man
  14. gifts-for-gardeners-tree-man

    Your search is over for the perfect gift for any garden or home. Anyone will love this handsome tree face-eating gnome design. It is made of high quality, handcrafted from a durable resin material, and brought to you exclusively by the By Mark and Margot Brand. It makes an adorable garden gift!

  15. Rolling Work Seat


    This rolling work seat is built with a heavy-duty steel frame and durable solid steel wheel axles. The steel frame has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, and the green powder-coated finish exudes outdoor appeal. The contoured work seat provides ergonomic comfort, and the utility basket can hold gardening tools. This offers all-day comfort and keeps your tools at arm’s reach—the best gardeningarm’ss for those who are out in the yard all day.

  17. Harvest Basket
  18. gifts-for-gardeners-basket

    Forget about plastic and easily torn carrying bags. Say goodbye to cheaply made wooden baskets that would crack open after a while! Instead, invest in this ultra-resilient garden harvest basket. Hassle-free carrying of healthy and nutritious fruit and veggies with our basket holder. This incredibly versatile garden hod can be used for indoor décor, storage, and outdoor carrying. Suitable for holding towels in a guest bathroom, toilet paper in restaurants or hotels, as a knitting basket, magazine, book holder, or for kindling.

  19. Plant Stand
  20. gifts-for-gardeners-stand

    This elegant multi-tiered wooden plant would look great next to your outdoor furniture and inside your home. This charming flower plant stand adopts a durable natural wood construction, which is very sturdy. This multi-functional flower rack can be a bookshelf, display, shelf, or decorative stand. Your favorite gardener will love this to display their indoor plants.

  21. Herb Drying Rack
  22. gifts-for-gardeners-herb-dryer

    The lightweight polyester mesh construction allows slow, even drying and 360-degree access for tending and manicuring your harvest. In addition, mesh walls prevent dropped or spilled cuttings. It is ideal for growing tents, herb gardens, rooms like greenhouses, or even your spare bathroom.

  23. Plant Mindfulness Cards
  24. gifts-for-gardeners-cards

    While they undoubtedly spruce up kitchens and add life to living rooms, plants can also provide something every home needs nowadays—mindfulness. These beautifully illustrated cards highlight 50 leafy friends’ attributes, from the friends’l (air cleansers and aroma producers) to the emotional (creative muses and resilience reminders), along with helpful hints to keep them happy. So whether you’re a gifted green thumb oryou’re looking for the right terra-cotta potted roomie, these cards can help you discover new ways to nourish your relationship with houseplants.

  25. Set of Garden Flags
  26. gifts-for-gardeners-flags

    One specially themed flag for every vital holiday and season of the year. St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Spring, Summer, Independence Day, Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and last but not least, Christmas! These garden decor flags are wind and weatherproof, so it’s perfect for hanging outsiit’sor all four seasons. Position these pretty garden signs by your gnomes!

  27. Watering Can


    This watering can is great for flower pots, houseplants, patio plants, hanging plants, and outdoor gardens. Hand-polished stainless steel finish, built to resist daily scratches, corrosion, and tarnishing
    Clean, Durable, Elegant, Practical, Low-Maintenance, and Eco-Friendly.

  29. Gardeners Ultra-Moisturising Hand Cream
  30. gifts-for-gardeners-lotion

    Infused with macadamia nut oil and shea butter to strengthen hands against the elements, this intensive cream nourishes skin, so it’s noticeably smoother afterit’sh luxurious application. It contains hydrating ceramides and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. Myrrh extract helps condition nails and cuticles.

  31. Garden Clogs
  32. gifts-for-gardeners-shoes

    Slip into waterproof comfort with Sloggers Spring Surprise Rose floral print rain and garden shoes. Features all-day comfort insoles for maximum comfort and their signature deep lug tread for excellent traction. Easy on and easy to clean up. You’ll soon know why Sloggers You’llerica’s #1 Backdoor Shoe.

  33. Gardening Gloves
  34. gifts-for-gardeners-gloves

    Bella garden gloves offer serious thorn protection, cultivated with everyone in mind. With a puncture-resistant, synthetic leather-padded palm and reinforced fingertips, this rose glove provides what professional rose gardeners need most—strength, durability, and comfort. The elbow-length gauntlet cuff protects forearms from cuts and scratches and is perfect for weeding. A knuckle guard gives added protection from thorny plants. Whimsical printed floral fingertips add extra grip. 

  35. Garden Stepping Stones
  36. gifts-for-gardeners-stepping-stones

    Perfect for creating enchanting walkways or paths in gardens and backyards, the solid rubber surface absorbs impact and protects shoes from dirt, even in wet and muddy areas. The raised textured design provides traction for stability.

  37. Grow Light For House Plants
  38. gifts-for-gardeners-lights
    When the winter creeps in and the days get shorter, their plants need extra love. These grow lights can help. This full spectrum led grow light has four heads that achieve 360-degree coverage of plants. The anti-slip clamp can be clamped on the desktop or bookshelf.

  39. Hummingbird House
  40. hummingbird-gifts-bird-house

    These charming, decorative lil’ birdhouses are perfect for a’tracting a hummer or two and being an attractive addition to any garden. Each bungalow comes with an instruction card to maximize your success.

  41. Garden Tote
  42. gifts-for-gardeners-tote

    This gardening tote bag is designed to store garden-related tools like garden stakes, garden seed packets, pruners, shears, and other gadgets. It can provide a third helping hand when doing gardening projects or home improvements. His bag features dirty and wear-resistant, high load-bearing capacity, eco-friendly material that can be reused.

  43. A Mindful Gardener
  44. gifts-for-gardeners-book

    Through writing exercises, inspirational quotes, and simple tutorials, this guided journal for gardeners helps users transform terms like “living in the moment,” “media” on,” and mindfulness “s” from mere “uzzwo” ds into hel”full everyday practices that will help them de-stress, reconnect, and handle whatever challenges the day brings.

  45. Garden Phone Cover
  46. gifts-for-gardeners-case

    Gardening gifts don’t need to be directly connected to the task. With this cell phone case, your herb garden enthusiast can carry her garden around wherever she goes.

  47. Customized Garden Sign
  48. gifts-for-gardeners-sign

    Get your favorite gardener a beautiful personalized sign for their garden landscape! These high-quality signs will add an elegant touch to your lawn, garden, or home entrance. They’re a thoughtful gift idea for Mother’s Day for grandma.

  49. Apple Tree To Be Garden Kit
  50. gifts-for-gardeners-apple-tree

    A gift fit for Johnny Appleseed, this Apple Tree To Be starter kit is a memorable and creative gift that will keep giving. This kit contains seeds harvested from Ralls Janet heirloom apples. Apples are medium to large with thin greenish-yellow skin covered with dark pink and red stripes. Bite into one, and you’ll experience a fine-grainyou’llisp and juicy taste. These apples ripen in October and are excellent keepers. An aluminum tag is provided for a personalized inscription on the tree. This grow kit contains everything you need to start your very own orchard.

  51. Plant Labels
  52. gifts-for-gardeners-plant-markers

    Plant markers shouldn’t be an eyesore. Keep your plant with these stylish T-type bamboo plant markers. Unlike plastic markers, these are made from 100% natural bamboo and blend in with your plants. Plastic and nature don’t go together, so don’t usdon’tstic markers for don’tprecious plants! Made from 100% natural bamboo, a renewable resource, these markers are eco-friendly and help the planet. They make a great stocking stuffer holiday gift.

  53. Hummingbird Feeder
  54. gifts-for-gardeners-hummingbird-feeder

    Hummingbirds have amazingly adapted pollinators, so you should put them in your outdoor space—experience glorious hummingbirds with this bird feeder. The beautiful brushed copper and glass design adds elegance to your garden decor. The five durable metal perches attract more hummingbirds, and the 13-ounce capacity provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and returning for more. The wide opening and detachable flat base make filling easy. It is a great gift for gardeners and bird lovers alike. 

    What are the best gardening gifts?

    Unearthing the best gardening gifts can be a fun and rewarding journey, just like gardening. Our gift guide will dig into various carefully selected gifts, from practical tools that make gardening a breeze to whimsical and decorative items that charm any garden space.

    So, whether you’re shopping for a seasoned green thumb or a budding plant enthusiast, get ready to explore gifts that will cultivate joy and nurture their love of gardening.