31 Gifts For Painters That’ll Color Them Happy

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: September 25, 2023

    Whether you need a gift for a professional artist, a weekend watercolorist, a Rembrandt-in-training, or an art teacher, our gift guide has gifts for painters who are creative, vibrant, and fun.

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    What are some great gift ideas for artists? 

    Let’s dive into the creative world of gifts for artists! A high-quality sketchbook or professional art supplies could be just the ticket, offering them new mediums to explore and enhance their creativity. Alternatively, you might consider an adjustable desk lamp with various color and brightness settings – an absolute must for those late-night sessions when inspiration strikes!

    A top-tier graphic tablet or software subscription for digital artists can open up a new dimension of possibilities. And let’s not forget about inspirational art books or museum memberships, providing endless hours of artistic exploration and enjoyment. Artists love nothing more than a gift that allows them to express their creativity in new and exciting ways!

  1. iPhone Case
  2. gifts-for-painters-phone-case

    Have you ever seen such a tactile-looking phone cover? And for a painter, it’ll undoubtedly disguise any paint splashes. This case fits the latest model iPhones: iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. For an iPhone 11, look over here.

  3. Stemless Wine Glass 
  4. gifts-for-painters-wine-glass

    It is the perfect tongue-in-cheek gift for an art teacher, a pro artist, or a wine drinker who loves to brushstroke in alcohol-fueled painting classes. The bottom line is that none make any “Monet” from it—a great gift for artists and wine lovers.

  5. Color Wheel Key Chain


    This gift was made for an art teacher. It’s a fully functional color wheel and a key chain, so they can easily teach color theory daily. It’s a fun, unique gift that any artist or lover of color would genuinely appreciate.

  7. The Full Monty Art Supply Box
  8. gifts-for-painters-art-set

    One of the best gifts you can give to an aspiring painter, this 95-piece wooden art supply box has it! It even transforms into an easel. It includes 36 oil, watercolor, and acrylic paints, two canvases, two palettes, a watercolor pad, a sketch pad, and an assortment of pastels, brushes, and pencils—an excellent gift for beginners.

  9. Samadhi Board
  10. gifts-for-painters-zen-set

    A Samadhi board is an artistic way to practice letting go. Fill the stand with water, dip it in the bamboo brush, and start painting on the drawing tablet. It’s incredibly meditative. But you can only admire your artwork now as it will slowly begin to fade away. This will get their creative juices flowing.

  11. Funny Coffee Mug


    Interruptions mess with the creative flow. This ceramic mug seeks to rectify that – in plain English. This mug makes a fantastic Christmas stocking stuffer for the artsy type in your family—the best gift for artists and coffee lovers.

  13. Plein Air Artist Easel 


    This “Plein air” French-style easel is perfect for artists of all ages and skills. Crafted from high-quality Beechwood, it’s sturdy yet lightweight and includes a storage sketch box. It folds down to a desktop easel when not in use, and a carry handle and shoulder strap make it easy to carry to any scenic location.

  15. Art Palette Clock  
  16. gifts-for-painters-clock

    This clock will create envy in art because it’s a gorgeous and highly creative gift. A great gift idea for any art lover but a perfect gift for an art teacher to display in her classroom. It can also be personalized with their name or a small message.

  17. Funny Art T-Shirt
  18. gifts-for-painters-art-tee

    This tee is sweetly funny, but the art palette graphic is also eye-catching. The artist in your life will undoubtedly make a statement wearing this. Available in men, women, and youth sizes.

  19. Travel Watercolor Brushes 
  20. gifts-for-painters-travel-brushes

    If the artist in your family likes to paint wherever they go, this travel brush set is compact and excellent for watercolor, gouache, illustration, animation, and beyond. Perhaps a couple of these painting sketchbooks for the road as well?

  21. Van Gogh Mug
  22. gifts-for-painters-mug

    This hand-crafted Van Gogh mug is made of porcelain and features the artist’s famous Starry Night painting—a thoughtful gift for any artistic loved one who loves coffee or tea. The mug holds just over 16 ounces and comes in a lovely gift box.

  23. Color Wheel Umbrella 
  24. gifts-for-painters-umbrella

    A rainbow umbrella uplifts any grey day, but this color wheel umbrella brings 24 colors to the rain party. It is perfect for painters who understand the color wheel on another level.

  25. Cosmetic/Art Supply Pouch
  26. gifts-for-painters-pouch

    Whether they use it for makeup or art tools, this double-sided pouch is all about the art. Adding something inside lets you turn this into a delightful but inexpensive gift set. Perhaps this highly-rated little palette knife set?

  27. Painter’s Cup
  28. gifts-for-painters-painters-cup

    Every great master needs a special paint cup to aid in their creations. This ceramic paint water cup has a paintbrush holder on the rim and is both food and microwave-safe if they suddenly need a coffee hit.  

  29. Gouache Paint Set 
  30. gifts-for-painters-gouache

    This one isn’t a phone case. But it’s a nice set of actual gouache paints. Gouache is an opaque watercolor with the vibrancy and richness of oil or acrylic paint but the easy-to-fix (add water) quality of watercolor. This set is highly rated on Amazon and comes in under $30.

  31. Paint Brush + Palette Earrings 
  32. gifts-for-painters-earrings

    These mismatched earrings are high-quality, cute, and vibrant! The studs are gilded in 22-karat gold and have hypoallergenic posts for those with fussy ear lobes. Dress them up or wear them around the studio. Either way, they are CHARMING. They also come in a unique little glass vial.

  33. Bob Ross Funko Pop 
  34. gifts-for-painters-bob-ross-doll

    This Funko Pop will delight any Bob Ross fans and is an excellent reminder to aspiring artists that there are no mistakes, just “happy little accidents.”

  35. Painting Apron


    A canvas artist’s apron can protect their clothes and tools at the ready. This one has ten pockets and plenty of room for everything they need. It’s also completely unisex.

  37. Paint Brush Cleaner
  38. This paint brush cleaner tool features a flexible, silicone lid with small brush resting areas inside the cup and outside to hold meetings while they’re rinsing out or not in use. The outside of each cover boasts paint holders that keep brushes upright and dry off while protecting surfaces from wet paint.

  39. Keychain
  40. gifts-for-painters-keychain

    This keychain reminds aspiring young artists and older “lifers” to keep pursuing that dream. It makes a lovely stocking stuffer or a sweet “no reason at all” gift.

  41. Witty T-Shirt
  42. gifts-for-painters-tee

    For the professional house or construction painter in your life, this play on Chamillionaire’s rap lyrics will give (and get) them some laughs. It’s available in five colors: men’s, women’s, and youth sizing.

  43. Painter’s Palette 
  44. gifts-for-painters-palette

    When art supplies become works of art themselves, they may look like this ceramic artist’s palette. Each piece features a colorful splatter glaze, six wells for paint colors, plenty of space for mixing, and the thumbhole works for righties and lefties. 

  45. Painting Hat
  46. gifts-for-painters-hat

    Made famous by Rembrandt and Vermeer, a wool beret can be a fun gift for an artist – a gag gift or a genuinely helpful hat for fall or winter painting – especially when outside. These are less than $10 and come in six colors.

  47. Palette Christmas Ornament
  48. gifts-for-painters-ornament

    The perfect Christmas ornament for artsy friends and family, this little paint palette is lifelike and cute! Made of wood that has been stained and handpainted, you can select it with or without a paintbrush. You could also gift one of these yearly as a present topper.

  49. Oil Pastel Set 
  50. gifts-for-painters-pastels

    Oil pastels can be a less messy yet equally brilliant alternative to paint. They have the blendability of acrylic or oil paint but are more similar to a crayon and are great for all levels and ages – yep, even kiddies! Here’s an excellent pastel pad you can team them up with.

  51. Fine Art Socks 
  52. gifts-for-painters-socks

    How about a sock gift set featuring some of their favorite artists? These art socks come in several mix-and-match designs and include such famed art as Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Munch’s The Scream, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, Klimt’s The Kiss, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and several more.

  53. Coffee Table Book
  54. gifts-for-painters-art-book

    This visually splendid art book takes you on a unique guided tour of 2,500 of the world’s most influential paintings and sculptures – from cave paintings to modern masterpieces. It’s presented chronologically and helps you understand the artist’s origin, influences, and techniques. 

  55. Paint Splatter Cushions
  56. gifts-for-painters-cushionWhat better way to decorate an art studio than with pre-prepped splatter to hide what’s to come? These cushions make an attractive finish to a studio, bedroom, or living area and come in two sizes.


    An art gallery for their desktop makes a terrific gift for painters. Hundreds of curated masterworks will greet them yearly – one a day. They also keep track of what day it is in the depths of their studio.

  57. Rock Art Book
  58. gifts-for-painters-painting-book

    Rock art is hot and an excellent way for painters to try a new canvas. This book has tips and techniques for transforming rocks into art and proves that almost anything you can do on canvas, you can do on a rock.