34 Gifts For Graphic Designers To Spark Their Creativity

Updated on December 19, 2021 Updated on Dec 19, 2021
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    Creative people can be tough to buy for. Graphic designers have to have an eye for details and quality, so any old gift just won’t do. Whether you want to give them a practical gift or a gift that’s just for fun, we have it covered. We found 30 gifts for graphic designers to spark creativity.

  1. Portable Color Sensor 


    A color sensor is an essential gadget for graphic designers. Rather than guessing color shades, the sensor analyzes and identifies colors. The sensor can connect to iOS, Android, Windows, and Bluetooth. A full charge will provide 10,000 measures.

  3. Wacom Drawing Tablet 
  4. gifts-for-graphic-designers-tablet

    This drawing tablet allows for a high degree of precision when drawing, painting, and Photoshop editing in virtually all software programs. The tablet is compatible with Mac, PC, Chromebook, and Android smartphones and tablets. When registering the Intuos on a Mac or PC, they’ll receive trial periods of several useful software programs.¬†

  5. Coffee Mug


    What other kind of coffee mug would a graphic designer use? In fact, this mug is a great gift for a minimalist too! The porcelain mug comes in a matching gift box and is dishwasher safe. 

  7. Dot Grid Sketchbook


    While many graphic designers work online, pen and paper still hold a place in their process. The dotted grid format of this sketchbook saves time when working with UI stencils and is also great as a place to brainstorm things like logos. 

  9. Sakura Pens
  10. gifts-for-graphic-designers-pens

    Graphic designers need pens that have perfect ink flow and are smooth for the precise kind of work they do, even when it’s free-hand brainstorming work. These pens won’t disappoint. There are six pens, and the ink is black.¬†

  11. The Design Thinking Toolbox
  12. gifts-for-graphic-designers-toolbox

    The Design Thinking Toolbox explains the most important tools and methods to put Design Thinking into action. Based on the largest international survey on the use of design thinking, the most popular methods are described in four pages each by an expert from the global Design Thinking community. If you are involved in innovation, leadership, or design, these are tools you need. Simple instructions, expert tips, templates, and images help you implement each tool or method.

  13. Illustrator Shortcuts Keyboard
  14. gifts-for-graphic-designers-keyboard

    Provide AI shortcuts for any Illustrator, especially for new designers who are not familiar with illustrator hotkeys. This will help to increase their work efficiency. Each XSKN silicone skin is heat molded to ensure, each color is hand-screened using silicone paint which is heat fuses into the silicone keyboard skin to become one, making soft, ultra-thin, durable, and easy to wash keys.

  15. Lightbox
  16. gifts-for-graphic-designers-lightbox

    Ideal for stenciling, 2D animation, calligraphy, embossing, sketching & drawing. This tracing pad will help them get the job done while easing eye strain with a protective film. Adjust the light freely with the touch-sensitive button, simply a better way to find your ideal lighting and it will remember your favorable brightness last time of use. 

  17. Productivity Clock
  18. gifts-for-graphic-designers-productivity-clock

    Time can get lost when you’re deep in design work. A stylish and innovative digital desk timer and the clock will help them be more productive. Simply turn the timer position to start and stop the countdown. Display countdown time remaining on the LCD screen. Adjustable volume control in 3 levels: High, Low, Silent. Flashing back-lit visual alert

  19. Pantone Color Guide
  20. gifts-for-graphic-designers-guide

    A Pantone Color Guide is essential for a graphic designer. This specific one is designed for web designers because it converts shades into CMYK, HTML, and RGN values, so the colors are accurately displayed on a screen. It’s one of the best gifts you can give someone who makes a living in graphic design, but it is a bit pricey, so it makes a perfect “big” Christmas gift!¬†

  21. Graphic Design Book
  22. gifts-for-graphic-designers-book

    The field of graphic design has a fascinating history, and this book covers it. The book contains more than 1,400 images detailing the artistic and technological advances that make up the world of graphic design that we know today. 

  23. Computer Glasses 
  24. gifts-for-graphic-designers-glasses

    Graphic designers spend long hours staring at a computer screen to the point the pixels shift out of focus! These retro-style computer glasses can help prevent the eye strain of staring at a screen all day. The unisex glasses block blue light, which leads to eye strain and can cause poor sleep. This pair includes a carrying case. 

  25. Noise Cancelling Earbuds 
  26. gifts-for-graphic-designers-earbuds

    A noisy office can hamper the creative process and workflow. These wireless noise-canceling earbuds will give them the quiet they need to create! The earbuds are compatible with Apple iPhones and Android phones, and Mac or PC via Bluetooth. Fully charged, the earbuds provide six hours of life, and 15 minutes inside the included charging case will give them two hours of life. 

  27. Print


    Any graphic designer will co-sign this definition! The print measures 11×14 and comes ready for framing, printed on high-quality archival paper.¬†¬†

  29. Lap Desk
  30. gifts-for-graphic-artists-desk

    This lap desk lets them create a workspace anywhere! The desk holds laptops up to 15.6 inches and most tablets, has a vertical slot for a phone and a mouse pad work surface. The bolster cushion keeps their lap and their gadgets cool via airflow. 

  31. Abstract Glass Print
  32. gifts-for-graphic-designers-print

    Graphic designers are artists just as surely as painters or poets, so a lovely print makes a great graphic designer gift! This abstract piece is printed on glass and framed using recycled materials. The print measures 18 x 24 inches.

  33. Spirograph
  34. gifts-for-graphic-designers-game

    How many graphic designers were born from playing this game as a kid? Bring back some fun, happy childhood memories and give them a nice way to destress with this gift. The game includes 22 spirographs, three pens, a guidebook, 20 design sheets, and a storage case. 

  35. Campfire Mug
  36. gifts-for-graphic-artists-mug

    Campfire mugs are great; there is something so rustic and cozy about them! This enamel over stainless steel mug is a cute gift for graphic designers. The mug holds 11 ounces and is printed on both sides.

  37. Key Chain
  38. gifts-for-graphic-designers-keychain

    Especially if it’s Comic Sans or Serif! How could you?! This stainless steel key chain is the perfect gift for the graphic designer, especially if they’re a little snarky! The key chain arrives in a velvet gift bag a super cute gift for your coworker.

  39. Digital Graphic Drawing Tablet
  40. gifts-for-graphic-designers-productivity-tablet

    Wacom‚Äôs trusted professional Pro Pen 2 technology in a precision graphics tablet, optimized for hours of image editing, illustration or design work. The Pro Pen 2 features 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response, and virtually lag-free tracking for ultimate precision and control ‚Äď and because it‚Äôs battery-free it never needs charging. Speed your workflow with the multi-touch surface, programmable express keys, radial menus, and pen side-switches.

  41. Wine Tumbler


    A nice glass of wine or a cocktail can go a long way towards stoking the creative process! This stainless steel tumbler comes with a lid so not one precious drop is spilled. The tumbler is stainless steel to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot and holds 12 ounces. 

  43. Magic Cube 
  44. gifts-for-graphic-designers-cube

    This is like a Rubik’s Cube for graphic designers! The cube is made of Pantone colors and is a fun gift for stress relief, a conversation piece, or even a paperweight for their desk. The cube measures 3 x 3 x 3. This makes a fun stocking stuffer for your favorite graphic designer.¬†

  45. Vintage Typography Cards 
  46. gifts-for-graphic-designers-cards

    Where do fonts come from? Each card showcases a different font from the early part of the 20th century and its history. There are 12 notecards and 12 envelopes. 

  47. Tote Bag
  48. gifts-for-graphic-designers-tote

    Lorem Ipsum is something of an inside joke for graphic designers. You may not know the definition, but your graphic designer friend will! It’s basically dummy text to hold a space in a design. This tote bag is great as a work bag, gym, beach, or grocery bag. The bag is made of sturdy cotton twill.

  49. Standing Desk
  50. gifts-for-graphic-designers-desk

    Sitting down for hours a day is bad for your health. Help them get the blood flowing with this standing desk. The desk’s height can be adjusted, and the wheels make it easy to move around their home or office.¬†

  51. Moleskine Notebook 
  52. gifts-for-graphic-designers-notebook

    Some gift ideas are classics, and Moleskine Notebooks are just such a gift. While they make a perfect gift for graphic designers, they’re great for writers, artists, diarists, and travelers. This notebook contains 240 pages of ruled paper.¬†

  53. Stencils


    Stencils are useful for graphic designers who like to flesh out their designs on paper before hitting the software. This set of three stencils are made of stainless steel, so they’re very durable and have dozens of symbols, designs, and icons.¬†

  55. Pen Holder
  56. gifts-for-graphic-designers-holder

    They need a way to keep all of their pens, pencils, markers, and assorted odds and ends organized, and this desk organizer is a cute way to get the job done. Made of maple, it has a calendar to keep track of the days of the month. It’s a pretty and useful way to keep their workspace tidy.¬†

  57. Laptop Backpack
  58. gifts-for-graphic-designers-bag

    This bag is great for day-to-day use but also makes a wonderful travel backpack. The bag can accommodate a laptop up to 17 inches in size, has a USB charging port and RFID pockets to protect your personal information, and repels water. The bag is lightweight, weighing just over three pounds. 

  59. Powerdock


    Never fight over a charger again! This powerdock comes with six mixed USB cables and can store and charge up to six smartphones and mini tablets at the same time while keeping everything in one place. 

  61. Minimalist Alarm Clock
  62. gifts-for-graphic-designers-clock

    This alarm clock is a unique gift that graphic designers will love. It’s elegant and functional! Made of wood, the clock has three alarms, an LED display, and shows the temperature and humidity. The clock is available in two other finishes, both darker.¬†

  63. Stylus Pen
  64. gifts-for-graphic-designers-pen

    A high-quality stylus is one of the most useful gifts a graphic designer could receive. This pen is made from stainless steel and aluminum. The stylus is compatible with many devices, including iPad, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, and e-readers. The transparent disc on the end provides a smooth performance. 

  65. T-Shirt 
  66. gifts-for-graphic-designers-shirt

    If a career can be defined on a t-shirt, this t-shirt has done it! And any graphic designer or the graphic artist will agree that they are indeed wizards and miracle workers. The shirt is available in Men’s, Women’s, and Youth’s sizes and five colors.¬†

  67. Playing Cards 
  68. gifts-for-graphic-designers-cards

    Your graphic design friends will appreciate the sleek aesthetic of these minimalist playing cards. The cards are water-resistant and made of eco-friendly materials. They’re fun for a night of card games or just as a coffee table conversation piece.¬†