27 Inspirational and Essential Gifts For Writers

Updated on April 29, 2022 Updated on Apr 29, 2022
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    So, you have to buy a gift for a writer?  Well, put back the latest New York Times Best Seller because we have found some fun, inspirational and essential gifts for the wordsmiths in your life. If you are looking for great gift ideas for an aspiring writer or published novelist, we have come up with some of the best gifts for writers in your life.

  1. Edgar Allen Poe Library Candle
  2. gifts-for-writers-library-candle

    For all the bibliophiles in your lives, we present the Library Collection. Pairing favorite quotes with exquisite fragrances, we pay tribute to well-loved authors. Impeccably packaged in a gift box adorned with an author photo, bio, and stamped labels, this is the ideal gift for lovers of fine literature. Every candle fragrance is a blend of custom notes designed to evoke the author’s spirit for which it is named.

  3. Typewriter Keyboard
  4. gifts-for-writers-keyboard

    Inspired by vintage typewriters and crafted with ultramodern features, the AZIO Retro Classic is the perfect amalgam of past, present, and future. Inspired by vintage typewriters and crafted with ultramodern features, the Azio Retro Classic is the perfect amalgam of past, present, and future. A backlit mechanical keyboard with round keycaps that evoke the nostalgia of yesteryear complemented with a durable Zinc alloy frame and a luxurious genuine leather surface. 

  5. Writers Toolbox
  6. gifts-for-writers-toolbox

    Designed by a longtime creative writing teacher, the creative writer’s toolbox is an innovative kit that includes a 64-page booklet filled with exercises and instructions that focus on a “right-brain” approach to writing. Sixty exercises to get stories off the ground, 60 cards fuel creative descriptions, and four spinner palettes will ignite unexpected plot twists. For any aspiring writer, this kit is the perfect first step on the path to literary greatness!

  7. Writers Emergency Pack
  8. gifts-for-writers-emergency-pack

    Some of the best writers need to get unstuck sometimes. When your story gets stuck, Writer Emergency Pack has the tools you need for writer’s block. Fix plot holes and spice up stock characters. Rethink your themes. Writer Emergency Pack contains 26 illustrated cards, each featuring a different idea for getting unstuck. The notion of using cards to help you write isn’t new. Writers have long used tarot cards, looking for meaning in the illustrations, or decks like Oblique Strategies, with its koan-like prompts (“Repetition is a form of change”). The ideas in the Writer Emergency Pack are designed to be less abstract and more immediately applicable. 

  9. The Emotion Thesaurus
  10. gifts-for-writers-emotion-book

    One of the most significant problem areas for writers is conveying emotion to the reader uniquely compelling way. When showing our characters’ feelings, we often grab onto the first idea that comes to mind, and our characters end up smiling, shrugging, nodding and frowning far too much. Need some inspiration to get you beyond the basics? Inside The Emotion Thesaurus, you’ll find 75 emotion entries that list body language, thoughts, and visceral responses for each.

  11. Do Not Disturb Sign
  12. gifts-for-writers-wall-door-hang

    Sometimes you need to be left alone to write. Your room is your sanctuary. So mark your territory with one of these handy door hangers. Impossible to overlook, the design will deliver your message clearly to passersby. Made of a 3.5″ x 9.5″ durable thick plastic printed on one side with UV- and water-resistant inks, these hangers will hold up well for indoor or outdoor use. The hole is a universal size, large enough for use with all standard doorknobs.

  13. Personalized Journal
  14. gifts-for-writers-personalized-journal

    This personalized classic leather journal-style notebook is excellent for on-the-fly ideas, creative writing, and everyday note-taking needs. The durable covers and varying sizes make it easy to throw in your bag and take anywhere. The vibrant colors and beautiful designs make it a thoughtful and personal gift for a friend or loved one, or even for you!

  15. Fountain Pen Set


    A stylishly reliable writing partner, Parker IM Fountain Pens pair brilliant, polished designs with a sleek tapered shape. Crafted with a range of innovative finishes, these Parker fountain pens deliver a timeless appeal. The executive pens combine a comfortable form with a durable stainless steel nib that provides the perfect writing angle. As a bonus, it’s packaged with a collection of ink refills, a converter, and a cleaning cloth.

  17. Benjamin Franklin Wall Art
  18. This floating transparent frame has an inspiring quote from Benjamin Franklin – “Either, write things worth reading or do things worth the writing.” All Floating Quotes are expertly printed on transparency film, encased between two pieces of glass, and framed in an elegant 8×10 or 11×14 black frame. The black of the artwork is visible, and the rest is see-through. This creates a neat shadow when hung on the wall. Sawtooth hanger installed for easy hanging.

  19. Book Binding Kit
  20. gifts-for-writers-binding

    Start your bookbinding studies with projects that don’t require lots of equipment and tools. Made from durable genuine bone, the smooth surface will not hurt your paper. Great for beginners and starters to learn bookbinding or professional use.

  21. Beautiful Book Ends


    Intricately detailed classic books formed into gorgeous bookends make this an ideal gift for a writer or lover of books. Complete set of 2 included in each package. This unique gift is a writer’s desk organizer dream for the minimalist.  Made of wood they are the perfect gift for writers or book lovers.

  23. Literary Insults Chart
  24. gifts-for-writers-chart

    This snark-filled chart compiles unforgettable insults in an interconnected map. They run the gamut, from sassy to sophisticated, including Hedda Hopper’s playful hyperbole (You had to stand in line to hate him), Madame Roland’s canine analogy (The more I see of men, the more I like dogs), and Jonathan Swift’s understated wordplay (Some folks are wise, and some otherwise). And, of course, a smattering of colorful insults from Shakespeare, the playwright who practically invented the art of the poetic put-down. It makes an excellent gift for any bibliophile or friend who enjoys acerbic wit. You might note that the gift is made in good fun.

  25. Bean Coffee Box
  26. gifts-for-retired-teachers-coffee

    A handpicked selection of 16 gourmet whole bean coffees from around the world will delight all coffee lovers. Each bag is 1.8 ounces of freshly roasted coffee and includes tasting notes, brewing tips and is guaranteed to be fresh. 

  27. Do Not Annoy The Writer Coffee Mug
  28. gifts-for-writers-mug

    They might look innocent, but some writers might be plotting to kill you…in one of their stories, of course.  This funny white ceramic mug with a black interior is a humorous gift for your writer friend. The image is printed on both sides to get the message across. 

  29. Story Telling Game
  30. gifts-for-writers-game

    Every picture tells a story – but what story will your picture tell? Dixit is the lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale. In this award-winning board game, players will use the beautiful imagery on their cards to bluff their opponents and guess which image matches the story. Guessing right is only half the battle – to succeed, you’ll have to get your friends to decide that your card tells the story! 

  31. Bathtub Caddy
  32. gifts-for-writers-caddy

    Relax with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other. Enjoy a home spa experience with this new bamboo bathtub tray—a thoughtful gift! Glide the sides to your desired length and lay the tray on top of your bathtub. Now you are all set up for some peaceful tub time! For extra safety, the tray has anti-skid rubber pads that prevent the tray from sliding and protect your tub from possible scratches—everything at your fingertips.

  33. 100 Books Scratch Poster
  34. gifts-for-writers-chart

    This beautiful list compiles 100 of the best novels ever written, to be scratched off as you read them. Perfect motivation for any book worm, underneath each panel is a fantastic image related to the tale. How many have you read? 

  35. Book Worm Ring
  36. gifts-for-writers-ring

    This book worm wrap twist ring makes an excellent gift for a reading lover! Each ring is handcrafted from aluminum and says “Book Worm” on the outside and our book design stamp on the inside. Even though this is an adjustable ring, we can size it when we make it. Please choose your approximate size at checkout.

  37. Hamlet Tee Shirt
  38. gifts-for-writers-tee-shirt

    Every super soft Litographs t-shirt is individually hand pressed to order. We use all-over dye sublimation so that the text covers every inch. Please note, a minor amount of blurring on the seams and collar is unavoidable. You may also notice a few small, white areas under the arms, which are not noticeable when the t-shirt is worn. These are standard features of dye sublimation, and each item is unique. Get this print or other famous stories as a tee, tote bag, blanket, or wall decor print.

  39. Writers Market 100th Addition
  40. gifts-for-writers-writers-market

    To be the next Jane Austen, Stephen King, or even Hemingway, you first need to get published. Let Writer’s Market 100th Addition guide you through the process with thousands of publishing opportunities for writers, including listings for book publishers, consumer and trade magazines, contests and awards, and literary agents–as well as new playwriting and screenwriting sections. Discover the secrets to ten-minute marketing, how to make money covering live events, and seven steps to doubling your writing income.

  41. Banned Book Coffee Mug
  42. gifts-for-writers-mug

    If your local coffee shop has a mug like this, then it’s the place to be. This mug boldly displays the title of some of the world’s most famous banned books, from Galileo’s Dialogo to Rushdie’s Satanic Verses and 22 titles in between. It holds 12oz of your favorite beverage and comes from The Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

  43. Winter Willow Handmade Bookmark
  44. gifts-for-book-lovers-book-mark


    What book page were you on again? If only you had a gorgeous handmade bookmark! These beautifully intricate bookmarks are made from real hardwoods which will remind readers of the smell of the deep adventures of the forest. Each features a heart design, a mark of their love for books because books are their heart! The perfect book gift for an avid reader!

  45. Tea Spoon


    Caffeine is fuel for writers! Celebrate the life of a writer with this stamped teaspoon. This stainless steel spoon is a novelty item stamped one letter at a time by hand and made with non-toxic ink. You can safely use this piece as everyday silverware, but please note that daily use can wear the ink over time. Once the ink fades, you’ll be left with clean impressions that are still very visible and will last a lifetime.

  47. Enamel Pin Set
  48. gifts-for-writers-pins

    Essentials for any writer. Accessorize your love of literature with our Typewriter and Coffee enamel pin set! The set of 2 pins is brass with a white nickel finish. Since 2010, Out of Print’s mission has spread the joy of reading by transforming literary classics into bookish apparel and accessories. With every purchase, you help us to donate books and support literacy programs around the world.

  49. Shakespeare Doll
  50. gifts-for-writers-doll


    Every writer has suffered from writer’s block at some point. Who better to help them get over it than the Bard himself? This doll has the power to help them find their voice when they’re lost for words. Each doll is handmade so they vary slightly. 

  51. Kindle Cover
  52. gifts-for-book-lovers-kindle-cover

    To be a great writer, they need to read a lot of books. Whether they choose audiobooks, paperback books, or prefer reading on the Kindle, the important thing is to read. If they are Kindle readers, then they need a cover that fits their personality. This cover automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the lid is opened and closed—magnetic closure.  The premium PU leather boosts a classy look. The no-scratch microfiber interior adds comfort and an additional layer of protection.

  53. Bird by Bird Book
  54. gifts-for-writers-bird-by-bird

    This book is a masterclass. Learn to write like your favorite writer. Maybe you’ll even write your favorite book. This book will give you advice on writing and life from an acclaimed bestselling author. “Thirty years ago, my older brother, who was ten years old at the time, was trying to get a report on birds written that he’d had three months to write. It was due the next day. My father sat down beside him, put his arm around my brother’s shoulder, and said, ‘Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.'”