27 Gifts For Readers To Show Off Their Literary Love

Updated on January 31, 2022 Updated on Jan 31, 2022
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    Do you know that person who’s always got a book in their bag? There are plenty of book-themed gifts and bookish accessories that will put a smile on their face. Here is a great gift guide for readers that will show off their literary love. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book.

  1. Book Light
  2. gifts-for-readers-light

    Any book lover will adore the magic that this nightstand book lamp brings. They will love reading books with this light lamp by their besides. This modern desk lamp is great for their table, nightstand, desk, or coffee table—a beautiful piece of home decor.

  3. One Hundred Book Covers in One Box
  4. gifts-for-readers-postcards

    This is a collection of 100 postcards, each featuring a different and iconic Penguin book jacket. From classics to crime, here are over seventy years of quintessentially British design in one box. Whether they’re for classics, crime, reference, or prize-winning novels, they still follow Allen Lane’s original design mantra. Sometimes, you definitely should judge a book by its cover.

  5. Witch Bookmark
  6. gifts-for-readers-bookmark

    Fantastic stripy legs are sticking out from the book, catching everyone’s attention. It’s hard to get your eyes off shiny red shoes. Each one is created and crafted by hands and with love. It makes a cute gift for the book lover in your life, or maybe those in your book club!

  7. Book Darts
  8. gifts-for-readers-darts

    Book darts are precision cut paper-thin metal line markers that attach easily to any page and won’t leave a lasting mark. Use again and again for a lifetime. Eliminate bent corners, paper clips, underlining, highlighting with this elegant alternative. Also really useful for tagging recipes in cookbooks! And these will be a big hit at book club.

  9. Bedside Caddy
  10. gifts-for-readers-caddy

    This bedside caddy has rear pockets perfect for books, magazines, phone, glasses and other things that you need them close to your bed. It’s made using the premium felt with extra-strong stitching. The caddy can hold up to 20 pounds. 

  11. Walnut Page Holder
  12. gifts-for-readers-holder

    With this book page holder, you can read anywhere, anytime, position, condition, and circumstance. Every single unit is handmade of high-quality walnut wood, refined to perfection. It is unique and makes any book a page-turner.

  13. Bookworm Pencil Set
  14. gifts-for-readers-pencil-set

    John Steinbeck claimed that the mere sight of new pencils inspired him. Ernest Hemingway believed the humble graphite tool made his writing more fluid. Using a vintage hot-foil press, these pencils are hand-stamped with a maxim that will make any bibliophile smile. The set of eight is crafted from natural cedarwood and beautifully boxed for gifting to your favorite bookworm, writer, and anyone who adores the art of words.

  15. 100 Books Scratch-off Poster
  16. gifts-for-book-lovers-poster

    There are some books that everyone should read in their lifetime. Written by the most significant literary minds, these timeless classics can change how you think and live. Even after hundreds or thousands of years, their themes, emotions, and life lessons are still relevant today. Display it on your wall to show off your impressive reading list or challenge yourself and track your progress. A fun gift for your favorite bookworm.

  17. Personalized Library Book Embosser Stamp
  18. gifts-for-readers-book-embossser

    Make sure all your books get returned to your library. Customizable in style shown, this personal embosser is precision-crafted to make raised impressions on your book pages, as well as envelopes, stationery, official documents, napkins, and more. This embosser includes a state-of-the-art, new mechanism that creates embossed images with minimal effort.

  19. Snarky Socks
  20. gifts-for-readers-socks

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that she’s a quiet, docile, meek bibliophile. But only the first time. Blue Q Socks are woven from soft, luxurious combed cotton, nylon for strength, and spandex for long-lasting fun. These socks are ultra-cozy and make a great stocking stuffer gift idea for her!

  21. Paddywax Library Collection
  22. gifts-for-readers-candle

    An ideal gift for lovers of fine literature, this collection pairs favorite quotes with custom-blended fragrances designed to evoke the author’s spirit for which it is named; impeccably packaged in a linen-textured gift box. Notes of black raspberry, clove leaf, and birch wood lend to the spiciness of this candle’s aroma; we work with perfumers to source nature’s finest ingredients, creating high-quality candles that tell a unique fragrance story to fit your mood.

  23. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader
  24. gifts-for-book-lovers-kindle

    if they don’t have a kindle, this is a no-brainer. By design, Kindle Paperwhite is purpose-built for reading and creates a sanctuary so you can lose yourself in a book. Unlike tablets and phones, Kindle doesn’t distract you with social media, emails, and text messages.

  25. Novel Teas
  26. gifts-for-readers-tea

    Novel Teas Pouches contain 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with English Breakfast tea. There is no better company than a steaming cup of tea as you open the cover of a favorite classic or turn the page of the latest thriller. Novel Teas ~ nature’s story unfolded in every leaf. Read them and steep! The best gift idea for a tea lover.

  27. Superhero Floating Bookshelf
  28. gifts-for-readers-bookshelf

    Avid readers can store their best book collections the superhero way. Beauty and power that keep the books aloft. A Wonderwoman character seems to be floating on air and still carrying the heavyweight of your books. This bookshelf holder is a fabulous floating hidden shelf that gives the impression of a superheroine holding the books in the air, preventing them from falling to the ground. It comes in a few different characters

  29. A Fun Coffee Table Book
  30. gifts-for-readers-bookFrom modern craft cocktails to old standby’s, prepare to shake, stir, and plain pour your way through some of the best wax ever pressed. Wickedly designed and featuring photography throughout, Booze & Vinyl is organized by mood, from Rock to Chill, Dance, and Seduce. Each entry has liner notes that underscore the album’s musical highlights and accompanying “Side A” and “Side B” cocktail recipes that complement the music’s mood, imagery in the lyrics or connect the drink to the artist. This is your guide to a rich listening session for one, two, or more.

  31. Out of Print Banned Books Coffee Mug
  32. gifts-for-readers-banned-mug

    Delight a book lover with a cozy ceramic mug with the snarky statement “Bookmarks Are For Quitters.” It’s the perfect sentiment for someone who loves to cuddle up with a book and power through to the last page. This coffee mug is a great book lover gift for men or women. Makes a great Christmas stocking stuffer for bookworms.

  33. Bestsellers Puzzle


    A collection of vintage book covers of some of the greatest best sellers of all time. This incredible puzzle makes for a great gift for old and young book lovers. Thrill and challenge your family and friends to piece together this fantastic 1000-Piece jigsaw puzzle. Bring home hours of fun and entertainment everyone will enjoy.

  35. City Skyline Bookends
  36. gifts-for-readers-bookends

    Your library can take you to beautiful places: Gatsby’s East Egg mansion, the mountains of Middle Earth, the skyscrapers of Chicago…Celebrate your love of big city skylines with Brian Segars silhouette bookends. Hand-cut from carbon steel, each set includes the iconic landmarks that make these cities (New York, Chicago, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle) instantly recognizable—and unforgettable.

  37. Harry Potter Cookbook
  38. gifts-for-readers-harry-potter-cookbook

    With this cookbook, dining a la Hogwarts is as easy as Banoffi Pie. With more than 150 easy-to-make recipes, tips, and techniques, you can indulge in spellbindingly delicious meals drawn straight from the pages of your favorite Potter stories. With a dash of magic and a drop of creativity, you’ll conjure up the entrees, desserts, snacks, and drinks you need to transform ordinary Muggle meals into magical culinary masterpieces, sure to make even Mrs. Weasley proud.

  39. Bathtub Caddy
  40. gifts-for-readers-tray


    Talk about bathing in luxury with this gorgeous bath tray with a glass of good wine, their favorite book, and nice-smelling candles. This tray is fully adjustable to fit almost any bathtub effortlessly, thanks to its extendable sides.

  41. Library Card Socks


    Calling all book nerds! Made to look like an empty library card waiting for new readers, this cozy set of socks celebrates your most beloved titles and the ones you’ve yet to crack. These socks make a great gift idea for that cute best friend who loves quirky gifts!

  43. Always Fully Booked Tote Bag
  44. gifts-for-readers-tote

    It’s incredible how utterly ignorable the world is when you’ve got a good book in your hands. Haul your books, groceries, laundry, toys- – you name it! The bag is made of cotton canvas, so it’s sturdy and practical. 

  45. Magnetic Poetry – Book Lover Kit
  46. gifts-for-readers-magnet

    A perfect gift for any lover of literature, the Book Lover taps into a world of endless new chapters, compelling characters, and evocative poems with well-written words like character, desire, epic, inspire, magic, mystery. Contains over 200 themed magnetic word tiles in a cute, colorful, giftable box.

  47. Floating Book Shelves
  48. gifts-for-readers-shelves


    Another way to store and display your favorite books and make them wall art. These floating shelves allow you to utilize empty wall space. One shelf can hold many books. Perfect for small spaces that are not quite large enough for a traditional bookcase.

  49. Quote Earrings
  50. gifts-for-writers-earrings

    These adorable silver quote earrings are fun to wear and make an excellent gift for a writer or a teacher.  A great, simple everyday pair you will turn to again and again! They’re handmade of sterling silver.

  51. Library Card Mug
  52. gifts-for-readers-library-card-mug

    Happiness is a good book and a warm drink. If they love their morning tea or coffee then this library coffee mug will be a treasured gift! Each purchase helps fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need—a must-have for any bibliophile.

  53. James Baldwin Candle
  54. gifts-for-readers-baldwin-candle

    Show your devotion to James Baldwin, the patron saint of poets, uncles, and exiles. Place this in your reading nook and use it as your reading light or meditate on it while listening to an audiobook on Audible. The front of the devotional candle features an art print of Baldwin’s image. The back shows his patronage, saint’s day, and a special prayer to inspire and enlighten.