28 Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts to Make Them Feel Special

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 29, 2023

    Whether you are looking for a holiday or teacher appreciation week gift, you want to give your favorite teachers something thoughtful for their hard work. You won’t find any apples on this list! Many teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of their pockets to outfit their classrooms, and some of these gifts will help them do just that! Our gift guide has gift ideas from students and gifts you can give to the school teacher in your life.  

  1. Bento Lunch Box
  2. mothers-day-gift-ideas-for-mom-lunchbox

    The Table Meal Prep Portion Control Containers are stylish stackable Containers with cutlery.  No more fussing with leaky food containers & clunky bento box accessories that are hard to carry.  his divided lunch container is excellent for meal prep, packing lunches, or picnicking. 

  3. Desk Cup Holder Clip
  4. gifts for professors coffee clip

    This is a pretty awesome gift for anyone really.  hey can protect their computer and paperwork with this little gadget.  It prevents spills and condensation from cold drinks all over your desk.  It can be attached to the edge of desks or shelves to hold drinks and other things securely.

  5. Wine Bag
  6. teacher-gifts-wine-bag

    Are you looking for a funny but thoughtful teacher appreciation gift? His wine bottle tote will be sure to be a hit. It’s funny because we know teachers really prefer grapes over apples. You know they need a glass (or five) of wine by the end of the day.  It has two bottles or fills with one bottle and adds a cute wine glass or another gift.  This is a great way to thank your child’s teacher as a teacher appreciation day gift.

  7. Urban Dictionary


    If you (or someone you know) is of the older generation, a complete dork or has simply led a culturally sheltered life, you are likely perplexed by today’s language on the street.  With the humor and classic educational techniques of our Slang Flashcards, the tricky tongue of today’s youth will be within reach.  

  9.  Teacher Voice Coffee Mug
  10. gifts for professors mug

    They are persevering, lovingly caring for a classroom full of students with patience.  But don’t make the teacher’s voice show up!  his teacher mug is Great for anyone who has dedicated their life to education.

  11. Planner
  12. gifts-for-best-friends-life-planner

    If you are looking for a personalized gift, this is it. I have one of these, and let me tell you, it’s life-changing.  his one is the mega life planner, but Erin Condren also makes many different types for all budgets and needs.  he LifePlanner is the ultimate planning system to organize, achieve your goals and preserve memories in one stylish space.  his is my favorite best friend gift!

  13. The New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons
  14. teacher-gifts-book

    The New Yorker Book of Teacher Cartoons, Second Edition is a hilarious compilation of cartoons that capture the joy, terror, excitement, anxiety and fun that teachers experience daily, as seen through the eyes of The New Yorker’s best-loved cartoonists. 

  15. Teacher T-Shirt
  16. teacher-gifts-wine-t-shirt

    Very specific but if you have a bearded teacher or professor, he will love this!  If you know a bearded Teacher why not get him this funny beard shirt for Christmas or his birthday.  his is a great teacher gift idea and he’ll be excited to wear it when he’s back to school.

  17. Motivational Wall Art
  18. teacher-gifts-wall-art

    These chalkboard-style posters are great for classrooms, offices, and college campuses.  hey have so many great quotes, including, Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching, Never stop learning, You are capable of more than you know, The secret of getting ahead is getting started, Don’t wish for it, work for it and Be the change you wish to see in the world.

  19. Desk Paper Organizer


    What’s better than one stackable paper tray?  wo stackable paper trays for the classroom!  his beautiful letter sorter set gives you plenty of versatility to store all your important documents in a letter tray organizer.  Made with durable rose gold electro-plating, this two-tier tray paper sorter organizer is as strong as it is beautiful.  t will match any décor and elevate your style as a home office and teacher desk decor.

  21. Felt Letter Board
  22. teacher-gifts-paper-felt-letter-board

    It’s not about being creative; it’s about finishing the stuff that matters to you with the creativity you already have.  magine it and create it!  Inspirational quotes, a crafty message, a question, menu board, advertising sign, to-do list, display board, open sign, business sign, information board, home decoration, notice board, the list goes on!  mall, portable, and easy to take on the go.  Includes 346 white and 346 pink sprues ¾ inch Helvetica characters and emojis.

  23. Laminator
  24. teacher-gifts-laminator

    The Scotch PRO Thermal Laminator offers high-quality, professional lamination with easy-to-use controls.  The machine features Never Jam technology and warms up within five minutes.  Also features a folding tray, hidden cord storage, and a carry handle for portability and easy storage.  The laminator has a max input of items up to 9 inches, making it ideal for home, school, professional, or personal organization projects.

  25. Hand Sanitizer
  26. Yikes!  Germs are everywhere—countertops, bathrooms, door handles, the gym—and who wants to take time out of a busy life to get sick again?  Soap and water alone can’t kill germs, but ordinary hand sanitizers dry out your hands and may leave an undesirable scent.  Squeaky Cleans unique formula will leave your hands feeling soft and smooth after every use.  Elegantly designed in a stylish pump bottle, this discreet hand sanitizer will blend into any environment.

  27. Owl Desk Pots
  28. teacher-gifts-flower pot

    Ideal for indoor or outdoor container gardening, this thumb-style planter is a tough, lightweight alternative to ceramic planters.  his planter offers excellent all-weather durability.  Filled with plants, flowers or even candy, these favor pots make an excellent gift.  Available in 6 Owl styles.

  29. Kate Spade Pencil Holder
  30. teacher-gifts-pencil

    This holder adds a sophisticated, yet whimsical organization and easily fits all your pens and pencils.  orralling your pencils has never been easier than with our stack of the classics pencil holder.  he will be all set for the next time they are grading papers.

  31. Rotating Organizer
  32. teacher-gifts-organizer

    The Idea Made EZ Organizer is an easy, space-saving solution for every household need.  Its the perfect companion for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or garage that brings 360-degree organization at fingertip control.  The easily adjustable shelves and compartments allow the EZ Organizer to fit any customer need, whether the items are large or small.

  33. Wine Glass
  34. teacher-gifts-glass

    Any teacher will perfectly understand the sentiment expressed on this glass!  Give them a little laugh with their end-of-the-day tipple with this stemless wine glass.  The glass holds 15 ounces which should be enough to brush off any rough day in the classroom. 

  35. Voice Amplifier
  36. teacher-gifts-amplifier

    Amplify Your Voice and Saves Your Throat. — Making communication easier.  e designed our personal voice amplifier to be comfortably portable while still being sturdy enough to use in almost any situation.  he mini voice amplifier is a great aid for teachers, preachers, coaches, particularly if one is having trouble with one’s own vocal volume.


    If you are looking for the perfect gift for teachers, bus drivers, a party hostess, coworkers, secret Santa…all of those odd and end gifts you need – this is it!  Saying reads: Thanks for making me one smart cookie. Each pot holder has a neoprene backing for extra heat protection—a great idea for a Christmas gift.

  37. Personalized Stamp
  38. teacher-gifts-stamp

    Custom teacher stamps are a fun and convenient way to add a personalized touch to stationery, homework, report cards and more.  he self-inking mount is great for quick, repetitive stamping and also includes a reversible ink pad to give you double the impressions.  Make life a little easier with a custom stamp today.

  39. Desk Organizer
  40. teacher-gifts-desk-organizer

    This beautiful bill organizer desktop has a two-tier mail sorter, accessory compartment, accessory drawer, and a set of calendar blocks, allowing you to stay organized and on top of the task at hand.  ade of a light finished wood with a black handle and black painted calendar blocks, this greeting card organizer set will match any décor and look great on your desk as cubical accessories. 

  41. Water Bottle
  42. teacher-gifts-water-bottle

    Judy Miller (Designer of Onebttl) said she was so lucky to have met many wonderful teachers in her life.  hey have helped her in more ways than simply enriching my basic knowledge.  hey have also helped shape her into the person I am today.  he wanted to thank them and show them her appreciation for their patience and dedication.  he wants them to know that she will always keep them in her heart.  hus, she designed this bottle with a thankful heart, and hope it can convey your gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful teachers.

  43. Notebook Planner
  44. teacher-gifts-notebook

    The 128-page Aim High Teacher Planner helps teachers organize information and lesson plans for the school year.  Organize your school year in style with the comprehensive, wire-bound Aim High Teacher Planner.  his plan book features durable spiral binding for convenience and provides a place to record important information for quick and easy access.  The monthly planning spreads allow you to plan goals and information for the month in one central spot.

  45. Fancy Stapler
  46. fancy-stapler

    Say goodbye to boring.  n attractive stapler with a gold, metallic base and chic, navy plastic top adds style to any desktop. The classic smooth finish combines with a sleek, contoured design for comfort and ease of use.

  47. An Amazon Gift Card


    Whether they want to buy themselves something nice and or pick up some fun school supplies for the school year a gift card always makes a great gift.  Put it in a cute gift card box with some candy and, voila!  You got yourself a gift.

  49. Monogram Teacher Tote Bag
  50. teacher-gifts-tote

    Teachers need a cool way to tote around all their school supplies too!  his teacher’stote bag is a really thoughtful and unique gift personalized teacher gift.  his canvas Tote bag is made from 100% cotton canvas.  t can also be used for weekend outings or picnics. 

  51. Mason Jar Storage
  52. teacher-gifts-storage

    This Cute Mason jar storage unit is finished in farmhouse antique white.  The wall-mounted unit works well as a classroom organizer to hold items such as paintbrushes, markers, pencils.  r they can use it at home!  Also makes a great kitchen or bathroom organizer.

  53. Bean Box
  54. gifts-for-teachers-coffee


    A handpicked selection of 16 gourmet whole bean coffees from around the world will delight all coffee lovers.  Each bag is 1.8 ounces of freshly roasted coffee and includes tasting notes, brewing tips, and is guaranteed to be fresh. 

    How much should you spend on a teacher’s gift?

    When it comes to teacher gifts, it’s really the thought that counts, not the price tag. You can totally find awesome gifts in the range of $10 to $25. Remember, it’s all about showing appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Feel free to get creative, and have fun picking out something that reflects your personality or interests!

    What are the best gifts for teachers?

    Teachers are the unsung heroes of our lives, shaping young minds and inspiring future leaders. But let’s be real; finding the perfect gift for them can be challenging. Do you go for something practical, sentimental, or funny? Fear not, my friends! I’ve scoured the internet and compiled a list of the best gifts for teachers that will make them feel appreciated and valued.