21 End Of Year Gifts For Students That Won’t Destroy Your Salary

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: June 2, 2023

    Want to send your beloved elementary class off with a small gift but operate on a teacher’s salary? It can be done. Firstly, kids will be stoked to receive any gift from their favorite teacher. Secondly, buy in bulk and use your creativity. Here are 21 bright ideas for end-of-year gifts for students.

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    What should I get my students at the end of the year?

    Celebrate your students’ achievements and show them how much you appreciate their hard work with thoughtful end-of-year gifts! Personalized certificates or awards can highlight their unique strengths and accomplishments, while custom bookmarks or small journals can inspire their love for reading and writing.

    Don’t forget to add a heartfelt note or message, as it’s the perfect touch to make these presents truly memorable and encourage your students to continue their educational journey with enthusiasm!

    How much should you spend on end-of-year gifts for students?

    The amount you should spend on end-of-year gifts for students depends on your personal budget and the number of students you have. Generally, keeping the cost per student low is wise, especially if you have a large class. Aim for gifts in the range of $1 to $5 per student. We found some great gift ideas that won’t break the bank and that all your kiddos will love.

  1. Hibiscus UV Sunglasses
  2. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-sunglasses

    Summer’s here, and every kid needs a pair of hip sunglasses. These Hawaiian-style shades won’t break the bank and are a neat way to send them off to summer break.

    Creative Tip: Pair with this “Your future is so bright!” printable template for just a couple of bucks, or DIY your own. Total Cost: $16–$18

  3. Crayons in Personalized Gift Bags
  4. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-crayons

    These bags make a small and sweet personalized gift. They’re colorfully printed with an editable name and can be filled with almost anything.

    Creative Tip: Crayons (or sidewalk chalk) are an inexpensive, non-candy way to fill your bags. Grab a 94-piece crayon pack here. Total Cost: $30–$37

  5. Neon Animal Print Fedoras
  6. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-hats

    Celebrate the last day of the school year in style with these colorful fedoras. They can then take them home for dress-ups over the summer.

    Creative Tip: Pair with some Dr. Seuss “Hats Off to You!” recognition awards. Total Cost: $20–$26.

  7. Smile Squeeze Balls
  8. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-squeeze-balls

    Put a smile on their face all summer long with a happy little gift idea like these smiley, squishy, stress balls. 

    Creative Tip: Pop each ball in a ziplock bag and write “Smile, it’s summertime!” on a bright yellow sticker. Total Cost: $14–$21

  9. Motivational Pencils
  10. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-pencils

    Congratulate their efforts this year with motivational pencils. This pack nets you 150 pencils that can be broken up into a neat little set for each child. 

    Creative Tip: Present them in a colorful pencil case. This bulk set is ideal. Total Cost: $17–$28

  11. Encouragement Wooden Stars
  12. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-stars

    These wooden stars make super charming end-of-the-year gifts and are a lovely reminder to your students that they’re special and unique.

    Creative Tip: Pair with some starburst candy in a little bag (bought in bulk, of course). Total Cost: $33–$46

  13. Summery Bookmarks
  14. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-bookmarks

    Bookmarks always make a great end of the school year student gift and encourage summertime reading. They’re also super cost-effective. 

    Creative Tip: These printable “Don’t forget to read this summer” gift tags give a place for words of encouragement. Or, get some nice card stock and print some of the many free printable bookmarks online. Total Cost: $9–$14

  15. Bubble Wands
  16. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-bubble-wand

    Everyone loves bubble wands on the last day of school. Especially jumbo bubbles! The perfect gift to celebrate the warm weather and also great for last-minute gifting.

    Creative Tip: It’s nice to send kids off with an inspiring message. These printable gift tags let them know they “blew you away” this year.  Total Cost: $20–$23

  17. Erasers


    Food-themed erasers never go out of style with kids, and these are super adorable! At this time of the year, it’s all about fun, but they’ll also be functional when they go back to school.

    Creative Tip: Inspire them by popping an eraser in a bag with a “Mistakes Help Me Grow” postcard, printable in multiple sizes. Total Cost: $9–$15

  19. Wish Bracelets
  20. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-bracelet

    These are ideal for a smaller class to keep the price down but make a touching end-of-the-year student gift. The card comes with a sweet poem and can be customized with names and bead color.

    Creative Tip: These cover it all. Total Cost: $39 for 20

  21. Goodie Bag
  22. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-goodie-bag

    These 7×10-inch bags form the perfect base for end-of-year student gift ideas– they’re bright, fun, reusable, and can be filled with absolutely anything. 

    Creative Tip: Fill with homebaked treats, candy, or a squishy mochi animal – plus a personalized handwritten note. Total Cost: $17–$29

  23. Motivational Notebook
  24. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-notebook


    The perfect end to the year is one that keeps kids inspired over summer. These notebooks are heartfelt, whether they choose to doodle or start their scholastic prepping early.

    Creative Tip: Is anyone else still obsessed with multicolor ballpoints? They’ll bring a great pop of color to these notebooks. Total Cost: $23–$37

  25. Beach Balls
  26. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-beach-ball

    Nothing says summertime like popsicle-stained mouths, sand between the toes, and vibrant, bouncy beach balls. These fun beach balls are sure to go over well.

    Creative Tip: Make it personal by adding a “Hope you have a ball this summer” gift tag. Total Cost: $14–$19

  27. S’mores Gift Bag
  28. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-smores

    Whether they’re planning a camping trip or just camping ’round the kitchen stove, this is a fun and easy gift idea. They will most certainly miss you s’more. **This listing’s for the printable template ONLY.

    Creative Tip: Buy marshmallows, Graham crackers, and chocolate at the supermarket. If you don’t have printing access, simply steal the slogan for a handmade card. Total Cost: approx. $25 

  29. Water Bottles
  30. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-water-bottles

    Buy some colorful water bottles in bulk and turn them into an end-of-year treat. Your best bet is to bulk-buy or visit dollar stores– like Dollar Tree online. 

    Creative Tip: Skip the kool-aid and add some lollypops and a super cute pencil with a wee note telling each student what you love about them. These kindness cards will help. Total Cost: $20–$45

  31. Popsicles
  32. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-popsicles

    Want to keep it super simple for a tighter budget? Freezer pops make a great gift! Honestly, kids are so easily pleased.

    Creative Tip: Turn your pops into a gift by giving them a gift tag. Either write your own or grab these printable “Have a cool summer” tags Total Cost: $8–$13

  33. Potted Succulents
  34. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-encouragement-succulents

    These cutesy, colorful, succulent planters are festive and fun and, of course, really should be paired with a succulent. 

    Creative Tip: Make your last day a learning experience by potting the succulent together. You can buy clippings in bulk like these and some potting mix here. Total Cost: $33-$43

  35. Frisbees
  36. end-of-year-gifts-frisbees


    These awesome frisbees will be a hit with the kid set over the summer. You could even take them outside and have a frisbee team game before the class party.

    Creative Tip: Pop on a frisbee-appropriate gift tag like these printable “The year just flew by” tags. Total Cost: $23–$28

  37. A Gift Tag That Blooms 
  38. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-flowering-paper

    These are highly original and entirely not what they seem. At first glance: a heartfelt greeting. In reality: the colorful shapes contain seeds that bloom into wildflowers!

    Creative Tip: Creativity is well and truly covered, but these would make wonderful gifts to mail to distance learning students. Total Cost: $30

  39. DIY Encouragement Rocks
  40. end-of-year-gifts-for-students-painted-rock

    Buying painted rocks isn’t cheap, but with a bit of DIY, you can send each student off with a special message to treasure.

    Creative Tip: Once you’ve got your rocks, pick up some acrylic paint pens like this to get started. Total Cost: $20–$32

  41. Plush Donuts 
  42. end-of-year-gifts-donuts


    Donuts never looked so healthy with these adorably plush pillows of yumminess. They even have embroidered sprinkles. Creative Tip: Place in cellophane bags, or grab these very on-theme gift bags that read “My sweet donut.” Then pop in a personalized note. Total Cost: $26–$43