30 Useful Camping Gifts That Will Guarantee Happy Campers

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 21, 2023

    Ah, camping. Noting beats the beautiful views, roasting marshmallows on the open fire, and breathing in the fresh mountain air — many reasons people love camping. So, if you’re looking for the best gift to give your favorite happy camper or outdoor adventurer, you may be wondering where to start.

  1. Expedition Shoe Lights
  2. camping gifts show lights

    Adventure Awaits! Headlamps are great and all, but you have to watch your step. As night falls, lighting a safe path for you on wooded trails or on the way back to home base is vital. These Expedition Shoe Lights are a valuable asset, allowing you to light the way without a flashlight, keeping your hands free for other important tasks. The best hiking gift!

  3. More relaxed With Picnic Table And Chairs
  4. camping gifts table

    This is our cooler. It is perfect for a camping trip to the beach, a trip to the park, or a backyard party. In the insulated main compartment, you can keep your lunches and drinks cool on ice. The sides unfold to create a perfect picnic table and include two folding stools.

    It features large, wide wheels and a trolley handle, which makes it easily transportable.

  5. Storage Sack
  6. camping gifts hoboroll

    Keep their camping gear organized during any trip & prevent random small items from hiding in odd corners of their backpack. It’s a real time saver when on the go. Internal segments mean you can pack quickly and find gear quickly – keeping everything how you packed it instead of all over the place.

    This clever packing organizer keeps your gear in one place, like a traditional organizer, but separated into compartments to make each item easier to retrieve.

  7. Camping Coffee Maker
  8. camping-gifts-coffee-maker

    Refresh your coffee experience with Stanley products coffee maker! The Stanley Pour Over coffee maker is a traditional way to brew using a Stainless Steel filter. Brew pour-over coffee like a pro at home. It is easy to use and environmentally friendly. The stainless steel design is stylish and non-breakable. The stainless steel filter helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors instead of being absorbed by a paper filter.

  9. Luci Inflatable Solar Light
  10. camping gifts solar lights

    Completely solar-powered, Luci Outdoor 2.0 keeps you out of the dark, no matter how far off your grid. In addition, it now has more light settings; it’s brighter than ever and longer lasting than the previous generation of Luci Outdoor.

    Just as lightweight, waterproof, and durable, it collapses to just 1 inch, giving you plenty of room for all your camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking, or do-anything gear.

  11. Life Straw Collapsable Water Bottle
  12. camping-gifts-water-bottle

    It’s time to stop carrying a bag of plastic parts and multiple water bottles. LifeStraw’s Peak tight squeeze filtration is an all-in-one water storage and filtration device. The filter membrane density has been optimized for flow rate, and the over-cap features and bright seal mouthpiece prevent leakage. In addition, the robust carrying feature makes it easy to connect to your pack with a carabiner or rope—the perfect gift for an outdoorsman.

  13. Fold Up Chair
  14. camping-gifts-chairs

    This Deluxe Steel Portable Outdoor Camping Chair with Carrying Bag is a perfect camping gift. They are ergonomically designed for comfort, stability, and durability. Open panels on each side for style, air circulation, and a convenient storage pocket/cup holder. Quick and easy to set up and store.

  15. Colemen Classic Propane Stove


    They could cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a stove that packs up easily. Just light it up and dial in your heat with the two independently adjustable burners, and you can be cooking over 22,000 BTUs of power in no time.

    The cooking surface offers plenty of room to fit a 12-in simultaneously—and 10-in. pan. When the meal is over, the chrome-plated grate is removed for a simple and quick cleanup.

  17. Pocket Chainsaw
  18. camping gifts pocket chainsaw

    Watch out, firewood. This 3′ saw rips through limbs and roots in seconds. Our world-class quality saw is exceptionally lightweight, portable, and flexible, destroying a 3″ limb in less than 10 seconds!

    This saw is designed to cut through hardwood easily in tight places and is specially treated to help prevent rust and corrosion. Anyone can use it!

  19. Wireless Portable Speaker
  20. gifts-for-campers-speaker

    Bring music to your adventures with a compact, rugged, and easily carried speaker that can be strapped to any bag. Anti-clip technology gives better sound for its size. When you want more, pull it open. Music lasts half a day: great Christmas gift ideas or stocking stuffers for a happy camper.

  21. Camping Hammock
  22. camping-gifts-hammock

    Whether you’re relaxing by the fire, sleeping under the stars, or just lounging around this winter camping season, our camping hammock has everything you need to stay comfy and covered throughout the night for your next camping, hiking, or beach trip — even just lounging in your backyard & patio on a hammock stand! The perfect gift idea for your favorite camper.

  23. Outdoor Survival Ammo Can
  24. camping gifts man crates

    Softened by summoning private taxis via iPhones, air-conditioned cubicles, and the bounty of Costco foods- the general population today would balk at eating squirrels. So get them an Outdoor Survival Can filled with premium energy-packed snacks so they can get their first squirrel.

    This tin is equipped with the carefully selected survival essentials we’ve packed into a watertight, decommissioned .30 caliber ammo can go so that when worst comes to worst, you’re ready to go. 

  25. Portable Fire Pit
  26. camping-gifts-radiate

    Make smores anywhere! Radiate Portable Campfires are portable, convenient, and reusable. With 3-5 hours of burn time, this easy-to-use campfire will be your new outdoor must-have. Radiate was designed to be timely, sleek, portable, and reusable. At 4 lbs and only 8″ wide, the Radiate Portable Campfire can provide a reliable burn time of 3+ hours. You can snuff out the flame with the lid, let it cool, and bring it on the go to enjoy later.

  27. Kindling Cracker Firewood Kindling Splitter
  28. camping gifts wood spliter

    If you need to create kindling for your campfire, wood stove, fireplace, or pizza oven and don’t want to risk injury using an ax, the Kindling Cracker is just what you need. Made in Australia with an award-winning, patented design, it’s the safer, faster, and easier way to make the best kindling for your fire.

    It would help to place a log inside and hit it with a mallet, which takes less energy and skill than a standard splitting ax.

  29. Solar Charging Panels


    When they enjoy the great outdoors, they can enjoy free limitless power. Spread the solar panels to recharge your gadgets so they never run out of juice. This is a must for your recharge camping gadgets.

  31. Car Camping Air Mattress
  32. camping-gifts-mattress

    This 3-in-1 air mattress is functional, convenient, and perfect for camping, road trips, and the beach. This air mattress has a chamber design, making it stable and comfortable. Made of thick PVC material, it can support three prominent people without leaks, is durable, and stays inflated. You can even put this inside your camping tent.

  33. Wearable Sleeping Bag


    This wearable sleeping bag comes in three colors and is rated for temperatures between 41-68. Perfect for the campfire, couch, or tailgate, this wearable sleeping bag keeps you cozy in all conditions. 

  35. A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival
  36. camping-gifts-book

    All the survival gear in the world doesn’t help you if you don’t know how to use it. Penned by survivalist expert Dave Canterbury, Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival aims to ensure you know your craft.

    Even if you’re not escaping the apocalypse but heading out into the backcountry to escape modern life for a few days, this is an indispensable guide for outdoor travel.

  37. Topographic Map Can Glass 
  38. housewarming-gifts-for-men-TOPOGRAPHY

    These are not useful for camping but are still an excellent gift for people who love the outdoors. This hand-printed set of can glasses features a section of Yellowstone National Park. Complete with elevations, names, mountains, and other geographic locations! Glasses are manufactured in the USA. Hand printed in our Estes Park studio.

  39. The Campout Cookbook
  40. camping-gifts-cookbook

    Forget freeze-dried noodles! If you have a camp chef to buy for, this book will tempt them with campfire recipes for more than 75 dishes, including skillet pizzas, stews, chilies, and hearty breakfasts to fuel a day of hiking. Recipes include both make-ahead meals and meals to be cooked at the campsite. 

  41. Trail Markers
  42. camping gifts trail trakers

    It’s easy to get lost when hiking, hunting, and exploring the wild outdoors. These clip-on trail markers offer a way to easily and quickly mark any path you took, with a two-color yellow-and-orange construction that makes it stand out from its surroundings during the day, all while lighting up like a neon sign when you hit it with the beam of your flashlight while finding your way back to camp at night.

  43. Summit Pocket Shower
  44. camping gifts potable shower

    Hang up Sea To Summit’s Pocket Shower at base camp and treat themselves to a warm shower or cool rinse at the end of a long hike. The shower zips into a three-by-six-inch pouch, so there’s no excuse to be stinky on their next camping trip.

    The durable 10-liter Pocket Shower won’t leak, and the twist spout adjusts the water flow from a trickle to a free-flowing shower.

  45. Camping Popcorn Popper
  46. camping gifts popcorn maker

    I was making popcorn while camping was mandatory. Over a wood fire, charcoal, or gas grill, it makes 3 quarts of popcorn in just 4-5 minutes. Ideally located steam vents allow moisture to escape during popping for a light and fluffy batch every time.

    Pair your Outdoor Popcorn Popper with a Popcorn Kernel and Seasoning Sets for a themed gift basket.

  47. Camping Pillow
  48. camping gifts pillow

    This Camp Pillow is made with 4-channel fiberfill and won’t lose its loft even though it compresses small for packing. In addition, the wide pillow has a brushed P5 poly hi-count surface that won’t stick to you or become clammy.

    The pillow comes with an envelope-style pillowcase, a washable 100% flannel with a double-brushed finish for softness.

  49. Cast Iron Camp Fire Tripod
  50. camping gifts tripod

    Heavy-duty solid steel construction and nickel-plated chain with an ‘S’ hook for easy cooking height adjustment. Sturdy 3-leg design for maximum stability. Excellent for hanging Dutch ovens, teapots, coffee pots, etc., over a cooking fire. Complete your gift with a Dutch oven so they can make the best meals in the middle of nowhere.

    It also works great for hanging lanterns, suspending water jugs, drying clothes, and many other uses: safe, easy setup and storage.

  51. Sleeping Pad
  52. camping-gifts-sleeping-pad

    Say goodbye to sleepless, stressful nights due to restlessness caused by a lumpy, thin, or flat sleeping pad. Now, thinly cushioned, easily deflated, poorly insulated sleeping pads no longer have to rob you of precious sleep. Inflating and deflating these sleeping pads is as easy as 1-2-3. How easy? Just twist the leak-proof valve and unroll your place; air fills up the pad’s open cell foam. You only need to add a few more puffs of air, and your residence can hold its firm shape for days!

  53. Outdoor Cooking Set
  54. camping-gifts-cooking-set

    This eight-piece lightweight outdoor hiking cookware pot set is suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics, and other outdoor activities. Lightweight and highly durable anodized aluminum, perfect for camping and backpacking. These are the ideal accessories for your camp kitchen.

  55. Rumpl Blanket
  56. camping-gifts-blanket

    It’s a perfect gift for anyone who loves camping, hiking, and the outdoors. This down-alternative blanket is made from 100% post-consumer NanoLoft insulation technology that mimics down for the best warmth-to-weight ratio when camping, hiking, or backpacking. The ultimate outdoor down-alternative blanket has a DWR coating, making it water-resistant, odor-resistant, and stain-resistant. This blanket stops dirt, sand, spilled drinks, pet hair, and everything you throw at it.

  57. Outdoor Online Courses
  58. camping gifts courses

    Yes, that does sound like an oxymoron. Learn about cooking, climbing, navigation, photography, and writing from home. Browse the material on your phone, laptop, or tablet—wherever you have an internet connection. Learn anywhere and revisit course material whenever needed—a unique camping gift for any lover of the outdoors.

  59. Good-To-Go Food Packs
  60. camping gifts foos

    Craving pad Thai while you are out in the wilderness? Maybe you’re buying a camping gift for a foodie who loves to hike. These delicious dehydrated camping foods will have their mouth-watering. 

    Add hot boiling water to give them everything they need to enjoy a hot and delicious meal. Keep them fueled for the next day of hiking. 

    What are the best camping gifts?

    They likely already have all the essential gear, like a tent or fire starter and multitools, so you want to look for more unique camping gadgets and accessories or something that reminds them of the great outdoors. No matter what their level of experience or what outdoor activity they like, our gift guide of camping gifts has something for every outdoor enthusiast.

    If you are looking for a gift for that outdoorsy person, we have your back. So, let’s take on the great outdoors with some of the best camping gift ideas and outdoor gear for all those outdoorsy people, from campers to backpackers to hikers and road trippers.