32 Sunny Beach Gifts For Sun, Sand & Surf Lovers

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: August 24, 2022

    Nothing beats a day by the sea – the soothing sounds of the water, the smell of salt in the air, sand between your toes, a sneaky cocktail in hand. These cute and functional beach gifts will completely upgrade any ocean lover’s day. Our gift guide has the best gifts for beach lovers.

  1. Sand + Water Resistant Beach Blanket


    No one likes a sandy butt. So keep the body crevices sand-free with this giant beach mat that’s both sand and water repellent (and machine washable.) It easily folds into a compact tote with a padded shoulder strap for easy transportation—an ideal gift for any beach-loving family.

  3. Quick-Dry Beach Towel
  4. beach-gifts-towel

    Finally, a towel that dries fast! These beach towels are ultra-absorbent, made from microfiber, drying 3 x faster than regular towels. They’re also sand-proof – sand won’t stick – and the mesh travel pouch allows easy drying and a compact footprint when packing for adventures. Choose from 13 vibrant, beachy prints for your favorite beachgoer.

  5. Beach Accessories Set 
  6. beach-gifts-day-kit

    This tropical-themed beach day gift set comes full of necessities – 2 towel chair clips, an insulated drink sleeve, and a nylon zip bag made of water-resistant vinyl to store valuables or wet swimsuits after a beach or pool day. It’s a simple gift idea that would make a sweet surprise for all your girlfriends this summer.

  7. Drinks-On-The-Go Tote Bag
  8. beach-gifts-wine-tote

    You’ll never look at a beach bag the same again. This one can store and pour up to two bottles of wine in a secret insulated zippered pocket. It’s the perfect amount to share with your friends, plus it’s still roomy enough to fit all your essentials: keys, wallet, cell phone, books, or beach towel in a separate main compartment. The perfect beach gift for a wine lover.

  9. Flip Flop Towel Clips
  10. beach-gifts-clips

    With these vibrant Boca Clips, keep your towel secured to your beach chair and enjoy the sun without the hassle of re-adjusting that slipping towel. Choose from multiple designs, from margaritas to sea turtles. You can also use them to hang your wet swimsuit.

  11. Waterproof Cell Case
  12. beach-gifts-phone-case

    These universal waterproof cases protect your phone from water and sand damage while allowing you to snap that top-notch selfie for Instagram. Each case has a detachable lanyard and is waterproof up to 100 feet.

  13. SPF Kit


    There’s no better way to show them you love them than sunscreen. This set includes SPF 30 sunscreen, moisturizing cool-down location, and sunscreen lip balm. Everything comes in a handy pouch that can be tossed into a beach bag. 

  15. Underwater Smartphone Camera Kit
  16. beach-gifts-underwater-camera

    This nifty case fits most smartphone models and instantly turns your phone into a professional underwater camera at 130 feet! Should you not seal the case correctly, an alarm will sound. An anti-fog capsule prevents internal fogging, while a color correction filter ensures images retain pro color without that typical underwater blue tint.

  17. Mesh Beach Tote
  18. Even if they love the beach, they don’t want to take it home. This beach bag is made from coated canvas that repels water, while the mesh helps sand shake free quickly. Then there’s the insulated cooler bag section for keeping food and drinks cool and a free bonus waterproof cellphone case.

  19. Retro Beach Speaker
  20. beach-gifts-speaker


    Who doesn’t like hanging out on the beach with good tunes? This sand and water-resistant beach speaker is perfect for keeping the party going while you relax and soak up that salty air. Just hook an iPhone or android into the speaker, or you tune into your favorite FM station. The perfect accessory for their next beach trip.

  21. Outdoor Vault
  22. beach-gifts-vault

    Now, this we’ve been looking for! A portable safe attaches to fixed objects such as a beach chair, stroller, bike, or boat rail and secures your belongings while swimming! And it holds a lot. The hull is roomy enough to hold wallets, watches, mobile phones, jewelry, keys, and more.

  23. Piña Colada In A Bag
  24. beach-gifts-pina-colada

    Ever find yourself lying on the beach wishing there was a bartender with a Piña Colada? Well, this little piña-in-a-bag may be the answer. Add rum straight into the bag, top it off with water, shake, and freeze for a frozen cocktail or serve over ice in your beach tumbler. Bags are portable and resealable. 

  25. The Beach Glass
  26. beach-gifts-glasses

    Whether floating in the pool with the girls or sunning on the beach with your friends, the Beach Glass is just what you need to hold your favorite drink! The go-anywhere wine glass design is guaranteed to keep your drink upright in sand, grass, snow, and water. 

  27. Floating Polarized Sunnies
  28. beach gifts sunnies

    Each pair of these original wooden sunnies is made from bamboo that is both lightweight and strong. At the same time, the polarized lenses prevent glare and protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Also, because they’re made from organic bamboo, you can drop ’em in the sea, and they float right on top of the surface (a thin layer of waterproofing ensures they don’t rot.)

  29. Treasure Keeper
  30. beach-gifts-shell-display

    Show off your prettiest seashells in a vibrant blue collection box with a glass window. Measuring 10 x 10 inches, it’s the perfect sized wall art to display in a small bathroom, bedroom, or entry hall of a cute beach house

  31. Sport-Brella
  32. beach gifts umbrella

    With an innovative design, the Sport-Brella protects you from the elements but won’t restrict your view. It’s a beach umbrella, a sun tent, a rain shelter, and much more – all in one umbrella. The best part is that it sets up and comes down in seconds.

  33. Ultimate Beach Tumbler
  34. Take Me To The Beach indeed! This 22 oz travel tumbler with metallic gold print is a fabulous gift for any beach lover or sun goddess in your life. Pair it with its sister Beach Please tumbler and a bottle of wine for a perfect summer gift set.

  35. Beach Candle
  36. beach-gifts-candle

    For those days when you can’t make it to the coast, you can instantly escape to your favorite seaside getaway with this beach-inspired candle. It’s as fresh as salty sea air at your favorite beach cottage with a relaxing fragrance of citrus, cedar, floral, and sandalwood.

  37. Tic-Tac-Toe beach-gifts-tic-tac-toe
  38. Here’s a perfect home decor piece – and fun game – for the coffee table, fire pit, or a day on the beach. Each piece is resin, so the starfish and sand dollars become durable and transportable.

  39. Watermelon Cooler Bag


    Up to their beach game with a unique gift like this cool fruit-inspired bag that not only keeps drinks chilled but also doubles as an insanely cute purse for hitting the beach bars later. It’s made of water-resistant leatherette, so there’s no need to stress over getting it wet.

  41. Coleman Portable Cooler
  42. beach gifts cooler

    This cooler is big enough to hold lots of cans (or water bottles) and features plenty of extra storage space in its front zippered pocket, side mesh pockets, and lid pocket. It also features durable wheels and a retractable handle, so it’s easy to transport wherever the beach party is. 

  43. Wide-Brimmed Beach Hat
  44. beach gifts sunshine hat

    Keep your eyes, face, neck, and ears cool and protected from harmful UVA/UVB rays under this cute, floppy sunhat! Then it’s stylish enough to pair with your beach dress when you pop across to the hotel beach bar. 

  45. Coffee Table Book
  46. beach gifts coffee table book

    Gray Malin is the artist of the moment with his awe-inspiring aerial photographs of beaches worldwide. Combining the spirit of travel and adventure, he hangs out of helicopters to shoot beaches across six continents: Australia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Makes a cool coffee table book and great gift for someone with a beach house.

  47. Mermaid Blanket
  48. beach-gifts-blanket

    Please help them to realize their mermaid dream with a mermaid tail blanket. The material is warm yet breathable, making it suitable for all seasons, and it makes a perfect snuggle rug for when they finally come out of the surf late in the afternoon.

  49. Ocean Terrarium Kit
  50. beach-gifts-terranium

    Keep the beach alive at home with this sweet hanging “ocean scene” terrarium. It’s a cute decorative gift that can be hung indoors and outdoors and is perfect for when you can’t get to the ocean and need a hit of the seaside.

  51. Seashell Tank
  52. beach gifts sea shell tank

    When you’re down finding seashells by the seashore, make sure to sport the most fabulous top from coast to coast – a racerback t-shirt that features a scoop neck, relaxed silhouette, and sequin shell bra design. Pair it with that mermaid tail blanket for the ultimate “fish outta water” vibe.

  53. Bioluminescent Beach Pendant
  54. beach-gifts-pendant

    These beach pendants capture the true essence of the sea and make an excellent gift for any ocean lover. They’re also bioluminescent and glow turquoise in the dark, reflecting the true nature of glowing planktons of the Maldives beaches. A truly unique and beautiful beach-themed gift.

  55. Portable Power Station
  56. There’s nothing worse than a dead phone battery when you’re out on the sand all day. But this little companion will ensure you’re never left juice-less again. Lighter than a soup can, it fits easily inside backpacks or purses.

  57. Giant Banana Beach Float
  58. beach-gifts-float

    Is that a banana you’re riding, or are you just happy to be at the beach? Make any beach day more fun – or Instagram more hip – with a blow-up water toy that you can use for lounging about in the sun or water all day.

  59. Beach-Inspired Door Mat
  60. beach-gifts-door-mat

    A perfect gift for a beach-inspired house designed to bring a little bit of paradise to the doorstep of your happy place. Made from coconut coir, it will turn every walk to the front door into a walk on the beach—remember to wipe the sand off your feet!

  61. Salty Hair Don’t Care
  62. beach-gifts-salty-hair-mug

    This mermaid-colored coffee mug features “Salty Hair Don’t Care” in cute lettering to make a bold statement about the easy-going and salt-water-loving goddess you are.

  63. Cell Phone Cover
  64. beach gifts phone case

    This California Ocean Skies Wooden Chevron case is a great way to take the beach with you wherever you go and protect your prized possession. The natural, wooden design is delightfully earthy while the wave design is California boho-inspired.