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26 Fun, Fruity & Floral 4th Anniversary Gifts For Him Or Her

Updated on October 17, 2021 Updated on Oct 17, 2021
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    Your 4th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with the theme of “fruits and flowers.” This may sound a tad dull, but there’s a lot of fun to be had here. So get silly, be unique, and find some festivity in these gift ideas.

  1. Pineapple Potted Succulent 
  2. 4th-anniversary-gift-pineapple-succulent

    A cute pineapple gift that’s anything but fruity. This pineapple illusion is created with an artificial succulent potted in a mini pineapple planter. So, it can’t be killed by a “brown-thumbed” partner. The perfect modern gift to jazz up an office, kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

  3. Botany and Booze Book
  4. 4th-anniversary-gift-cocktail-book

    A New York Times bestseller exploring the herbs, flowers, trees, fruits, and fungi that humans have ingeniously transformed into alcohol since our very existence. ‘Cause priorities, right? Includes fifty drink recipes plus gardening tips, so this 4th-anniversary gift can impress at your next cocktail party. 

  5. Resin Bangle


    Real dried flowers beautifully captured in resin make for an eyecatching wrist piece, where no two are ever alike. These make the best gifts for a nature-lover or anyone that loves a unique piece of jewelry. And, these flowers won’t be dying in three days.

  7. Wedding Vow Apple
  8. 4th-anniversary-gift-wedding-vow-apple

    Here’s a unique 4th wedding anniversary gift: a personalized, handmade, apple keepsake made entirely from your wedding vows. You can also choose your apple color and select a special message for the leaf. Check out the full range for some equally one-of-a-kind Valentine’s day and birthday gifts.

  9. Pineapple Cufflinks
  10. 4th-anniversary-gift-cufflinks

    Liven up his stuffy shirts with a pair of pineapple cufflinks, a traditional fruit that loves to pull focus. A perfect gift for the summer months, or when you need that vacay mood, these have a nice weight to them and arrive in a display box with a polishing cloth. 

  11. Fig Tree
  12. 4th-anniversary-gift-fig-tree

    Get literal with a traditional 4th-anniversary gift of a blossoming fruit tree. Easy to grow, hardy in the cold, and promising a high yield of fruit. It can also be grown indoors so, y’ know, you can lounge about in a couple of fig leaves.

  13. Avocado Socks 
  14. 4th-anniversary-gift-avocado-socks

    There really is no bad time for avocado – smashed on your toast, or matched on your feet for your fruit anniversary. Although these socks are far better value than avocado toast at your local. Buy both yourself and your partner a pair. Available in men’s sizes 7-13, or women’s 4-10.

  15. Cactus Flower Sheet Set
  16. 4th-anniversary-gift-cactus-pillowcases

    Snuggle up together with a fourth wedding anniversary gift of dreamy watercolor sheets. Sure to have you dreaming of that camping trip you’ve been meaning to take. Printed on super-soft brushed microfiber, the set includes a Queen-sized flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. 

  17. Soft Serve Dessert Maker
  18. 4th-anniversary-gift-soft-serve

    They say that the modern gift for four years is “appliances.” So, captivate their sweet spot with a soft-serve maker that churns out dessert using 100% fruit. Plus there are 36 recipes to help you make homemade pies, parfaits, and sorbet. 

  19. Hydrangea Candle
  20. 4th-anniversary-gift-hydrangea-candle

    With a vintage vibe, this his-or-hers candle incorporates the hydrangea – a flower that’s a popular fourth-year gift, symbolizing understanding, thankfulness, and devotion. The soy candle is scented with pure essential oils and evokes a fresh spring day.

  21. Dinnerware Set
  22. 4th-anniversary-gift-dinnerware-set

    Every couple needs fun dinnerware for entertaining – especially if your everyday set is classic white. This marbled, blossom stoneware collection has a vintage Japanese vibe and includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and mug for four people.

  23. Elegant Butt Vase
  24. 4th-anniversary-gift-vase

    Gift a little home decor to remind them of you. Nothing says, “I love you” like a tasteful lil’ butt vase that will match any interior design. Featuring a drainage hole and plug, you can fill it with fresh flowers, a plant, or even pencils, to brighten up a room or office.

  25. Turkish Delight Gift Box
  26. 4th-anniversary-gifts-candy


    For the sweet tooth: authentic Turkish Delight crafted by master confectioners using traditional methods. The gift box features five fruity flavors and is vegan and gluten-free, with no preservatives or additives.

  27. Body Balm
  28. 4th-anniversary-gift-body-balm

    Another flower that’s a traditional 4th-anniversary gift is the geraniumsymbolizing comfort and gentility. This hydrating, unisex body balm is from cult-favorites Aesop and is formulated with geranium leaf. Perfect for all skin types and climates. 

  29. Luggage Tag


    There’s no better way to say, “It’s been 4 years, we need to do more traveling” than gifting a vibrant, tropical luggage tag. Made from vegan leather, with cute typography on the inside, and a button closure to keep your personal info secure.

  31. Pineapple Shot Glasses


    Toast your 4th year wedding anniversary with a set of classy shot glasses. These clever little shooters not only look great but they transform instantly from stylish, mid-century display pieces into functional glasses. There are four glasses in a set and each holds three ounces. The glasses are dishwasher safe. 

  33. Watermelon Slicer
  34. 4th-anniversary-gift-watermelon-gadget

    For the watermelon lover, this gadget has it all – it’ll cut, slice, and retrieve watermelon slices from the juicy belly of the beast. Just push the tool into the melon, and the cubes come out automatically! If your partner’s clumsy, no sweat, there’s no sharp blades.


  35. Versace Women’s Watch


    This iconic Versace watch will last as long as your marriage. Stainless steel with a leather strap, the watch has blue topaz accents and blue topaz is the gemstone of 4th anniversaries! 

  37. Avocado Cookbook
  38. 4th-anniversary-gift-cookbook

    His guac may be a weekend staple but imagine if he could prepare this beloved fruit 70 different ways for you. Think avocado green curry; citrus, tequila, and ginger stuffed avocados; avocado waffles; avocado key lime pie; and avocado truffles. There’s even a lesson on how to grow them.

  39. Espresso Maker
  40. 4th-anniversary-gift-espresso-machine

    Fun Fact: Coffee is a fruit. Well, technically the seed of a fruit. So for this anniversary gift theme, coffee is on the table! This little espresso maker is a bestseller at a bargain price. It can make 1-4 cups at once with a rich crema. Then, switch over to the frothing arm to turn out cappuccinos and lattes. 

  41. Soap Flowers
  42. 4th-anniversary-gift-soap-flowers

    Flowers are always a traditional gift. In this case, artistically crafted soap flowers take center stage. With fragrances of orange blossom, sweet birch, gardenia, and jasmine. Pull off a few petals at a time and drop them into a warm bath. No parabens or sulfates.

  43. Hanging Fruit Baskets


    Here’s a hip, fruit-themed gift for the partner who loves unique home decor – a set of two copper hanging baskets to elegantly organize fruit and veg. Or use them in the bathroom for towels and toiletries.

  45. Stainless Steel Beer Glasses 
  46. 4th-anniversary-gift-beer-mugs

    Give the gift of hops flowers with a set of 2 vacuum-insulated, stainless steel beer “glasses” that’ll keep their brew cold to the last sip. Sleek and classy, they hold 16 oz of beer and have a rim as thin as fine glassware. And, if one awakens with a hangover, it doubles as an insulated coffee mug. 

  47. DIY Fruit Growing Kit
  48. 4th-anniversary-gifts-fruit-kit


    Celebrate homegrown love in this fourth year of marriage with a DIY fruit growing kit. Everything you need to grow five kinds of fruits; two varieties of strawberries, musk melon, Goji berries, and golden berries. 

  49. Couples Journal
  50. 4th-anniversary-gift-couples-journal

    Fourth-anniversary gift ideas to strengthen your bond? Look no further than this quirky little journal written by a couple’s therapist. It contains 365 questions to prompt a shared exploration of your hopes, dreams, and needs. And it has some fruit on the cover, so… we’ll run with it!

  51. Insulated Lunch Bag
  52. 4th-anniversary-gift-lunch-bag

    Whoever decided adults don’t need a lunch box was wrong. Frankly, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this easy-clean tote. The insulation keeps food, cans, and bottles chill all day while the mesh pocket can hold an icepack. And, it sure beats carrying your lasagna in your handbag.