6th Year Anniversary Gifts That Will Stand the Test of Time

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: April 25, 2023

    The traditional 6-year anniversary gift is iron, its strength representing the long-lasting durability of your relationship. Though modern alternatives exist, we love what iron symbolizes, and you may be surprised by these sixth-anniversary gift ideas– for him and her.

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    What is the traditional 6-year anniversary gift?

    If you’re looking for the perfect gift to celebrate your 6th wedding anniversary, the traditional anniversary gift is iron. Yep, that’s right – iron!

    Now, I know you might be thinking, “Iron? How can that be romantic?” But hear me out. Iron represents strength, durability, and longevity, which are all important qualities in a successful marriage. Plus, there are so many creative and thoughtful gift ideas you can come up with using iron.

    You could get your partner a beautiful iron sculpture for your home or garden, a set of wrought iron candleholders, or even a customized iron sign with your family name on it. And if you’re feeling extra sentimental, you could engrave a heartfelt message or your wedding date onto the gift.

    What are some traditional 6-year anniversary gift ideas?

    While it may not be the most obvious choice for a romantic gift, iron symbolizes strength, durability, and resilience – all important qualities for a lasting marriage.

    There are plenty of creative ways to incorporate iron into your gift, such as a personalized iron wall hanging or a set of iron bookends. If your partner enjoys cooking or gardening, you could even opt for a practical yet thoughtful gift like a cast iron skillet or a set of wrought iron garden tools.

    The best 6th-anniversary gift guide

    So, whether you decide to go the sentimental or practical route, an iron-themed gift is a great way to show your love and appreciation for your partner on your 6th anniversary.

  1. Candle Holders 


    Made from heavy, sturdy, and beautiful cast iron, this set of two candleholders still manages to look dainty and elegant. Pair them with some hand-dipped taper candles to complete the scene for a romantic dinner for two– on your wedding anniversary, Valentine’s day, or any ol’ date night.

  3. Cast Iron Dutch Oven
  4. 6-year-anniversary-gift-crock-pot

    When many think of “cast iron,” their minds often go to the classic crockpot, a.k.a the Dutch oven. Iron creates optimal heat retention, allowing for many cooking techniques to be used in one pot– from sautéing and frying to roasting, braising, stewing, broiling, and baking.

  5. Cast Iron Bottle Opener
  6. 6-year-anniversary-gifts-bottle opener

    If he is always popping a cold one, he’ll love this badass bottle opener. This Skeleton Hand and Arm Bottle Opener makes a fun anniversary gift paired with a bottled beverage but also a great stocking stuffer.

  7. 4-Tier Ladder Shelf
  8. 6-year-anniversary-gift-ladder-shelf

    This iron and wood shelf is reminiscent of a rustic ladder and is an easy way to transform a room that needs extra shelving. It makes for a cool home decor-inspired sixth wedding anniversary gift. Throw in a few of their fave books, or a couple of friendly plants, for a bonus touch.

  9. Kettlebell Weights 
  10. 6-year-anniversary-gift-kettlebell

    Nothing says “6th wedding anniversary gift” to a gym fanatic like cold iron kettlebells. Kettlebells are a fitness “Swiss Army Knife” that can be used for squats, throws, snatches, and swings to develop strength, power, and endurance. 

  11. Catch-All Dish 
  12. 6-year-anniversary-gift-jewelry-dish

    This beautiful iron bowl is a perfect and straightforward iron anniversary gift. It makes an excellent catch-all for keys, jewelry, and loose change and can be personalized with any text. It’s then finished with either a traditional “hammered” or modern “smooth” look.

  13. Japanese Teapot with Cups 
  14. 6-year-anniversary-gift-tea-pot

    Did you know that cooking in iron pots or making tea in them has been scientifically proven to increase one’s iron intake? Aside from that fun fact, this cast-iron tea set makes a great gift for tea lovers. The gift box includes a kettle, four teacups, a trivet stand, and a wooden lid holder.  

  15. Beer Can Chicken Holder 
  16. 6-year-anniversary-gift-beer-can-chicken

    Who said traditional gifts are boring? Beverage-infusing chicken ensures a moist, flavorful center and a crisp golden skin. Simply pour your favorite can of beer (soda, wine, or marinade) into the iron roaster, add fresh herbs and garlic, and place the whole chicken on top. 

  17. Hair Styling Tools Holder 
  18. 6-year-anniversary-gift-hair-tool-holder

    When you’re running late, there’s nothing worse than having to rummage through a drawer full of hair tools– all of which are guaranteed to have knotted cords. This hair tool holder can elegantly hold a dryer, curling iron, and flat iron and makes a super unique 6 year wedding anniversary gift.

  19. Spice Grinding Set
  20. 6-year-anniversary-gift-spice-grinder

    This grinder is a state-of-the-art tool for quickly pulverizing fresh spices or anything that needs to be crushed. You can even store unused spices under the beechwood lid. It’s a thoroughly useful and modern gift for your 6th-year lovefest.

  21. Iron and Gold Leaf Earrings 
  22. 6-year-anniversary-gift-earrings

    If you’re looking for gifts for her, these handcrafted earrings – created from iron disks are a standout. They’ve been carefully hammered and domed, then layered with gold foil for a striking contrast of metals. They’re also surprisingly light to wear.

  23. Arrow Bookends 


    How about a unique gift of cast iron bookends for the bibliophile in your life? This set casts the illusion that an arrow is piercing through the row of books and would look rather fab on that ladder shelf further up our list.

  25. 5-Piece Camping Cookware Set


    This gift is on our list’s pricier side, but it’s an incredible gift– especially if you’re a family of avid campers. The 5-piece cast-iron, pre-seasoned cookware comes with a travel bag and includes a griddle, kettle, Dutch oven, and frying pan.

  27. Monogram Bookmark
  28. 6-year-anniversary-gift-bookmark

    An iron bookmark that’s hand forged using a hammer and anvil, then hand-stamped with text? It doesn’t get more authentic than that for six-year anniversary gift ideas! These bookmarks make a sweet and practical keepsake. Personalize the front and/or back with your own text.

  29. Kissing Couple Sculpture
  30. 6-year-anniversary-gift-sculpture

    This endearing cast-iron sculpture is an Amazon bestseller that’s both elegant and minimalist. It’s a simple gesture of your iron-strong bond over these past six years and for all those years to come.

  31. The Southern Cast Iron Cookbook 
  32. 6-year-anniversary-gift-cookbook

    From fried grits to biscuits with gravy to chicken fried steak and plenty of pie, this cast-iron cookbook has it all– including lessons on seasoning and maintaining your pans. Pair it with a skillet for the ultimate gift set.

  33. Pie Pan
  34. 6-year-anniversary-gift-pie-pan

    If baking’s their game, and they already have a great skillet, you can’t go past this authentic iron pie pan. It’s a bestseller with gushing reviews about its naturally non-stick surface, even cooking, and beautifully golden, flaky crusts.

  35. Wrought Iron Dice Set
  36. 6-year-anniversary-gift-dice-set

    Six years of marriage, six iron dice. These make a genuinely novel gift for the board game lover or a creative piece of home decor for a shelf. 

  37. Iron Hanging Flower Pot 
  38. 6-year-anniversary-gift-hanging-pot

    Iron gifts don’t have to be heavy. These iron hanging pots weigh only a pound and are durable, creative, and chic. Choose from a black or gold finish and round out your inspired home decor gift with a brand new plant.

  39. Tortilla Press 
  40. 6-year-anniversary-gift-tortilla-press

    It’s time to go on new cooking adventures together! This 8-inch tortilla press will up the ante on Taco Tuesday with some totally Instagrammable moments. It can also be used to make mini pie shells, dumplings, Rotis, empanadas, and more.

  41. Hanging Wall Mirror


    Big, bold mirrors are excellent for opening up a room and bringing in more light– and for getting that last glance before you leave the house. This rustic wooden mirror is trimmed with black iron for a thoroughly modern industrial vibe.

  43. Vintage Edison Touch Lamp  
  44. 6-year-anniversary-gift-lampx

    This antique-look touch lamp has three brightness levels and brings a relaxed, vintage feel to any room. Made from wrought iron, it’s sturdy but touch-sensitive, which solves fumbling about in the night for a light switch. NOTE: The Edison bulb is not included. Grab the correct ones here.

  45. Iron Serving Platter 


    Made from 100% iron and durable for many years to come, this serving platter won’t break or crack. It’s perfect for serving meat, cheese, cake, non-acetic fruits, and veggies but also makes a lovely centerpiece for a rustic table arrangement. 

  47. Fire Escape Shelf 
  48. 6-year-anniversary-gift-shelf

    Bound to thrill lovers of all things big city, this wall-mountable “emergency exit” shelf makes a highly original iron gift. It can be populated with houseplants, books, candles, framed photographs, and art without breaking any fire codes.

  49. Outdoor Fire Pit 


    Keep the fire alive with this 34-inch cast iron fire pit with a steel finish. Perfect for cold winter nights roasting marshmallows or keeping friends toasty at a weekend BBQ. Seriously, after six years together, it’s definitely time to own a fire pit. 

  51. Cast Iron Heart Trivet 
  52. 6-year-anniversary-gift-heart-trivet

    Keep it simple and say, “I love you” with a cast-iron heart trivet (or two) – perfect for adding charm while protecting the table from that delicious meal you just baked them. 

  53. Personalized Steak Weight 
  54. 6-year-anniversary-gift-steak-weight

    Whether you call it a steak weight, a burger weight, a meat press, or a bacon smasher, it’s a big slab of iron that’ll tenderize meat. Choose a name or phrase to have laser engraved on the handle, and you’ve got yourself a beautifully customized sixth-anniversary gift.

  55. Iron Man Ceramic Coffee Mug 
  56. 6-year-anniversary-gift-coffee-mug

    If all else fails and you don’t love anything “iron-forged” on this list, bring on the sciencey pop-culture humor with this Iron Man mug.