55 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: February 13, 2023

    It’s Valentine’s Day; you want to make an impact on your lady love. So we’ve prepared this gift guide to help you find the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her – from jewelry to gift baskets, kitchenware, to sleepwear. And plenty of creative surprises in between.

    Jump straight to the gifts

    It’s natural to want to make that special woman in your life feel extra special. Whether your girlfriend or wife of 20 years it’s important to get her something thoughtful. When it comes to choosing the perfect gift it all depends on what she likes and what she would appreciate. 

    Something personalized is always a great way to go. Whether it’s a custom necklace with her initials, a framed photo of her favorite travel destination, or a photo album of memories, a personalized gift is a thoughtful way to show her that you put thought and effort into her gift.

    Another gift idea is something that she can use on a regular basis. A hand-crafted mug with a meaningful message, a journal to help her de-stress and dream, or a comfy pair of slippers to keep her toasty during the colder months are all great options. These little things can make her day-to-day life a bit more enjoyable.

    You can’t go wrong with something that will make her feel pampered. A gift certificate to a spa, a DIY spa package for her to enjoy at home, or even a bouquet of her favorite flowers are all excellent ideas that will make her feel loved and appreciated.

    What are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her?

    The best romantic gift ideas will depend on their love language. From cute tokens of your affection to precious jewelry presents and sexy lingerie, there are so many ways to show someone you care. Our gift guide has lots of ideas that say “I love you” without words. No matter what type of gift you get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. 

    No matter what gift you give her, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Show her that you care and put thought into the gift and she will feel truly special. Hopefully, these gift ideas help you come up with something that your special woman will love. Remember to put thought and effort into your gift, and she will certainly feel extra special.

  1. Pandora Heart Hoops
  2. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-hoop-earrings

    Let her carry your love wherever she goes with these on-point asymmetrical hoop earrings. Made from 925 Sterling Silver, they’re adorned down the back with the word “loved” and make the perfect statement piece. They’ll also remind them that they are indeed loved.

  3. Fill in the Love Book 
  4. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-love-book

    This little gift book contains fill-in-the-blank lines where you can “put to paper” your affection for your beloved. Just complete each prompt and voilà, you have a uniquely personal gift that your loved one can read again and again. Make it as mushy, racy, or witty as you choose!

  5. Personalized Mug Set
  6. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-mugs

    Remind them each morning that you’re both most complete when you’re together. This unique square-shaped mug set can be personalized with any name and features a half heart on each that, when put together, forms a beautifully complete heart. 

  7. Where We Met Map
  8. Turn a special street or area in this famous city into an art map. Just search for the address of your special place, and we’ll find it for you. These wall art prints come in a range of designs and sizes to match your preferences. We have frame options to suit any style of living space, no matter your home decor. Create something that’s perfect for you. Make your map print truly unique by taking full advantage of our personalization options. Add text, craft a special message, change the names, and more to create a piece of art tailored to you.

  9. Diamond Initial Pendant 
  10. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-letter-pendant

    Writing her name in ice just took on a whole new meaning! These gorgeous initial pendants are made from recycled 14k solid gold, set with high-quality diamonds (SI 1- 2 clarity) which are conflict-free and socially responsible. So not only will she look good, but she’ll also feel like a good human. A worthy splurge.

  11. Fresh Rose Bouquet 
  12. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-roses

    Is there truly anything you can’t get on Amazon? This fresh bunch of two dozen roses is perfect for gifting as they ship directly to you – or her – carefully packaged, farm to the front door. Just note that the bouquet ships in the bud stage to ensure better travel and longer life. The blooms will open in 2 to 3 days. 

  13. Bond Touch Bracelets
  14. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-bond-touch-bracelets

    Here’s a very modern gift – a pair of matching bracelets that keep you connected whenever you’re apart. You can send a “touch” from one bracelet to the other and in doing so, it will mimic the natural vibration of touch. You can also use the app to send accompanying messages and pictures. Black not your thing? More band styles are sold separately.

  15. Cast Iron Casserole Dish


    This pre-seasoned cast iron heart dish is the perfect way to say I Love You to the woman who loves to cook. It’s a 2-quart size so perfect for soups, desserts, or one-pot meals. Better still, use this dish to cook up her favorite meal ahead of time and surprise her with it!

  17. Self-Care Gift Set
  18. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-spa-box

    This skincare basket will help her relax and unwind (and feel like she’s on a tropical vacay!) It includes a jasmine vanilla candle, coconut bath bomb, coconut body butter, almond coconut soap, plumeria bath salts, and a coconut lip balm. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for mailing if you can’t be with her on V-Day.

  19. Satin Pajama Set 
  20. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-pajamas

    Nothing beats a sexy, lace-back satin lingerie pajama set to set your love on fire. And if red’s not her color there are 10 other shades to choose from. This set comes highly rated on Amazon for being super soft and comfortable.

  21. Compact Makeup Mirror  


    You’d be surprised just how often a woman wishes she’d packed a mirror in her makeup bag! Here’s a sweet reminder of your love that she can carry in her bag each day – a rose gold compact mirror with a beautiful quote. Inside, it’s double-sided, one side is a standard mirror, while the other side is a magnifying mirror. 

  23. Snuggly Throw Blanket 
  24. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-blanket

    This versatile, super-soft throw is both a comfy new best friend and a charming accent to any couch or bed. It’s available in 12 soft colors and is sure to be her favorite new item for some time to come. She’ll applaud your sense of style!

  25. Heart Waffle Maker
  26. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-waffle-maker

    Is there anything sweeter for breakfast than serving up heart-shaped waffles? This waffle maker is so great because it will make four hearts at once – unlike those little single-heart irons. So surprise her with a “hearty” breakfast in bed, then pop a bow back on the appliance when you’re done. Also a fun gift for your Galentine’s Day!

  27. Ted Baker Tiny Heart Studs
  28. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-heart-earrings

    These delicate little rose gold earrings are made by Tom Baker London and are both subtle and eyecatching. They arrive in a gorgeous jewelry package of a grey and pink velvet bag in a pink box. There’s no simpler way to tell her you love her!

  29. Modern Message In A Bottle  


    A cute but heartwarming novelty gift, these “pills” each contain a blank piece of paper inside so you can write whatever you would like on it. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to come up with 120 love notes before Valentine’s Day!

  31. Love Story Pillowcases
  32. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-pillowcases

    These charming, romantic, and personalized pillowcases will set the stage for silly smiles every time you snuggle together. And, being white, they’ll also go with any bedroom decor. There are 12 more quote designs if you’re looking to find just the right wording for your particular love.

  33. The Intimacy Deck
  34. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-game

    The Intimacy Deck aims to help you start relationship-building conversations, so put away your phones, switch off the TV and use these prompts to shake (even spice) things up. The prompts encourage you to speak your truth, share your past, and plan for the future and will gift you both with laughs and discoveries that’ll help you feel more connected.

  35. Custom “Painted” Portrait
  36. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-portrait

    This beautiful “oil painting” rendition of your favorite photo is created digitally, printed on a quality canvas, and professionally wrapped on a high-density wooden frame that comes ready to hang. A ready-to-go print is so rare to find these days! 

  37. Wooden Music Box 
  38. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-music-box

    A hand-cranked music box (no batteries necessary), this little gift’s theme tune is “Can’t Help Falling in Love” which plays while you turn the handle. The vintage design comes in either black or natural wood and the inner lid is carved with the lyrics to the song. It’s only tiny but it packs a sweet punch according to the reviews.

  39. Sheepskin Slippers 
  40. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-slippers

    Made of 100% genuine Australian sheepskin, these slippers are water and stain-resistant (thank you, sheep) and 100% cozy AF.  And, wool is temperature-regulating so it keeps feet warm but not sweaty. They’re also about half the price of UGG brand but made exactly the same. Trust this Aussie, an Ugg boot is a generic term for any sheepskin slipper.

  41. Wine Tumbler 
  42. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-tumbler

    Every woman needs a solid double-wall, insulated tumbler to keep her happy drinks cool. Even better if it has a declaration of love from her beloved. Needless to say, you probably should pair this with a bottle of vino. Perhaps a personalized one over here?

  43. Godiva Patisserie Dessert Trufflesvalentines-day-gifts-for-her-chocolates
  44. You seriously can’t go wrong with a box of Godiva chocolates. They’re one of the most famous European chocolatiers and it’s easy to see (taste!) why. Better yet, you can buy them on Amazon. This means they make a fantastic last-minute valentine’s day gift. This box is inspired by patisserie from around the globe and features flavors like Tiramisu, Chocolate Lava Cake, and Vanilla Dulce de Leche.

  45. Personalized Picture Frame
  46. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-frame

    The simplicity of this heartfelt frame allows your favorite photo to shine through. Made from wood, it can be laser engraved with six different custom design options and comes in three sizes – for a 4×6, 5×7, or 8×10 photo. It can be stood on a table or easily hung up on a wall.

  47. Heart Mug
  48. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-mug

    They say a daily used object is the best way to remind someone that you love them, and this teacup/coffee mug is a really pretty way to light her up each morning. This mug is covered in colorful hearts, giving her a bright, loving way to start the day.

  49. Your Own Reel Viewer 
  50. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-reel-viewer

    Here’s a personalized version of one of childhood’s greatest gadgets: the reel viewer. Turn that nostalgia into a romantic gift with snapshots of your favorite memories together. Then, add them to your very own reel using the redemption code included with the viewer. Once you receive your made-to-order reel, just pop it in the viewer. *Plan ahead so you get all the parts on time!

  51. Love Sloth
  52. valentines-gifts-sloth

    Valentine’s Day should never be about how much someone spends. It’s about reminding that special someone that you absolutely adore them. This melt-your-heart sloth is the perfect last-minute gift and could be paired with a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, a special heartfelt card, or even a piece of jewelry. Teddy bears are so last year.

  53. Diamond Heart Pendant
  54. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-heart-pendant

    If you’re like me you may not have realized that the Amazon brand is now dealing in diamonds! This Sterling silver necklace features a heart pendant with a trio of sparkling diamonds in the center. All Amazon’s diamond suppliers are certified with the Kimberley Process (conflict-free diamonds) and the necklace is under $100! There’s also a gold-plated option.

  55. Adventure-Themed Gift Box
  56. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-diamond-necklace

    This gift basket is less spa-focused and more about the adventure that awaits. Perfect for the traveler in your heart, it includes a leather-bound journal, a gold-plated heart necklace, a pair of comfy fleece socks with embroidered hearts, a heart-shaped luggage tag, and two bath bombs to relax it all away.

  57. NY Times Sunday Crosswords 
  58. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-crosswords

    Trust me, if your gal is obsessed with New York Times crossword puzzles, this gift will not seem lame. Here’s the truth of the matter: since it first ran in 1942, The New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles are the standard by which all others are judged. And Will Shortz is the #1 man in American crosswords.

  59. Custom Map Mini Print
  60. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-custom-map

    This custom map print makes a perfect personalized Valentine keepsake. Choose a location that’s important to you both – worldwide – and the artist will find and cut a piece of vintage map from their vast collection. Then it’s made into a cute little keepsake box frame – black, natural, or white. It can also be engraved on the reverse with a short message.

  61. Wearable Sherpa Blanket
  62. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-sherpa-blanket

    The Original Wearable Sherpa Blanket (from Shark Tank) is a big warm and cozy blankie that won’t fall off like a regular blanket – because you’re wearing it! It’s as perfect for the couch as it is for outdoor concerts and sporting events. But, mostly, it’s ideal for your lady to snuggle up for a season of her favorite show.

  63. Indoor S’Mores Maker
  64. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-smores-maker

    If you can’t be camping you can still bring that romantic campfire vibe indoors by roasting marshmallows to perfection over this tabletop, electric, flameless heater. Then jam them between a couple of Grahams with some chocolate and a glass of vino and – game changer!

  65. Silver Heart Bowl
  66. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-heart-bowl

    This little silver alloy love bowl is a gorgeous present for your sweetheart. It’s aesthetically beautiful and makes a stylish mid-century modern jewelry holder for her dresser. You could even fill it with Kisses for presentation!

  67. A Room Full Of Hearts
  68. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-balloons

    Set the mood and surprise her with a DIY decorated room full of hearts! The balloon set consists of 13 large balloons: 12 x 36-Inch foil hearts plus a triple heart that says “I Love U.” Want to up your game further? Grab a packet of these real-looking rose petals to throw about the bedroom.

  69. Personalized Wooden Postcard 
  70. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-wood-postcard

    Send a special message that will never expire with this “I Choose You” personalized wooden card. It comes in six different stain colors and can be engraved with any four-line message, the recipient’s name, plus a closing sentiment. It also includes two wooden stands for tabletop display. If you are looking to add a little humor, we have a list of funny cards here.

  71. Pot and Saucer
  72. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-pot

    This playfully decorated planter and saucer will brighten the spirit of any room, and remind her of your love. If you don’t have time to grab a plant that fits, simply fill it with her favorite candy or cookies (or coffee beans!)

  73. Brook & York Enamel Ring
  74. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-ring

    This pretty-in-pink ring is cast from 14k gold-plated brass and is made in the USA by the women-led team over at Brook & York. It’s a unique piece of jewelry and it’ll come sweetly packaged in a pink microsuede pouch inside a gift box. 

  75. Romantic Figurine
  76. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-figurine

    Whether she’s a collector of Willow Tree Figurines or just loves a beautiful sentiment, these bestselling carvings are always the thing. This one is of a couple embracing/dancing (whatever suits your vibe) and comes with an enclosed card that reads, “Hold dear the promise of love.” 

  77. Custom Socks
  78. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-socks

    Well, these take PDA to a whole new level – does it count if it’s on your socks? Pick your fave photo together and customize it into a pair of comfy socks for your lady. Depending on the occasion, she can choose to keep them hidden for herself or wear them loud and proud.

  79. Spicy Truth or Dare 
  80. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-truth-dare

    Bring on this adult version of that boundary-pushing classic, Truth or Dare, if you’re in the mood for a little more date night spice. The sexy gift includes 50 double-sided pick-up sticks printed with 100 racy seductions. Draw. Choose. Blush.

  81. Luxe Silk Pillowcase
  82. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-silk-pillowcase

    Dermatologists and hairdressers alike recommend silk pillowcases as it’s less coarse on skin and hair than cotton. It can help prevent bed head, dry skin, acne, and visible signs of aging purely because it provides a “slippery” surface to slide over. The pillowcase comes in multiple colors with a free silk scrunchie and is OEKO-TEX Certified Toxin-Free.

  83. 24K Gold Dipped Rose
  84. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-gold-rose

    These roses will last forever! Made from a 100% natural rose coated in resin and then gold plated, this “forever flower” is a great way to say “I Love You” to your significant other. You can also choose a rose-gold variety or a hand-colored version in colors of purple, pink, and red.

  85. Personalized Plush Blanket
  86. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-custom-blanket

    We’ve all tried to cuddle a letter from a loved one before so here’s a very unique gift idea! A super snuggly plush blankie that’s personalized with your own letter! Choose a title, up to 10 lines of message, and a two-line closing sentiment. Whether you travel often, work different hours, or wish you could say how you feel more often, this blanket is a heartfelt and game-changing gift.

  87. Luxury Bathtub Caddy 
  88. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-bath-caddy

    If your lady loves a bath this luxury bamboo bathtub tray has it all. Designed to expand to even the widest tub, it’s waterproof, and offers a book/tablet holder, candle/cup slot, wine glass holder, phone slot, and even a soap dish. Run her a hot bath, pour a glass of vino, pop some chocolate in a little bowl, grab her fave magazine, burn some essential oils, and surprise her!

  89. Knitted Heart Pillow
  90. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-heart-cushion

    This Giving Heart pillow is a perfect way to give from your heart, and let someone know you care. In fact, the weight of the pillow even replicates the feeling of a real hug. Made from soft knitted yarn, you can choose soft pink, white, or grey to match her decor.

  91. Silver Wishbone Bangle
  92. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-silver-bangle

    For the woman who loves a modern, yet minimalist look, this pared-back sterling silver Pandora bangle, is shaped to resemble a wishbone – traditionally a symbol of luck. It also resembles the top of a heart. 

  93. Relationship Journal for Couples 
  94. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-relationship-journal

    When life gets busy, it can be hard to find the time to prioritize romance. This little book makes a great gift. It has a year’s worth of achievable ideas to do with your partner to build a tighter connection—from sharing morning coffee and holding hands to planning a romantic weekend getaway or undertaking a long-term project together.

  95. Heart-Shaped Marble Coasters
  96. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-coasters

    These simple but elegant heart-shaped coasters are made from 100% solid marble and will happily sit on any table in style.
    They’re 4-inches wide (so will fit most drinks) and feature non-slip pads on the base to prevent any table scratching.

  97. Freshly Made Cookies
  98. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-cookies

    If you’re not a baker at heart, surprise her with some handmade cookies in the post! This set features a delicious latte and heart cookie duo, with rave reviews about their tastiness.

  99. Royal Gift Basket
  100. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-queen-gift-box

    Make her feel like royalty with this premium “Queen” gift box. The box contains eight beautifully packaged gifts –  a coffee mug with crown lid, notebook with chic crown pencil, Queen Bee trinket tray, fresh lavender candle, makeup pouch, two bath bombs, four shower steamers, and a greeting card, all bundled up in a royal blue box.

  101. Heart-Shaped Leather Keychain
  102. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-keychain

    Love hearts can turn even the most mundane item into something heartfelt and memorable. This sweet, heart shape leather keychain is simple but a real standout. She can carry it with her every day and always be thinking of you.

  103. Heirloom Custom Video Book 
  104. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-video-book

    Here’s a very cool (and rather retro) Valentine’s Day idea – a customized video book. Gather up to 10 minutes of your favorite footage together, pick a pretty cover, and you’re done. You can also personalize with a recorded greeting and a printed note inside the front cover. All your partner has to do is open the (rechargeable) book. 

  105. Hand Cream Box Set


    From popular fashion designer, Nicole Miller comes this set of ultra-hydrating hand creams. The retro-esque set comes with four hand creams– Rosewater, Pink Peony, Sweet Berry, and Vanilla Mint – all beautifully packaged up in a floral gift box. 

  107. Vintage Leather Tote
  108. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-tote

    This genuine leather tote is durable cowhide crazy horse leather (Genuine Leather) and only gets better with wear and tear and age. It can hold up to a 15-inch laptop and also comes with a removable zipper pouch. A great everyday bag that will go with multiple outfits, both dressy and casual.

  109. Airbnb Getaway
  110. valentines-day-gifts-for-her-gift-card

    If you’d love to take her away somewhere but you’re not entirely sure where to go, this Airbnb gift card is an excellent gift. It gifts her with a vacation but allows her to still choose the destination herself. And she’s not limited to the US of A if your budget can handle a couple of international airline tickets!