29 Thoughtful Godmother Gifts To Show Your Love

By Candice Elliott | Updated: February 20, 2023

    She’s there for all of your milestones and special occasions. She’s promised to always be there for you, and she always has been. She’s even better than Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother! We have godmother gifts to show your appreciation for your second mom.

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    What role does a godmother play in a child’s life?

    The role of a godmother can vary depending on cultural and religious traditions. She is usually seen as a guide and mentor, offering the child support and love as they grow up. In many cases, the godmother will help with the child’s spiritual and emotional development, providing a nurturing and caring presence in the child’s life.

    A godmother is often seen as a source of unconditional love and someone who can be relied on for support and encouragement no matter what challenges or struggles arise. She may be called upon to offer advice or to provide a listening ear.

    Overall, the role of a godmother is deeply meaningful and significant, both for the child and the godmother herself. It is an opportunity to form a special connection with a young person and to help guide them through the ups and downs of life, offering them support, encouragement, and love along the way.

    What occasions call for godmother gifts?

    Godmother gifts are often given to mark special occasions and milestones in a child’s life. Traditionally, godparents are chosen at a child’s baptism, which is one occasion when it is common to give a godmother gift. Other religious milestones, such as a First Communion or Confirmation, may also be an excellent time to give a godmother gift, especially if the godmother significantly prepares the child for the sacrament.

    However, godmother gifts can also be given on various occasions, such as the child’s birthday, graduation, or any other major life event. They can also be given to show appreciation for the godmother’s role in the child’s life and to say “thank you” for all her love, support, and guidance over the years.

    What are some thoughtful gift ideas for a godmother?

    There are many thoughtful gift ideas for a godmother, depending on her personal interests and preferences. One excellent option is jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet.  A photo album or scrapbook filled with pictures and memories of your time together or something that can be displayed in her home, a unique piece of art, or a home decor item is a good option.

    You could also consider giving a gift certificate for a spa day, a weekend getaway, or another activity that she will enjoy. A book or journal, personalized with her name or a special message, is also a meaningful gift. Whether it is a religious milestone or simply a way to express gratitude and appreciation, a godmother gift is a meaningful way to celebrate the special bond between a godmother and her godchild. Here are the best godmother gifts that will make her feel special.

  1. Godmother Necklace
  2. godmother-gifts-necklace

    Personalized gifts are always great gift ideas. This necklace can be customized with her godchild’s initial and birthstone. The necklace is made of sterling silver, and the chain measures 16 inches with a two-inch extender. 

  3. Raw Birthstone Earrings
  4. godmother-gifts-earrings

    These beautiful earrings are made from raw gemstones. You can choose the birthstone that represents the godmother’s birth month or that of her godchild. The earrings pictured are aquamarine, the March birthstone, but the company offers other months too. 

  5. Bangle Bracelet
  6. godmother-gifts-bangle

    This godmother bracelet is the perfect gift for the style-conscious godmother. The inside is stamped with the phrase, “Heart of gold,” which every godmother possesses. The bracelet makes a unique Christmas gift for a remarkable woman. 

  7. Framed Handprint
  8. godmother-gifts-handprint

    If you are looking for a unique gift for godparents, this keepsake is perfect. The embossed paper print comes in a 5×7 wooden frame and includes a charcoal gray stamp and instructions on how to take your child’s handprint. The print includes a gift box and gift tag. This print makes a lovely baptism gift for the godmother. 

  9. Picture Frame
  10. godmother-gifts-frame

    This godmother frame makes an extra special godmother personalized gift. The wooden frame is available in three sizes and can be personalized with her title and a sentiment from her godchild. Adding a picture of them together at the baby’s christening would be a charming gift. 

  11. Four Seasons Snow Globes
  12. godmother-gifts-globes

    Watching a godchild grow makes us aware of the passing of time. Echo that sentiment with this set of four seasons snow globes. The four seasons also remind us that time passes and things change. Each water globe is handmade using hand-blown glass, hand-cast, and hand-painted seasonal scenes. 

  13. Wine Serving Tray


    If the godmother in your life loves to entertain, this wine-serving tray will be a big hit! The tray is made of wood and can hold up to two wine glasses, an appetizer plate,  and a bottle of wine. It’s great for an intimate wine and appetizer kind of night! 

  15. Personalized Wind Chimes
  16. godmother-gifts-chimes

    Wind chimes are a relaxing addition to any outdoor space. These windchimes can be customized with a message for the godmother. These aluminum chimes have a deep tone, and the tubes have been tuned to provide perfect sound. 

  17. Bud Vase 
  18. godmother-gifts-vase

    A bud vase is always an elegant gift. This vase is hand-blown, and the smokey-purple color is unique. The vase is available in a few other colors too. It has a small waist design and is great for home decoration or small floral arrangements, and it also makes a great gift for various occasions.

  19. Monogrammed Tote
  20. godmother-gifts-tote

    A stylish tote bag is always a welcome gift because it’s so versatile. This elegant tote makes a great beach bag, work tote, gym bag, reusable grocery bag, and overnight bag. The bag is made of 100% sturdy cotton canvas and has a flat bottom. 

  21. Leather Wallet
  22. godmother-gifts-wallet

    This leather wallet can hold a lot! The RFID-blocking wallet holds 24 cards, two IDs, has four slots for receipts, two compartments for cash, and lots of room for photos. The wallet includes a strap to be used as a wristlet too and comes in several colors.

  23. Handmade Writing Journal
  24. godmother-gifts-journal

    This journal is stunning. Handmade in Italy, it features 192 pages of 90-gram ivory paper. This heavy paper ensures that the ink doesn’t bleed through the pages. The journal is available in several styles, but each is made with the same attention to detail. 

  25. Heart-Shaped Umbrella
  26. godmother-gifts-umbrella

    Why have a boring old black umbrella when you could have a fabulous, stand-out in a crowd, red, heart-shaped umbrella? This is both a fun and practical gift for your godmother. 

  27. Trinket Dish
  28. godmother-gifts-dish

    Best friends are a natural choice for the role of godmother, and this trinket dish is a natural gift choice! The plate can hold jewelry, soap, change, keys, and other small items and comes in a gift box. 

  29. Jewelry Box
  30. godmother-gifts-box

    This jewelry box is a piece of art! Made of wood and mother of pearl, the box is entirely handmade by Korean artisans. The box closes with a metal butterfly clasp and has a mirror inside. This box is a beautiful addition to her dressing table. 

  31. Flat Candle
  32. godmother-gifts-candle

    These flat candles are one of the most unique gifts we’ve come across. They are scent-free, drip-free, and smoke-free, so ideal for a godmother who suffers from allergies. Each candle is hand-poured and hand-painted and includes a metal stand. A great gift for art lovers too, several versions featuring famous works of art are available. 

  33. Tea Thermos
  34. godmother-gifts-thermos

    This is no ordinary thermos; this thermos is designed for tea lovers! The bamboo tumbler includes a tea strainer so they can have fresh, strong tea on the go. The 17-ounce thermos is lined with stainless steel and keeps tea hot or cold for up to 12 hours. 

  35. Spa Gift Set
  36. godmother-gifts-basket

    Self-care gifts are always welcome, and this is an exceptionally nice one. The set includes ten items, all lavender-scented for maximum relaxation. The spa items come in a cute, reusable straw bag that makes a great beach bag. 

  37. Soap Petals
  38. godmother-gifts-soap

    Any Shabby Chic fans will love these delicate soap petals. The soap flowers are made using essential oils and are scented with rose and carnation oils. The soaps come in a pretty box that resembles an old-fashioned hatbox. 

  39. Will You Be My Godmother? Ornament
  40. godmother-gifts-ornament

    When you’re asking her to take on such a big responsibility, it’s a nice touch to pair the question with a godmother proposal gift! The sweet message will touch her heart. The ornament is made of wood and measures 4×4 inches. 

  41. Chocolate Library
  42. godmother-gifts-chocolate

    These are not Hersey Bars; these are chocolate bars made for serious chocolate lovers! Made in Vermont, there are six bars of gourmet, organic milk chocolate; 57% dark chocolate, dark salted caramel, sea salt and almonds, peppermint crunch, and milk chocolate peanut butter. 

  43. Weekend Bag
  44. godmother-gifts-bag

    When she comes to visit her precious godchild, she can pack in this! This canvas and leather travel bag is made of heavy-duty canvas and leather. The bag has a shoe compartment and includes a toiletry bag too. The bag is available in two sizes and several colors. 

  45. Zen Garden Kit


    Being a godmother is a big responsibility. She has a whole new little person to worry about! Help her relax with this beautiful, desk-top zen garden. Drawing patterns in the sand with the included rakes and arranging the tiny garden accessories is an excellent way to practice mindfulness

  47. Cashmere Poncho
  48. godmother-gifts-poncho

    A cashmere poncho is an elegant way to gap the weather when it’s too cold for nothing and too warm for a jacket. This cape is perfect for that in-between weather and great for travel, too, as it’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much room. 

  49. Keychain
  50. godmother-gifts-keychain

    The bond between a godmother and a goddaughter is special and lasts forever. This keychain will be a daily reminder for her. The keychain is made of durable stainless steel. 

  51. Jar of Smiles
  52. godmother-gifts-quotes

    We all have bad days. How nice to have a jar of smiles handy! This Italian glass jar contains folded bits of paper, each containing a quote about love and friendship sure to cheer her up. 

  53. Coffee Mug
  54. godmother-gifts-mug

    Some godmothers are a little less traditional than others, and it’s a lucky godchild who has one who is a unicorn in a sea of beige horses! This ceramic coffee mug holds 11 ounces and is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

  55. Wine Glass
  56. godmother-gifts-glass

    The best godmother gifts reflect her life. If your best friend is a wine lover, this wine tumbler is ideal for her! The tumbler holds 15 ounces, and the design is etched into the glass. Check out the godfather version, too, if you are looking for godfather gifts as well. 

  57. T-Shirt
  58. godmother-gifts-shirt

    A godmother and godson have a unique friendship that will last forever. She can proudly proclaim just that with this godmother shirt. The t-shirt is either 100% cotton or a 50/50 cotton-poly blend depending on the color, and several colors are available.