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33 Gifts That Any Women In Their 30s Will Love To Receive

Updated on July 20, 2021 Updated on Jul 20, 2021
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    The 30s are a special decade that deserves special gifts! We have 33 gifts for women in their 30s to make their day. Whether it’s a birthday gift for your best friend, a holiday gift for a co-worker, or a Mother’s Day gift for your sister, we have great gift ideas for you.

  1. Mezze Server
  2. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-mezze

    Mezze, tapas, pintxos, antipasti, I love it all! I would happily eat nothing but small dishes and appetizers for every meal. You can serve them all on this set of mezze servers. There are five removable sections for things like nuts and olives, and the tray is large enough for things like cheese, meats, and crackers. The set is handmade by Tunisian artists. 

  3. Wireless Charging Station Tray
  4. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-charger

    If you need gift ideas for women who have a lot of gadgets, look no further. This pebble grain Italian grain leather tray can charge Apple products, including the iPhone 11 and 12 and Airpods and Android devices. Larger than many charging trays, it can also hold things like rings, earrings, watches, and keys. 

  5. Copper Knife Set
  6. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-knives

    A high-quality knife set makes cooking easier, faster, and more enjoyable. This set includes five must-have knives, a knife block, and a built-in knife sharpener. The set includes a Chef’s knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife, paring knife, and the rose gold color makes the set a stylish addition to a kitchen counter. 

  7. Earring Dish
  8. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-dish

    What a clever idea! This dish has holes on the outside to hold earrings so they don’t get separated. The dish’s inside can hold your other everyday jewelry like a watch, rings, necklace, and bracelet. The handmade dish is crafted from white clay and then glazed. They are available in two colors. 

  9. Cute Comfy Pajama Set
  10. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-pjs

    We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home these days, and this set is just what the doctor ordered. Great for lounging, relaxing, and a good night’s sleep, these lightweight and breathable two-piece PJ sets will be her new favorite. Even appropriate for that 9 am Zoom call.

  11. Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace
  12. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-necklace

    She will love the classic styling of this classic sterling silver monogram disc necklace. The Italian sterling silver necklace is 20 inches long, and the disk is one inch wide with a toggle clasp. The necklace arrives in a beautiful box, ready for gifting. 

  13. Le Creuset Dutch Oven
  14. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-oven

    Le Creuset is the Rolls Royce of cookware. Each piece is made of enameled cast iron which helps conduct heat evenly and, as long as they’re well cared for, will last a lifetime and beyond. A great starter piece is the round Dutch oven because it’s so versatile. This Dutch oven is 5.5 quarts and is available in several sizes and different colors. 

  15. Birth Month Flower Tea Towel
  16. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-towel

    Most of us are familiar with birthstones but did you know each month is represented by a flower too? That’s the idea between these pretty teat towels. You can choose her birth flower or her favorite flower. The towels are made of 100% cotton and measure 28 x 18 inches. 

  17. Bookmark
  18. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-bookmark

    The problem with traditional bookmarks is that they only mark the page where you left off and not even which specific page out of two. This bookmark solves that problem! The bookmark can be placed on the exact sentence you left off at so when you next pick up your book, you can start where you ended. The bookmark is made of vegan leather and is the perfect gift for the book lover in your life. 

  19. Geode State Ornament
  20. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-geode

    These ornaments are handmade of stoneware and glass glaze, which gives them the look of a geode slice. They make a beautiful Christmas ornament but are neutral enough to leave on display all year long. Most states are available so that you can choose her home state, current state, or favorite state. 

  21. Periodic Table States Platter
  22. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-platter

    This platter is another state-themed gift. Each platter shows the elements that make a state special. On the featured New York Platter, Es is for Empire State Building, B is for Broadway, Se is for Stock Exchange. The platter is made from porcelain and measures 14.25 x 9.25 inches; most states are available. 

  23. Jo Malone Perfume Sampler
  24. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-perfume

    Fragrance is so personal, you might hesitate to buy it for a 30 something-year-old or a person of any other age, but Jo Malone fragrances are an exception. These perfumes are universally appealing for people of any age, and they’re unisex; none of them are overly floral or masculine. This set includes five of Jo’s most popular scents; Lime Basil Mandarin, English Pear & Freesia, Blackberry & Bay, Wild Bluebell, and Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Each bottle holds 9 ml. 

  25. Makeup Bag
  26. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-bag

    Have you looked inside your makeup bag recently? It’s probably covered in broken eyeshadow powder and spilled foundation. These bags get dirty, and for some reason, we don’t seem to replace them very often. Change that for her with this clean, fresh, adorable bag! It’s great for everyday use but big enough to hold makeup, skin, and hair care products for travel. The large bag measures 10 x 6 x 6 but weighs just 7.8 ounces.

  27. Keurig Coffee Maker
  28. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-coffee-maker

    This tiny coffee maker doesn’t take up much room, making it perfect for a kitchen that is short on counter space or their desk at the office. It weighs just two pounds, so it’s easily portable. The coffee maker can brew a six or 12-ounce cup of coffee or any other drink that comes in a pod. 

  29. Stemless Champagne Flutes
  30. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-glasses

    You’re meant to hold a champagne flute by the stem, so the heat from your hands doesn’t warm the champagne. You won’t have that issue with these champagne flutes. Made of double-walled, hand-blown Borosilicate Glass, the extra layer of insulation helps keep the champagne chilled. The glasses are elegant but durable; they can withstand the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. Each glass holds five ounces. 

  31. French Market Basket


    I love these baskets. They let you feel like you’re strolling around a farmer’s market in Provence, even if you’re just down at the local Piggly Wiggly! But it is great for the farmer’s market and makes a nice beach bag too. The bag is handwoven from palm leaves, and the handles are leather. The bag is about 22 x 12 x 14 inches. 

  33. Crystal Air Plant Holder
  34. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-plant

    I have recently discovered air plants, and I love them! You don’t need a green thumb to keep them alive; they don’t make a mess because they don’t require dirt, and they’re a wonderful way to add a little nature to your home. The plant just needs to be misted once a week. Add a beautiful crystal quartz holder, and it’s even better. This is a unique gift for a best friend or loved one.

  35. Aromatherapy Candle 


    This luxe candle will take those self-care nights to another level! It is made of 100% soy-based wax and essential oils; it creates a soothing atmosphere for a relaxed evening. The scent is a blend of champagne and whipped cream. 

  37. Stained Glass Plant
  38. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-stained-glass

    Okay, if you think even an air plant is too much, how about stained glass plants? These stained glass agave plants don’t need anything; no sun, no dirt, no food, no water. They just sit there looking beautiful. You can choose to order just the stained glass plant or the plant and planter too. 

  39. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug
  40. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-mug

    This coffee mug is great because it holds beverages at temperature for hours and because it’s made of stainless steel; it’s nearly indestructible, easy to clean, and can be taken anywhere. The mug holds 12 ounces and is available in several different colors. Also perfect for wine on the go!

  41. Make A Wish Graphic T-Shirt
  42. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-shirt

    This t-shirt will bring any outfit to the next level; jeans, a pencil skirt, under a suit jacket, as a swimsuit cover at the pool or the beach. Whatever the occasion, this t-shirt will look great. The short sleeves are rolled, and the material is a cotton blend which gives the shirt a loose fit with a bit of stretch. It’s available in several colors and sizes. 

  43. Boston Tea Party Tea
  44. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-tea


    History in a teacup! If you have a history buff in your life who is also a tea lover, she will get a kick out of this gift. These are five of the teas, two green and three black, that Patriots tossed overboard in 1773. The set comes with details about the event, brewing instructions, flavor notes, and information about tea in Colonial America. 

  45. Patchwork Scarf
  46. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-scarf

    You can never have too many scarves, and this one will make a unique addition to her collection. The scarf is made in Germany partly from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s chic and eco-friendly! The scarf measures 72 x 12 inches.


  47. Oprah’s Favorite Things Hooded Lounger
  48. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-lounger

    This cute lounger has a hood and a giant pocket! You can keep your phone, your snacks, your chapstick, anything in there! It’s great for lounging at home and makes a cute swimsuit cover too. The lounger is available in several sizes and colors. 

  49. Go-To Leggings
  50. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-leggings

    What’s the big deal about leggings? All women have drawers full of them. These leggings have POCKETS! Why pockets in leggings are so rare is a mystery. If you work out in the great outdoors, you don’t have a locker to put your stuff in, and at the very least, you need a place for your keys, but it would be nice to have a place for your phone and maybe a credit card or a few bucks. A great gift idea for a yoga lover

  51. Irridescent Puzzle
  52. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-puzzle

    Look how pretty! This puzzle is as beautiful as it is fun. The pieces are made of iridescent acrylic, and the colors shift and change. The puzzle has 49 pieces and can be solved in more than one way. Puzzles are a great way to relax and distract. When not in use, the pieces are so pretty that they could be put into a glass jar or vase and used as part of your home decor. 

  53. Water Bottle
  54. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-bottle

    Most people could stand to drink a little more water. This water bottle will help her keep track of how many ounces she’s getting a day. The bottle holds 32 ounces, has a fast flow top, and is BPA-free. There are several colors available. 

  55. Flower Soaps
  56. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-soap

    These are not drugstore soaps! These soaps are a non-toxic blend of olive, coconut, palm kernel, sweet almond, sunflower oils, cocoa and shea butter, and natural fragrances. There are four bars of soap, and the scents are Jasmine, Peony, Gardenia, and Calla Lily. The set comes in a pretty gift box. 

  57. Hyaluronic Acid Face Masks
  58. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-masks

    You can get away with a lot in your 20s, but in your 30s, skincare has to be more of a priority. These sheet face masks are universal; hyaluronic acid is great for dry skin, dehydrated skin, and oily skin. The ingredient is very quenching but not heavy. These sheet masks are gel, so they adhere better than paper sheet masks. I use these and actually several other products from this line, including the cleanser. I highly recommend it; it does a great job for a very fair price. This set includes 12 of the masks. These masks are a thoughtful gift for ladies who like a little self-care.

  59. Leave-In Conditioner
  60. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-conditioner

    There are a lot of leave-in conditioners on the market, but there’s a specific reason I love this one. It cuts drying time down by a quarter to a third. It’s amazing! Why? Because it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to get ready and out the door. So you won’t be late for work, late for a date, or fussing around with your hair when you should be out exploring while on vacation. 

  61. Hydrating Hand Sanitizer Mist


    The best gifts are practical and pretty. That’s why I love this hand sanitizer. The bottle is beautiful, it’s more moisturizing than standard sanitizers but just as effective, and it has a neutral scent. The bottle contains 500 sprays and is TSA-approved for travel. 

  63. Reusable Tote Bags
  64. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-tote-bags

    You see reusable tote bags on many gift guides but not as cute as these! These bags are great for grocery shopping, Target trips, and trips to the drugstore. The set of 5 bags sit flat-bottomed, a must for me. If tote bags don’t have a flat bottom, it’s harder to pack your purchases into them, and softer items often get squished. These bags are washable, so there is no need to worry about germs or spills. Made of rip-stop fabric, they can hold a lot of weight and are waterproof, so no leaking groceries! 

  65. Hand Steamer 
  66. gifts-for-women-in-their-30s-steamer

    I hate ironing, and I’m terrible at it, but, also, I’m not too fond of synthetic fibers, so getting this hand steamer was one of the best gifts I ever received. Your clothes will look fresh from the dry cleaners with almost no effort! The steamer weighs just three pounds, so it’s great for travel too. And steam kills germs, dust mites, and bed bugs, making it even better for travel! The steamer will give you 15 minutes of steam per fill.