22 Vegan Gifts For The Plant Powered Lady In Your Life

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: November 28, 2022

    Veganism is a great way to not only save many of the creatures of the earth from harm but also to improve your life and health, so no wonder so many people have turned to plants to fuel their lives.

    We looked high and low to find the best funny, delicious, and thoughtful gift ideas that are perfect for vegans. Our gift guide has great vegan gift ideas for the plant-powered lady in your life.

  1. Plants Only Kitchen Cookbook
  2. gifts-for-vegans-book

    This vegan cookbook offers an explosion of flavor, with more than 70 vegan recipes that work around your lifestyle. With symbols flagging whether recipes are high-protein, take less than 15 minutes, are gluten-free, one-pot, or are suitable for meal prep. Plants-Only Kitchen explains how best to make a vegan diet work for you. No fuss, no fancy ingredients – just fantastic food using plants, only. A great gift for a new vegan or foodie.

  3. Vegan Travel Mug


    This travel mug will keep her beverage at the perfect temperature (hot or cold) for a long time. It can be used for anything from wine or juice to coffee or tea. Made from food-grade stainless steel, this tumbler is unbreakable, rust-resistant, and doesn’t transfer flavor. 

  5. Everyday Tote Bag
  6. birthday-gifts-for-her-tote

    This vegan leather handbag is great for work or play. It features plenty of interior space for all sized items, a removable bottom piece for added stiffness, and a convenient inner pocket for small items. It has a comfortable high quality vegan leather exterior and shoulder straps, with cotton canvas interior pocket.

  7. Kale University T-Shirt
  8. gifts-for-vegans-t-shirt

    Not only is this shirt super cool, every time you buy something from Suburban Riot, but they are also able to donate to amazing UK sanctuaries that are dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and slaughter.

  9. Reusable Produce Bags
  10. gifts-for-vegans-bags

    Through the sustainable production of these reusable bags, she can give back to the environment, reduce her carbon footprint, and make a meaningful difference in the wellbeing of Mother Earth. Organic cotton produce bags are recyclable, washable, biodegradable, and most importantly eco-friendly.

  11. Healthy Vegan Snack Box
  12. gifts-for-vegans-snacks

    Vegan Box is a collection of 20 individually wrapped Vegan snacks. Assortment includes a mix of delicious and nutritious vegan Easter treats, dairy-free products, vegan cookies and vegan snack bars with plenty of sweet and savory options to fit every taste bud.

  13. Vegan Nail Polish Set
  14. gifts-for-vegans-polish

    Ella+Mila polishes are also safer and cooler, and here’s why. Not only are they long-lasting, chip-resistant, and quick-drying, all Ella+Mila polishes are also 100% vegan, never tested on innocent animals, certified by PETA cruelty free, made in the USA, and most importantly “7-Free.” They make tones of great colors too.

  15. Nutribullet
  16. gifts-for-vegans-nutrabullet

    She can step up her blending game with the power and precision of the NutriBullet Blender. Nutrient Extraction technology and versatile functionality let you make an endless array of smoothies, soups, sauces, nut butter and beyond. Want to spoiler her? Go with the Vitamix. Your vegan friend will love you forever.

  17. Vegan Chocolates
  18. vegan-gifts-chocolates


    These beautiful chocolates will tempt anyone’s sweet tooth. Vegan, gluten-free, organic, fair trade, and kosher, anyone can enjoy them. They are mouthwatering and a perfect gift for your loved one who can’t get enough chocolate. A great gift for the holiday season.

  19. Vegan Cheese Cook Book
  20. gifts-for-vegans-cookbook

    One of the hardest things to give up when going vegan is cheese, it’s so delicious! This cookbook will help fill the void. With clean, easy-to-follow recipes, you’ll be whipping up your own “cheese” in no time! 

  21. Veggie Spiralizer
  22. gifts-for-vegans-veggie-spiral

    If your vegan friend doesn’t have one of these babies yet, then this is your gift. This spiralizer enables you to turn fresh veggies into faux noodles, which can then be used to make healthy and delicious vegan food in no time! It’s the best kitchen gadget for a healthier you and for more creative cooking.

  23. Avocado Mud Mask
  24. gifts-for-vegans-mask

    It’s every woman’s dream to have smooth and glowing skin and great skincare and beauty products are where it all starts. This herbal healing clay mask detoxifies the skin, brings out impurities to the surface, and leaves your skin hydrated and perfectly moisturized. It spreads like butter and is made from all-natural ingredients. A little self-care never hurts anyone.

  25. Vegan-Friendly Running Shoes
  26. gifts-for-vegans-sneakers

    Created by studying the foot in motion, this trainer is designed to enhance the foot’s natural ability to stabilize the body during rapid changes in movement. Barefoot shape with a glove-like fit providing natural comfort with minimalist construction. Zero drop from heel to toe for a natural stride. Best of all, this vegan-friendly footwear uses 0% animal products.

  27. Funky Veg Starter Kit
  28. gifts-for-vegans-funky-veg

    Whether you’re a keen planter or a complete newbie, this from Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre is perfect for personal use or presenting as an original gift to a loved one. Brighten up mealtimes with this exciting selection of 5 distinctive and unusual vegetables.

  29. Hydroponic Garden
  30. gifts-for-vegans-indoor-garden

    To bring the magic of gardening in-home all year-round, and to inspire and enable people to enhance their food, their homes, and their lives through a simple and daily connection to what they grow. The 6-pod Harvest garden is our most popular countertop garden. It’s easy to use, has a sleek tailored shape and a small footprint to fit in any kitchen.

  31. Vegan Leather Journal
  32. gifts-for-vegans-indoor-journal

    It’s not just a notebook. The right journal is an invitation to inspiration. The cover of each Beechmore Book is made with specially sourced vegan leather, giving it a tactile, luxury feeling. Whether she journals or jots, scrawls or sketches this journal is an elegant, ergonomic, premium notebook that encourages your best ideas and creativity.

  33. Candle


    These handmade candles with pure goodness with 100% natural and biodegradable vegan soy wax, pure organic essential oils, and unbleached, all cotton, lead-free wicks. These candles are air quality and health-focused, non-toxic, phthalate, paraffin, paraben, and dye-free. Pair this with some other vegan-friendly spa items for a great gift basket idea.

  35. Funny Coffee Mug
  36. gifts-for-vegans-mug

    Whether it’ll be for drinking her morning coffee, evening tea, or something in between – if she can relate to this, she will love this new vegan mug and smile every time she use it! Also makes a great birthday gift, Christmas stocking stuffer, or funny gift for any vegan!

  37. Vegan Cuts Subscription Box
  38. gifts-for-vegans-subscription

    Vegancuts celebrates the vegan lifestyle, regardless of how you live it, and bring you vegan products you can trust. The gift box curators search every corner of the vegan world to discover the most exciting new products from new and established brands. They thoroughly examine ingredients, test all products, and carefully craft each box to deliver an unboxing experience that will delight you. Choose from a beauty box, makeup box or snack box.

  39. Vegan Magnetic Poetry
  40. gifts-for-vegans-magnets

    Contains over 200 themed magnetic word tiles in a cute, colorful, giftable box. Rearrange the words to write poems, messages to family, or generative esoteric word art masterpieces whose meaning is lost even to you. Magnetic Poetry is both a creative writing aid and just a really fun and limitless toy. They’re not just fridge words, you can write an ode on your commode, an elegy on your doorknob, a haiku on your car hood, or a novelette on your omelet maker.

  41. Instapot
  42. baby-gifts-crockpot

    This 9-in-1 multi-functional programmable pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, hot pot, and warmer is an excellent gift for the new mom and dad with little time to cook. You can make whatever you want! Create a custom setting for each cooking program by adjusting the temperature, pressure, and cooking time. 

  43. Bath Bombs
  44. gifts-for-college-girls-bath-bombs

    Take a load off. This gift set has 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Made in California, with premium USA natural ingredients. These therapeutic and moisturizing bath bombs are formulated for normal to dry skin. A balanced, lightweight moisturizer from the highest quality natural ingredients to keep you hydrated but will not leave your skin sticky. They are fizzy with colors but will not stain your tub!