32 Must-Have Gifts For Book Lovers They Will Adore

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: October 24, 2023

    If you are looking for a gift for someone constantly peering up from behind a book, it’s hard to know exactly what to get them. A book might seem easy, but do you know what books they enjoy? Do you know what they’ve already read? Do you know what authors they love? We created this gift guide to track down the best gifts for book lovers and bibliophiles— that aren’t books.

    Their idea of a perfect day often involves a cozy nook, a warm beverage, and a captivating story. But gifting them yet another book might seem a tad predictable when birthdays or holidays roll around. Fear not, for we’ve delved deep and curated a list beyond the usual bookmarks and bookends. Dive into these 32 must-have gifts that every bibliophile will appreciate and absolutely adore.

  1. Book Valet
  2. gifts-for-book-lovers-nook

    Elevate your reading ritual with a dedicated spot to cradle your book, glasses, beverage, and phone. This versatile, portable piece effortlessly accompanies you from one cozy nook to another while the cleverly designed triangle holds your page and hides your phone. Lovingly crafted in India, it’s the perfect companion for every bibliophile’s literary journey.

  3. Cool Bookends
  4. gifts-for-book-lovers-bookends

    Keeping your books neat and organized is imperative. You want something unique to collect these books. Depending on your style, If you have a flair for the unusual and want to step away from ordinary, boring bookends and choose something that stands out, try these bookish bookplates, the Stop Hand Bookends, instead. These bookends’ decorative nature will turn your bookshelf into a beautiful display of all your favorite books, holding them up neat and orderly.

  5. The Book Seat
  6. gifts-for-book-lovers-book-seat

    Say goodbye to awkward reading positions with The Book Seat! From small paperbacks to large hardbacks, The Book Seats’s unique page holder is adjustable, allowing it to accommodate various book sizes. The Book Seats adaptable body molds to your lap, the curved arm of a sofa, and even on an angle for curling up on your side in bed. Flip down the page holder to turn the page over, then flip it back up against the pages to continue reading. Keep your reading accessories close by in the handy pocket on the back!

  7. Floating Book Shelves
  8. gifts-for-book-lovers-floating-shelves

    For a fresh, ultra-minimal look, the Conceal bookshelf from Umbra mounts to the wall and becomes invisible behind a stack of books, making the books appear floating in mid-air. The Conceal Shelf, designed by Miron Lior, is a winner of the annual Umbra-Pratt Institute Design Competition. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this product is donated to the Pratt Institute School of Design in New York City. It’s an excellent gift for your favorite well-read friend to show off all the books they’ve read—the ideal bookshelf for a minimalist

  9. Finish This Book 
  10. gifts-for-book-lovers-diy-book

    Your mission is to become the new author of this work. You will continue the research and provide the personalized content. To complete the task, you must undergo secret intelligence training included in this volume. Since no one knows what lies ahead, please proceed with caution. This book does not exist without you.

  11. Shakespeare Insults Poster
  12. gifts-for-book-lovers-insults

    This art print poster features 100 of Shakespeare’s greatest insults. The Odyssey of verbal swordplay includes classics like, “I was seeking for a fool when I found you” and “More of your conversation would infect my brain.”

  13. Winter Willow Handmade Bookmark
  14. gifts-for-book-lovers-book-mark

    What book page were you on again? If only you had a gorgeous handmade bookmark! These beautifully intricate bookmarks are made from natural hardwoods, which will remind readers of the smell of the deep adventures of the forest. Each features a heart design, a mark of their love for books because books are their heart! The perfect book gift for an avid reader!

  15. Book Lovers Gift Book
  16. gifts-for-book-lovers-book-gift-box

    Delight book lovers with a hand-picked, beautifully packed gift box featuring five unique reading accessories. The set includes a printed tote bag, comfy reading socks, a wooden page holder, a “Shhhh I’m reading” mini sign, and a silicone pointer bookmark. Perfect for any occasion, this thoughtful, ready-to-deliver gift set makes an unforgettable impression on avid readers and bookworms alike.

  17. F**k Off I’m Reading Socks
  18. gifts-for-book-lovers-socks

    You’d be forgiven for thinking he’s a quiet, docile, meek bookworm. But only the first time. These hilarious socks are perfect for book enthusiasts and badasses like yourself who want to be cozy and sassy while they soak in their latest novel! These book socks make a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

  19. Book Worm Wrap Ring
  20. gifts-for-book-lovers-ring

    This bookworm wrap twist ring makes an excellent gift for a reading lover! Each ring is handcrafted from aluminum and says “Book Worm” on the outside and a book design stamp on the inside. It can be made in any size from 5-15, and the ring is fully adjustable. Each letter is stamped by hand into the metal for one-of-a-kind character. It’s handcrafted from aluminum, which is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and will not tarnish. Not sure what their ring size is? Get them a cute mini book necklace charm.

  21. Antique Book Tissue Dispenser 
  22. gifts-for-book-lovers-tissue-holder

    Stash and dispense tissues with this cleverly conceived tissue box cover shaped like a stack of 3 antique classic books. The PThistissue book cover display is charmingly designed and exceptionally functional., perfect for the book lover. Spice up the tissue dispensing in your living space, or give it as a clever gift to friends and family.

  23. Book of The Month Club
  24. gifts-for-book-lovers-month-club

    Get fabulous new books delivered to your door in a fun-to-open box with this book of the month book subscription! Take your pick of our five carefully chosen selections. Your readers will arrive, sometimes with a small surprise tucked inside. Side effects may include giddiness, daydreaming, and the sudden urge to cancel all your plans—an excellent gift idea for anyone who loves books.

  25. Finger Point Bookmark
  26. gifts-for-book-lovers-bookmark

    This pointing finger page holder shows exactly what book page you finished reading. Pack of 5 silicone bookmarks: red, yellow, purple, green, blue. It can be used as a book strap as well. Unique and cute design. Great for all ages and genders: men, women, boys & girls.

  27. Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards
  28. gifts-for-book-lovers-post-cards

    It presents us with truth, challenges, humor, and delight. This collection of 100 postcards showcases bold graphic interpretations of 50 of the greatest literary quotes of all time. From Virginia Wolf to Oscar Wilde, from Brontë to Poe to Austen, each piece will spark your imagination and kindle your creative spirit.

  29. What Would Jane Do?
  30. gifts-for-book-lovers-book

    Jane Austen always knows just the right thing to say. This pocket collection of quotes from Jane’s novels and letters gives you a quip for every situation—the perfect gift for any book nerd or Pride and Prejudice fan.

  31. Library Collection Mark Twain Scented Candle
  32. book-lovers-gifts-candle

    For all the bibliophiles in your lives, we present the Library Collection. Pairing favorite quotes with exquisite fragrances, we pay tribute to well-loved authors. Impeccably packaged in a gift box with an author photo, bio, and stamped labels, this is ideal for lovers of fine literature. Every candle fragrance is a blend of custom notes designed to evoke the spirit of Mark Twain. 

  33. Out of Print 1984 Pouch
  34. gifts-for-book-lovers-pouch

    These cute little book-themed zipper pouches are a great gift for book lovers. It comes in many books, from The Great Gatsby to The Little Prince to Murder on the Orient Express: cotton canvas, zipper enclosure.

  35. Personal Library Kit
  36. gifts-for-book-lovers-library-kit

    For a bibliophile, there’s no greater pleasure than sharing beloved books but no crueler pain than losing them for good—until the Knock Knock Personal Library Kit! Revive old-fashioned library circulation techniques for fun and book retention with our classic bestseller!

  37. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster
  38. gifts-for-book-lovers-scratch-art

    Whether you’re into audiobooks or paperback, Alice in Wonderland or the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, catalog your journey. This poster invites you to read your way through 100 iconic books. As you do, use a coin to scratch off each title and reveal a surprise literary artwork underneath. The collection covers classics like Animal Farm and Wuthering Heights, works in the contemporary canon like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and influential nonfiction like Freakonomics. 

  39. Library Book Due Coffee Mug
  40. gifts-for-book-lovers-mug

    Bibliophiles and coffee lovers alike will treasure this gift. This cute coffee mug is printed with library due dates. Whether you fill this with coffee or tea is your choice. Just make sure you return that library book! 

  41. Library Card Coaster Set
  42. gifts-for-book-lovers-library-coasters

    Fun, colorful coasters based on vintage library book check-out cards. It is an excellent pop of nostalgia for your table and the perfect Book Club hostess gift. You receive all four images shown, and they arrive in their decorative wrapper (pictured), ready for gift-giving.

  43. Book Bath Caddy
  44. gifts-for-book-lovers-bath-caddy

    Sit back and relax with a good book, a glass of wine, and all your bathing essentials within easy reach. Beautifully constructed of natural bamboo and chrome plated steel, the Aquala bathtub caddy book holder is designed by Luciano Lorenzatti for Umbra, a worldwide leader in modern, original, and affordable design for the home.

  45. Emily Bronte Women’s T-Shirt
  46. gifts-for-book-lovers-t-shirt

    She Burned Too Bright For This World Shirt, Get this fun “She Burned Too Bright for This World – Emily Bronte” graphic novelty slogan, perfect for any literature lover or feminist literary fan. Make friends and family smile. Book Lovers Gifts for Women and Teens, librarian bibliophile reading humor tee, great to wear on your next book club meeting, Christmas, Birthday, Teacher Appreciation Gifts for bookworms, authors, writers, homeschool moms, students, book party favors too.

  47. Kindle Cover
  48. gifts-for-book-lovers-kindle-cover

    If they are Kindle readers, then they need a cover that fits their personality. Slim, lightweight hardback adds minimal bulk while protecting your Amazon All-New Kindle Paperwhite. Automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the lid is opened and closed—magnetic closure. The premium PU leather boosts a classy look. The no-scratch microfiber interior adds comfort and an additional layer of protection.

  49. Tequila Mockingbird
  50. gifts-for-book-lovers-mockingbird-cocktails

    Even if you don’t have a B.A. in English, you’ll drink like you do! From barflies to book clubs, Tequila Mockingbird is the world’s bestselling cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Featuring 65 delicious drink recipes paired with wry commentary on history’s most beloved novels, Tequila Mockingbird includes bar bites, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations. Great for someone who loves books and drinks.

  51. The Puffin in Bloom Collection
  52. gifts-for-book-lovers-collection

    Puffin in Bloom: A collection of classics with stunning cover art by renowned stationery brand Rifle Paper Co.’s principal artist, Anna Bond, is now available as an exquisite gift set! It features all four Puffin in Bloom classics with illustrated book covers by Anna Bond in a charming keepsake book box designed in her signature style.

  53. Library Card Tote Bag
  54. gifts-for-book-lovers-library-tote

    Did you meet your best friend in Barnes and Noble’s aisles while both perusing books? Did you bond over your discussion of books you’d both read? Do you borrow books from one another like some best friends borrow one another’s clothes? Then, this library card tote bag is the perfect gift. It’s made of natural cotton and has an inner pocket for keys, ID, and, a library card!

  55. EE Cummings Quote Pillowcase
  56. gifts-for-book-lovers-pillowcase

    “I Carry Your Heart With Me. I Carry It In My Heart” pillowcase. You will bring smiles and maybe more! Made of high-quality double-brushed microfiber pillowcases comparable to 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton. Each pillowcase is decorated using a process that permanently dyes the fabric so that you can’t even feel the words are just as soft as the rest of the pillowcase. 

  57. Phone Lampshade Reading Light
  58. gifts-for-book-lovers-light

    This tiny lampshade will turn any smartphone into a fun and stylish nightlight. Just cling it to your phone, launch your flashlight app, and let there be light! It’s excellent as a book light and makes the perfect stocking stuffer gift.

  59. Vonnegut Enamel Pin
  60. gifts-for-book-lovers-pins

    Always be Kurt Vonnegut, and never be an *. Set of two pins with strong black rubber backing. It is made of brass and zinc alloy, black nickel plating, and hard enamel coloring. Now, your backpack or favorite jacket can join the cultural conversation! A unique gift!

  61. Once Upon a Time Doodle Pillow


    Snuggle up in bed and read that classic opening line, “Once upon a time,” with this pillow. Perfect book lover gift. This adorable doodle pillow will stimulate the imagination and create the desire to dive deep into another book! Whether you get this for a kid or a kid at heart, this Once upon a time pillow is a must-have! 

  63. Novel Teas 
  64. gifts-for-book-lovers-tea

    Novel Teas Pouches contain 25 teabags individually tagged with literary quotes from the world over, made with English Breakfast tea. There is no better company than a steaming cup of tea as you open the cover of a favorite classic or turn the page of the latest thriller. Whether traveling to distant times and far-off lands or discovering new characters in a nearby locale, a soothing cup of tea makes the journey more pleasurable and the memory longer-lasting.

    What to gift a person who loves books?

    Oh, the joy of gifting a book lover! There’s a treasure trove of possibilities just waiting to be discovered. Start by exploring beautifully-bound classics, bestsellers in their favorite genre, or a highly-anticipated new release. You could also consider delightful bookish accessories, like elegant bookmarks, cozy reading blankets, or stylish bookends. Or, surprise them with a literary experience, such as a signed first edition or tickets to a book festival. Delighting a bookworm is as simple as turning the page to the next great read!

    What are must-have book accessories?

    Book accessories are the cherries on top of a reader’s delightful sundae! Some fabulous options include elegant bookmarks to save their place, stylish book sleeves to protect their precious reads, and adjustable bookstands to make hands-free reading a breeze. How about a cozy reading light for those late-night page-turners or a charming literary-themed tote bag to carry their latest finds? With these delightful book accessories, every reading session becomes an enchanting escape.