27 Perfect Stocking Stuffers For Every Woman In Your Life

Updated on September 8, 2022 Updated on Sep 8, 2022
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    Christmas shopping for that perfect gift can be tough but add to that finding the perfect stocking stuffers, and the pressure is on! Well, we will take the pressure off. We have the 24 best stocking stuffers for women in your life this holiday season.

  1. Champagne Cocktail In A Box
  2. stocking-stuffers-for-women

    This is for the girl who can’t get enough bubbly. She can make cocktails like a pro without all the hard work. This is bartending made simple and convenient. Ideal for airplane rides, hotel rooms, and on the go excursions. Take this travel cocktail kit drink set wherever you like with its compact portable sized box. The coolest tools and accessories to make drinks gon the go.

  3. Lip Sleeping Mask
  4. stocking-stuffers-for-women-lip-mask

    We sorted out her dry hair, now let’s fix her dry lips because sometimes lip balm is not enough! This lip mask is loaded with hyaluronic acid, a humectant that attracts and holds water. Apply the mask before bed and wipe away the next morning to reveal smooth, soft lips. 

  5. Biodegradable Hair Ties
  6. Did you know that most hair ties are made of materials that take thousands of years to biodegrade? Not Terra Ties! Made from natural rubber and organic cotton, these hair ties are biodegradable and perfect for your environmentally friendly gal pal. In addition to being biodegradable and having packaging made from recycled materials, Terra Ties are softer, thicker, and more durable than standard hair ties.

  7. Touch Screen Winter Gloves


    These gloves mean she doesn’t have to choose between warm hands and sending that urgent text! The gloves are 100% Chenille and moisture-wicking. The thumbs, forefingers, and middle fingers have smart tips so wearers can use their phones without having to remove the gloves. One size fits most, and there are four colors to choose from.

  9. Silk Lined Beanie Hat
  10. stocking-stuffers-for-women-beanie

    This hat will help her have a better hair day! Pulling a hat on and off of your hair causes static and damage. But no woman wants a cold head. It’s a dilemma. This beanie solves that dilemma! The outer part is made from 100% mulberry silk, and the inside is made of 90% mulberry silk and 10% spandex for stretch. The silk is both warm and gentle on the hair. 

  11. Jade Roller
  12. stocking-stuffers-for-women-jade-roller

    Jade rollers are a skincare tool. When rolled over the face, it can help decrease puffiness, encourage circulation, and help products absorb more deeply. The perfect stocking stuffer for the woman who loves self-care. 

  13. Sheet Masks
  14. stocking-stuffers-for-women-masks

    Regular old face masks are so last century. Sheet masks are what all the cool girls use. This set of five sheet masks are loaded with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to help hydrate and firm dry skin. These are a great gift for the skincare addict on your Christmas list. 

  15. iPhone Cleaning Pad
  16. stocking-stuffers-for-women-cleaning-pads

    The best gifts are those that solve a problem. And grimy gadgets are a problem everyone has. These pads clean dust, fingerprints, and smudges from most gadgets, including cell phones, laptops, tablets, and TV screens. Each pack contains four pads. 

  17. AirPods Carrying Case Cover
  18. stocking-stuffers-for-women-airpod-case-cover

    If the big present she’s waking up to on Christmas morning is a pair of Apple AirPods, this cover for the earbuds case is perfect for her Christmas stocking. This silicone cover protects the AirPods and their case from dirt and scuff marks. 

  19. Succulent Tealights
  20. stocking-stuffers-for-women-tealights

    Look how cute! The best gifts come in small packages, and these tealight succulents fit the bill. Perfect for the women who love plants but do not have a green thumb. There are six unscented candles in this gift set, and each burns for about 30 minutes. 

  21. Solemate Pumice Stone
  22. stocking-stuffers-for-women-pumice

    Love your feet again – or maybe for the first time ever by using Love, Lori’s My Solemate Foot Pumice Stone & Moisturizing Soap. This 2-in-1 pedicure tool is a pumice stone sponge, foot callus remover and moisturizing soap all in one, specifically designed to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your feet. Not only can you effectively eliminate those dry, cracked heels, but they will feel baby soft. 

  23. Yoga Poses Scratch Off Poster
  24. stocking-stuffers-for-women-poster

    If it’s Christmas morning, that means the New Year is just around the corner, which means New Year’s resolutions. This scratch-off yoga poses poster can help her meet those self-care goals. The poster measures 18 x 23 inches. 

  25. Key Chain Lip Balm Holder
  26. stocking-stuffers-for-women-key-chain

    I never leave home without lip balm, and if I do, I have to buy some. It’s an addiction! If you have a woman in your life who is similarly addicted to having soft lips, she will love this gift. The little pouch holds most standard sized lip balms and has a loop for keys which no one ever leaves home without. Perfect! 

  27. All Out Of Note Pad
  28. stocking-stuffers-for-women

    It’s so annoying to get home from the grocery store and realize you’ve forgotten something. Or several somethings. This note pad will help prevent that. As needed, she can simply check off what needs to be purchased. There is a magnet on the back so it can stick right to the fridge, handy! The pad measures 6 x 9 inches and has 60 sheets. 

  29. Portable Phone Charger
  30. stocking-stuffers-for-women-charger

    Great for travel, long days out of the house, or a weather event that causes a power outage, this portable charger is a must-have. It is compatible with the iPhone Xs, X, 8, Samsung S10, Google LG, and iPad. The charger measures a tiny 5.2 x 2.7 x 0.5 inches and weighs just 7 ounces, so it fits easily even in a pocket or tiny evening bag. 

  31. Hand Cream
  32. stocking-stuffers-for-women-hand-cream

    If you need gift ideas for a woman who loves gardening, DIY, or cooking, or works in health care, this hand cream is the perfect gift. Why? Because those women wash their hands a lot and this hand cream is the richest, most moisturizing one I have ever used, and as a skincare junkie, I’ve used a lot! 

  33. Seed Paper Hearts
  34. stocking-stuffers-for-women-seed-confetti

    These hearts look like ordinary paper but they’re actually infused with flower seeds. Simply soak the papers overnight, tear them into pieces, plant under a thin layer of dirt, water them, and watch them grow! These make fun party favors or table decorations. 

  35. Cosmetic Bag


    A chic new way to travel with. This structured case keeps your essentials safe and secure while offering easy organization. Drawstring design is easily closed, easy to use, and easy to carry. It’s filled with shockproof cotton built-in 3 mesh pockets, 4 elastic bands, cosmetics can be placed separately to protect your items from damage.

  37. Essie Gel Nail Polish
  38. stocking-stuffers-for-women-nail-polish

    Gel manicures were one of the greatest inventions of the late 20th Century. I love them. But they aren’t exactly cheap, and it can be hard to find time to get to the salon every few weeks. Thoughtful gifts solve a problem, and this stocking stuffer idea solves that problem. This nail polish will last up to two weeks and doesn’t require a UV light to set it or a jackhammer to remove it! It includes the nail polish available in several colors and topcoat.

  39. Essential Oils Diffuser Bracelet
  40. stocking-stuffers-for-women-diffuser-bracelet

    This looks like a watch, but where the watch face would be, there is a Tree of Life. And behind the tree is a space for felt pads that have been infused with essential oils. It’s a wearable oil diffuser! The bracelet comes with eight felt pads so the wearer can use different oils. Oils are not included.

  41. Phone Case With Credit Card Holder
  42. stocking-stuffers-for-women-phone-case

    This phone case includes a credit cardholder secret compartment in the back! It’s made of heavy-duty shockproof, anti-scratch soft rubber and fits the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It measures 4.7 inches long and comes in several colors. 

  43. Stainless Steel Travel Mug
  44. stocking-stuffers-for-women-mug

    Starbucks is an expensive habit. Help her stick to her New Year’s resolution to save money with this stainless steel travel mug. Santa will be jealous of your great stocking stuffer ideas! The cup holds 20 ounces and comes in several colors. 

  45. Amazon Gift Card
  46. stocking-stuffers-for-women-card

    It’s not easy choosing Christmas gifts sometimes. You scour a gift guide like this one, and still, nothing seems just right. Well, you tried! That situation is what gift cards were made for. You can make it a small gift of $10 and all the way up to any amount you choose. And while this is a physical gift card, you can also get e-gift cards from Amazon, which are perfect when you need a stocking stuffer at the last minute.

  47. Hand Warmers
  48. Sometimes gloves are not enough. When that’s the case, these hand warmers make the perfect stocking stuffer gift. The hand warmers can be slipped into gloves or pockets on those extra chilly days. There are five packs, each containing two warmers. 

  49. Ladybug Table Vacuum
  50. stocking-stuffers-for-women-ladybug

    This little lady is like a dust buster for your tiny jobs. She picks up things like dust and crumbs from desks, countertops, and tables. She runs on two AA batteries, which are not included. She makes an adorable addition to a desk or kitchen. 

  51. Mason Jar Zipper Bags


    Mason jar lunches were a Pinterest trend for a hot minute, and these zipper top snack bags are a cute little nod to that. There are 12 small bags in each set measuring 6.2 inches by 4.2 inches. They’re made on non-toxic materials and contain no BPA.

  53. Music Genius Playing Cards
  54. stocking-stuffers-for-women-cards

    The music lover on your stocking stuffers list will love this deck. It features illustrations of many of the greats, including Prince, Kurt Cobain, Nina Simone, and Amy Winehouse.