30 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For When The Panic Sets In

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: July 21, 2022

    You’ve had no time to shop, or you just don’t know the person well enough. Now you’ve got “gift panic” and you need last-minute Christmas gifts – pronto! These unique finds should please almost anyone (Pssst: they also won’t break the bank.)

  1. Tablet Pillow 
  2. last-minute-gifts-pillow


    Call it a beanbag, a pillow, or a cushion, but one thing’s certain – their tablet, kindle, iPhone, or OG book can now cozy up with them. This pillow is completely hands-free, with adjustable viewing angles, a carrying or hanging loop.

  3. Ceramic Planters with Bamboo Stands
  4. last-minute-christmas-gifts-pots


    These minimalist pots and stands look anything but “last minute.” They’ll look great anywhere in the home with a succulent, cactus, or snake plant and will even help you keep indoor plants alive. 

  5. Portable Cooler Lunch Tote  
  6. last-minute-christmas-gifts-lunch-bag

    A super cute lunch tote that makes traveling with food and beverage a breeze. It’s lightweight, and the insulated lining both keeps food fresh and is easily wiped clean. Carry it in your hand, or toss it in a larger bag. Either way, you can’t go wrong holiday shopping with a Kate Spade original. 

  7. Cabin Porn Book 
  8. last-minute-christmas-gifts-cabin-book

    The ultimate holiday gift for anyone that loves the great outdoors, this collection of photographs and cabin-building how-to invites you to slow down and breathe. Packed with idyllic settings, stunning architecture, and cozy interiors, this cabin collection makes for a truly unique gift.  

  9. Mason Jar Measuring Set
  10. last-minute-gifts-jars


    Anyone who loves their kitchen will adore this vintage mason jar measuring cup set. With the look of an actual antique (not a last-minute pick,) this is both a functional and beautiful gift. Unstack the mason jar to reveal standard measuring sizes: 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup. It also includes measuring spoons and a spoon rest. 

  11. Witty Oven Mitt


    Know someone that isn’t exactly the best cook? This oven mitt is cute and witty and makes clever last-minute Christmas gifts. They’re well-fitting for all hand sizes, have solid insulation, and are machine washable. The best part? Gift one and 1% of the sale is donated to hunger relief programs.

  13. Scratch Off Movie Poster 
  14. last-minute-christmas-gifts-movie-scratch-off-poster

    From Casablanca to Jaws, you constantly talk about getting through all the classic films. But it never seems to happen. Enter the Scratch-off Movie Poster of your dreams inviting you to screen 100 iconic films. There’s nothing like taking a coin to a scratchy panel to motivate your viewing. 

  15. Burrito Blanket
  16. last-minute-christmas-gifts-movie-burrito-blanketMexican food nom nom… Who wouldn’t be as happy as an enchilada wrapped in their own giant tortilla!? This ultra-soft blanket can be used on the beach, as a throw blanket, or for the bed. Then just throw it in the machine to wash it.

  17. Glitter Spirit Flask
  18. last-minute-christmas-gifts-flask


    For the spirit lovin’ lady (or the man who loves a little bling,) these leak-proof, stainless steel spirit flasks come in 8 glittery shades from a brand famed for keeping drinks chilled. If you’re going to smuggle your favorite “juice” into an event you should do it in style.

  19. Bourbon Soap 
  20. last-minute-christmas-gifts-bourbon-soap

    While on the subject of best gifts for spirit lovers, this soap has Kentucky Straight Bourbon right there in the cleansing bar. Described as a masculine, oak barrel scent with small bits of ground corn to help exfoliate rough skin. Does Bourbon benefit the skin? Does it matter? 

  21. Fuzzy Llama Duster 
  22. last-minute-christmas-gifts-llama-duster

    Last-minute gift ideas for the family member who already has everything? No prob-llama! They certainly don’t have a fuzzy pink llama duster. Sure to brighten up the home or office while also keeping it dust-free. It also bends out straight to reach those hard-to-get places. 

  23. Cluedo: Downton Abbey Edition  


    Everyone loves a game night during the holiday season, especially a little sleuthing. This Clue is twice as fun as it’s inspired by the award-winning TV series, Downton Abbey. The Crawley family discovers that a  valuable object has been stolen, and Mr. Carson needs your help! Move around the board game as your favorite character and find the thief.

  25. Magnetic Wristband  
  26. last-minute-christmas-gifts-magnetic-wristband

    Gift ideas for the handyman? This magnetic gadget is your perfect gift. A great gift for any kind of home improvement, the magnet holds screws, nails, bolts, washers, and drill bits firmly to your wrist while you work. It’s like having an assistant pass you what you need! 

  27. Heat Changing Mug 
  28. last-minute-christmas-gifts-mug

    A Bob Ross self-painting mug!?? Sure to turn eyes green when loved ones wish it were their own gift. When the mug’s cold, the image of Bob Ross reminds you to be calm and find time in your life to create. When it heats up, a Bob Ross painting appears to inspire you.

  29. Personalized Tree Ornament
  30. last-minute-christmas-gifts-tree-ornament

    These personalized, super-cute ornaments are perfect last-minute Christmas gifts for the entire family. You could literally give everyone a bauble and solve your shopping instantly. Made of porcelain and decorated with a big festive bow, you can also choose your font color. 

  31. Silicone Drinking Straws 
  32. last-minute-christmas-gifts-silicon-straws

    The perfect stocking stuffer for the environmentally conscious. These reuseable, 100% silicone straws can be cut to size, won’t damage your teeth, and can travel anywhere. The extra-long size will also work for your Starbucks iced “venti.” Dishwasher safe and cleaning brush included.

  33. Noise Cancelling Headphones 
  34. last-minute-christmas-gifts-headphones

    More budget-friendly than Apple AirPods and perfect for the loved one who travels. These headphones are both noise-canceling and come with an airplane adaptor so they can get some inflight peace. Premium sound, adjustable headband, foam earpads, and long-lasting rechargeable battery.

  35. Sheet Mask Pack  
  36. last-minute-christmas-gifts-masks


    The holidays are the perfect time to get “sheet faced” with your best friend. Get her this ultimate skincare gift box of 12 masks made with hyaluronic acid which is great for normal, dry, and dehydrated skin. 

  37. DIY Herb Garden 
  38. last-minute-christmas-gifts-herb-garden

    Whether they love to cook or just throw things into an instant pot, this certified USDA organic herb growing kit will spruce up their dinner. The DIY gift set includes 5 types of seeds (basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme); 5 compostable peat pots; 5 potting discs; 5 plant markers, and a growing guide. 

  39. Electric Car Blanket 
  40. last-minute-christmas-gifts-heated-blanket

    Winter gifting never felt so good. An ultra-plush, 12-volt electric blanket for the car, truck, or RV that’ll ensure that their road trip or tailgate will be a toasty affair. The plug uses the cigarette lighter to heat things up, while a 96-inch cord keeps even backseat passengers warm.

  41. Beer Bottle Fridge Suspenders
  42. last-minute-christmas-gifts-bottle-suspenders

    Last-minute gift ideas can truly be this cool. These clever little fridge strips allow you to suspend beer bottles from the ceiling of the fridge – freeing up space for other food (but also looking very stylish.) Each strip contains super-strong magnets and sticks with heavy-duty peel-and-stick. 

  43. Women’s Tote Bag
  44. christmas-gifts-tote-bag

    An Amazon bestseller, this high-quality faux leather tote should make it onto your gift guide. It’s under 20 bucks and the thousands of reviews speak for themselves. Perfect for work, travel, and shopping, it’s the perfect go-anywhere bag. Comes in a huge array of colors to suit their taste.

  45. Fitness Tracker 


    This fitness tracker is a hard worker. With heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, stopwatch, music controller, deep breathing guide, route map, and the ability to check texts and alerts via BlueTooth with your phone. You can even set a daily workout goal. 

  47. Furry Slide Slippers  
  48. last-minute-christmas-gifts-slippers

    “Alexa! Bring me my slippers!” These aren’t your run-of-the-mill slippers and they’re ideal for last minute Christmas gifts. A classy leopard slide that’s as durable for cocktails in the garden as it is for trawling through Netflix. 

  49. Whiskey Nosing Glass 
  50. last-minute-christmas-gifts-whiskey-glass

    An original and beautiful gift for the whiskey lover – the first and only insulated nosing glass for your favorite whiskey. Stainless steel makes it perfect for travel, and BevGuard technology prevents dilution and gives it 20x the temperature retention than a normal glass. 

  51. Vegan Leather Tray  
  52. last-minute-christmas-gifts-leather-tray

    A tasteful “catch-all” to organize coins, keys, phone, jewelry, and other accessories. It’s also the perfect go-anywhere travel accessory as it packs flat. Perfect for gift-giving, but even better to double up and buy yourself one too.

  53. Dainty Layered Necklace 
  54. last-minute-christmas-gifts-necklace

    A dainty layered necklace that looks far more expensive than it is. With 14K gold plating, it’s nickel-free and hypoallergenic and you can choose to wear one or all three necklaces at once.

  55. Amazon Gift Card 
  56. last-minute-christmas-gifts-amazon-gift-card

    Smart, simple, always loved – if all else fails you can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card.They can choose their own last-minute Christmas gifts, or put it toward an Amazon Prime subscription service. 

  57. Leather Journal  
  58. last-minute-christmas-gifts-leather-journal

    A luxurious old-world leather-bound journal is a great gift for anyone. This one’s made from the finest genuine leather with hand-sewn binding, and looks ultra-sophisticated. Soft and lightweight, it’s perfect for writing or sketching, with 240 lined pages. 

  59. Grinch Figurine
  60. last-minute-christmas-gifts-grinch


    Still, trying to come up with a gift for that grinchy family member? Well, just give ’em a darn Grinch. These figurines are collectibles and sit cutely on any mantle, desk, or entertainment unit. They probably weren’t going to appreciate that echo dot anyway – so at least you’ll get the last laugh.