27 Funny Christmas Sweaters That will Get

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: November 6, 2023

    CNN once called the ugly Christmas sweater the fashion equivalent of a Hallmark movie. What an on-point analogy! The festively kitsch pullover is now synonymous with the yuletide and is fast becoming a competitive sport. Here are the best sweaters to cement your place at the very center of attention.

  1. Gingerbread Roid Rage
  2. funny-christmas-sweaters-gingerbread

    This sweater makes me giggle over and over. It’s a great example of simple humor that just lands. If I were a gingerbread man I’d definitely be “performance-enhancing” my physique.

  3. Christmas in tha Dogg House
  4. funny-christmas-sweaters-snoop

    When outside my crib there rolled such a clatter, I stuck my head out and yelled “What tha f*@% is the matter?!” Whether you’ve got “Christmas in tha Dogg House” on replay or you’re sippin’ on gin and juice with the family, Snoop is by your side.

  5. The Birthday Boy
  6. funny-christmas-sweaters-jesus

    Sure to make an impact at any ugly Christmas sweater party, this Happy B’day Jesus sweater has it all – vibrant colors, loads of texture, and (according to reviewers) it’s also thick and soft.

  7. Naughty Or Nice
  8. funny-christmas-sweaters-santa-coming

    “That’s what she said” jokes are endless, but also endlessly funny. ThisTipsy Elves Santa sweater will grab you some belly laughs while drinking brandy around the yule log.

  9. Stocking Stuffer?
  10. funny-christmas-sweaters-wine-holder

    Girl, this ain’t just funny it’s damn functional! Buy all the work gals this women’s ugly Christmas sweatshirt and wear them to the office holiday party together. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a few bottles of wine on arrival.

  11. Lampooning All The Way
  12. funny-christmas-sweaters-vacation

    Christmas movies make some of the best ugly Christmas sweater ideas. Chevy Chase may be the drawcard but who could forget Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s scene-stealing turn in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Team up with your significant other to take her accusatory quote for a spin.

  13. Bah Humbug
  14. funny-christmas-sweaters-bah-humbug

    Don’t try to hide it, wear your curmudgeonly displeasure with pride, and at least get a laugh while doing so. Hanes makes this men’s ugly Christmas sweater so you know the quality will be good (though some would argue that questionable quality is part of the hunt.)

  15. Wearable Drinking Game
  16. funny-christmas-sweaters-drinking-game

    Bring the party to you by becoming the drinking game! This drinking-game-ugly-Christmas-sweater hits the bullseye in so many ways. The velcro balls have loads of sticking power and the rules couldn’t be any clearer.

  17. The Stag Of Subtlety
  18. funny-christmas-sweaters-reindeer

    More of a subtle guy? Like to make people work harder for your jokes? These shagging reindeer should do the trick. Grandma won’t even notice.

  19. Newborn Jesus
  20. funny-christmas-sweaters-baby-jesus

    What’s cuter than a Fa La Llama on a Xmas sweater? Baby Jesus. Carry him around like the Mandalorian and baby Yoda, and see how easily he grabs the attention. I mean, it ain’t Xmas without a “little” Jesus. Ba-dum ching! 

  21. Certified Ugliest
  22. funny-christmas-sweaters-hairy

    Did someone say tacky Christmas sweater? Well, this hairy thing of beauty has arrived and it’s 3D and unisex! Perfect for that festive gathering with the in-laws.

  23. ‘Tis The Season
  24. funny-christmas-sweaters-festive-AF

    Sometimes you’ve just gotta fake it till you make it. So if the holidays don’t make you feel particularly festive, don this sweater on Christmas Day, and half your holiday spirit is complete. Merry Christmas!

  25. Flash That Chest
  26. funny-christmas-sweaters-light-up

    Light up everyone’s evening – literally – with this light-up ugly Christmas sweater. It comes with a hidden battery pack to make those Christmas tree lights twinkle and change color. According to reviewers, it’s also a thicker-style (good quality) sweater.

  27. Jingle My Bells
  28. ugly-christmas-sweater-bells


    This is a lovely-looking knit sweater, with a bit of a racy theme. You’ll be making spirits bright at any party you wear it to.  

  29. A Golden Oldie


    Witty, cute, and original, this nod to the Golden Girls makes for the ultimate holiday season hoodie. It comes in a vast range of sizes that will fit both men and women.

  31. Wink, Wink
  32. funny-christmas-sweaters-real-santa

    A little naughty but super cute, this Santa Claus holiday sweater is, without a doubt, a statement piece. It’s a great gift for Dad that will go over the kid’s heads.

  33. Cookies and Milk
  34. funny-christmas-sweaters-santa-couple

    Funny ugly Christmas sweaters don’t need to be over-the-top to make an impact. Case in point: these matchy-matchy, high-quality, crewneck sweaters. The message is simple (simply dirty) and perfect for teaming up with your partner at family gatherings– your MIL will love it!

  35. Cat Lovers
  36. funny-christmas-sweaters-cat

    Blizzard Bay sweaters always deliver on cozy, soft knits – no scratchiness here! Nor does the cat scratch. Though it darn well looks like it’s about to. If you often find yourself channeling your cat around people, this is your sweater.

  37. Spice It Up
  38. When everyone’s expecting a funny sweater and you can’t seem to find something original, go one step further and don a sweater dress. This gingerbread man dress is a) still a sweater b) comfy as all hell and c) ugly to boot!

  39. Glamour Claus
  40. funny-christmas-sweaters-glam-santa

    If the gay beards had a sanctioned sweater this would be it. And, if Santa really knew how to work it, he’d be riding a float for Pride and using that beard to bring bright and sparkly joy to all. 

  41. Sequins and Style
  42. funny-christmas-sweater-sleighin-its-glam-santa

    True story: women’s ugly Christmas sweaters can be stylish. Take this little number – it’s fitted perfectly to female bodies (for once!), has a subtle but festive color palette, and just the right amount of sparkle. Not to mention, it reminds everyone that you are, indeed, sleighin’ it.

  43. The Science of Christmas
  44. funny-christmas-sweaters-dinosaurs

    Try something a little different this time of year and opt for a funny cardigan-sweater instead. It’ll let your armpits breathe and, if you’re an atheist, there’s no better choice than a couple of festive dinosaurs.

  45. Snowflakes and Unicorns
  46. funny-christmas-sweaters-unicorn

    You may not believe in Jesus or Santa, but how about unicorns? This sparkly unicorn sweater is festive, cute, and unique, and says, “I make my own rules.” 

  47. Half-Baked
  48. funny-christmas-sweaters-baked

    Christmas is a time for eating a heap of food and falling asleep. Likewise, getting baked is a time for eating a heap of food and falling asleep. Now that seems like a partnership that was meant to be.

  49. On Comet! On Cupid!
  50. funny-christmas-sweaters-reindeer

    There are just not enough funny Xmas sweaters that take a chilly head into account. This hoodie sweater brings it all – a comfy sweater, a toasty hood, and antlers to hang things on. Grab a red nose to round off your Rudolph. 

  51. St. Carlton
  52. funny-christmas-sweaters-carlton

    Bring it back old skool with this “Carlton in a Santa hat” 1990s-style Christmas sweater. Then break into that famed Carlton dance and win the party! But if you prefer the Fresh Prince, well, he’s an option too.

  53. DIY Fun
  54. funny-christmas-sweaters-custom

    Finally, you can always make your own ugly fun by customizing a sweatshirt with a photo of yourself, a family member, or a beloved TV character. Go big and get everyone to wear a sweater with Dad’s mug on it when you greet him on Christmas morning. He’ll be chuffed. Depending on the photo.

    What makes a great ugly Christmas sweater?

    The iconic ugly Christmas sweater is all about being unapologetically outrageous and festive. The best ones flaunt over-the-top designs with bright, clashing colors and integrate playful themes—think reindeer with googly eyes or Santa on a unicorn. Tactile add-ons like tinsel, pompoms, and even LED lights elevate the sweater from just visually “ugly” to a full-on sensory spectacle.

    While the goal is to stand out and be memorable, comfort remains key. After all, amidst the humorous plays on holiday symbols and the nostalgia they evoke, the sweater should still be cozy enough to enjoy the festive season to its fullest.