33 Funny Christmas Ornaments To Liven Up Your Family Gathering

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: November 23, 2023

    Whether your tree needs an overhaul or you’re buying for someone with cheeky tastes, plenty of funny Christmas ornaments are out there. Here’s a list of our favorites– unconventional, silly, naughty, or nicely odd.

  1. Personalized Pole Dancer
  2. funny-christmas-ornaments-stripper

    Whether it’s a gift, a stocking stuffer, or a secret Santa present you seek, this personalized pole dancing ornament will make an impact. The ornament can be customized with a name and the year. 

  3. Cousin Eddie
  4. funny-christmas-ornaments-cousin-eddie

    National Lampoons’ Christmas Vacation fan on your hands? They’ll instantly know this scene with Cousin Eddie without any explanation or movie quote necessary, which is why it’s such a great gift. Do you prefer Clark and his chainsaw? Over HERE.

  5. Moira Rose
  6. funny-christmas-ornaments-schitts-creek

    While on pop culture, plenty of Schitt’s Creek fans would scream in ecstatic excitement over a Moira Rose ornament for their tree– especially one that highlights her eccentric linguistic abilities.

  7. Van Gogh 


    Here’s a gift idea for the art fans – or Halloween fans, or Quidditch fans! Made of metal and glass, it seems like an ordinary ornament at first glance, but a closer look reveals how silly it is! 

  9. Funny Math Ceramic  
  10. funny-christmas-ornaments-math-joke

    This Christmas tree ornament is for a sibling with horrendous math inabilities, the buddy who recalls the torture of algebra, or the professor teacher in your life. It’s simple but sure to get a good laugh.

  11. Saggy Boobs
  12. funny-christmas-ornaments-saggy-boobs

    Give that special someone some naughty fun with these sagging old lady boobies. Hide them amongst the Christmas lights and see who notices them. Or, gift them as a Secret Santa treat to Uncle Fred. One thing’s for sure; these boobies are handmade and high-quality.

  13. Farting Gnome 
  14. funny-christmas-ornaments-farting-gnome

    Well, you can’t go wrong with an aggressively farting gnome. I mean, his face says it all. But if you need more proof, press his butt cheeks, and he shall fart to the tune of Deck the Halls.

  15. Artistic Profanity
  16. funny-christmas-ornaments-sweet-profanity

    These decorations are perhaps the sweetest way to say a personalized “Merry Christmas” to a Grinch near and dear. Choose from Merry Christmas Dickhead, Merry Christmas Asshole, or You’re a Ho Ho Ho. Pretty, handmade, and spicy!

  17. Toilet Paper and Poop 
  18. funny-christmas-ornaments-tp-and-poop

    What’s more romantic than gifting one of these wooden ball ornaments to your better half for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary? Of course, it would also look great as a gift tag on a more significant gift.

  19. Happy Birthday, Jesus!
  20. funny-christmas-ornaments-jesus-birthday

    It’s time to celebrate the OG birthday boy! With a birthday cake and party hat, he also arrives in an unopened collector gift box from famed “ornaments” Tree Buddies.

  21. Merry Merlot 
  22. funny-christmas-ornaments-merlot

    While on the topic of turning water into wine, perhaps your boozehound Aunt is also adept at the same skill. Show her you know what she loves with this realistic Merlot glass ornament.

  23. Dr. Fauci Keepsake
  24. funny-christmas-ornaments-fauci

    Big family get-togethers are a great time to remind everyone to “Wash your f’n hands!” While also commemorating a time in history – and a gravelly voice – we’ll never forget. This ceramic ornament is your Dr. Fauci memorabilia. Hand sanitizer is sold separately.

  25. Santa Claus Riding A Unicorn 
  26. funny-christmas-ornaments-santa-unicorn

    Is Santa delivering his presents on a unicorn? Why not? It’s no different than flying reindeer. Whether for a young child who adores unicorns or your gay best friend who swears Santa is “so not straight,” this is a super cute ornament.

  27. Nicolas Cage
  28. funny-christmas-ornaments-nick-cage

    Because… Nicolas Cage. There’s no rhyme or reason other than this holiday decor is hilarious. Trust us, this will be worth it for the reactions.

  29. Humping Reindeer 


    Not your average Hallmark find, here’s an ornament that will make an impact. However, it may take them just a second longer. The perfect decoration for your life partner, this week’s fling, or to see the expression on Mom’s face. T

  31. Cat Butt Hole  
  32. funny-christmas-ornaments-cat-butt

    What cat lover wouldn’t appreciate a cat butt hole for their tree? The cat butts are hand-crocheted out of 100% wool in a variety of colors. This one’s a gray tabby cat, but you can also find an orange tabby, a black cat, a brown calico tortie, and a white cat.

  33. Rainbow Unicorn Mermanfunny-christmas-ornaments-rainbow-merman
  34. I will not lie – I am obsessed with how adorable these are, and your gay friends will be, too. This rainbow unicorn merman knocking back cocktails is only the tip of the merman universe. There’s also a beefcake merman holding a cake and a vast array of sexy “Bears” like this one.

  35. Good Mom 
  36. funny-christmas-ornaments-good-mom

    A wisecrackin’ mom will appreciate this ornament no matter your age, and it would make a great stocking stuffer. Or you could use it as a gift tag for her Mother’s Day or birthday gift.

  37. Gingerbread Tan
  38. funny-christmas-ornaments-gingerbread-tanning

    Know someone who’s addicted to their tan? Or off to spend Christmas in the heat of the southern hemisphere? This gingerbread man is baking himself to a crisp and makes for a simple but practical joke.

  39. Miniature Shoe Box Bauble 
  40. funny-christmas-ornaments-shoebox

    This bauble is super cute for shoe lovers, especially those expecting a new pair of sneakers as a Christmas day gift. Hint that their present revolves around shoes, then gift them these mini Nike and Adidas boxes.

  41. Mac and Cheese
  42. funny-christmas-ornaments-mac


    If you’ve ever attended a Christmas (or any other) gathering in the South, you know what this is and how delicious it is! This mac and cheese ornament is made of hand-blown glass.

  43. Atheist Bauble
  44. funny-christmas-ornaments-atheist

    The irony won’t be lost on the recipient of this black and white glass ball, and it will undoubtedly take a prime position on their very non-religious tree. 

  45. Pumpkin Spice Latte  
  46. funny-christmas-ornaments-pumpkin-spice-latte

    The PSL obsession is more accurate than Frosty the Snowman. If you know someone who lives for fall just so they can pumpkin-spice up their lives, this is for them. Personally, all I can hear is Last Week Tonight’s PSL voice-over guy, lol. 

  47. Bernie Sanders
  48. funny-christmas-ornaments-bernie-sanders

    He may have ended his presidential run, but thankfully, Bernie is far from out of the picture. To commemorate the inauguration of his adorable mittens in this wooden keepsake holiday ornament.

  49. Farting Santa


    It’s not coal that naughty boys and girls get from Santa; it’s this! Press and you’ll get a life-like sound! Batteries are included.

  51. A Holy Shit
  52. funny-christmas-ornaments-holy-shit

    This poop ornament says so much– “Hey, you’re an atheist!”, “OMG, you’re going to be parents!” “What the hell, you bought a house!?” Whatever you need to say, say it with a holier-than-thou Christmas poo.

  53. Bitten Gingerbread People
  54. funny-christmas-ornaments-bitten-gingerbread

    This joke never gets old, and it’s so darn cute! Here, you can get one, or a pack of four, felt gingerbread, each fittingly nibbled upon—a great treat for kids and adults alike.

  55. Toilet Paper


    Decorate their tree with TP! Toilet paper got much funnier in the Pandemic 2020 (painfully so), but did it ever go out of style? This roll is quilted and ultra-plush and says so much for such a tiny, hand-glittered roll.

  57. Cat Mugshot
  58. funny-christmas-ornaments-cat-mugshot

    Every cat owner will relate to this one– cats can’t stay away from bright Xmas baubles, glittery tinsel, and anything that looks like a scratching stick.

  59. Beer Pong 
  60. funny-christmas-ornaments-beer-pong

    How do you say Merry Xmas to a first-year college student or college grad? This ornament shows a ping pong ball splashing into a red solo cup filled with beer and will speak their language. 

  61. Grinch


    Most of us can agree that 2021 hasn’t been the best year. Even the Grinch agrees! Show 2021 the disdain it deserves with this glazed ceramic ornament. 

  63. Notorious RBG
  64. funny-christmas-ornaments-notorious-rbg

    Speaking of icons, every woman in your household needs a notorious RBG figurine for their tree. Ruth thought her pop culture moniker was hilarious, and so do we.

  65. Jingle Balls
  66. funny-christmas-ornaments-jingle-balls

    And… last but not least, how about some jingle balls? These seriously silly scrotums pack a punch in varying skin tones. They’d make pretty awesome stocking stuffers/gag gifts for all the men or women in your family.