31 Dirty Santa Gifts That Will Definitely Get a Good Laugh

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: October 24, 2022

    Dirty Santa gift exchanges, White elephant parties, and even Secret Santa gift swaps are great ways to exchange gifts with a crowd, and you don’t even need to know the person well. The best dirty Santa gift ideas revolve around funny gifts, having a sense of humor, and encouraging some friendly competition.

    Let’s talk about mistaken lyric coasters, denture ice cubes, crafting with cat hair, beer soap, funny games, Mariah Carey Xmas vinyl, disposable film cameras, and a cookbook entitled 50 Ways To Eat Cock. There’s even a very special Face/Off tee and some Wookie cookies.

    Most of these gifts also make stellar stocking stuffers for your family and friends – depending on their persuasions.

    To make sure your contribution to the game is worthy, here are some funny dirty Santa gift ideas for your next exchange. Remember, play it dirty, so you walk away with the best gift! Game on!

  1. Eat Cock Book
  2. dirty-santa-gifts-book

    Cooking cock is tougher than you might think. Learn to slay this dragon from someone who has trained at the breast of some of Europe’s sauciest moms and grandmas. With tongue-in-cheek descriptions, these playful cock recipes are bulging with everything from the quintessential to the quick-and-easy to the downright quirky. You’ll learn how to tame this tough bird meat into a delicious, finger-licking, gourmet meal.

  3. 90’s Mistaken Lyrics Coasters
  4. dirty-santa-gifts-coasters

    Does your heart yearn for flannel and Crystal Pepsi? Are you sad to realize that many years have passed since the introduction of knowing what you want, what you want? Then this is the set for you! That sound, you hear? That’s the sound of your Doc Martins calling from the closet. Go ahead, lace them up and get nostalgic about a time you swore you’d want to forget. Isn’t it ironic?

  5. Snoop Dog Cookbook
  6. white-elephant-gifts-cookbook

    Looking for cookbooks with a little more personality? Welcome to the Boss Dogg’s Kitchen. Your secret Santa will love the first cookbook and recipe book from Tha Dogg, From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes from Tha Boss Dogg’s Kitchen. You’ve seen Snoop Dogg work his culinary magic on VH1’s Emmy-nominated Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, and now Tha Dogg’s up in your kitchen…with his first cookbook.

  7. Wine Condoms
  8. novelty-gifts-wine-condom

    Ever hesitated to open that second bottle of wine? No more. Wine Condoms are a great solution to preserving wine. The super seal prevents oxygen from entering the bottle and spoiling your precious bottle. This is the perfect holiday gift for wine lovers, and it makes a great stocking stuffer or dirty Santa gift.

  9. The Bathroom Guestbook
  10. bad-santa-gifts-restroom-guestbook

    Everyone loves a little toilet humor! This subtle prank is a bestseller at Amazon and a very popular gift idea! This quirky guest book will turn the everyday bathroom break into a chance to record your deepest thoughts for the ages. Let friends and family mark each trip to the loo with thoughts, doodles, and assessments of the local décor so others can enjoy their ruminations from the can for decades to come. This padded hardcover journal, complete with foil stamping and a ribbon to mark its 112 pages, will make any water closet just a little bit cheekier.

  11. Christmas Vacation Mug
  12. dirty-santa-gifts-moose-mug

    Would you like to drink your egg nog from a moose mug just like Clark Griswold, but you’re not up for a cross-country road trip to get your own from Walley World? The simple solution is to have this set of two Christmas Vacation 8oz Moose Mugs sent right to you instead! A fun gift for die-hard National Lampoons fans.

  13. Dentures Ice Cube Tray
  14. dirty-santa-gifts-ice-cubes

    Get grins immediately from guests at your next cocktail party with denture-shaped ice cubes. This ice cube tray is the perfect companion for your next home or office party. Liven up any drink with these festive ice cubes! These make a great gag gift or white elephant gift exchange.

  15. Crafting With Cat Hair
  16. gag-gifts-cat-hair

    Are your favorite sweaters covered with cat hair? Do you love to make quirky and one-of-a-kind crafting projects? If so, then it’s time to throw away your lint roller and curl up with your kitty! Crafting with Cat Hair shows readers how to transform stray clumps of fur into soft and adorable handicrafts. From kitty tote bags and finger puppets to fluffy cat toys, picture frames, and more, these projects are cat-friendly, eco-friendly, and require no special equipment or training. A hilarious gift for a dirty Santa party.

  17. Burrito Blanket
  18. dirty-santa-gifts-burrito

    Have you ever wanted to be a giant burrito? Well, now you can. Lay down inside the blanket and roll yourself up, becoming the burrito you’ve always wanted. Keep you and your loved ones incredibly cozy on a crisp night as you wrap up by the fireplace to watch TV or spread it out on the ground for a picnic!

  19. Dumbell Pint Glasses
  20. dirty-santa-gifts-glasses

    Get your reps in while enjoying your beer! This set of two beer glasses holds 25 ounces each and is dishwasher safe. Great novelty gift for a beer advocate or the fitness junkie in your life! Whether for a family member gift exchange or an office holiday party, this gift is a winner.

  21. Bob Ross Coffee Mug
  22. dirty-santa-gifts-bob-ross-mug

    This mug is for loyal fans of Bob Ross and coffee. “Play. Have fun!” When you pour a hot beverage in, the solid background comes to life with Bob’s stunning original artwork and the quote, “No mistakes, just happy accidents.” Light up someone’s morning every single day.

  23. Debatable Party Game
  24. dirty-santa-gifts-debatable

    Do foil hats protect your thoughts from alien mind readers? Should post-mortem organ donation be mandatory? Who doesn’t love a good argument? Now you can finally prove to your friends and family that you can win ANY fight, regardless of the topic and which side you’re on. In Debatable, all players are politicians taking turns debating both serious and silly issues using creative debate strategies like “Deny everything,” “Resort to personal attacks,” and “Use made-up science to support you.”

  25. Top Movies Scratch Poster
  26. dirty-santa-gifts-movie-scratch-poster

    Some films will never get old. Timeless classics with life-changing stories, inspiring actors, and genius direction work together to create pure magic. Learn more about cinema, the world, and yourself from the 100 best movies of all time. Reunite with your heroes and remember the scenes that made you laugh and cry.

  27. Tamagotchi 
  28. dirty-santa-gifts-game

    You can now raise and nurture sangria’s (the lazy egg) in a Tamagotchi environment. Hatch and take care of it to determine which version you get! Give attention, feed it sauce or a tomato and play games so it doesn’t turn into an egg dish! But if that happens, no worries, start again to see which version you raise next! This is sure to get a good laugh at your Christmas party.

  29. Relative Insanity
  30. adult-party-games-insanity

    This laugh-out-loud party game uses bits of comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s material that mix and match to create wacky situations that families and friends will love! One player reads a setup card, like ‘While walking past my sister’s bedroom, I heard her say…’, and then other players choose a punch line card to fill in the blank, hoping the reader will pick theirs as the best. It’s a tremendous dirty Santa gift and fun to play at the party.

  31. Ax Pizza Cutter
  32. dirty-santa-gifts-pizza-axe

    Cut pizza in style with this ax-shaped pizza cutter! Featuring a durable rotating blade and comfortable bamboo handle, this is the perfect way to bring out your inner lumberjack while cutting pizza, quesadillas, pasta, or several other foods. The ax pizza cutter is also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

  33. Tequila Mockingbird
  34. best-white-elephant-gift-ideas-cocktail-book

    Even if you don’t have a B.A. in English, you’re gonna drink like you do! From barflies to book clubs, Tequila Mockingbird is the world’s bestselling cocktail book for the literary obsessed. Featuring 65 delicious drink recipes and wry commentary on history’s most beloved novels, Tequila Mockingbird also includes bar bites, drinking games, and whimsical illustrations. 

  35. Bomb Bath Bomb
  36. white-elephant-gifts-bomb


    If you’re having a holiday party or a Secret Santa gift exchange at the office, this relaxing bath bomb makes a great gift idea! Dissolve stress! Melt anger! This fragrant essential oil fizzer (that’s also clean and non-toxic) is designed to do just that. So the next time you’re FRUSTRATED, drop a bath bomb.  

  37. The Star Wars Cook Book
  38. dirty-santa-gifts-cookbook

    From C-3PO Pancakes to Jedi Juice Bars, this intergalactic Star Wars cookbook features healthy snacks, delicious dishes, sweet treats, and accessible main courses no Rebel can resist. With hilarious photos and safety tips for cooking on Earth and in most space stations, Wookiee Cookies even includes a sheet of shiny Star Wars stickers. Great gift for any Star Wars fan.

  39. Disposable Camera 
  40. dirty-santa-gifts-camera

    This one would be a fun throwback for anyone at the party. Loaded with Superia X-TRA 400 film comes with 27 exposures. Flash range up to 10 feet, a fixed-focus lens for sharp, clear pictures. Compact and easy to use but unfortunately comes with no Bluetooth nor a charger.

  41. DIY Avocado Growing Kit
  42. dirty-santa-gifts-avocado

    Who doesn’t love avocados? This unique gift makes one of the best dirty Santa gifts for family members at this year’s Christmas gift exchange! AvoSeedo is simply the perfect tool for you to grow avocado trees at home: It is a small plastic gadget with a hole where you can insert an avocado pit. It increases the success rate of avocado germination.

  43. Fun Wine Tumbler
  44. dirty-santa-gifts-wine-tumbler

    Enjoy a relaxing evening with your new favorite stemless wine glass, which reads Bra Off Hair Up Sweats On Wine Gone. The glass holds 15 ounces of your favorite white or red vino. This wine glass is the perfect choice after a long, rough day or a humorous start to enjoying a drink with friends. 

  45. Beer Soap
  46. dirty-santa-gifts-soap

    Beer soap is a perfect gift for just about anyone who has ever enjoyed a beer, but it’s also great for people who enjoy great scents, artisan soaps, and fun American-made goods. The scents are not derived from the beer itself and can be described as smelling spicy, roasty, fruity, sweet, and fresh, depending on the variety of soap.

  47. Funny Oven Mitt


    Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen will love this snarky dirty Santa game oven mitt. A little cinnamon, a lot of butter, and a heaping cup of brilliance. But no raisins. Never raisins. This oven mitt is super-insulated, 100% cotton, and makes a funny Christmas gift.  

  49. Nicolas Cage Face Off Tee
  50. dirty-santa-gifts-t-shirt

    Face/Off is a phenomenal 1997 action movie starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. The two actors compete to chew the most scenery and deliver the most insane one-liners while switching roles partway through the movie. Sure the quality of their movies may have taken a horrid nose-dive, but they still hold a place in pop culture! This will be a huge hit at your white elephant gift exchange.

  51. Candy Bento Box
  52. dirty-santa-gifts-candy

    Gummy candy sushi comes with nine pieces of candy modeled after sushi rolls and garnishings arranged on a plastic tray. This unisex sushi bento box combines gummy, marshmallow, and licorice candies to produce five classic sushi staples. Candy sushi features fruity, sour, and licorice flavors giving a delightful surprise to any sushi lover.

  53. Mariah Carey Merry Christmas Vinyl  
  54. dirty-santa-gifts-vinyl

    This is a holiday season staple. This wrapped gift under the Christmas tree will sing in the Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas is the first Christmas album and the fourth studio album by Mariah Carey. This contemporary holiday-themed album features versions of popular Christmas tunes and original material. Widely acclaimed for Mariah Carey’s skillful songwriting and flavored vocals, this Limited Red Vinyl LP includes a particular song not available on the CD version.

  55. Game of Phones
  56. dirty-santa-gifts-phone-game

    Fun Is Coming. Your smartphone already sits on the table while you’re out to brunch -you might as well give it the official party invite. Game of Phones turns your trusty cellular companion into the subject of a scavenger hunt between you and your friends. Just gather your friends and their smartphones, draw a prompt card, and see who can use their phones the fastest to create an emoji masterpiece, show off the last photo you took, or find the weirdest Google Image result for your name. Game of Thrones fans will appreciate this one.

  57. Beaker Wine Glass
  58. Wine lover meets chemistry nerd. Periodic Tableware marries the clarity of science with the art of mixology, capturing the reaction between laboratory glass and modern barware. Perfect science gift for a wine drinker! These also come in beaker mugs and shot glasses.

  59. The Room Movie
  60. dirty-santa-gifts-the-room

    If your coworker needs a funny gag gift for their Christmas gift, this is it. The worst best movie ever created. Virtually nothing about The Room makes sense. The acting is incredibly bad. Its astounding awfulness has helped it attain cult status, and it’s now receiving a dramatized origin story courtesy of James Franco’s The Disaster Artist

  61. Sexy Lips Planter
  62. dirty-santa-gifts-planter

    This charming little ceramic planter is suitable for any mini plant – herbs, succulents, cacti, air plants, or artificial plants. It may not be suitable for every Secret Santa giftee, but it’s a show-stopping piece– and isn’t that what it’s all about?