41 Classy Secret Santa Gift Ideas (All Under $20!)

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: December 9, 2022

    You’ve been enlisted into a secret Santa exchange, but where do you start? Especially if you barely know the person. These secret Santa gift ideas are functional, stylish, and should please almost anyone. And, they all come in under $20 (*at time of publishing.)

  1. Sexy Lips Planter 
  2. secret-santa-gift-ideas-lip-planter

    This charming little ceramic planter is suitable for any mini plant – herbs, succulents, cacti, air plants, or artificial plants. It may not be suitable for every secret Santa giftee but it’s a highly original and show-stopping piece.

  3. Wine Condoms
  4. secret-santa-gift-ideas-wine-condom

    These wine condoms are a hilarious, effective solution for resealing opened bottles of wine. The shrink-fit technology allows you to create an air-tight seal that’s fully reusable while making a wine lover feel exceptionally awkward when they open your gift.

  5. Beer Chiller Sticks 


    There is never a good time for warm beer. But these chiller sticks promise that you’ll never have to drink warm beer again. You simply store the chiller sticks in the freezer, then place the stick in the bottle and drink right through it.

  7. Women’s Pom Pom Beanie
  8. secret-santa-gift-ideas-beanie

    These beanies are warm, fun, and great value for money! Plus, the inside is lined with baby soft fleece. Amazon reviewers love these hats and there’s a multitude of colors to choose from.

  9. Vegan Lip Butter 
  10. secret-santa-gift-ideas-lip-balm

    It can be hard to know what lip colors women like to wear so play it safe with a super nourishing lip balm. Made from agave and shea butter with no petroleum and 100% vegan.

  11. Ramen Noodle Socks 


    Whether you’re buying for a man, woman, or teenager, these ramen socks are sure to be a satisfying hit. The socks are moisture-wicking and fit shoe size 7-13.

  13. Men’s Memory Foam Slippers
  14. secret-santa-gift-ideas-slippers

    Never rule out the gift of comfy slippers. Today there is all manner of slipper styles available and these are a stylish pair for any guy.  They have rubber soles to be worn outdoors and a memory foam arch support – always a heavenly feature.

  15. Infusion Water Bottle 
  16. secret-santa-gift-ideas-water-bottle

    Infusion water bottles provide a healthy and inexpensive alternative to soda, juice, or sports drinks. You simply infuse your water with fruit – as you go! These make a really convenient gift and would be great for an office Santa exchange.

  17. Godiva Chocolate Biscuits 
  18. secret-santa-gift-ideas-chocolates

    Belgium’s Godiva has been viewed as the Queen of luxury chocolate for over 90 years. Here she meets crisp, buttery biscuits in a gorgeous gift box that oozes sophistication for the foodie on your secret Santa gift exchange.

  19. Blingy Booze Flask
  20. secret-santa-gift-ideas-flask

    Here’s the perfect gift for the lady imbiber on your list. This stainless steel, portable flask holds 5 oz (that’s 3 shots) and comes with a crystal stone cap and a funnel for easy pouring. It will fit perfectly in a small handbag and works well for hiking, camping, picnicking, and workday meltdowns.

  21. Handmade Leather Journal 
  22. secret-santa-gift-ideas-journal

    Yup, this is handcrafted from high-quality buffalo leather and still comes in under $20. It’s a great secret Santa gift idea for someone who loves to write, compile lists, or even just doodle.

  23. Korean Skincare Trio 
  24. secret-santa-gift-ideas-skincare

    Here’s a cute little face mask gift set featuring three favorites of this South Korean skincare line. Disco Kitten illuminates dull-looking skin, Sugar Kitten exfoliates and hydrates, and Space Kitten helps purify pores.

  25. Burrito Blanket 
  26. secret-santa-gift-ideas-blanket

    What better way to wrap oneself up for Netflix time this holiday season than in a cozy tortilla? This life-like tortilla is indeed a blanket made from warm and snuggly fleece. Christmas gifts don’t get any better for burrito lovers. In fact, this blankie would make a cool last-minute gift for almost anyone.

  27. Vintage Puzzle
  28. secret-santa-gift-ideas-puzzle

    If you’ve landed a plant lover in your gift exchange, they’re in for a real treat with this 1,000-piece retro-style puzzle full of succulents and cacti. When completed, it’s such a lovely artwork they may even wish to frame it. 

  29. Marble Pattern Coasterssecret-santa-gift-ideas-coasters
  30. These ceramic stone coasters make a great gift from “Santa” – and a stylish one at that. It’s also the time of year when coasters are most called for – from boozy family gatherings to hot chocolate by the fireplace. The back is cork-lined to prevent scratching.


  31. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers 
  32. secret-santa-gift-ideas-shower-steamers

    These stress-relief shower steamers are basically bath bombs for the shower. Simply place one of these fizzies into the corner of the shower and allow it to dissolve, sending therapeutic fragrance into the steam slowly. These are made with pure essential oils and include Lavender, Menthol/Eucalyptus, and Grapefruit.

  33. Red Wine Coffee Beans


    This one is for the friend or workmate with both vices: coffee and wine. It may not be socially acceptable to have wine at 7 am, but they can have red wine-infused coffee beans! A great gift for a wine lover.

  35. Witty Day-to-Day Calendar
  36. secret-santa-gift-ideas-desk-calendar

    This desk calendar is hilarious and perfect for the office worker with its satiric take on office politics. Such “tricks” to appear more brilliant include Always Draw A Venn Diagram (two overlapping circles) for absolutely anything and randomly alternate between agreeing and disagreeing so no one can predict your next move.

  37. Coffee Mug


    Ornithophile in the family? Or perhaps someone who doesn’t love birds as much as they love a good “conversation starter” to drink their morning coffee at work. This cup of many tits is sure to be a hit holiday gift.

  39. Custom Prayer Candle
  40. secret-santa-gift-ideas-candle

    Well, this custom prayer candle gift is going to make everyone at the party jealous. It’s such a unique gift yet still comes in at 20 bucks. Customize the un-scented candle with a photo of your gifting recipient, or their pet, significant other, or even fave celeb. 

  41. Brown Sugar Body Scrub
  42. secret-santa-gift-ideas-sugar-scrub

    Here’s a delicious brown sugar body scrub that contains all-natural, vegan ingredients and plenty of nurturing oils like sweet almond, apricot, grapefruit, and evening primrose. If you need to meet the $20 threshold, toss in this loofah sponge set as well. 

  43. Funny T-Shirt
  44. secret-santa-gift-ideas-tshirt

    If you’re going to give or wear a novelty Xmas tee, it might as well be nicely made and fit into the festive theme. Though the messaging is harsh, the design is super cute. This tee also fits a White Elephant gift-giving exchange (i.e., amusing and impractical.)

  45. Mini Personal Heater  


    Everyone knows “that person” who is perpetually freezing. Enter the mini heater – perfect for small spaces that need an extra bit of heat, or a work desk. It has tip-over protection and a cool-touch case. 

  47. Glass Trinket Dish 
  48. secret-santa-gift-ideas-trinket-dish

    Inspire your giftee this Christmas with a motivational glass trinket tray. The catchall features cool artwork and elegant metallic foil edges and can hold everything from jewelry to paperclips.

  49. Book Light
  50. secret-santa-gift-ideas-book-light

    A book light comes in handy for so many situations – partner goes to bed early, air travel, camping… and these little gadgets emit a gorgeous amber glow similar to campfire or candlelight – eliminating blue light at bedtime!

  51. Wall Calendar  
  52. secret-santa-gift-ideas-calendar

    Any secret Santa recipient will go nuts over this squirrel calendar of meticulously crafted domestic scenes. There’s a squirrel pushing a tiny wicker baby carriage, a squirrel running a lemonade stand, and squirrels roasting marshmallows around a tent. This could be the greatest calendar you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

  53. Eco-Friendly Cutlery Set
  54. secret-santa-gift-ideas-travel-cutlery

    This eco-minded travel cutlery set is made of food-grade, durable stainless steel. You’ll get a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straw cleaning brush, straight straw, bent straw, and a carrying case. This would also make a fantastic stocking stuffer for all the family.

  55. 3-Pack Tote Bags 
  56. secret-santa-gift-ideas-tote-bag

    You can never go wrong with canvas shopping bags and this listing is for a set of three – dark blue stripes, trees and plain. Help them stay eco-friendly, and always have some bags on hand in the car.

  57. Sunflower Grow Kit 
  58. secret-santa-gift-ideas-garden-kit

    Is there any flower more vibrantly dramatic than a sunflower? This kit includes everything they need to start their own sunflower patch, including seeds for six heirloom varieties. Which equates to 100% pure happiness!

  59. Pashmina Shawl 
  60. secret-santa-gift-ideas-pashmina

    Super soft and cozy, these pashminas make a perfect accompaniment when the weather turns cool. You can wear them as a scarf, shawl, or blanket and they roll up small enough to throw in a handbag.

  61. Beard and Face Wash 
  62. secret-santa-gift-ideas-beard-wash

    Fact: Guys need to up their beauty game. This little beard wash infused with Coconut Water, Argan Oil, and Avocado Oil will leave skin soft and beards smelling fresh as a daisy – with a refreshing menthol zing.

  63. Gel Nail Polish Set


    This gel polish set combines six elegant colors for the cooler months: creamy, nude opaques. But if they prefer more vibrant hues there are plenty more colors to choose from.

  65. City Map Whiskey Glass
  66. secret-santa-gift-ideas-rocks-glass

    You can take the boy outta Boston but you can’t take Boston outta his rocks glass. These whiskey glasses are etched with urban city maps and make an original gift. Boston not their town? Try NYC, L.A., DC, Pittsburgh, or Austin.

  67. Burt’s Bees Essentials Set
  68. secret-santa-gift-ideas-burts-bees

    Everyone loves Burt’s Bees and this “essentials” set will pamper them from head to toe for less than $10. The set includes five travel-size favorites: a Deep Cleansing Cream, Hand Salve, Milk & Honey Body Lotion, Coconut Foot Cream, and Beeswax Lip Balm.

  69. Personalized Bottle Opener
  70. secret-santa-gift-ideas-bottle-opener

    You can never have too many bottle openers and this one will become a fast favorite once you personalize it with their name. Made from faux leather, just choose your font, your leather color, and their name.

  71. Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug
  72. secret-santa-gift-ideas-travel-mug

    These bestseller coffee tumblers are sleek, classy, and functional, and keep coffee hot for up to five hours with an auto seal function to prevent spills. There is a myriad of colors to choose from and these make handy gifts for work colleagues.

  73. Book of Sticky Notes
  74. secret-santa-gift-ideas-sticky-notes

    There are two kinds of people in this world – those who can’t live without sticky notes and those who don’t understand the fuss. These charming sloth stickies may well have both teams oohing and aahing. The gift includes one notepad and 12 sticky pads, plus an adorable hardcover case with sleeping sloth.

  75. Succulent Planter Pots 


    These ceramic pots will look lovely anywhere – work or home – and they’ll get three of them. Each pot has drainage holes and a removable bamboo saucer and appear far more expensive than they are. **Plants are NOT included.**

  77. Oven Mitt
  78. secret-santa-gift-ideas-oven-mitt

    Blue Q is known for its sassy and spicy kitchen linens and this oven mitt doesn’t fail to meet that theme. Ideal for the home chef, or wannabe chef, on your list. Plus you can feel good as part of your sale goes to worldwide hunger relief programs.

  79. Party Stud Earrings
  80. secret-santa-gift-ideas-earrings

    These earrings are from Kate Spade New York are the perfect color and vibe for the party season – and manage to come in under $20. Perfect for the person that loves bold colors or likes to make a statement with their jewelry.