30 Mind-Bending Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts to Captivate and Delight

By David Lautaret | Updated: October 24, 2023

    There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire with music playing with a massive puzzle spread out across the table! If this is your idea of the perfect night, this is your gift list! We’ve assembled an iconic gift guide with perfect puzzle gift ideas! .

    Enhance their puzzling experience with practical accessories like puzzle mats, sorting trays, or adjustable boards. Alternatively, consider brain teasers, puzzle-themed books, or even puzzle-inspired merchandise to celebrate their passion and provide endless entertainment.

  1. 1000-Piece Eiffel Tower Puzzle


    One of the best puzzle gifts is this beautiful Eiffel Tower puzzle is made from 1000 high-quality pieces and measures nearly 30×20 inches when fully completed. The puzzle shows the world-famous Eiffel Tower at night. If your loved one is into puzzles, they’ll love this! 

  3. Wine Bottle Puzzle
  4. puzzle-gifts-wine-bottle

    If you’re feeling up for an intellectual challenge or looking for a fun way to gift a bottle of wine. At first glance, this intriguing Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser for wine bottles seems incredibly simple to unlock, but looks can be deceiving! This wine bottle brain teaser will give you a puzzle that’s entertaining to solve and sure to be a hit at any party or gathering. Don’t worry. If partygoers cannot unlock it, you can put them out of their misery as this brain teaser comes with release instructions.

  5. Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle
  6. Brace yourself. There’s been…a murder. And it’s up to you to solve the crime, piece by piece. Elegance meets a touch of the macabre in these mysterious and absorbing puzzles. Begin by reading the story of the incident. Then, guided by the narrative rather than a visual reference, complete the jigsaw. The finished image provides all the clues you need to decipher whodunit.

  7. Mosaic Secret Puzzle Box
  8. puzzle-gifts-secret-box

    Don’t be fooled by these intricately patterned boxes. Each printed mosaic pattern conceals sliding panels that need to be moved in sequence to open the secret compartments. Beautiful to display but quite a challenge to solve. This puzzle makes the perfect gift for someone who likes a challenge and who wants a funky piece of home decor!

  9. Custom Photo Puzzle
  10. puzzle-gifts-custom-photo

    Are you looking for an absolutely adorable gift idea? This custom photo puzzle will be the cutest gift your loved one receives this Holiday season! Choose from a 300-piece puzzle, a 500-piece puzzle, or a 1000-piece puzzle. It makes a great gift idea for a grandma who would love to put together a puzzle picture of her grandkids! 

  11. Money Holder Maze
  12. puzzle-gifts-money-maze

    These money mazes are the perfect way to gift your kids money. Before they get the goods, they have to solve the puzzle! This 4-pack comes with four different maze puzzle boxes in 4 different colors, red, green, blue, and orange. Move the ball to the designated position, and push the slide bar, and then the lid will be opened. Take away the reward and close the lid. 

  13. Vintage National Parks Puzzle
  14. puzzle-gifts-national-parks

    From Acadia to Zion and all points in between, our nation is home to more than 400 breathtakingly beautiful protected landscapes, wildernesses, and areas of cultural significance. Enjoy these destinations from the comforts of home with this 1,000-piece puzzle. This brainteaser’s final product is a montage of several retro-styled National Parks logos and poster designs. This puzzle is fun for the whole family. 

  15. Jumbo Fiberboard Work Surface
  16. puzzle-gifts-jumbo-work-surface

    Maybe what they need is not another puzzle but a puzzle workstation! This fiberboard puzzle station has a large enough surface to work on 1500-piece puzzles and includes four drawers so that you can keep your puzzles organized while you’re not working on them. If you’re serious about puzzles, then this best-seller workstation is the perfect puzzle gift idea for puzzle lovers! 

  17. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Puzzle
  18. puzzle-gifts-national-lampoons

    At first glance, this 300-piece puzzle looks like your standard Holiday-themed puzzle. The snow and the lights come together to elicit a feeling of warmth and merriment. Look a little closer, and you recognize Cousin Eddie dumping his RV, and the whole thing comes into focus. This hilarious puzzle makes a great gift idea for anyone who loves a subtle laugh!

  19. Backyard Birding 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  20. puzzle-gifts-backyard-birding

    Experienced and novice birders will delight in these colorful bird portraits as they find their favorite backyard birds while piecing together a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Each of the birds in this piece of art–from the Great Horned Owl to the Goldfinch–is displayed in proportion to the flock of birds around it, making this puzzle a unique educational look at the sizes of a variety of North American birds. The colorful, challenging puzzle promises hours of fun packaged in one sturdy box, and the assembled result spans a generous 20 x 27 inches.

  21. Infinite Galaxy Puzzle
  22. puzzle-gifts-infinite-puzzle

    Buckle up, friends—this is not your average jigsaw. If you’re into outer space, you’ll not only appreciate that this puzzle is based on a photo from the Hubble Space Telescope that shows stars being born in the Carina nebula, but also, much like the endless abyss that surrounds us, it has no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges. Limitless combinations are possible, and that’s precisely the fun of it.

  23. Original 3D Crystal Puzzle
  24. puzzle-gifts-3d-crystal

    Delight your mind and eyes with this collection of Original 3D Crystal Puzzles! These three-dimensional brainteaser puzzles are enjoyable to work on, challenging to complete, and beautiful to display. These sleek, translucent, crystalline puzzles made from unique interlocking pieces take puzzling to a whole new dimension. Featuring different birds of a feather are designed to match anyone’s interests and are fun to collect.

  25. Holiday Preschool Puzzle Pack
  26. puzzle-gifts-preschool-pack

    Give the gift of preschool readiness skills in this year’s stocking stuffers! Your little ones can learn while playing with the Holiday Preschool Puzzle Pack from Learning Resources. This pack of 4 puzzle card sets includes two- and three-piece puzzles that help kids master early spelling, counting, shape, and number skills through brain-teasing puzzle play. 

  27. DIY Marble Run Kit
  28. puzzle-gifts-diy-kit

    This creative 3D wooden puzzle is designed for adults and teenagers. The Marble Parkour Model Kit contains five pre-cut plywood sheets, illustrated instructions with graphics, and necessary spare parts. It’ll bring joy to everyone through multiple play methods and ingenious structure. With this Marble Run DIY kit putting together the puzzle is only half the fun! 

  29. Geode Puzzle 
  30. puzzle-gifts-geode

    These cutting-edge geode puzzles are beautiful and fiendishly tricky—these cutting-edge geode puzzles seduce the eyes while challenging the brain. And like genuine agate, each of these designs (pink, blue, or multi-colored) has a distinct shape, color, and pattern. If they’re ready for a challenge and they love nature, then this geode puzzle is a must-have!

  31. Wooden Tetris Puzzle
  32. puzzle-gifts-tetris

    This authentic, high-quality wooden puzzle toy is a platform for developing creativity, spatial learning skills, problem-solving ability, and much more. It’s so effective as a kids’ learning toy because it’s fun – this puzzle box is a challenge that keeps kids engaged and focused.

  33. 40-Piece USA Puzzle Map
  34. puzzle-gifts-kids-usa-map

    This 40-piece kids USA map puzzle is the perfect way to help your child learn the different states that make up the United States of America. USA Map consists of 40 pieces that feature the fifty states of America. Brightly colored pieces make it enjoyable for little ones to find homes for each puzzle piece, and the raised textures make it easy to grab for little hands. 

  35. Leaning Tower 3D STEM Kit
  36. puzzle-gifts-leaning-tower-stem-kit

    This 3D puzzle features a breathtaking and true-to-life design. Intricate details make your model kit all the more real. Colors, moldings, and details are designed just like the real thing. Make playtime more dynamic, bringing your imagination to life together with your three-dimensional creation! Choose from the leaning tower, New York City, London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, and more! 

  37. 540 Colors 3D Puzzle
  38. puzzle-gifts-3d-puzzle

    We all could use a little more color in our lives—or 540 more colors, that is. With that many puzzle pieces, each in a slightly different shade, this 3D sphere-shaped jigsaw puzzle will excite your inner artist. Explore the color scale as you challenge yourself to piece together each hue precisely in relation to the next. The finished result is a rainbow ombre gradient that fades to white at one pole of the puzzle globe and black at the other. 

  39. The Clearly Impossible Puzzle
  40. puzzle-gifts-impossible-puzzle

    If you’re looking for a jigsaw puzzle as frustrating as it is fun, then the Clearly Impossible Puzzle is for you! Choose from 100-piece, 200-piece, or if you’re a real glutton for punishment, the 500-piece puzzle! These clear pieces have no picture backing, so it’s entirely up to you and your brain to figure out what piece goes where. Still too easy? Try the Broken Glass Impossible Puzzle! 

  41. Kanoodle Genius Brain Workout
  42. puzzle-gifts-kanoodle

    Solve 2-D and 3-D puzzles by rearranging game pieces. Pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining game pieces to solve the puzzle. Kanoodle Genius offers 200+ brain-busting puzzles for you to solve all on your own. If you’ve completed the puzzles of the original Kanoodle, you’ll love the even more challenging Kanoodle Genius. You’ll feel yourself getting smarter.

  43. 299 Cats & a Dog Puzzle
  44. puzzle-gifts-299-cats

    We would call this puzzle the cat’s meow, except that would be an insult to cats (and the pun-averse). In Léa Maupetit’s charmingly illustrated puzzle, 299 felines are poised to (finally, finally!) be rulers of the world—except for that one dog who has infiltrated their ranks. Nonetheless, cat-lovers ages eight and up will love putting together this bright, circular puzzle in which the jigsaw pieces themselves are kitten-shaped—well, mostly kitten-shaped.

  45. Safecracker 40 Math Puzzle
  46. puzzle-gifts-safecracker-math

    The Safecracker Math puzzle is a fantastic and unique puzzle based on a 1911 design. The object is to get each of the 16 columns of numbers to add to 40 simultaneously. Can you find the combination? There is a base ring and then four rings that rotate on top. To complicate matters, the top sets of rings are all notched, so they will expose or hide some of the numbers on the ring below as the rings are turned. 

  47. Wooden Toddler Puzzle
  48. puzzle-gifts-toddler-puzzle

    This toddler puzzle is a cute set of block puzzles. It comes with four or six different animal puzzles, all with bright colors and happy faces. It’s easy to travel with and store with an adorable bag included. These are not too complicated for toddlers and are best for two to three-year-olds. They’re perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and color and shape recognition.

  49. Barry Wood Collectible Puzzle
  50. puzzle-gifts-barry-wood

    The immense legend, the gigantic hero, the man among boys, larger than life, always packing a Barry huge surprise. Give this the greatest gift, or own this keepsake for yourself. No one could blame you for not being able to give him up once your eyes have feasted.

  51. Blacksmith’s Brainteaser
  52. puzzle-gifts-blacksmiths-brainteaser

    If your problem-solving prowess causes jigsaws, gyroscopes, and multi-colored cubes to lose their mystique, you’re ready for the Wise Guy and Smarty Pants. Blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky’s intermediate- and difficult-level mind-benders are inspired by centuries-old designs with avid puzzlers like you in mind. To maintain that untarnished brainteaser taming rep, you’ll have to remove an iron ring held captive within a shifting fortress of a dozen unforgiving steel shapes. No brute force or trickery is needed here; only patience, wits, and plenty of out-of-the-box thinking. 

  53. Personalized Wedding Gift Puzzle
  54. puzzle-gifts-personalized-wedding

    This personalized puzzle makes an excellent wedding gift or anniversary gift for that special couple in your life! You supply a cute photo, decide what you want the text to say, and pick the size. You’ll get a gorgeous puzzle that they’ll remember for years to come! 

  55. Wolf Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
  56. puzzle-gifts-wooden-wolf

    This classic hobby is excellent at improving your short-term memory, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. Aside from that, puzzles can also help you unwind after a long day at work. It’s an effective stress reliever for when you want a quick break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you’re an avid puzzler or trying it out for the first time, this wooden wolf puzzle makes a great gift idea! 

  57. Impossible Box Puzzle


    Playing with wooden Puzzles can not only exercise the brain, develop intelligence, and improve problem-solving ability, but also relieve pressure, relax your mood and help you gain pleasure. You and your family will have quite a lot of fun through this interlocking brain toy. It makes a great addition to the coffee table!

  59. Night Sky Wooden Puzzle
  60. puzzle-gifts-wooden-night-sky

    Did you wish upon a star for an engaging activity to enjoy with friends, family, or a group of antsy kids? We thought so. That’s where this 330-piece puzzle, a nighttime view of the Milky Way, comes in. The wooden pieces come neatly packaged in a glossy box, making it one of the best gifts for puzzle-loving pals or just a bright spot in your game closet. Handmade in Shoreline, Washington.