31 Wedding Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate 13 Years Of Love

By David Lautaret | Updated: September 24, 2023

    We all love, love. If you are lucky enough to meet someone you connect with, and stay together for  13 years, it’s something to be celebrated. We’ve gathered some of our favorite anniversary gifts below to show your partner how glad you are that you found each other.

    Whether you want something unique, a modern 13th-anniversary gift, or more of a traditional gift, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are the best gift ideas to help them celebrate the delicate lace anniversary in style!

  1. 3D Crystal Picture Cube
  2. 13th-anniversary-gifts-3d-crystal-photo

    What a sweet way to celebrate your 13-year wedding anniversary! This 3D crystal picture cube is a beautiful anniversary gift idea to give your loved one. Whether you immortalize a picture from your wedding day or a current photo, this 3D crystal picture cube will be a treasured centerpiece in your home décor! 

  3. 13th Anniversary Metal Date Night Dice
  4. 13th-anniversary-gifts-date-night-dice

    These 13th wedding anniversary metal date night dice are the perfect gift to help a loved one celebrate their big night as and every date night after that! Simply roll the two dice to see one of 36 date night ideas! It makes a sweet and thoughtful gift idea they’ll use for years! 

  5. Epic. Husband. Since. 2008. T-Shirt
  6. This vintage-inspired graphic t-shirt makes a great gift for a casual couple who want to pay homage to the epicness of the lovely bride. Available for men and women in 10 color options, so you can be sure to get one that will fit their style and personality! Also available in style Best. Husband. Since. 2008.  

  7. Custom Star Map
  8. star-map

    See how the stars aligned on your wedding day with this stunning gift. Star map technology seeks out the exact location of the stars on that sacred day and turns it into a special keepsake you can treasure forever. With various styles and colors, these beautiful maps are designed to suit any couple’s decor. (The only problem is finding an even better gift to top it next year!)

  9. Mini Gold Dipped Lace Heart Earrings
  10. 13th-anniversary-gifts-gold-dipped-earrings

    Bring a sweetly romantic statement to your lace anniversary with these heart-shaped earrings that combine the timeless qualities of lace and gold. Pieces of lace are cut and sewn, dipped in wax to seal and reinforce them, then in a layer of copper, and finally in 24k gold. The piece is then brushed by hand, clearing every void of the traditional lace from excess metal to preserve its subtle detail. Finally, a lacquer is brushed onto each piece to protect its delicate beauty. 

  11. 13 Years Anniversary Acrylic Paper Weight
  12. 13th-anniversary-gifts-paper-weight

    This print UV paperweight keepsake is a wonderful addition to a home or office. Lace is beautiful and elegant, symbolizing a long-lasting relationship’s perfection. This thoughtful and unique gift would be especially perfect for a couple celebrating their 13 years anniversary, as lace is the traditional 13th-anniversary gift.

  13. Customized Wood Cutting Board
  14. 13th-anniversary-gifts-cutting-board

    These USA-made customized cutting boards are laser-etched with your loved ones’ first names, last initials, and wedding dates. Choose from light maple or dark walnut for a beautiful gift that can be displayed anywhere in the home or used as a daily reminder of their love! Choose also to add a set of 4 coasters or wine glasses to make the gift even more special! 

  15. Queen Anne’s Lace Pressed Botanical Print
  16. 13th-anniversary-gifts-lace-pressed-botanical

    Inspired by the precise beauty of scientific herbarium specimens, this botanical print of Queen Anne’s Lace makes an exceptionally beautiful gift. The intricate process preserves the plant’s delicate, distinctive details through pressing, drying, coating, and mounting a real specimen from nature and then reproducing this organic ideal through a high-resolution scan and archival color print. The prints showcase every part of the plant’s unique structure and subtle colors and include a detailed botanical identification in the corner.

  17. Personalized 13-Year Anniversary Sign
  18. 13th-anniversary-gifts-sign

    This solid wood personalized 13-year anniversary sign really drives home exactly how long the happy couple has been together right down to the minute! It makes a great gift that can be added anywhere in the home to spruce up the home décor. Carefully made from solid wood, this unique personalized 13-year anniversary gift sign will be cherished for years to come. 

  19. To My Husband Whiskey Glass Set
  20. 13th-anniversary-gifts-whisky-set

    If your husband or wife is a fan of whiskey, then this whiskey glass set makes an ideal 13th wedding anniversary gift. With this gift set, you receive two whiskey glasses, eight stainless steel stones,  slate coasters, and tongs, all housed in a beautifully engraved box. 

  21. 13th Wedding Anniversary Card
  22. 13th-anniversary-gifts-card

    This handmade adorable card is a sweet and touching way to help your loved one celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary. This anniversary card is the type of anniversary gift they’ll keep as a keepsake for the rest of their lives. If you are looking to add a little humor, we have a list of funny cards here.

  23. 13 Years We Made a Family Metal Ornament 
  24. 13th-anniversary-gifts-family-sculpture

    This adorable metal family ornament set makes a great gift for those celebrating an anniversary but also celebrating being a family. Choose from 1-4 children to add to the two adult sculptures. These sculptures are all gender-neutral, so whether you’re a family of two dads, two moms, a mom and a dad, or any other combination, this sculpture will work for you! 

  25. Couple Figurine Metal Swing Sculpture
  26. 13th-anniversary-gifts-metal-sculpture

    This metal swing sculpture is an adorable anniversary gift to give the happy couple! This handcrafted sculpture measures 7.5x7x3 inches and weighs two pounds. This sculpture is made to stand the test of time and will always be a great reminder of their love! 

  27. You Are My Rock 13 Years Rock
  28. 13th-anniversary-gifts-you-are-my-rock

    This is a lovely anniversary gift idea and something unique to give your husband or wife for your 13th anniversary. Cast from an actual rock found on a beach in Cornwall, they’ve created a stunning replica in solid metal. This unique gift idea is perfect for the 13th anniversary where you want to give them an interesting gift they haven’t seen before. It features the words ‘you are my rock 13 years’. 


    These handsome lace fabric cufflinks make a great anniversary gift for the husband! They are the perfect way to dress up an outfit and still pay tribute to the lace anniversary. These ivory lace cufflinks feature beautiful vintage lace set within antique bronze fittings. A unique, lovely gift for the groom! These cufflinks come boxed and ready to gift to that special man in your life.

  29. Back in 2008, Sign
  30. 13th-anniversary-gifts-poster

    Who was the President the year you were married? What movies were in theatres? Take a trip down memory lane with this Back in 2008 sign from Katie Doodle. Spark endless conversations and reminisce about what was happening in the world 13 years ago when you got married! Works great for an anniversary gift or as a birthday gift!

  31. Sand Writing Personalized Canvas Paper Print
  32. 13th-anniversary-gifts-sand-picture

    This customizable sand writing 13th wedding anniversary gift is a fun and creative way to help the anniversary couple celebrate. Choose the size and framing options, then customize it with the bride and groom’s first names as well as their wedding date! This gorgeous gift will perfectly accent the family room, dining room, or anywhere else they choose to hang it! 

  33. Potted Lace-Ribbon Desk Rose
  34. 13th-anniversary-gift-lace-desk-rose

    This 13th-anniversary lace desk rose is made by folding lace ribbon into a rose and attaching it to a floral wire with an artificial leaf. It’s then glued into pebbles set in a small terra cotta pot. Standing about 7 inches tall, this is a one-piece item (pebbles glued in) meant to be “gender-neutral” as this is a small floral gift that can proudly display on a man’s desk as well as a woman’s desk.

  35. Keep That Shit Up Coffee Mug
  36. 13th-anniversary-gifts-coffee-mug

    Your wife has been the shit for the last 13 years. Celebrate her awesomeness with this hilarious coffee mug that breaks all the rules. It says, “After 13 years, you’re still the best wife. Keep that shit up.” This coffee mug makes a great gift for anyone interested in coffee and has been married for 13 years. 

  37. Precious Dipped Lace Heart Necklace
  38. 13th-anniversary-gifts-lace-necklace

    Ornate pieces of traditional lace are cut and hand-sewn by Colombian artisans and then dipped in wax to seal the pattern before a final dip in copper and bright 24k gold. Once the process is complete, the artisan’s hand brushes the excess metal from each ornate curve to preserve the subtle details. The result is a beautifully romantic, one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

  39. Contour Gauge Profile Tool
  40. 13th-anniversary-gifts-contour-gauge

    This year, why not give your husband something he can put to good use in the ol’ woodshop? Help him spruce up the home decor with this contour gauge profile tool that makes measuring angles a breeze. Whether you’re laying flooring tile, or finding the angle for that next intricate cut, the contour gauge profile tool makes perfection easy.  If he’s not into flowery anniversary gifts, this will hit the nail on the head! 

  41. 13 Years and Counting Stainless Steel Key Chain
  42. 13th-anniversary-gifts-keychain

    This stainless steel key chain makes a subtle yet sweet gift that can be a daily reminder of how long you’ve been married. Choose from various anniversary years, so even if it’s not your 13th anniversary, you can find a key chain to match whatever year you are celebrating! 

  43. Our Moments Conversation Starters for Couples
  44. 13th-anniversary-gifts-our-moments

    It’s important that your relationship is both mental and physical, and one definitely leads to the other. Nothing could be sexier than showing your partner you care, and you can do that just by asking a question and listening to the answer. Enjoy your anniversary in a completely new way. This toy for couples is a sure-fire way to get the sparks flying between you two! It will get you out of your comfort zone and remind you why you are together in the first place. Makes a great valentines day gift.

  45. Custom Anniversary Fleece Blanket
  46. 13th-anniversary-gifts-custom-blanket

    This extra-large 80″x60″ anniversary fleece blanket counts down the months, minutes, hours, and days that you’ve been with your love! Choose from any number of anniversary years, so whether it’s your 13th anniversary or your 50th, you can get a custom cozy blanket to share with your life partner! 

  47. Mr. Right Beer Glass Mrs. Always Right Wine Glass
  48. 13th-anniversary-gifts-mrs-always-right

    This classic beer/wine glass combination set perfectly sums up most marriages. Sure, he’s Mr. Right and all that, but she’s Mrs. Always Right. This couple’s gift makes a great gift, especially if he’s into beer and she’s into wine. Shoot, even if they aren’t fans of beer and wine, this cute couples glass makes a great gift idea, but if they are fans of beer and wine, respectively, then it’s a no-brainer! 

  49. Vintage Lace Pressed Vase
  50. 13th-anniversary-gifts-lace-pressed-vase

    Hope. Healing. Self-love. Even a single flower can speak volumes when displayed with care. This coiled and gathered stoneware vase is handmade in New York. Its elegant construction is ideal for holding one or two earthly delights. Its intricate designs come from having vintage lace pressed into the wet clay, forever preserving the delicate patterns of an earlier era. It makes a unique lace anniversary gift!

  51. Willow Tree Hand-Painted Sculpted Figure
  52. 13th-anniversary-gifts-willow-tree-couple

    This hand-painted sculpted figure from Willow Tree makes a great 13th-anniversary gift for that special loved one. The sculpture features an older couple holding each other as time passes. The artwork elicits a feeling of connection and permanence. This is a great anniversary gift idea to give to that couple who will be there for each other no matter what! 

  53. To My Husband Pocket Watch
  54. 13th-anniversary-gifts-pocket-watch

    This beautifully engraved pocket watch for him makes an excellent anniversary gift no matter which anniversary you’re celebrating! The words say, “To my Husband, I Loved you THEN. I Love you STILL, Always have, Always will.” Pocket watches are definitely in style, and a specially engraved pocket watch is a touching and practical gift. This year give him the type of gift that adds a few style points to his wardrobe!

  55. I Survived 13 Years of Marriage T-Shirt
  56. 13th-anniversary-gifts-i-survived-13-years-t-shirt

    There are romantic gifts, and then there are romantic gifts! She survived everything from the first faux fur scarf to the first weird lingerie she received! This hilarious t-shirt takes the anniversary gift and flips it on its head. Instead of ‘celebrating’ 13 years of marriage, this t-shirt makes a playful joke that it’s been more of a survival situation. 

  57. 13th Year Anniversary Wooden Scrapbook
  58. 13th-anniversary-gifts-scrapbook

    Celebrate those special occasions with this wooden scrapbook. It is a tremendously touching gift for your wife or husband! Make a surprise scrapbook of your time together, give a special 13th wedding anniversary scrapbook filled with chrysanthemum, citrine, and lace, or give them the blank scrapbook for the two of you to fill out together. Either way, the end result will be a beautiful scrapbook the two of you will cherish for years to come! 

  59. To My Wife Tea Light Candle Holder
  60. 13th-anniversary-gifts-candle-holder

    This adorable candle holder is the perfect gift for her. She’s that wife who loves candles and Disney Pixar films. The two candles combine to be the adorable power couple, Ellie and Carl, from the hit Pixar film UP. This candle holder is an excellent gift idea for a grumpy husband to get his queen of a wife!