39 Stellar Astronomy Gifts for Every Starry-Eyed Enthusiast

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: December 7, 2023

    Hey, space nerds, this one’s for you! So, you’ve got this friend or loved one who’d rather spend their nights stargazing, chatting about black holes, and debating Pluto’s planetary status than catching up on the latest TV shows and finding that celestial-perfect gift for them? Yeah, it can feel a bit like searching for a specific star in the vast night sky.

    It’s not always a walk in the Milky Way, especially with so many generic space-themed items. But here’s some cosmic news: you’re about to embark on a galactic shopping journey. We’ve spent countless hours curating a list of 39 astronomy gifts that are not only unique but are sure to make any cosmic enthusiast’s heart orbit with joy. Ready for liftoff

  1. Astronaut Piggy Bank
  2. astronomy-gifts-piggy-bank

    This little astronaut perched on the moon is, in fact, a piggy bank. There’s a coin slot behind his feet and a rubber holder opens the bank on the base. So now you have somewhere to stash your cash for that ride on SpaceX.

  3. Starry Starry Scarf
  4. astronomy-gifts-scarf

    A super-soft, lightweight galaxy scarf makes a great gift (and a subtle style piece) for astronomy lovers. It can be worn in a multitude of ways – poncho, shawl, hijab, headscarf – and comes in several colors. Yes, science can be fashionable.

  5. Mars Dust Globe
  6. astronomy-gifts-snow-globe

    What’s the opposite of a snow globe? This Mars dust globe, where ice is replaced by a mesmerizing Martian dust storm. Mars is the next frontier of human space exploration and space lovers will get a kick out of shaking up the dust storm.

  7. Hand Embroidered Moleskine 
  8. astronomy-gifts-journal

    This Moleskine softcover notebook comes personalized with your loved one’s hand-stitched Zodiac sign and would make a sweet birthday gift for the journaling astronomer.

  9. Star Tea Infuser
  10. astronomy-gifts-infuser


    Enjoy a fresh cup of tea all the more when you use this unique tea infuser. The star-shaped infuser is made of stainless steel with a clamp-style handle.

  11. NASA Wall Art
  12. astronomy-gifts-art-prints

    These reproductions from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab Visions of the Future collection are pretty out of this world! Here you’ll get four 8×10 prints on semi-matte Fuji crystal archive paper, ready to frame.

  13. Earth & Moon Earrings
  14. astronomy-gifts-hoop-earrings

    Who knew that jasper stone beads could look like our home planet and its lunar best friend? These earrings are subtle enough to wear with anything yet still declare “I love space!” to those who know. Handmade in Maryland, USA.

  15. Customized Star Map
  16. star-map

    This isn’t just any print of the night sky. This star map uses scientific technology to accurately plot the stars and constellations of any significant date your loved one wants to celebrate. From memories they share with their partner to their favorite accomplishments, you can turn any special memory into a stunning print. Impress the space-lover in your life with the ultimate star gift.

  17. Night Sky Plates
  18. astronomy-gifts-plates


    These plates are perfect for stargazers! They’re also fun for anyone into all things gothic. The set of six plates measure eight inches. The plates are made of porcelain and are dishwasher safe. 

  19. NASA Backpack
  20. astronomy-gifts-backpack

    No self-proclaimed stargazer would be disappointed with this NASA roll-top backpack. It’s a proper salute to space and will make them feel like an astronaut in training. The bag’s made for heavy-duty wear and tear and the straps proudly display the American flag.

  21. Beginners Telescope Package
  22. astronomy-gifts-telescope

    A balance between affordability and performance, this telescope is a great gift idea for beginner astronomers of all ages (who don’t need a Hubble!) It has fantastic image quality and enough magnification to explore the stars, moon, planets, and meteors– and it’s an Amazon bestseller.

  23. Adopt A Black Hole
  24. astronomy-gifts-black-hole

    What do you get for the space geek who has everything? How about their own baby black hole, complete with a super cute adoption certificate. Each is individually hand-knitted and (judging by reviews) he’s a much-adored “great void.”

  25. Cosmos Knife Set
  26. astronomy-gifts-spaceship-knife-set

    From vibrant nebulas to gorgeous star clusters, this knife series brings the heavens to the kitchen. Each of the six blades has razor-sharp edges and a non-stick coating, and you’ll get a “Guide to the Cosmos” booklet explaining the images. A super cool housewarming gift.

  27. Planet Planters
  28. astronomy-gifts-planters

    Those succulents won’t go unnoticed with these cute planet planters, an ideal gift for those who look to the stars but also appreciate the green bounty of planet Earth. You could even use these pots for cotton balls, cosmetics, or candy. *Plant not included.

  29. Celestial Molds


    This fun mold allows them to make moon and star-shaped ice cubes, jello pieces, chocolates, candy, soaps, and more! The mold is made of silicone.

  31. Glow in The Dark Blanket


    Illuminate their night with this ultra-soft microfiber blankie that also glows in the dark. Covered in constellations, it makes a stellar space gift and is perfect for adults and kids of all ages.

  33. Desk Planets
  34. astronomy-gifts-desk-planets

    A gorgeous gift for the astronomer – amateur or pro – this model is handcrafted from gemstones with a walnut base. It makes for an artistic planetary display and comes with a handbook about each gemstone– ie. Mercury is made from Moonstone which helps you to think clearly. 

  35. LED Flexible USB Light
  36. astronomy-gifts-usb-light

    Bring outer space to your inner space with this cute little space fellow – a nightlight for your keyboard that’s USB-powered and bendable. Switch him on with a flick of his helmet.

  37. Galaxy Printed Leggings
  38. astronomy-gifts-leggings

    Help them to leave their mark on the universe with these vibrant, silky, galaxy leggings– whether they love to work out or just stand out. The best part: they come with a phone pocket so they can be hands-free to run, chat, or squat.

  39. Apollo 11 Zipper Pouch
  40. astronomy-gifts-pencil-case

    This zip Case will keep all their small Earthly items safe – from pencils and calculators to makeup, keys, and a phone. Made from 100% recycled canvas it has the lunar module and space shuttle orbiter on one side and a planetary depiction on the flip side.

  41. Flash Card Game
  42. astronomy-gifts-game

    This card game is interactive, educational, and fun for astronomy fans and future astronauts of all ages. It’s actually three games in one– a speed matching game, a memory game, and a spin trivia game.

  43. Stemless Wine Glass  


    What’s their sign? How about having it etched on extra clear, high-quality crystal glass? Each glass features their constellation plus the names of all the associated stars.

  45. Occupy Mars T-Shirt
  46. astronomy-gifts-mars-tee

    A fun gift for space nerds – or Elon Musk – who want to see a habitable Mars in the future, this tee comes in seven colors in a lightweight, classic fit. Youth sizes available!

  47. Solar System Nesting Doll
  48. astronomy-gifts-nesting-doll

    Move over Matryoshka doll, there’s a new nesting set in town. A vibrantly hand-painted wooden solar system complete with nebulas and meteorites opens up to reveal the planets, sun, moon, astronaut, and rocket ship.

  49. Piece of Space
  50. astronomy-gifts-meteorite

    Gift them an actual piece of space debris as a lucky charm! This rare treasure comes from a meteorite that impacted Earth around 5,000 years ago in Campo del Cielo, Argentina. You can also personalize ownership with an authentic certificate. 

  51. Pluto Cushion
  52. astronomy-gifts-cushion

    For all those who spent years studying and loving Pluto “the dwarf planet”, this commemorative throw pillow will ensure they’ll never forget. An excellent gift for a student, a science teacher, or anyone in love with astronomy.

  53. Space Capsule Tea Infuser
  54. astronomy-gifts-tea-infuser

    Help their tea to taste out-of-this-world with this conversation piece – a space capsule and astronaut tea infuser. Load your tea, and Major Tom will anchor the infuser in your teapot.  A cute gift for tea lovers.

  55. Glass Coaster Set
  56. astronomy-gifts-spaceship-coasters

    Here’s an elegant set of navy and gold constellation coasters, made of 100% glass, and packaged up in a neat gold gift box with gold twine, and decorative gift tag. These would look equally great on a coffee table or a teacher’s desk. Just note there are only two coasters per pack.

  57. Alien Purse


    You can’t talk about space and astronomy without a little alien chitchat. So this little crossbody bag is the best tongue-in-cheek accessory for any space lover. The bag can be worn as a crossbody with the 43-inch chain or as a clutch with the chain strap removed. 

  59. Archival Postcards
  60. astronomy-gifts-postcards

    This foil-stamped box holds fifty postcards and is an absolutely gorgeous and one-of-a-kind gift for stargazers. The cards include pages from Galileo’s sketchbooks, Chinese star maps, artist interpretations of the universe, and rarely-seen images from the NASA archives. 

  61. Planet Blocks
  62. astronomy-gifts-blocks

    These wonderfully illustrated planet blocks can easily be passed off as kids’ toys. But they’re also filled with intricate astronomical detail that any celestial-inspired friend would love.

  63. Solar System Bracelet
  64. astronomy-gifts-bracelet

    A unisex bracelet where you’re the sun and the planets revolve around you! Each planet is a different gemstone, and only a fellow astronomer will see that your bracelet has a secret meaning (and includes Pluto.)

  65. Space Tie
  66. astronomy-gifts-tie

    Designed to fit in with the office or classroom attire or that job interview at NASA, this astronaut / UFO pattern microfiber necktie makes for a smart and funny gift for the space inclined. 

  67. Star Registry
  68. astronomy-gifts-star-registry

    Hitch their wagon to a star– an actual star made of glowing hot plasma – and they’ll never forget you. The International Star Registry has named stars for earthlings for over 40 years and it’s a brilliant gift for weddings, newborns, anniversaries, notable birthdays, and memorials.

  69. Bookends
  70. astronomy-gifts-bookends

    These Galileo-themed, vintage-feel bookends make a great gift for the library of astronomy lovers. If you’d like to add a little something more, grab this beautiful book– Photographs from the Archives of NASA – to pop between them.

  71. Rocket Launch Socks
  72. astronomy-gifts-socks

    These space launch socks are stylish, comfy, stretchy, and eyecatching. They also leave out harmful chemicals to keep your skin, and the Earth, safe and happy.

  73. Uranus Mug
  74. astronomy-gifts-mug

    This coffee mug is a nerdy, fun gift from one science lover to another. It holds 15 ounces and has a large, easy-to-grip C-handle. The perfect gift for Valentine’s, birthdays, or to celebrate an astronomy exam.

  75. Moon Phase Wall Art
  76. astronomy-gifts-wall-art

    Know someone obsessed with the beauty of the moon? This moon phase tapestry is a little bit boho and a little bit science, and a quick way to jazz up a room without a big expense. Of course, you could also throw in these boho sun+moon cushion covers.

  77. Home Planetarium
  78. astronomy-gifts-planetarium

    Imagine cozying up on the couch “under the milk way, tonight.” Enter the Homestar Flux star projector, it ain’t cheap but it’s a pretty incredible gadget for serious galaxy geeks. Think 60,000 high-def stars and an option to observe the sky as it is directly above you.