30 Of The Coolest Piggy Banks Money Can Buy

By Laura Fiebert | Updated: March 4, 2024

    It’s important to teach kids the value of money at an early age. Even toddlers can understand simple money concepts, and a great way to start a child’s money lessons is with a fun piggy bank.

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    What are some astonishing piggy banks for kids?

    Piggy banks have come a long way since the proverbial ceramic pig with a slot on its back and a plug on its tummy. And while that pig piggy bank is still a classic, there are lots more to choose from these days! There are interactive piggy banks, dog piggy banks, and banks made from wood to stainless steel. 

    These excellent piggy banks can help kids learn about spending, saving, sharing, giving, and budgeting. We have you covered with the best piggy banks money can buy, whether you’re looking for personalized piggy banks, a baby shower gift, or a holiday gift. We’ve even thrown in a few piggy banks that adults will love! Start feeding the pig, elephant, or stormtrooper, and save today! 

  1. Globe Piggy Bank
  2. coolest-piggy-banks-globe

    Children can learn about the world, oceans, and other countries while saving their pennies to travel worldwide. It comes with a 4-color gift box. It makes cool home decor for a kid’s room!

  3. Coconut Piggy Bank
  4. A wooden piggy bank is a classic, and this one puts a new spin on that tradition. This little guy is made of coconut wood and makes a great keepsake gift and a fun conversation piece, too! 

  5. Save, Spend, Give Bank


    This bank teaches kids how to save, spend, and share their allowance and money. A multiple-award winner! This bank is a timeless gift that will inspire and teach children to save, spend, and share wisely for a lifetime—the perfect birthday gift for an older kid.

  7. Excavator Truck Piggy Bank
  8. piggy-banks-truck

    The excavator turned into a bank! This piggy bank for boys or girls can store paper money and coins, making a great gift for children who love trucks—also, really cute decor for a bedroom or playroom.

  9. Stealing Coin Panda


    That’s a typical panda move—one of the most adorable coin banks in the world. A panda pops out of the box to steal your coins. Bad panda! This panda is helping you drop money into your savings.

  11. Initial Piggy Bank
  12. piggy-banks-initial

    These letter-shaped piggy boxes are crafted from a piece of glued ash tree wood. The glass cover makes it possible to see through the coin box and evaluate money-saving progress. There is a lid on the top where coins should be dropped. These can be personalized with engraving according to your wishes—a cute piggy bank to give at a baby shower if the mom already chose the name. The custom piggy banks are available in all letters. 

  13. Vortex Coin Bank
  14. piggy bank vortex

    Watch your savings spiral out of control. Remember donating all those coins into the giant spiral bank at the local shopping mall? This wishing well bank will fill up quickly as donations from friends and family keep rolling in—perfect size for your desk. 

  15. Money Eating Bank
  16. piggy-banks-money-eater

    A unique piggy bank that will help your kids save money and provide hours of fun! This pink piggy bank will open its mouth automatically once you reach your hand to feed it a coin. When you close your hand, the built-in motion sensor under the mouth will activate.

  17. Money Safe


    This safe bank guards your stuff! Use the safe to store paper money, jewelry, baseball cards, or playing cards. The coin slot at the top lets you use the safe as a piggy bank. This electronic piggy bank enables you to auto-scroll paper money into the machine. Set your password to keep it all secure. 

  19. Lego Piggy Bank
  20. piggy-banks-lego

    This bank features rotating eyes, poseable ears, sausage-brick eyebrows, and a coin slot (fits all currencies). Rotate the eyes and pose the ears for different expressions. Save up your coins with the piggy bank! A tremendous piggy bank for girls and boys who love to build.

  21. Astronaut Piggy Bank
  22. astronomy-gifts-piggy-bank

    This little astronaut perched on the moon is, in fact, a piggy bank. There’s a coin slot behind his feet, and a rubber holder opens the bank on the base. So now you have somewhere to stash your cash for that ride on SpaceX—a great gift for anyone obsessed with space

  23. Pokemon Piggy Bank
  24. piggy-banks-pokemon

    When you place a coin on his tiny Pokebox home, you’ll hear pika ~ Pikachu pika pika~ Pikachu when he takes the new shiny coin you’ve just given him!

  25. Piggy Piggy Bank
  26. piggy-banks-pig

    A playful take on a classic childhood favorite, this sweetly-sized savings bank with polka dots stores the little ones’ change for a rainy day and will be a beloved keepsake that they’ll treasure for years to come. The bank is made of ceramic and is offered in two colors.

  27. Silver Balloon Dog Bank
  28. piggy-banks-dog

    Give your home a stylish touch with this beautiful, carefully sculpted ceramic piece. It’s sleek and modern yet classic. This fashionable, designer piece offers a smooth anodized finish in silver. Give your guests some eye candy with this unique, attractive tabletop piece. This compelling centerpiece makes for a great gift. Perfect for new baby room decorations. Place anywhere in your home for that whimsical addition to your décor.

  29. Maze Puzzle Bank
  30. piggy-bank-maze

    The Money Maze Puzzle Box is a great combination of a money-saving box, a challenging puzzle, and a fantastic gift. The only opening way to solve the puzzle is to maneuver the bead through the maze and finally make it to a certain place. Put your gift in this puzzle box and make the receiver wait to get your gifts until they solve the puzzle.

  31. Love You To The Moon Bank
  32. piggy-bank-moon

    This elegant ceramic bank not only helps them save money but is a beautiful piece of decor for their bedroom. And, of course, it lets them know that you love them to the moon and back! 

  33. Butcher Chart Piggy Bank
  34. piggy-bank-pork

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re saving due to budget cuts or to help cut your spending, this ceramic piggy bank is sure to carve its way into your home or the home of a friend featuring a butcher’s chart design depicting various cuts of pork!

  35. Mickey Piggy Bank
  36. piggy-banks-mickey

    Mickey will take good care of your money. This PVC bank is perfect for any nursery or kid’s room. Large enough to hold your child’s savings and cute enough to make them want to save!

  37. Noah’s Ark Piggy Bank
  38. piggy-banks-noahs-ark

    Inspired by Noah’s legendary ark, this colorful piggy bank features the smiling faces of nature’s creatures! Mix and match with all of our Noah’s Ark nursery room décor. Keeping their first coins and dollars safe, this bank will be treasured throughout childhood and passed down to future generations.

  39. Spirited Away Piggy Bank
  40. piggy bank spirited away


    One of the most memorable characters in the classic Studio Ghibli anime Spirited Away is Kaonashi or No-Face. The black-suited lonely spirit with an expressionless visage is not as scary as he first seems. Place a coin in Kaonashi’s red bowl, and then the spirit will “swallow” the money as the music plays from the movie (and he even finishes it with a burp).

  41. Double Bubble Piggy Bank
  42. piggy bank double bubble

    It’s yummy bubble-blowing fun! Saving does have a reward with this classic gumball bank. This gumball machine has 50 “Double Bubble gumballs! Put a coin in, turn the handle, and out pops a gumball. Not for children under three years.

  43. Spiderman Piggy Bank
  44. piggy-banks-spiderman

    With a great Spider-Man coin bank comes great saving ability, this isn’t a curse, but it makes a great gift and teaches the power of saving. This is such an amazing-looking Spider-Man head in a bold red ceramic piggy bank. Perfect for all Marvel comics and movie superhero fans.

  45. Giraffe Piggy Bank
  46. piggy-banks-giraffe

    An animal piggy bank doesn’t have to be a piggy; give a giraffe a chance! This sweet girl makes a lovely gift for the new baby girl in your life. Made of ceramic, each giraffe piggy bank is hand painted with love and is beautiful for nursery decor. The bank is available in blue for a baby boy or gender-neutral grey. 


  47. Stainless Steel Money Box


    This sleek money box will be a best seller for minimalists looking for a piggy bank! The cash box can hold a lot, up to 3,000 banknotes or 7,000 coins. The box is meant for long-term saving; once it’s opened to retrieve the money inside, it can’t be used again. 



  49. Dinosaur Piggy Bank
  50. piggy-bank-dinosaur


    This ceramic coin bank is ideal for the boy or girl in your life who can’t get enough of all things dinosaurs. Made of ceramic and hand-painted, this bank is available in blue and pink and will make a saver out of them early! 


  51. Paw Patrol Dog Piggy Bank



    Marshall to the rescue! All Paw Patrol fans will recognize this puppy immediately. This fun piggy bank is made of ceramic with a rubber stopper to keep the money safe. And if you lose the stopper or it fails, the company will send you new ones for the life of the bank. Children eight years old and over can open and close the bank themselves. 


  53. Harry Potter Piggy Bank
  54. piggy-banks-vault


    There can be no safer place for boys, girls, elves, and other magical creatures to store their money than a vault at Gringott’s! Checkout the detail! This is the bank for you if you’re looking for unusual Christmas gifts that even the most hardcore Harry Potter fans won’t have. 

  55. Sugar Skull Piggy Bank


    For those who are frugal and also have a sense of the macabre, this sugar skull-inspired piggy bank will be a hit! The skull is made of resin and hand-painted. 

  57. Jack Skelington Piggy Bank


    This is a great piggy bank for the person who believes Halloween should last much longer than just the month of October. Jack is made of acrylic and will take pride of place all year! 

  59. Cow Piggy Bank
  60. piggy-banks-cow

    What does the cow say? Give me money! This moo cow is made of lightweight latex and is a cute addition to a home with country decor—a perfect, non-traditional piggy bank.