34 Simply Perfect Gifts For Minimalists

By Candice Elliott | Updated: May 4, 2023

    Of all the people on your gift list, minimalists may be the hardest to buy for. This is because they live a clutter-free life, eliminating many great gift ideas. But never fear! We have practical gifts for minimalists for Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other gift-giving situation for your loved one who likes to keep it simple!

  1. Minimalist Travel Containers
  2. travel-gifts-for-mom-containers

    Customizable, magnetic, and leakproof bestselling bundle of six. Build yours by selecting Tiles and colors that pair with your unique routine, so you can feel calm and in control each day. Use our capacity calculator to explore how much each Capsule holds.

  3. Always Pan
  4. travel-gifts-for-mom-pan

    Offering the perfect depth for roasting a chicken and the ideal shallowness for flipping an egg, the Always Pan 2.0 sets the benchmark for adaptability, replacing ten conventional cookware items. This 10.5-inch pan excels in braising, searing, steaming, straining, saut̩ing, frying, boiling, baking, serving, and storing Рa true multitasker! Constructed without harmful substances like PTFEs, PFOAs, other PFAS, as well as potential toxins like lead and cadmium.

  5. Diamond Studs
  6. gifts-for-minimalists-earrings

    A pair of plain diamond studs are the ultimate minimalist accessory. They look great with jeans and a t-shirt or a ball gown. They will be her go-to everyday earrings. This pair is set in 14k white gold and has a total carat weight of 0.75. These are ideal holiday gifts for the minimalist friend in your life! 

  7. Slim Watch
  8. gifts-for-minimalists-watch

    This ultra-thin watch is just 7mm thick. The braided stainless steel band is adjustable and won’t pinch his arm. The matte-black band, hands, and number indicators are as subtle as his minimalist style! This is a great, everyday watch. 

  9. Air Plant Holders
  10. gifts-for-minimalists-vase

    Houseplants are pretty, but they take up a lot of room. Succulents are more miniature but require care. Both are no-nos for a dedicated minimalist. But minimalism still has room for a bit of greenery in the form of air plants that generally require a misting of water once a week. These air plant holders have that minimalist vibe. The air plants are sold separately; you can order them here. 

  11. Jewelry Box
  12. gifts-for-minimalists-box

    They’ll need a place to keep those earrings and that watch, so this jewelry box is perfect, no matter if the gift recipient is a woman or a man! Made of walnut and metal, the package is an excellent place to store jewelry or other odds and ends your minimalist friend doesn’t want to clutter up their surfaces. 

  13. Candle


    Drift away with iconic notes of tropical fruit and sugared citrus. The mercury glass gold and simple shape jar add a timeless, luxurious elegance to any space. This candle is a fan-favorites with a high-quality wax blend that is long burning.

  15. Wooden Digital Clock
  16. gifts-for-minimalists-clock

    This wooden alarm clock can cover a lot of your gifting needs! It’s excellent for minimalists, a housewarming gift, a co-worker’s birthday, or a thank-you gift for a teacher. The clock has three alarms, weekday mode. Hence, it only goes off Monday through Friday, has adjustable brightness with an option to turn the LED off completely while still having an alarm function, and measures the indoor temperature and humidity. 

  17. iPhone Wallet


    This wallet can hold everything you need to get out the door. The vegan leather wallet keeps a variety of iPhone models. It has five card slots, an ID slot, a cash slot, and a zipper pocket. It can function as a phone stand for watching videos or chatting, and your keyring can be hooked to the ring clip. 

  19. Vase


    It’s not true that minimalists don’t like flowers; we do because flowers don’t hang around for long. We do like a minimalist vase to hold those flowers, though, and this one fits the bill. Made of ceramic, the vase is stark, elegant, and 8 inches tall. 

  21. Cube Table Lamp


    This simple cube lamp is the perfect piece of minimalist home decor! It has a natural wood base and an elegant frosted glass shade for a soft glow making it an excellent addition to a bedside table or nightstand. The lamp requires a 40-watt or equivalent LED bulb and plugs into a wall socket. 

  23. Macrame Hanging Planters
  24. gifts-for-minimalists-planters

    Show your plants some love with this modern, vintage-inspired macrame plant hanger. Sturdy and meticulously hand-crafted, these plant holders would display all your cute pots and plants and enable you to create the space you love
    The Hanging Planter Basket is made of 100% Pure cotton cord, without artificial ingredients or chemicals.

  25. Marie Kondo Book
  26. gifts-for-minimalists-kondo

    Marie Kondo is the patron saint of minimalists, and her book is one of the best gifts for minimalists who are new to the lifestyle. Marie will teach them all the DIY decluttering tricks they need to get their home in perfect order. Marie even has a Netflix series for those who can’t get enough of her tips and ideas. 

  27. Floating Shelves
  28. gift-for-minimalists-shelves

    This pair of floating shelves will fit right into a minimalist’s decor. The frames are made of wood and can each hold up to 22 pounds. They measure 24 x 6 inches. The shelves are easy to install and include everything needed to complete the installation. 

  29. Water Bottle
  30. gifts-for-minimalists-water-bottle

    This water bottle is so unadorned it’s almost invisible, perfect for that minimalist aesthetic. The reusable water bottle is made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic, ultra-slim, so it fits easily into a work, gym, or tote bag, has a threaded, leak-proof lid, and holds 13 ounces. 

  31. Abstract Prints
  32. gifts-for-minimalists-prints

    This set of abstract watercolor prints will look great in any homeroom. They’re printed on high-quality, semi-gloss paper, each measuring 8 x 10 inches. The set comes unframed. 

  33. Slim Wallet
  34. gifts-for-minimalists-wallet

    Big, bulky wallets are heavy and uncomfortable to carry around. This slim, minimalist wallet will hold everything you need without the bulk! The wallet has RDIF blocking technology to protect the contents from identity theft, four slots for credit or bank cards, a transparent window for ID, and a middle pocket for cash. Made of leather, it’s unisex and available in several colors. 

  35. Multi-Purpose Tote Bag
  36. gifts-for-minimalists-tote

    Many tote bags claim to be multi-purpose but have one common problem; the top doesn’t close, leaving your belongings vulnerable to theft or spilling out. This bag is different; it has a drawstring closure to secure your things. That makes it great as a travel bag, a gym bag, a work tote, a beach bag, a food shopping bag, and more. In addition, the bag folds up small when not in use, is machine washable, and has a large capacity; it holds up to 25 liters. 

  37. Cookbook
  38. A person who loves to cook might have dozens of cookbooks; I know I do! But minimalists who love to cook are an exception. So get them one cookbook that has simple recipes for everything! Non-cookbook minimalist that I am, I have this cookbook and use it all the time, not just for the recipes but as a reference book too. Cooks of all skill levels will find plenty to love about this book. 

  39. Spice Kit
  40. gifts-for-minimalists-spices

    Consumable gifts are always a good idea for minimalists because, eventually, they’ll be gone. This spice set is marketed as a gourmet dipping sauce kit to make flavored olive oil to dip bread in. But I like it for minimalists because it contains 15 different herbs and spices in 1.5 ounces containers, all in a tidy metal case. This kit eliminates the need for 15 separate jars taking up room in a kitchen cabinet. 

  41. Cutting/Serving Board


    This board can be used as a serving board, a cutting board, a pizza paddle, and a charcuterie board. The board is made of Acacia wood, measures 18.5 x 8.7 inches, and has a hole in the handle so it can be hung up out of the way when not in use. 

  43. Tea Drops
  44. gifts-for-minimalists-tea

    I love gifting Tea Drops because they’re so pretty and such a unique gift. They are organic blends of tea leaves, herbs, sugar, and spices pressed into cute shapes. Minimalists will love them because they make a great cup of tea that requires nothing more than a mug and some hot water, and there is no waste, nothing to throw away. Simply drop them into a cup of hot water, stir, and drink. Of course, dregs can also be consumed and contain many antioxidants. This set cincludes25 Drops in five flavors.

  45. Capsule Wardrobe Guide
  46. gifts-for-minimalists-wardrobe

    Capsule wardrobes are a big part of a minimalist lifestyle. Essentially it means buying a small number of the best quality clothing items you can afford that all work together so they can be mixed and matched. This book will help women assemble a capsule wardrobe that consists of just 30 classic pieces but can be put together into 1,000 outfits. 

  47. Hershel Duffel
  48. gifts-for-minimalists-duffel

    This Herschel duffle is an ideal weekend with plenty of storage, including the convenient signature shoe compartment. Perfect for the minimalist who loves globetrotting. 

  49. Women’s T-Shirt
  50. gifts-for-minimalists-shirt

    Part of a capsule wardrobe has good basics, and this t-shirt is hands down the best t-shirt I have ever owned. It’s made by Dickies, a company that makes workwear for jobs that are tough on clothes, like farming and ranching, so their stuff is made to last. I’ve owned this shirt in grey for at least ten years, which means it’s been washed and worn hundreds of times. It is not stretched; there are no pills, holes, or thin spots. And it’s a super-flattering cut. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and has gotten softer over the years. For real, order ten in every color, and thank me later! 

  51. Kindle Paperwhite
  52. gifts-for-minimalists-kindle

    I don’t consider books clutter, but I’ll admit they take up a lot of room even when you have a built-in bookshelf, something minimalism frowns upon. So the perfect minimalist gift for a book lover is a Kindle Paperwhite. This Kindle is waterproof, making it ideal for the beach, pool, or bath. And it works with Audible, so they can listen to audiobooks with Bluetooth headphones or speakers. A full charge lasts weeks, so it’s great to take on vacation. 

  53. Central Charging Station 
  54. gifts-for-minimalists-charger

    This bamboo charging station allows them to corral and charge all their devices simultaneously. The station works with Apple iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. It can charge almost any device powered by a USB cord, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and gaming controllers. 

  55. Turkish Towels
  56. gifts-for-minimalists-towels

    Turkish towels are great. They are made from 100% cotton, lightweight, and quick dry. And they make great gifts for minimalists because they have so many uses. They can be used as bath towels, beach or pool towels, beach blankets, pareos (swimsuit cover-ups), picnic blankets, yoga mats, and more. This set of two towels is available in several colors.

  57. Essential Oils Diffuser and Humidifier
  58. gifts-for-minimalists-diffuser

    Thoughtful gifts for a friend or family member who practices minimalism to do more than one job. For example, this essential oils diffuser eliminates the need for candles, is more eco-friendly than some candles, can emit toxic substances, and acts as a humidifier. The diffuser comes with six essential oils, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, and sweet orange. 

  59. Dr. Pawpaw Origanal Balm
  60. gifts-for-minimalists-balm

    This balm is legendary in skin-care circles; it’s natural, cruelty-free, unisex, and has many uses. The balm can be used on lips as a highlighter, an undereye, or cuticle cream to tame flyaways and brows. It’s perfect for minimalists and travelers too. 

  61. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
  62. gifts-for-minimalists-pads

    These are makeup remover pads made from 100% organic bamboo cotton. The pads are washable and reusable, which means no waste and no money spent on cotton balls or rounds. Twenty different places can be used for years, and a holder and a bag to put in when you wash them so they stay together. 

  63. SSix-In-OneCleaner
  64. gifts-for-minimalists-cleaner

    They won’t need several bottles of single-purpose cleaners cluttering up the cabinets under the sink with this multi-purpose cleaner. This cleaner can be used on walls, toilets, tile, showers, countertops, and mirrors. Even better, it’s eco-friendly as it comes with four pouches of refills which means fewer plastic bottles. 

  65. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap
  66. gifts-for-minimalists-soap

    Dr. Bronner’s soaps are another legendary item beloved by frugal, eco-conscious, and minimalists. The ingredients are natural, organic, cruelty-free, and primarily sourced from fair-trade sources. The bottles are made from recycled material. The soap is concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way, and no matter how many things you use it for, a bottle will last for ages. REveryhouse should have a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s. 

  67. Instant Pot
  68. gifts-for-minimalists-pot

    An Instant Pot is a perfect gift for an aspiring minimalist who wants to declutter their kitchen. Why? Because this one little gadget can replace ten kitchen appliances. It’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice and porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake baker, egg cooker, saute and hot dish, steamer, warmer, and sterilizer; phew! This model is a six-quart, but it’s also available in three and eight-quart sizes. It’s an excellent gift for someone who has a small kitchen too.