33 Meditation Gifts to Help Find Your Inner Zen Master

Updated on June 14, 2022 Updated on Jun 14, 2022
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    Get in the lotus position and grab your mala beads; it’s meditation time! In our hectic lives, taking the time to center yourself is more important than ever. Without a bit of guidance, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of meditation gift ideas to help you find your inner peace.

  1. Zen Garden


    This  Zen Garden promotes relaxation and stress relief. Bring tranquility to your home office or work desk with your sand garden. Perfect for practicing meditation. This Zen garden is a great gift for kids or adults. Deliver zen to your loved ones, friends, co-workers, children, or yourself! Delivered in beautiful zen-themed packaging. Did somebody say white elephant?

  3. Meditation Headset 
  4. meditation-gifts-headset

    This is an excellent gift for the person who loves the latest gadgets! Improve your meditation practice and sleep hygiene with real-time feedback on your mind & body. Muse S monitors your Mind, Heart, Body & Breath just like Muse 2 and features Sleep Tracking & Journeys. Imagine starting your day with unwavering focus and ending with blissful, restorative sleep. Extended 10-hour battery life allows you to seamlessly go from daytime Meditation & Mindfulness to bedtime with Sleep Journeys & Overnight Tracking.

  5. Tea Meditation Gift Set
  6. meditation-gift-tea-set

    If your self-care routine has dwindled to taking a few deep breaths at a red light, we should talk. Adding this tea meditation set to your morning routine helps calm the mind and soothe the soul. Each mindful offering features an energizing herbal blend sparked with cinnamon and citrus, plus a ceramic mug that nestles neatly in your hand. A meditation card helps you transform drinking tea into a healing ritual—take a sip and infuse your day with wellness.

  7. Meditation Mat


    Are you looking for the best meditation cushion? This mat will give you long-lasting comfort for longer sessions, deep mediation, and complete body support. This meditation mat is perfect for beginners and advanced users who would like a longer mediation, with full-body comfort and support.

  9. Mindful Messages Positive Affirmation Cards
  10. meditation-gifts-mindfulness-cards

    It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget the little things. Mindful Messages are affirmation cards and mindfulness cards designed with you in mind. Included are 52 unique affirmation cards and exercises to help you feel good in a world that is filled with stress. This 52-card deck of positive affirmation cards for adults is the perfect gift idea for self-care.

  11. Tibetan Singing Bowl
  12. meditation-gifts-tibetan-singing-bowl

    This high-quality handcrafted meditation bowl set includes a wooden striker and hand sewn cushion. It is hand hammered in the Himalayan foothills by Nepalese artisans to be as unique as you are and create an ambiance for emotional calming & healing. This Tibetan singing bowl allows you to center yourself by making the om sound. Om is the sound of the universe with a frequency of 432 Hz. An A4 creates a 432 Hz frequency. Thus, it is the frequency of the creation of the universe!

  13. Pure Sage Energy Cleansing Candles
  14. meditation-gifts-sage-candles

    These candles are made of naturally cultivated White Sage and 100% Natural Soy Wax. This blend of earthy sage creates a natural harmony in the home and body. It’s the perfect way to smudge away negative energies and set a new intention! Love, light, and positive energy go into every candle. Smudging is a cleansing ceremony that involves burning white sage to fill the home with the fragrance of the smoke. It is used to clear negative energy from people, places, or even objects and can be done as often as needed. 

  15. Peaceful Lavender Gift Set
  16. meditation-gifts-lavender-gift-set

    Way too busy, way too stressed? This set will help you take a small break with significant effects. First, create the setting: Grow your little lavender patch by setting up the simple self-watering system in the bamboo pot and plant the non-GMO seeds. Next, roll on the relaxation: a grounding, essential-oil blend with notes of lavender and cardamom to apply to your wrists and neck and breathe in all day long. Then, when you’re ready, turn over the hourglass timer and take five for your mindfulness modality of choice. In about a month, richly scented purple blossoms will pop into the mix.

  17. Meditation Self-Care Cards
  18. meditation-gifts-self-care-cards

    This unique self-care deck contains 52 highly effective exercises for mindfulness, meditation, anxiety relief, stress management, self-care, relaxation & more. These powerful exercises can be quickly memorized and used at work, office, school, commute, counseling, yoga, at your desk & even before going to sleep. These cards were developed by a team of therapists, counselors, and yogi professionals to teach you how to stop your stress reaction and relax.

  19. Buddha Board Art Set
  20. meditation-gifts-buddha-board

    Uncover your truth! This is the Original Buddha Board. It is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. This waterboard painting set uses only water and our classic drawing board as you create beautiful works of art that fade away as it dries. Using a Buddha Board kit will help you achieve mindfulness. The mind is everything, what you think you become.

  21. Chakra Meditation Candles 
  22. meditation-gifts-chakra-candle

    This set of seven candles is a must-have for those who want to bring aroma into their meditation experience. Each candle includes chakra stones, giving you the most healing and balancing your chakras. Choose from seven different aromatherapy scents, including Lemongrass, Coconut Mango, Lavender Jasmine, Sea Salt Sage, Black Currant, Vanilla, and Tweed. Each serves a unique purpose that will bring balance, stress relief, and calm into your life.

  23. Balance & Tranquility Grow Kit
  24. meditation-gifts-grow-kit

    Tending a garden is not so different from meditating: Both take practice, care, and attention. Bring a touch of mindfulness to your gardening with this seed kit designed to bring you serenity. It includes a recycled egg carton to start your garden, wooden plant stakes, and six packages of heirloom seeds, including calming chamomile, holy basil (a natural stress reliever), relaxing lavender, energizing peppermint, soothing wild bergamot, and sage for sharper focus.

  25. Gold Meditation Decor
  26. meditation-gifts-gold-decor

    In recent years, yoga has become popular as a form of physical exercise based upon poses that promote controlling the mind and body and enhancing wellbeing. There are several different types of yoga and many disciplines within the practice. These meditation decor sculptures will suit any decorating style. 

  27. Home Cleansing and Smudging Kit
  28. meditation-kit-meditation-kit

    This is the home cleansing kit you need if you need to cleanse a home. The amethyst & rose quartz gemstones are mined from Brazil and carefully cut and polished into beautiful smooth stones to soothe and calm. The palo santo is sustainably gathered from local communities in Peru and hand-cut into 4-inch incense sticks has healing and sweet-smelling aromas that work wonders for creativity, cleansing, and spiritual exploration. 

  29. Exhale The Bullshit Motivational Bangle Cuff
  30. meditation-gifts-bangle-cuff

    This adjustable encouragement bracelet comes with a cute gift box and an uplifting engraved message. What an inspirational gift idea for a friend, sister, wife, daughter, mother, niece, or aunt. The elegant and straightforward mantra cuff bracelet has a classic minimalist style. It is perfect as a personalized birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother’s Day gift, New Year gift, or Thanksgiving Day gift for her.

  31. Meditation Box
  32. meditation-gifts-meditation-box

    Take a moment to breathe and reflect. Using the transitory nature of sand to stir the imagination, this simple birch wood box becomes an oasis for reflection, hidden thoughts, and creative yearnings. Filled with fine grains of sand that shift and swirl with your emotions, the ever-changing canvas takes away the pressure of filling a blank page and lets the mind wander. A soft velvet layer lines the base, creating a soothing sensation as the stylus makes its mark. 

  33. Murder is Wrong Coffee Mug
  34. meditation-gifts-coffee-mug

    This funny Meditation Coffee Mug is sure to make the meditation and yoga lover, enthusiast, teacher, or instructor in your life smile from ear to ear! The best gifts are both personal and functional, and that’s why this yoga meditation mug is a fantastic choice. This funny gag gift mug is made of high-quality ceramic and is microwave and dishwasher safe for easy use and clean up, so it can be used for years to come without any fading.

  35. Practicing Mindfulness
  36. meditation-gifts-mindfulness-book

    Mindfulness is an evidence-based method for reducing stress, enhancing resilience, and maintaining mental wellbeing. Even short meditations can turn a bad day around, ground us in the present moment, and help us approach life with gratitude and kindness. Practicing mindfulness was created by the founder of One Mind Dharma. He developed these 75 essential exercises to offer practical guidance for anyone who wants to realize the benefits of mindful meditation. This includes expert advice on dealing with distorted or wandering thoughts and how to handle mental blocks.

  37. Seven Chakras Healing Bracelet
  38. meditation-gifts-healing-bracelet

    Seven energy centers in the body are known as the chakras. They are located along the spine, and each has specific associations. Ultimately, to be a balanced and healthy person in mind, body, and spirit, all of the seven chakras should be open and in balance with each other, allowing energy to pass through them freely. This healing bracelet makes a great gift idea for anyone who could use symmetry in their life! 

  39. Finger Tracing Meditation Mug
  40. meditation-gift-meditation-mug

    Start your day by reconnecting with your senses as you sip from this meditative mug. As you taste your favorite brew and breathe in its aroma, you can trace your finger along the path that winds around the handmade cup’s stoneware surface. Labyrinths in this coiling shape have been used for centuries as a form of meditation, and this one can serve as a spiritual pick-me-up any time during the day. 

  41. Hanging Incense Burner
  42. meditation-gifts-incense-burner

    This incense burner makes an ideal gift idea for someone looking to take their meditation to the next level, purify the air around them, or relax. You can hang this incense burner, keep it on a desk, or even use it on the floor. Give the gift of incense with this sweet burner that’s made in India! 

  43. Yoga Dice 
  44. meditation-gifts-yoga-dice

    Meditation and yoga are linked hand in hand. These handy kits offer a fun and effective way to move your body, find moments of peace, and work up a sweat. The dice rolled together create a unique practice, whether at home or on the go. An instructional booklet in each kit provides simple instructions for practitioners at any level. It makes a great gift idea for that yoga enthusiast in your life!

  45. Let That Shit Go Tote Bag 
  46. meditation-gifts-tote-bag

    This 7×9-inch tote bag is the perfect accessory to remind you to keep calm and let that shit go. Whether you use it as your everyday purse or just in times of need, this inspirational tote bag will lower your blood pressure and ease your mind. It’s the perfect gift for that woman on the go who could use some Namaste. 

  47. Crystal Infused Meditation Pillow
  48. meditation-gifts-pillow

    Keep both your spine and your spirit in alignment with this vibey cushion. Supersoft fabric, a comfortable shape, and filling made from natural buckwheat mixed with pieces of amethyst and quartz come together for the ultimate supportive seat. Use it during your yoga practices, meditation sessions, or any time you need to unwind. 

  49. Tuning Fork Crystals Kit 
  50. meditation-gifts-tuning-fork

    Boost the healing power of crystals through sonic vibration, match your mind and body with this Sound Healing Crystal Kit. Tapping a tuning fork to a crystal will instantaneously bring your nervous system into harmonic balance. This allows your body to enter a deep state of relaxation channeled by this meditative frequency. Your mind will be at peace, and your spirit will be elevated further.

  51. Mindfulness Jar


    This rustic jar contains various mindfulness tasks and challenges that will help them learn to slow down, focus, and find more peace and happiness in their daily lives. The jar comes in a pretty gift box and includes a card. 

  53. Orgonite Energy Pyramid
  54. meditation-gifts-energy-pyramid

    This Orgonite energy generator pyramid is made using the same technology as Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator. The Orgone pyramid helps to neutralize e-energy from natural negative vibes that you expose yourself to daily. The interaction of organic resin and inorganic metal creates orgone. It’s very scientific and makes a great gift idea for world travelers who love to feel good and love pyramids! 

  55. Mindful Breathing Necklace
  56. meditation-gifts-breathing-necklace

    Inspired by a conversation with a flute-maker who taught them about the breath techniques of ancient Japanese Komusō monks, Todd and Vanessa Steinberg created this anxiety necklace to help you slow your heart, calm your brain, and become mindful of the present moment. Inhale normally, exhale through the breathing straw pendant, and float to a mini-meditation while stress melts away. 

  57. Ceramic Backflow Incense Holder 
  58. meditation-gifts-backflow-incense-holder

    The backflow incense burner can be used with incense cones or incense sticks. Using the waterfall incense burner and an incense cone helps purify the air, meditate and relax, and improve sleep quality. The ceramic incense holder will arrive with upgraded cones which are longer lasting & produce a better smell. There are seven fragrances – Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Green Tea, Apple, Sandalwood, and Osmanthus included.

  59. Centered Meditation T-Shirt 
  60. meditation-gifts-centered-t-shirt

    The main benefit of practicing meditation is to feel centered. Give the gift that tells the world what you’re all about. This Centered t-shirt comes in five colors and is available in men, women, and youth sizes. 

  61. Bali Lounge Pants
  62. meditation-gifts-lounge-pants

    Prepare for the morning ahead or unwind after a long day by slipping into these purple-hued, elegantly patterned lounge pants. The pattern is made using an ancient batik dyeing process in which Indonesian artisans apply wax to the fabric, dip it in the dye, and then remove the wax to reveal their stunning designs. Featuring breathable 100% cotton and pockets, they’re an excellent addition to your work-from-home wardrobe, great for a quick cover-up, and make self-care and meditation extra comfy.

  63. Buddha Statue
  64. meditation-gifts-buddha-statue

    A small Buddha statue is one of the best meditation gifts. It’s the perfect addition to your table, desk, or shelf. This 8-inch serene Buddha statue figurine will be your gentle reminder of Buddha’s calming presence. The premium bronze textured finish gives your Buddha a premium metal statue appearance. This collectible figurine is constructed of durable Poly-resin, ideal for indoor and temporary outdoor use in the backyard, garden, or patio. A wonderful gift for you or your loved one, the Buddha is delivered in an impressive gift box.

  65. Self-Care Stocking Stuffers
  66. meditation-gifts-stocking-stuffer

    Deliver a mindful moment at the end of a long day with relaxing scents of lavender shower steamers; turn handwashing into a pause for reflection with a bar of artfully wrapped lavender, bergamot, and vanilla Peace hand soap; let them squeeze, squish, and roll worries away with lavender therapy dough; and provide them with a daily personal cheering squad in the form of an affirmation deck. All that’s left is to add some sweets and a few tokens of positivity, and you’ve created a stocking stuffer ready to restore balance to the holidays.