23 Superb Ideas To Host a Great Japanese Themed Party

By Belinda Gosbee | Updated: April 3, 2024

    Embracing the rich culture and exquisite traditions of Japan can transform any gathering into an unforgettable experience. If you’re looking to infuse your next event with the elegance and excitement of a Japanese-themed party, you’ve come to the right place. From the serene beauty of cherry blossoms to the vibrant energy of Tokyo streets, our party guide offers a treasure trove of inspiration to ensure your celebration is spectacular.

    Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or a curious enthusiast eager to explore Japanese culture, our carefully curated list of ideas will guide you through creating an authentic and memorable affair that your guests will talk about for years.

    Japanese Party Decor

  1. Cherry Blossom Paper Lantern 
  2.  japanese-themed-party-paper-lanterns

    Nothing quite sets a Japanese vibe like vibrant cherry blossoms. Made of quality tissue paper, the six large lanterns are easily assembled, then folded, and stored when you’re done. You could also complement these with these plain red, white, and black lanterns.

  3. Cherry Blossom Garland
  4. japanese-themed-party-cherry-blossoms

    None of the things that encapsulate Japan may be more beautiful than the sakura or Japanese cherry blossom. These faux garlands are lovely for decorating as you can do anything with them – wind them through the center of a table, hang them from the ceiling, trail them down walls, or climb them around fences, poles, or chairs. 

  5. Wall Hanging Backdrop
  6. japanese-themed-party-backdrop

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to turn a zone of your home into a themed party escape is by investing in a good thematic backdrop. Then place your main buffet or cake table in front of it and build from there. This wall hanging is perfect – it’s neutral enough to let you decorate around it but still captures Mt Fuji, cherry blossoms, bamboo, and the red sun of the Japanese flag.

  7. Origami Paper Cranes 
  8. japanese-party-ideas-cranes

    Japanese paper cranes bring love, happiness, and good luck to any occasion and make perfect Japanese party decorations. They’re made from authentic, high-strength washi paper and could be used to decorate individual tables, the buffet table, or strung on a string across the room.

  9. Disposable Bamboo Plates


    Bamboo makes the best party supplies for a Japanese-themed party, and these long disposable plates are great for the planet and great for sushi. You’ll get 24 plates in each size.

  11. Disposable Napkins
  12. japanese-gifts-napkins

    They may get scrunched up and dirty within moments, but these Japanese Magnolia napkins make a beautiful greeting for your table guests. Pop them in the center of your plate setting for maximum impact.

  13. Photo Booth Props
  14. japanese-themed-party-photo-booth

    A photo booth makes Any party more memorable, as it provides guests with fun photos of your night together. Use your Japanese-themed backdrop as your photo backdrop and nab some of these photo booth props– shown much smaller here than in reality.

  15. Tablecloth
  16. japanese-themed-party-tablecloth

    A standout food table needs a standout tablecloth, like this blossom and red sun number. It’s waterproof, ideal for indoor and outdoor use, and comes in three sizes.

  17. Paper Parasols
  18. japanese-themed-party-parasol

    Paper parasols look fantastic as a decorating element and you can spread them out across your party zone. These are “kid-sized” umbrellas and the perfect size for hanging from the ceiling.

  19. Fabric Bunting
  20. japanese-themed-party-bunting

    This bunting of cherry blossoms and Kokeshi dolls is such a sweet party idea, perfect for a baby shower or a child’s birthday party. It includes seven double-sided flags but you can also request one that’ll fit precisely in your space.

  21. Japanese Kokeshi Dolls 
  22. japanese-themed-party-paper-lanterns-kokeshi-dolls

    Kokeshi dolls are simple wooden dolls that have been crafted for children for centuries. They make gorgeous centerpieces for party tables or even make stunning cake toppers. Either way, they effortlessly bring a vital Japanese essence to your set-up.

    Japanese Themed Food

  23. Cupcake Toppers
  24. japanese-themed-party-cupcake-toppers

    Whether you’re throwing a sushi party or want to make an impression with your party food, check out these adorable fondant cupcake toppers! They’re 100% edible, though biting into such precious little artworks may break your heart. Either stick with an easy vanilla cupcake recipe or go entirely Japanese and bake some Matcha Green Tea cupcakes.

  25. Sushi Serving Boat
  26. japanese-themed-party-sushi-boat

    It’s a no-brainer to serve sushi at a Japanese-themed party– it’s quintessentially Japanese and an easy way to feed people. Just place an order with your favorite sushi place, and your hands are free to focus on other things. Then serve it up in an original and cool way – like a wooden sushi boat.

  27. Sweet “Sushi”
  28. japanese-themed-party-candy-sushi

    This DIY sweet sushi platter from Sweetest Kitchen is an incredibly creative idea for your dessert table. Each piece of “sushi” is made from various candies – Rice Krispie treats, Swedish Fish, Air Heads, Fruit Roll-Ups, and gummy worms or snakes. Follow their instructions for how to construct these beauties. You could even go as far as gummy ramen noodles!

  29. Edamame Dip
  30. japanese-themed-party-dip

    Make your dip “Japanese-style” with this edamame version from Eat Drink Love– edamame being a classic Japanese snack. Then pair it with these authentic rice crackers for a unique appetizer dish. 

  31. Easy Strawberry Mochi
  32. japanese-themed-party-mochi

    Mochi is one of the most famous Japanese Desserts. This recipe from Izzy Cooking is super simple but will make a big impact. It relies on only a few key ingredients, including fresh strawberries, red bean paste, and Mochiko sweet rice flour. 

  33. Cherry Blossom Cookies
  34. japanese-themed-party-cookies

    Whether you’re having a Japanese tea party or just looking for a Japanese-themed dessert, these gorgeous cherry blossom cookies will be incredibly eyecatching on your table. They’re also a great way to “outsource” part of your party planning so you can focus on other elements.

  35. Ceramic Chopstick Rest 
  36. japanese-themed-party-chopstick-rest

    These six handpainted ceramic chopstick rests add fun and flair to your Japanese dinner table. They also make sweet party favors that guests can take home.

  37. Handheld Paper Fan
  38. japanese-themed-party-fans

    Fans are an instantly recognizable icon of Japanese culture. They make a great table setting piece for a dinner party, as well as being genuinely functional on a hot day. Depending on the color scheme you’re using, there’s a heap of different patterns to choose from here.

  39. Japanese Slippers
  40. japanese-themed-party-slippers

    Japanese slipper culture is something I can get behind! Depending on the style of party you’re hosting, you could greet each guest at the door with slippers to wear. They can then take them home as a gift. To up the ante, present each guest with a pair of slippers and a sake cup, which you can proceed to fill with warm sake, miso soup, or warm apple cider (depending on the age of guests.)

  41. Printable Party Invite
  42. japanese-themed-party-invite

    These sweet invites feature cherry blossoms and paper lanterns and can be customized to your party. You simply pay for the design (around $10), then either send them out digitally or print and post. Anime more your thing? Have a peek over here.

  43. Pocky Treats
  44. japanese-themed-party-treats

    Hailing from Japan in 1966, Pocky sticks are thin, chocolate-dipped cookies. They were also the first chocolate made in the country (chocolate isn’t traditionally a Japanese food). Pocky is a simple but authentic accessory for your food table and all you have to do is pop them out of the packet.

  45. Birthday Cake Topper
  46. japanese-themed-party-cake-topper

    Nothing says Happy Birthday like a gorgeous cake, but it’s also a lot of work. Time to outsource the difficult part and make life simpler with these beautiful premade fondant cherry blossoms– perfect for a  Japanese-themed birthday party. Then you can either buy a plain cake at the store or make a basic one yourself.