29 Epic Naruto Gifts to Channel Your Inner Ninja Spirit

By David Lautaret | Updated: December 13, 2023

    If you know what those words mean, Akatsuki, Gaara, Itachi, Kunai, this gift list is for you! If your loved one is a mega-popular Japanese Anime Naruto fan, then a Naruto-inspired gift idea might be just what they need! Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, or a just-because gift, we’ve compiled a killer list of the best Naruto gifts for every type of fan! 

  1. Anime Hanging Canvas Wall Art
  2. naruto-gifts-hanging-poster

    Choose from a variety of scenes with this 17.7×35.4-inch hanging Anime wall art. Whether you’re choosing a gift for a teenager or an adult anime fan, this hanging canvas wall art makes a great gift that will improve the look of any room in your house. Hang this in the man cave, the woodshop, or just in your bedroom! 

  3. 3D Desk Light
  4. naruto-gifts-lamp

    This 3D desk light helps light the night while displaying an incredible 3D illusion of Uzumaki Naruto! Fans of Naruto will go wild for this night light that changes up to seven different colors. So, no matter what style your room or hallways are in, you can find a color to match! This desk light is an excellent gift for anyone who needs a little more lamp! 

  5. Naruto Ramen Bowl w/ Chopsticks
  6. naruto-gifts-ramen-bowl

    This bowl is what you need, whether you like noodles, dumplings, ichiraku ramen, or fried rice. This multifunctional design can be used for a variety of different meals. Because of its delicate artwork, this bowl is meant for gentle handwashing and is not microwavable. This bowl makes a unique gift for the Naruto fan in your life who also loves eating delicious food! 

  7. Naruto Anime Gift Bag
  8. anime-gifts-bag


    This cool Anime gift bag includes stickers, pens, a necklace, a coin purse, and more! So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive gift that will give them lots of items to open, this Naruto Anime gift bag makes a great gift idea! 

  9. Naruto Military-Style Hoodie
  10. naruto-gifts-military-hoodie

    Don’t be a Kurama, be cool like Naruto! This awesome-looking hoodie makes a great Naruto gift idea for that fan of Japanese Anime who likes to look good when they’re out on the town. It’s time to cosplay like 1999, and you just discovered Kakashi Hatake for the first time. So enjoy geeking out while wearing this rad Kakashi hoodie. Everyone at the comic book convention will freak out when they see you.

  11. Naruto Anti-Leaf Village Headband


    If you’re ready to rep the Anti-Leaf Village, then this Naruto headband is an ideal way to do it! Made from 100% cotton, this black one-size headband fits heads both big and small. So whether you’re an adult choosing to wear it as a stylish way to stand out or as a kid pretending to be in the world of Naruto, this headband makes a great gift idea!

  13. Naruto Glass and Coaster


    This decorative pint glass is an excellent gift for any Japanese Naruto anime series fan. Whether you’re into drinking beer or want to keep it as a collectible piece, this decorative pint glass makes a great gift idea that will be cherished for years. The glass comes with a matching coaster.

  15. Hand-Crank Mini Naruto Music Box
  16. naruto-gifts-music-box

    This gorgeous hand-crank music box comes in two musical options. Choose between Blue Bird and Sadness and Sorrow. This mini music box fits in the palm of your hand but produces a big sound. If the Naruto fan in your life loves music and loves to receive cool and unique gifts, then this hand-crank music box is a no-brainer! 

  17. Naruto Coffee Mug and Coaster Set
  18. naruto-gifts-coffee-mug

    If you’re a fan of coffee or any hot beverage and a lover of Naruto, then this Naruto coffee mug is a must-have! This anime graphic art coffee mug is a punch to the face of awesomeness, just like your favorite cup of java! This mug holds 16oz and comes with an excellent heat-change design! It’s the perfect gift for a coffee lover.

  19. Naruto Glasses
  20. naruto-gifts-glasses

    This Naruto glass set has four drinking glasses, each featuring different designs. The glasses hold two ounces, making them a great addition to their home bar. 

  21. Naruto Shippuden Monopoly
  22. naruto-gifts-monopoly

    You want to have family game night, but your kids want to dive into the world of Japanese Anime. This Naruto Monopoly is a great compromise that parents and teens love! Become one of the invincible shinobi as you buy, sell, and trade your way to victory through training and leadership to be the last one standing in this collectible version of Monopoly.

  23. Naruto Shippuden Collectors Box


    This amusing bundle comes jam-packed with five themed collectibles and accessories. Specially organized with fans in mind, this collector’s bundle features designs inspired by the main protagonist, Naruto. Inside, you’ll find a keychain, figure, ink pen, wall art, and an enamel pin. 

  25. Naruto Shippuden Kakashi Toy Figure
  26. naruto-gifts-toy-figure

    This vinyl toy figure of Kakashi makes an excellent gift for the collector of Naruto memorabilia. It makes a great addition to any Naruto Shippuden collection, standing 3 3/4″ tall. Give this toy figure to that Naruto fan, or keep it for yourself. We won’t tell! 

  27. Naruto 360 Character Crew Socks
  28. naruto-gifts-character-socks

    These machine-washable Naruto 360 character socks make an ideal gift for the mega-fan of the famous Japanese Anime. So treat yourself or someone you love with these incredibly stylish and comfortable 98 % polyester, 2% spandex socks! These socks work best for those with men’s sizes 10-13. 

  29. Naruto Keychain 
  30. naruto-gifts-keychain

    Spread the love of Naruto wherever you drive, and always keep a little bit of the Naruto spirit with you with this adorable and awesome Naruto keychain! If you’ve got a loved one with a vehicle they’re trying to customize to their taste, this Naruto keychain makes a great, inexpensive gift idea!

  31. 4 Star Ball Herb Grinder
  32. naruto-gifts-grinder

    Have we got a deal for you if you need an herb grinder? This Dragon Ball-shaped premium 3-piece herb grinder is crafted with zinc alloy and quality aluminum. When you hold it, you can feel the quality. So don’t settle for some cheap plastic grinder. Instead, get a 4-star golden ball herb grinder. It’s what Naruto would do. 

  33. Naruto Shippuden Anti-Village Symbols T-Shirt
  34. naruto-gifts-anti-village-shirt

    Let’s face it: we all love a good fandom. How about representing your favorite Anime by rocking this sweet Naruto tee? This Naruto t-shirt is more than just an anime cosplay costume; it’s a way to bond with friends. Choose either black or gray and sizes extra-small up to 5XL. 

  35. Naruto Makeup Brush Set
  36. naruto-gifts-brushes

    This gorgeous 5-piece Naruto makeup brush set makes a great gift for that Naruto mega-fan! Apply your makeup style with these metal makeup brushes in classic Naruto design. Fans of the hit Japanese Anime will recognize these shapes, and you’ll quickly be the envy of all your friends! 

  37. Naruto Blanket
  38. naruto-gifts-blanket


    Every Naruto warrior in training could use this anime blanket! Give this officially licensed Naruto blanket to your Anime loved ones and instantly raise their power level! Transform their everyday bedroom with this vibrant and soft Naruto blanket. You can’t become Hokage without some rest! So, the next time you need a break from training, wrap yourself in a large, extra soft, and cozy Naruto throw blanket and feel energized and ready the following day!

  39. Naruto Shippuden Adult Symbol Beanie and Scarf


    If you love Anime, this Naruto Shippuden beanie and scarf make an outstanding gift! Both pieces should be hat-washed and laid flat to dry. 

  41. Anti-Leaf Clouds Crew Neck Fleece Sweatshirt
  42. naruto-gifts-anti-leaf-sweatshirt

    Follow the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a shinobi from the Hidden Leaf Village destined to become Hokage. He is orphaned by the same force now sealed within him, the Nine-Tails. He joins Team 7 with fellow ninjas Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno under elite ninja Kakashi Hatake. Show off your fandom with this unique Anti-Leaf Clouds sweatshirt! 

  43. Flat Bill Naruto Shippuden Snapback Hat
  44. naruto-gifts-hat


    This stylish snapback Naruto hat makes an excellent gift for that teenager or adult who likes to look effortlessly cool! Anime is always a great fashion choice, and the snapback ensures that no matter your head size, you can customize the hat to fit it. 

  45. All Sharingan Eyes Naruto Analog Wrist Watch
  46. naruto-gifts-watch

    This gorgeous stainless steel band analog watch makes a great gift idea for the fan of Naruto, who needs to know what time it is. Make your friends jealous and instantly become the coolest Anime nerd in your group with this All Sharingan Eyes Naruto Analog wristwatch!

  47. Reusable Chinese Dragon and Phoenix Chopsticks
  48. naruto-gifts-reusable-chopsticks

    If your love of Ramen knows no bounds and you prefer to eat with two well-trained sticks rather than a fork, these reusable Chinese Dragon and Phoenix chopsticks are for you! These beautiful chopsticks come in a stylish holding case and carrying bag so that you can take them anywhere! 

  49. Naruto Konoha Anime Necklace
  50. naruto-gifts-leaf-village-symbol-necklace

    Inspired by the popular anime Naruto manga series, this red cloud necklace makes an excellent gift for any Naruto fan. It’s made from high-quality zinc alloy. It’s nickel-free, lead-free-cadmium-free, and is proven to be body-safe. The chain length is 50cm, and the pendant size is about 1×1.5 inches. 

  51. Airpods Case


    Suppose you’ve got some Airpods you want to protect them. What better way to protect your beloved Airpods than with a Naruto case? This case protects your Air pods well because it is shockproof, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint. If the suit becomes dirty after long-term use, it can also be washed with water to be restored as new with a bit of shampoo and water.

  53. Naruto Uzumaki Action Figure
  54. naruto-gifts-action-figure

    This classic Naruto figure is a great gift for a child with an active imagination who wants to hold and move Naruto for himself! It also makes an excellent gift for that child at heart who wants to keep it as a collector’s item! Even Boruto Uzumaki would wish to this action figure! Whether this action figure will be for show or play, one thing is certain; it makes a great gift idea! 

  55. Naruto Anime Samsung S21 Phone Case
  56. naruto-gifts-phone-case

    If you’re one of the proud owners of a Samsung S21 phone, you’ll need a protective phone case to keep it sharp. The detail on this Naruto Anime S21 phone case looks fantastic! Give this as a gift or buy it yourself, and you won’t be disappointed! The case is available for several other phone models, too. 

    What are the Naruto Gifts?

    Any die-hard anime fan will tell you ‘Naruto‘ isn’t just a show; it’s a way of life. From thrilling ninja battles to deeply emotional character arcs, Naruto Uzumaki and his friends have a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide.

    Whether you’re searching for a gift for a seasoned Naruto veteran who can debate the finer points of the Sharingan’s abilities or a newbie who’s just getting to know the residents of Konoha Village, finding the perfect Naruto-themed gift can be as challenging as mastering the Rasengan. But fear not! We’ve got a list of the best Naruto gifts any fan would be thrilled to receive.

    This selection will transport you straight into the world of Naruto, offering a blend of practical, collectible, and downright cool gifts that encapsulate the spirit of this beloved Anime. So, let’s unleash our inner ninja and dive into this amazing list of Naruto gifts!